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MDC supports Zimbabwe’s re-engagement with the international community – Obert Gutu

By Obert Gutu

The MDC is a social democratic political party that firmly believes in the full and total re – integration of Zimbabwe into the international comity of nations.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu
MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu

Zimbabwe cannot afford to remain as a reclusive pariah state whilst the rest of the world is moving closer together by forming progressive regional and international alliances that foster political stability and socio – economic growth and integration.

Thus, we shall continue to vigorously pursue a diplomatic thrust that is deliberately targeted at stabilising our beloved country politically, economically, morally and socially. In fact, it is a truism that Zimbabwe needs the world more than the world needs Zimbabwe.

To enable Zimbabwe to be fully re – integrated into the global community, there are certain essential deliverables that have to be discharged. First and foremost, we should be able to conduct free and fair elections that do not give rise to disputed and contested results.

We sincerely hope and trust that the Zimbabwe government under President Emmerson Mnangagwa shall honestly work towards the cultivation of a conducive political environment that will guarantee the holding of free and fair elections in 2018.

In this respect, therefore, we demand that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) should be adequately capacitated to enable them to run credible, free and fair elections next year. We also look forward to a situation whereby the military shall promptly return to the barracks in order to avoid the perception that Zimbabwe is now a military state that is being run by a military junta.

Of course, we are acutely aware of the fact that more often than not, perception can easily be deduced as reality. In addition, the MDC also calls upon the freeing of the State – owned print and electronic media to enable all political players to have free and unfettered access, in tandem with the dictates of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Traditional leaders should abide by their constitutional mandate of being apolitical. The ruling party should not abuse the institution of traditional leadership by directly and indirectly converting traditional leaders into de facto political commissars of the ruling party.

The MDC shall continue to respect the institution of traditional leadership and in fact, we call upon the implementation of programs that adequately remunerate all traditional leaders in order to maintain their dignity and respectability.

As a patriotic and homegrown political party,the MDC doesn’t call for the imposition of sanctions against the Republic of Zimbabwe. We would like to participate in the socio – economic regeneration of our beloved motherland and as such, sanctions remain an anathema in our political discourse. The government of Zimbabwe should allow all its citizens to enjoy their fundamental rights and liberties as fully provided for by the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Political parties should be given the leeway and latitude to lawfully go about their day to day activities without any undue interference and/or hindrance by any organ of the State.

Obert Chaurura Gutu is theย MDC-T National Spokesperson

  • Homegrown lies ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ so youre not gonna acknowledge Britain.

  • What are you saying?. What was the point for going to America

  • but why you go to western world and preach a different story then you preach unity during the day and preach sanctions during the night are you taking us for fools

    • You are ZANU PF fools you don’t understand politics

    • Tan tan if u have utube listen to what biti and crue advocated for before u comment

    • Is there any democracy in Zim to start with

    • Do sanctions give a level playing field

    • If it does MDC keep quiet about reforms

    • A stupid idiot. If its true why not put a law that make it a crime to call for sanctions. You guys dont think. Mdc is the people s party

    • Edmore emotions won’t bring food on the table

    • Edmore Mapfumo# utori zistupip ziguru,unosupporter zvikuitwa nemdc uchiona akuda kuto worsener situation yatinayo,pasi nemdc ikaramba ichidai

    • Tatatumbura sure zvototukana pachedu ayaaa

    • Why is it vanhu vanoti hee the playing field is not level whilst others are under sanctions remove sanctions then we can talk about reform .

  • are u helping ED to better our lives or u seem to counter him

    • ED is ZANU PF same ED during Mugabe’s time so what’s the difference

    • ukaramba une mweya wekungopikisa even nepane change unofira mu opposition,am zanu bt dn hv problem kana MT akatonga as long as ari reformist.foolish to equate ED n RG

    • Whats new can ED offer today? ZANU PF failed and should admit. Free and fair elections ED haamiri naSave

    • Who is E.D nhas …how do u expect mdc to work wth ed ?
      In which way …haisi humwe ka iyi …ndezvema polutica partie ane dfrent leadrshp

    • Removing Mugabe and placing ED there is no change hapana hapana

    • Ramba uchirota,zanu is no longer the old one u know in fact imimi change yo leadership or perish.tererai zvinoda vanhu ndozvakanyudzisa mugabe zvekuoma musoro

    • What has changed just moving same old failed minister from one ministry to another kkkkkkk ndiwe urikurota manje come 2018 Save paState house muchingovukura. Tokupfekedzai Apolo jersey bvunza mkoma wako Chipanga

    • i wish ED to remain calm n soft pikerere dzamaiita na Mugabe ndodzakauraya nyika no tolerance no wht the diff shld b so marginal handina kumboti shandai mese but dn jus oppose js cz inonzi opposition.The truth is am happy u exist to push us nt to destroy kt muwane kitongawo.thtz y mugabe ange akaoma musoro cz was responding to hardliners like u

    • Everyone can go to statehouse bro js the way chete.Fine wish u da best tho itz nt easy

    • Hardliners like you who doesn’t know what change is. You have been indoctrinated neZanu propaganda

    • thank u

    • Not into politics buh when it cums to mugabe and mnangagwa it’s juss siding with the real Devil and Lucifer. …..hunhu humwechete anambwa aya ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • and whoz nt a dog if i may ask

  • fire fighting maona kuti manyuraka

  • Zimboz so reasoning dzacho ma1,who has the right to stop MDC to go to America after all its simply an opposition party and who in his own sense will take that propaganda yekuti sanctions were brought by MDC

    • A very good question sir..

    • Nobody would stop them.how can you say propaganda over something that was streamed live

    • What was it that was streamed live?

    • Kana mukada ZANU mukoma haisi problem dambudziko riri pakuti moda kuti vanhu vese vade ZANU ,if that is what u want reform and meet the people’s expectations and needs market yourself rather than lie and find sanctions as a scapegoat

    • Do you really follow events unfolding in Zimbabwe. If MDC sends its represantatives to stop America from removing sanctions then you want us to keep quiete. Sanctions hurt an ordinary person in the street and not these selfish opposition politicians. They want to get in power at the expense of the suffering general masses. Wake up pliz

    • If MDC doesn’t have any significance, like many are saying…why are they worried about their going to West..Laquas Marakias Nyarwendo..thanks for that question..who for sure has the right to stop them and on what grounds..?

    • Reasoning dzako iwe ndiwo ma one.

    • They couses extension of sanctions with their barbarian move to America. The sanctions will removed after election ndizvo zvavanga vachida. But who will suffer for this, only ordinarily citizens. Those people blinded Zimbabweans they lost the love of progressive Zimbabwe, instead they only love there part. But never never in life vakaitonga

    • This is just straight foward, the delegates said sanctions should remain until human rights are met, what does that mean? Mdc went to strengthen the sanctions period. Mugabe is gone but the Americans are still saying they dont see any difference him(Mnangagwa) with Mugabe, How? We are also following this. The Mdc are cry babies yesterday they were saying Mnangagwa stole our polices, so they are now afraid if there is implementation them Mdc is out hence they are requesting for sanctions. Nonsense

    • Iiiish faiton jus write in shona zvawanyora apo izvo ahh 1/10

    • Francis and Feiton…I do feel we are still in the same era as that of Mugabe…Bob was probably right when he was refusing to resign citing an issue of no difference between him and his successor(s)..Maybe one day you will understand how painfully it is to be betrayed by the people who you shared the loot with and support you in every bad/good things you were doing the rest of your life…Remember..they are the same people who said we will never salute a person with no war credentials and they vowed that this country will never be ruled by a person who does not possess those war credentials. ..and what does that tell you of the electoral reforms in place…The confidence that these guys have simply means everything is in place…If I heard well…Rita Makarau was probably correct to resign because she will end up take the blame game for everyone who feels using her…

    • Forget about winning votes through punishing ordinary people. That was an agrarian way. If the existing administration become transparent in every depart 2018 yacho munongo wacha still.

    • Forget about winning free and fair el3ctions comrade

    • Zanu pf is the ruling party and they should follow international protocols to engage the West and counter the Mdc moves if that is the case.We have got a whole ministry responsible for external relations n hope he is capable enough.

    • If you want Zanu Pf to win free and fair elections why worry?Lets have free and fair elections in 2018 fullstop..the military should be apolitical and accept the winner..

    • Ana Prince imi muno follower what did advocate Chamisa posted about their trip,majaira kungogezeswa njere mototenda kuti ichokwadi ,this is politics as much as we dont support th3 animal called Sanction bt there is little we can do to get rid of them rather those who are inthe ruling government should do a lot .I was thinking its simple coz why we were sanctioned was as a result of human rights violation and why cant we simply correct that and move foward with our country bt at the same time they really dep3nd on intimidating,killing innocent people and some forced disappearance inorder for them to stay in power ,bt hatisi kuti ava vakatora simba ava mazuva apera ndozvavari No bt if they can reform let it be so that sanctions might be removed complet3ly .The only link iripo is this MDC has more members who faced the worst human rights abuse of the regime otherwise hapana any other link

  • ngaatikwanire, Zimbabweans are tired of politics what they need is better lives, you leaders of MDC are idiots

  • Vanozivana mapato Aya isu ndisu tinozvinetsa hedu

    • Taura hako …kutobuda tsinga nekutuka Tsvangirai apa Ed wacho hatoziv kana bhaz roenda kumusha kwako

  • Stop fighting MDC they are a party doing its business why crying as if they are the ones in power those in power should prove to us they are worth it

    • I like this

    • Iwe ndiwe munhu arukufunga chaizvo. Thank you

    • Kana pachinzi Zimbabwe ine vanhu vakadzidza panenge pachitaurwa vakaita sewe.Kwete vanoti vakagona kuverenga nekunyora votonzi vakadzidza

    • you can say it again

    • america is a bully not liked by anyone except opposition parties around the world. tell your delegation of puppets to go to Russia or China muone kuti vanotambirwa here. They waste their time vachishanyira trump benzi zvaro nxaaaaaa

    • Its bcoz yuu don’t know how the opposition works in developed countries!

  • U are fooling us.you are also like zanu why would u say sanctions must not be removed when all what we wanted was to remove mugabe then start discussing with th current gvt about reforms and diaspora vote before your team went to America.i thnx u guys you are selfish you don.t care about our suffrng .sanctions are not affecting the ZANUPF leaders but us .

    • Dofo who is calling for sanctions. Wakaurawa brain na Mugabe

    • Exctly ndepapi pataurwa masanctions apo

    • Read biti.s speech

    • Listen to mavhimas speech

    • Nhai Manatsa imbotitsanangurirawo kuti matargeted sanctions arikukuaffecter papi as an individual

    • I hate MDC n ZANU

    • Let’s form our own party Madondo๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Sure eustinah but it wil be led by those who fear God.kikik

    • Nyasha Ritchie tiudzewo zvinoreva mashoko aya
      โ€˜โ€™Our key recommendations to the US Government include that the US Government should maintain the existing policy towards Zimbabwe until the military removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be free ,peaceful, transparent free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.โ€™โ€™

      kindly inform me on the US policy mentioned above

    • chamada US policies towards zim are simple conditions wc say reform first and get our support so zanu must meet the stipulated conditions ko vanotyei

    • @admire nago j … read deep and find if they are that simple to follow we are Africans not Whites .And what the Americans want trace if they have implemented that themselves ..Read wider on their election of Trump etc and other Presidents and you will realise it simply a maniac policy that cant be put in reality on Earth ..Read on USA democracy rights and tell me as leader unouya uchidziisa muno kana musoro wako wakakwana.Its like your uncle telling you to marry a wife and do subjects you can’t win over in your life .So not simple is simple..Read wide myopic white potassium worshipping creature..

  • MaZimba hamuna kukwana. Kamugabe kaienda Malaysia,Singapore pakadira bt handina kumbonzwa aive nejende rekumubvunza. Kwashamisei America?imi Vhoterai Zanu mumame simple kwete kuswero tsvaka tunyaya tusina basa. Ndodya nyaya here mumba?muri ma stupid evanhu. Tsvee ku builder nyika attention yese kuMDC. Bvepfepfepfe rakakuwandirai. Kana umwe zvake anesvukurugwe dzekubvunza kuti $15 billion yakaendepi Mugabe kachiri kapenyu imi tande kuMDC. Mugabe afa tichakunzwai makuti pwetere pwetere toda 15 bhidha ๐Ÿ˜กregai nditi muri MHATA DZEVANHU. Asvotwa ngauye. ASANTE SANA

    • On point boss

    • 15 bdza
      Kunyudzwa nezanu masikat machena …yakaenda kuAmerica here…yakanyudzwa nemdc here …saka ipapa kuenda kwavaita kwabudisa mari yezanu here

    • Busy neMDC. Saka ndovakaba ma diamonds pachiyadzwa.maChina arikusenga Gold zvese neDiamond vachivaka nyika yavo isu tichi shandiswa. Uda kundiudza nezvekushata kweMDC,ko imi chamamboita. .Mugabe na Grace ngavadzose zvavakaba first then tozotaura zveMDC. Icecream Farm tirikutoida. Its a govt property

    • 15 billion yakaenda nemasanctions shefu akanokumbirwa kuAmerica nemaZimbabweans,,,if sanctions are removed 15billion inobva yadzokawo

    • My brother Petros, 25 billion inonzi yakango disappear,President akati haazive kuti yakaendepi๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

    • Petros uri munhu mukuru ziva kwawakabva nenhamo yaona hama dzako zanu izanu haichinje hunhu


  • Damage already done Mr Gutu. Your party has just scored an own goal

  • vachingovukura e d achitogadzirisa nyika

  • Politicians they have to be unite in order to save the people of Zimbabwe they suffered enough.we need jobs,money on the banks food on the shops better life for all.not going against each other investors should start come and reopen factorys and farmers they also have to go back to their farms and starts making progress that benefit country and poor people

  • If MDC is just a mere opposition y worry about who are they visiting…. It sounds to me like MDC is the legitimate ruling party…. Basing on the outcry of the so called USA visit…

  • ndokunonzi kutaur a semurume

  • Is it difficult for the ruling party to respect human rights and comply with the UN charter on Human Rights so that if there is any sanctions to talk about it will be simply gone ,Although we are the onces who will always suffer bt i think our suffering was aa a result of bad corporate governance ,corruption etc.Look at the incoming gvt they dont cry a lot about sanctions bt they are bizy aligning their policies to the investor expectation ,vamwe varungu varikutodzorerwa muminda as we speak then isu paFacebook toti hee opposition sanction this and that

  • A hypocrite

  • It’s a lie vana Biti varikutii kuAmerica kwavari uko gentleman ngativakei Zim ndeyedu iyi hazvichinje vanhu woye

  • Going to the USA was a motivational trip to gunner support for a GNU. Parliament can debate and vote to have a referendum “whether elections?” , if agreed that no elections in a referendum, then can cause amendment to constitution to fore go the 2018 elections subject of which will be an all incorporated Gvt.

  • My question is on whos interest is the MDC serving

  • These guys attended EDs inauguration meaning they endorsed him now vakuvukura kuti illegitimate gvt hmmmm confusion chaiyo

  • Why waisting time explaining to dead wood.

  • What are you looking for in America? I sympathise with your party but let m warn yu. If u subortage economic reforms by th new government that would be yo final error. Pple, your supporters included, want beta lives. Nothng more nothng less

  • fuck MDC

  • MDC is the future of Zim. Let’s support the movement!

  • Mr Obert Gutu you made a mistake, a greatest one. For the benefit of Zim yu sold have lobbied for a Unity Gvnt since the current Gvnt under Mugabe was broken. Yu shld have realised that half the ministers were away and labelled incriminals. So it was unreasonable for ED to select a new gvnt just like that. We had all agreed that the Mugabe gvnt and zanu were corrupt, for allowing that to happen was your defeat. To be honest yu were defeated, though it is true the current gvnt is unconstitutional, yu cooperated in the unconstitutional process and theirfore giving it credibility. Zanu is likely to be a virgin once again and maybe to be specific zanu is now untouchable. As a peace loving citizen whatever is happening is around politicians, we want a country that is habitable fulstop. #myvotemysecret.

    • Lobbying for Unity government would have give another party a big advantage…after all MDC has never lost any elections and you know that even if you try to deny it..They should have not lobbied because they are the party that the majority needs..

    • Thnx yu

    • I am not in a mood to argue today.

    • Uuuuum no I have to put this clear, I said all citizens agreed that the Mugabe regime was corrupt and criminal so the army dissolved it, for the purpose of restoring legacy all Zimbabweans regardless of part affiliation was supposed to be given a chance to to rule for five years in a unity amendment and thereafter elections. But giving in to zanu was just handing the country to the same criminals defeating the fact around the restore legacy. Some facts reserved………………

    • simba i hv liked yo last argument so for free and fair elections zanu must reform first i dont think if its wrong fot zanu to n given conditions for them to get American support

    • iwe Simba MDC yakambodyiwa papi pacho if yu luv zanu ndiwe not all of us hantyka

    • If the current President didn’t extend an invitation to form a government of national unity how did you want the MDC to force themselves in the government?

    • Yu don’t force yoself yu dictate using the constitution and the law in parliament. If it fails yu take the issue to the supreme court

    • The truth ladies and gentlemen is we should register to vote…personally I don’t feel that this handing of power was done properly because army showed that they are affiliated to a party and they had someone in their mind already…so they are serving the interests of Zanu rather than that of the nation…


    • maoneiko mutaure zvakataugwa ?if you follow fake news do not rush to conclusions .the event was never a platform to make such requests and in any case sanctions zvirango zvinopiwa avo vanoita zvisakarurama.mention chirango chimwe chinoita vana veZimbabwe vatambure.i know we suffer becoz of our government’s own policies,eg 21 health workers perished in a lorry and their families lost providers and this isnt anything to do with sanctions.Dzamara disappeared becoz of Zanu PF nt sanctions.hospitals are nt stocked becoz our leaders get treatment elsewhere so they do nt care abt making our hospitals real hospitals and do nt blame sanctions as money is there bt mismanaged


    • Kwanai shefu

    • Baba Stacy Makumbinde tiudzewo zvinoreva mashoko aya
      โ€˜โ€™Our key recommendations to the US Government include that the US Government should maintain the existing policy towards Zimbabwe until the military removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be free ,peaceful, transparent free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.โ€™โ€™

      kindly inform me on the US policy mentioned above

  • The power hungary MDC party was greatly embarrassed by US Senate. Everyone is calling for peace and economic stability but you are busy begging heavy sanctions to Zimbabwe. Hamunyari neiko,munhu wese ari kukuzivai hapana zviripo. Angova marara chete.

    • Be on your own and never talk on behalf of other people..what’s wrong by sourcing for funding outside…you always have a negative thinking towards MDC…they are an opposition and should source for funds wherever they feel they like. …after all..who do you think will fund them in Zimbabwe when they don’t own any resource like the ruling party…Stop thinking negatively papa

    • Babamunini hamuna kunzwa kuti vanga vachitaura chii kuAmerica. Ndosaka makasara.

      “Debt Relief after elections”. Ndizvo zvakataura neDelegation yenyu. Saka kana tichiti vakakumbira kuti maSanctions asabviswa,tinenge tichirevesa because tanga takateerera.

    • Nigel Kuzvidza tiudzewo zvinoreva mashoko aya
      โ€˜โ€™Our key recommendations to the US Government include that the US Government should maintain the existing policy towards Zimbabwe until the military removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be free ,peaceful, transparent free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.โ€™โ€™

      kindly inform me on the US policy mentioned above

    • Zvasangana nechikoro chishoma apa

    • It seems MDC supporters are happy for us to struggle so that we join there party ini handiite politics but im not going to vote for someone who advocate for sanctions

    • Wazvitora kupi iwe imbwa

  • Mdc u scored a goal in ur own Goal mouth.Sit back and smile thinking that u will Gunner support

  • Mr Dewa Mavhinga
    โ€˜โ€™Our key recommendations to the US Government include that the US Government should maintain the existing policy towards Zimbabwe until the military removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be free ,peaceful, transparent free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.โ€™โ€™

    Laquas Marakias Nyarwendo kindly inform me on the US policy mentioned above,noone has so far convinced me what the policy is?

    • zvana MDC zvotipinza nzara izvi..ED akaramba here kutaura navo muno? handiise vote yangu pa MDC ini they have lost relevance

    • The military are there to stay.

  • We always say you power hungry people its not all about fighting for the top seat now let’s just provide servicing first before these seats because seats will be there forever

  • Amana taurai chirungu chatonzwa mhani

  • Last month people were singing,”Bob watengesa nyika kunaChina”…and just this week,their newly imposed leader scooped his first deal,guese with who?Of course,China!!…lemon tree will bear flowers which wl grow into lemons…e same sour lemons!!vote wisely

  • thanks mr gutu, at least you have openly stated your ground. zimbabwe is our country collectively, regardless of political affliation.

    takakambozamawo kubvisa zanu but zvairamba. by then they had sworn to stay in power at whatever cost, even if it meant leaving all zimbabweans dead. avo varikushora ikozvino kapfungwa chete kekungoti vatove canaan kare, kekuti vatochibata kare.

    vachaona havo kuti nyati hayisi mombe!

  • Great vision for our country

  • Tikukuonai zvedu.

  • Understanding is hard.Ts like teaching a toddler wrong concepts after discovering the mistake ,the teacher will not win the battle of correcting the kid.Zvakatanga kuzivikanwa ndo chokwadi. SO PPO LACK WHAT WE CALL RECONSTRUCTION .

  • Komukadyiwa zvirifair modzokera here kundoti tadyiwa bvisai zvinhu zviya

  • Pasi nemasanctions

  • Let me ask this question…When General Chiwenga and ED visited China..did people bother to ask of their mission there and whose interest were they serving…? Please let’s not wobble on MDC’s mission to America…sooner or later we will understand of their visit there..

  • Mwari pindirai..!! Vana venyu vachema chema

  • Viva MDC, till we have legitimate elections, free and fair Elections, Why Military every where, they must go back to the Barracks, Military thinks beating people is the only solution people to listen forcefully

  • ZIMBABWE must get rid of this DISEASE called ZANU PF for good, lets register vote, we want Legitimate free and Fair Elections. Viva Viva MDC, till we have legitimate elections, free and fair Elections, viva Opposition

  • No need to explain anything Mr Gutu you have exposed yourself.Your useless utterances will invite more sanctions on us.

  • Reforms or no reforms just wait, my vote goes to Ngwena.What MDC did is cowardice. In the event that sanctions are escalated then it will prejudice the current new dispensation. Why not give them time since the tyrant is gone

  • We are not blind we can read between the lines

  • Tanรจta ne MDC now wake up follower Zimbabweans let us stop this MDC thing this leader’s of MDC don’t care about Zimbabwe they are careless people. Kana dai vana vavo vachitambura sezvinoita munhu wese mu Zimbabwe i don’t think waiswera achingo hukura hukura pasi navo tangatava ne new hope with new government now vatanga futi kuti tirambe tichisekwa nenyika dzese fuck MDC yacho hatichada tisu vanhu vacho taramba don’t vote for this MDC takavhota pakuta that was our very big mistake of our lives stop this people now i will never vote for this group of enemies .MDC is enemy of Zimbabwe Mugabe akaenda watairamba


  • Is MDC power hungry they won elections in 2008 but they never rule beneficiaries of corruption have their own Zim

  • MDC can you subtract my vote from you.my vote now turning to ED

  • Hatinga regi vana biti vachipisa imba yatagara we must take action

  • I only conclude that MDC is not ready to govern.

  • Mdc ummm mucharuza zvisingaiti .zvakanotaura kumusangano takazvinzwa vana chamisa naBiti munoda kuti vana vezimbabwe varambe vachitambura

  • MDC no longer have ideas on their plate they are puppets

  • The answer of Zim’s situation lies in the hands of us as Zimbabweans lets try to solve our things indoors not running around like a headless chick but nothing fruitfull will come as long as we are not serving thier interests these white guys will never give a hand on us i thought you were going to approach the ED and discuss on how best you gona revive our economy and come up with better solution the issue is not of getting support from outside and lying to pple that we are doing this us Zimba we are concerned about our economy only your fights of who to rule or who to do wat its none of our business wat we want is money at banks, jobs etc

  • I told dambudzo to arrest chivhayo chiyangwa.cuthbert mugabe Dube.Obessed mpofu and a lot of open olivine ind .nissan zim. Burn the bond note and dollarise and stop all illegal mining

  • Vanhu vangani vamakaputsira misha imi mapedza mokumbira mari dzekuvaka misha yavo mapiwa moisa muhomwe dzenyu
    Iwe vhara muromo wako

  • Even if they agree to help but it will be on a condition so please stop wasting money going abroad and sleeping in expensive hotels the issue is seat down as all parties and find a best way to tackle our Zim situation and put measures favourable to the revival of our economy pple in Zimba they have suffered enough why cant you have mercy on us . Top delegates from all political parties seat down and map away hatidi humbimbindoga kuti i did this if we are to vote i know nomatter how you try to lure pple but at the end he/she will vote a part of his/her choice so the issue is not of getting votes or elections but the issue is of changing the economic situation in Zimbabwe first then later wwecan talk of who to lead after all the problems we are facing as zimbabwe has been taken account of. I thank you .

  • Typical of all politicians who knew that Biti has properties and cars that are far much more than the hairs in your head…his wife confirmed it in her divorce papers,so there you are! trust politicians at your own peril!

  • Be it Biti and company are in the new government or not… We must not suffer because of sanctions doโ€ฆ https://t.co/GhOeRm30zw

  • We see n hear. We are not fools. Time shall tell.

  • mdc you are very selfish

  • The truth shall come out kuti vakafambirei. U are not worried about the people of Zim coz the ‘agenda’ is for electoral reforms!!! Y not organise a trip for economic reform cdes?

  • 2018 Chakachaya

  • Manje mdc yabaya nduru pasi nema sanctions

  • saka biti ndiye ari kusheedzera ma sanctions achimirira chipati chake pdp? manje achavhoterwa nana trump ivavo

  • ED Mnangagwa hava gone kutonga Nyika kana vakada kushanda nevanhu vane pfungwa dzakadai sana Hungwe.
    Handisi kuwona chikonzero chekuti vanhu vanyeperwe kuti Morgan Tsvangirai atadza kuti akumbire Nyika dzepasi rose kuzo batsira kuitwa kwemaElections muNyika. Musa kanganwe kuti 2008 vanhu vaka pondwa zvaka womarara. Now hatina 2 Months Mugabe abviswa asi dzimwe Mhondi dzakutoti 2018 kunoto fiwa kana mukasa Voter paZanu pf. Ndiyo Democracy yacho here? Toda vanhu vano shandira Nyika kwete kuparadza. Hakuna chakaipa kunopa zvichemo kuti vanhu vadzivirirwe. Chisiri kuziva vamwe vedu pano paFacebook ndechekuti kubviswa kwaMugabe hazvirevi kuti vanhu vakanganwa Hama dzavo dzaka pondwa nedzimwe dzaka sungwa plus Nzara. Saka haisi Automatic kuti sezvo paiswa Munangwa makuti mose tsikitsirai kwete. Vanhu varikuda Democracy munyika.
    Iyo America yamuri kuti sei kwaendwa kokana isina basa muno chemeyi. Rambaika US dollar. Ipai vanhu mukana wekufunga kwete kungo taura zvisizvo. ED Garwe akabvuma kuti ZEC ive yevanhu kwete yeZanu pf. Police..Army zvive zvemyika kwete bato. Do u think kuti Opposition inochema chema here.
    Tsvagai nyaya vaRume makuratidza kusaziva manje.
    MDC itori 100% kuti patariswe nekudzivirirwa vanhu vasati vatanga kuPondwa nokuti hapana zvachinja ikozvino

  • Who brot us to this economic comatose, it was all bcoz of the lies abt sanctions, the mantra wont impruv nthing at all

  • We still have a very long way to go can you please just hold on to your drums its too early for the party

  • some Zimbos are retards if it was not MDC who showed you how to voice your voice and most of you , yoโ€ฆ https://t.co/XT5fLnlr8T

  • Well done MDC we do not want a repeat of 2008

  • Inhema Gutu usatinyepere wakatumira chamisa USA kunodii
    Murimatsotsi imi vana Gutu unoda kuchenura bato rako

  • Bato re MDC haribatsiri imbwa isina mazino
    Huku inokandira mazai achidyiwa nembwa
    Mbavha dzinotsvaka mari kuma donor nenhema muchidya mari dzacho imi

  • Thats the way to go my party let them talk but we know who we are

  • I don’t understand the crying here. What sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe which will make us to fail. Let’s call a spade a spade my brothers and sisters.
    Our economic woes were wholly to gross mismanagement of our funds. Think of the unaccounted 15 billion dollars, the President has called on all externalized funds and assets to be brought back. Its crystal clear the economy was looted. All the big shots were taking wealth out of the country for their personal enrichment while they come to us and tell us the country have no money because of the western countries ‘ sanctions. Please don’t fool us any longer. See those reports how all government officials ‘ children are flushing money around.
    If the current President buys anything from that I am surely convinced ZANU PF is finished, no new ideas to offer.
    Let him fix the country’s problems , rule of law, POSA, AIPPA, all electoral reforms which have made be foreigners in our own country.

  • Totanga tapuhwa nhamu kuti tiva vhotere big noooo garai pasi