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Council steps up crackdown on vendors

Municipal police early last year destroyed vendors' stalls in Harare's city centre
Municipal police early last year destroyed vendors’ stalls in Harare’s city centre

Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni said the idea for municipal police to use civilian clothes was for their own protection.

HCC spokesperson Michael Chideme said the city has deployed eight trucks for the operation, with 550 municipal police and 150 from the ZRP.

“While the exercise is successful, those who are being stubborn will be pushed to relocate to approved sites. Since the crackdown on vendors started, we have arrested 1 374 vendors touts and hitch-hikers, 551 have paid fines to the ZRP, 510 pushcarts have been impounded, 28 pool tables have been seized and 20,5 tonnes of perishables were destroyed,” Chideme said.

He, however, could not shed more light on how many military police were engaged in the exercise but only stated that they were enough to see the process through. DailyNews

  • If only criminals will not hijack the initiative to rob vendors of their wares

  • Thank u Harare council

  • operation murambatsvina part what???

  • Kumama ndokuziva hamusati

  • Bva naMugabe same same zveee

  • how did they become illegal while the council collect money everyday from them and receipt it wonders shall never end in zim

    • Let’s see those receipts 👀 vamwe kugofarira kutaura taxes yet never ever payed taxes even when Zim was deemed good.

    • go and check that with council they do have records

  • Shame on us…the poor get poorer… and the ‘rich’ get richer….where will they go after this🤔mhla… https://t.co/3p53Fom70a

  • Why not try fix our roads ,collect rubbish and address the real problem .The real problem is not pple selling on our streets but it’s pple having zero sources of income that there are forced to sale on the streets .As much as I hate current state of the streets ,pple are desperate .

    • I wish u can be da President u are even wiser than him

    • Hapana apa. Shops that pay their taxes need to sell their products. Can’t have street vendors littering everywhere. You want a new lawful Zimbabwe then clean up is necessary.

    • We start with a single step to reach a mile this is a start and am sure dai vatanga nema roads still taiti dai vatanga nema vendor saka lets give them a chance

    • Most of the vendors are down town most of the shops down town do not pay tax ,most of those shops demand cash and usd from customers ,most of those shops do not have bank accounts. It’s pointless to protect them ,city council needs to create more selling points that hv nothing to party or who you know .You want a clean city but while the majority of the population depends on vending .Vendors will always come back unless the core issues are dealt with

    • We don’t want a lawless country, how can someone illegally​ pitch all those structures​ in town. That’s rubbish. They’re​ even blocking the drainage system with their dump

    • Marlyn Badza who told you they don’t pay tax? There is no building that doesn’t pay tax especially in Harare. The owner may not be declaring all his tenants but they are paying some fee or bribing someone to cover. Your point about them coming back is fine as long as they know that council can come unannounced to break them again. In this world there will always be collateral damage so choose a side where you want to be. In any nation building a government will always decide what will benefit the nation within the global market over a tuck shop business remember. The Europe, America’s or Asian have the same business ethic. Until Zim individuals learn & perfect the art of doing a joint business with neighbors without bickering 50/50% we will remain tuck shop specialists 😂

  • No no that’s undemocratic and damgerous how do victim’s identify the difference with thugs.those too can abuse victim’s with impunity

  • Ndaiwe ukugutaka vamwe vachitambura

  • Usadaro lastborn gotwe

  • Mayor varasika apa…. Vanhu havana option Ava…. Vofa nenzara here?

  • Zvanyanya tsvina yegayega!!!!!

  • Mugabe was better

  • Well City inofanirwa kurongeka but Council shld also provide a market place for vendors to do their business

    • There are market places n havadi kuendako so poitwa sei lol

  • People have no option other than being in the streets trying to earn a living. They should relocate them to proper places instead of impounding and destroying their goods. It’s not a well thought idea, lacking sentiments for the suffering populace.

  • Kushaya zvokuita. Kutambudźa vanotambura kare.

  • the problem with us zim citizens ,zvinhu tinobaitira padenga, what we need is those 2 million jobs and see if u find any degreed pple sellin mazhanje in the streets,let us adress our problem frm the grassrots level nt to topple them….iwe neni tine basa

  • MDC led council started destroying illegal makeshifts for vendors is this true

  • tanga mapa vanhu mabasa

  • That’s what you marched for right!

  • handiti makafara chaizvo takakuonai mu tv muchiti Mugabe waenda..Mugabe waenda…zvino chamaifarira chii ipapa

  • aaaaah kutonga kwaro here uku

  • This national leadership is not people centered I tell you. Full of very corrupt people.

  • Pasi nehutsvina hakuna town yakadaro inogochwa chibage on the centre ok the town, try to walk in town around 9pm uone marara chete. Saka hameno kuti kushaya mabasa kunotadzisa kucleaner pawatengesera here? Iyo congestion yezvingoro hhaaaa guys hazviite. Ngaite misika yavo kulocation touya totenga tabva kubasa

  • Zvorwadza kudarika paya.

  • The government is not addressing the needs of the pple. No industry is functional. We only have Delta beverages n still they are chasing pole from the street.

  • Sad news

  • Nhayi vanhu munhu ayipei arikuzvitsvagira Mari? Munoda mbavha ndodzamunokurudzira .

  • Kana vanhu tikavaonesa kuti Zanu Pf is the same it was only change of Leadership havanzwisise bcz were do u pple think Mnangagwa can take us to with all this mess yavakaita wese naMugabe? Vanhu veZimbabwe ngatingware this is the beginning of New Horror mark my words bcz nothng much Mnangagwa nd his frends not government can produce as far as the Economy under the drainage.So dd council care abt the children wen they are demolishing those houses they cal illegal structures? No only standing by the rules from Zanu Pf Cabal,pliz my fello Zimbos lets register to vote nd Elect the Leader of our choice with pple at heart not a selected leader with a bunch of pple ,dreamng of being President No vana veZimbabwe lets speak with one voice cme 2018 nxaaaaaaaa

  • hehehede

  • Haaaaa is this murambatsvina part 2.? This is sad pple are making a living from that now being chased how are they going to survive n their families.. There aren’t jobs yet eish God help us the poor

  • Nhai mwari toraramira kupi. Vana tovapei. Hatina mabasa kutengesa kuti pamwe tiwanewo zvekuraramisa mhuri. Nhai mwari pindirai tatambura isu