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Full Text of Tendai Biti testimony before US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee

Zimbabwe at the Crossroads: A Chance for a New Beginning

Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health policy

Tendai Biti
MDC Alliance
Former Minister of Finance
December 12, 2017

Thank you, Chairman Flake, Ranking Member Booker, and other members of the Subcommittee. We thank you for inviting us to this great center of American democracy.

U.S. Senators Jeff Flake, Zimbabwe Politicians Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti, Author Peter Godwin
U.S. Senators Jeff Flake, Zimbabwe Politicians Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti, Author Peter Godwin (Picture by VOA Studio 7)

The 14th of November 2017 began a series major life changing events in Zimbabwe that will forever redefine the political and constitutional landscape of the country.

On that day, military tanks invaded the streets of the capital, Harare, and other major cities in the country. In the early hours of the 15th, the military appeared on Zimbabwe’s sole national television and implicitly made it clear that the executive was no longer in control.

On 18th November, hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans marched alongside military personnel in the streets of Harare and Bulawayo and demanded the resignation of President Mugabe. On 21 November in the middle of impeachment proceedings in parliament, President Mugabe quietly, if not in-elegantly, announced his resignation.

With President Mugabe’s departure, Zimbabwe now faces an uncertain future, but one which presents real opportunities for reconstructing, rebuilding and re-fabricating a new Zimbabwean story, and a new Zimbabwean society.

Without a doubt, the 37 years of President Mugabe’s rule were a sad story of capture, coercion, corruption, poverty and de-legitimization. Zimbabweans lived in fear under a system that paid no respect to their rights and a system that saw continuous impoverishment and suffering, loss of livelihoods amongst ordinary citizens.

President Mugabe presided over one of the most autocratic African regimes that stood head and shoulders with the likes of current dictators like Obiang in Equatorial Guinea, Biya in Cameroon, Afewerki in Eritrea, al-Bashir in Sudan, and Museveni in Uganda.

Let’s be clear: the events in Zimbabwe described above were an illegal and illegitimate transfer of power from one faction of the ruling party to another.

However, this was not the first time that the military in Zimbabwe and the so-called “securocrats” have subverted constitutional order in a way that merely entrenched un-democratic rule.

For instance, on the eve of the presidential election in March 2002 the top army generals of Zimbabwe led by then commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces Major-General Zvinavashe issued a public statement in which it was announced that they would never salute a leader who did not have liberation war credentials. An obvious position meant to target Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the democratic opposition.

In June 2008, pursuant to a victory of the MDC in the March 2008 election the military staged a pre-emptive military coup that literally prevented political opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the
MDC from taking over, installing President Mugabe as president of the republic.

November 2017 now represents a third occasion of a revolt against the constitution, but this time, marked with the popular removal of an unpopular president.

Despite the illegalities of the November 2017 processes, Zimbabwe now has the obligation of ensuring that there’s a major shift and fundamental departure from a past of division, attrition and fear.

Zimbabwe needs a genuine break from its tortured past, not a continuation of the old order. The new Zimbabwe, to be established now, need to be founded on the values and principles of constitutionalism, the rule of law, a just and prosperous society. In the new Zimbabwe, every citizen must be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

The starting point must be a return to true legitimacy, constitutionalism, and the rule of law. The roadmap to legitimacy is the fundamental precondition to the establishment of a sustainable, just, and free Zimbabwe. This roadmap must be anchored on clear benchmarks. These include:

The immediate restoration of constitutionalism, the rule of law, and legitimate civilian rule. The military must be demobilized from the streets.

2) Implementation of genuine electoral reforms to ensure that the election in July-August 2018 is free, fair, credible, and legitimate. Those electoral reforms, including: the preparation of a brand new biometric voters’ roll to which all political parties sign onto; agreement on an independent electoral management body; the introduction of a diaspora vote; international observation and poll monitors; defined role of the UN and its agencies; full access to media; and a safe environment for campaigning and voting free from intimidation.

Political and institutional reforms, which include aligning the country’s laws with the 2013 constitution, and in particular actualizing the provisions dealing with devolution and the land question.

Major economic reforms that focus on restoring livelihoods, growing a shared economy and addressing the huge challenge of unemployment and under-development.

Restoring the social contract, including the renewal and rebirth of a new Zimbabwe that shuns corruption and promotes national healing and reconciliation.

The above road map must be guaranteed and underwritten by the international community. In this regard, the role of the African Union and the United Nations will be critical.

The new authorities must show some signs of a commitment to real transformation other than cosmetic statements on the economy.

The real danger is that they will pursue a Beijing model, in the respect of which there are nominal improvements on the economy while political space is closed and democracy is muzzled.

It is therefore important that the new authorities show signs of commitment to real change.

They could, for instance, begin by openly acknowledging and apologizing for the major human rights abuses of the past four decades, in particular the massacres in Matabeleland known as Gukurahundi, the illegal and inhumane urban land clearances of Operation Murambatsvina, and the vicious 2008 post election violence against the opposition and ordinary citizens.

They could for instance order an inquiry into the disappearance of human rights activists, including Patrick Nabanyama and Itai Dzamara, who has been missing since March 2015.

Authorities could for instance mollify many Zimbabweans by ordering a judicial inquiry into Zimbabwe’s missing diamond revenues estimated to be around $15 billion.

We have lost a lot of time in Zimbabwe, fighting amongst ourselves. One hopes that the fresh beam of light that we saw on 18 November 2017 becomes a permanent bright shining star that shows us the path forward. Zimbabweans must fix our own country and repair the wounds of the past. But we can’t do this alone.

As Zimbabwe begins this quest for transformation, it will need the support of the international community, including the United States and Congress in particular, at this crucial stage.

We ask the international community and the U.S. to keep us in your hearts. Do not allow our country to be forgotten in our battle against tyranny and poverty and for democracy and human rights. Our election requires active support and oversight from the international community, including our American friends.

Further, once we show signs of an irrevocable and irreversible trajectory towards legitimacy, democracy, and the rule of law, we shall require your full support as we re-engage key international institutions.

We know that this struggle has been long and difficult. But we are confident that we will complete what we started in 1999 when we formed the Movement for Democratic Change with the aspiration of establishing a truly democratic, just, and free Zimbabwe.

Thank you.

  • kutonga kwaro

    where is the word “sanctions” in that statement?

    • succuba


      • kuchadziya

        there is sanctions in every word you read. Biti is one of the authors of zedera and is just asking for a continuation of those sanctions. Shame on you Biti. For how long are you going to let us suffer like that. People will ask for an explanation one day. You do it because you are sitting pretty well given all those asserts exposed by your wife. Wanga washanda rinhi to have acquired the whole of Harare like that. People will demand an explanation one day. Wait and see

        • succuba

          I never saw the word sanctions and you didn’t either… get a grip

          Stop making a fool of yourself here..

    • bobsled

      You can insert it wherever you please… if you can’t find it. Biti just exposed the junta big time

    • mabwe

      You can ask that again

  • Biti at his best as it is vaudze

  • Ehe… Taura hako Biti

  • tiri kungonzwa kuti hanzi vakaenda kunowedzesera masanctions varume ava, makazvinzwawo here?

  • So if that the case you think going to ask America to prolong sanctions or ZIDERA is the best solution?

  • James Bond

    Zimbabwean problems will be solved by Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe NOT in Washington DC! These guys rush to the US to ship our country short even before they had exhausted internal remedies! We need to engage the international community as a sovereign partner NOT as an American or British lackey! But then, I think these esteemed learned lawyers hopped onto the first plane out to the US to earn extra cash so they could boost their private asset portfolios and continue their primitive accumulation of land! This has nothing to do with Zimbabwe, but is intended to gazump ED’s rising popularity.

    • bobsled

      Zimbabwe does not exist in a vacuum, it never has and never will

      • James Bond

        Nor does the US which has bigger problems than us but has never and will never solicit foreign solutions.

        • bobsled

          It pretends not to but it does all the time. Look what is happening in Syria and N Korea. Look how America first is crumbling even before Trump can celebrat a year in office

          • James Bond

            Those are not domestic problems!

          • bobsled

            Kkkk what distinguishes the domestic from the international.

          • James Bond

            As clear as daylight…

        • kuchadziya

          He is taking us for granted.

    • kutonga kwaro

      ED’s rising popularity, so you say? Didn’t you hear that one of his resident Ministers in Masvingo is saying they are going to campaign for the 2018 elections with the soldiers? Have you ever had the opportunity of engaging the ruling party in any discourse about electoral reforms? The answer is NO. If you think these guys are kicking themselves, then lets keep quiet and see where they will end. In any case, some say don’t disturb your enemy if he is making a mistake.

      • James Bond

        How do you know that when you dont know me..

    • Dofo

      Fuck you a million times James mabond note ,. Fuck you again,. why cant the gunless and defenseless run to those with the biggest guns when Team Lacoste has captured our army . How can ordinary Zimbabwens fight a faction with guns when they do not have guns ,
      For your own infor , the butcher of Matebelelenad has never been popular, even if you put a donkey in the state house people will talk of it but that does not translate into popularity

      • James Bond

        Hahahahaha Dofo ragwadziwa rongo vukura manje!!

        People Power: Philipines 1986; Ukraine Orange Revolution; USSR’s Boris Yeltsin 1989/90…history is replete with examples!

      • kuchadziya

        forgotten chimoio ok

  • Unopenga biti

  • A very brilliant speech being distorted or misrepresented by the biased media outlets.

    • Biased how

    • that’s not the point, the issue is, did he need as his first option to go and ask a foreign gvt to meddle in our politics, without even first trying to talk to the new gvt? akaramba achidaiso vanodyiwa fair and square with the american and EU observers there

    • Why should they wait to be engaged? They should just implement reforms and go for free and fair elections. You expect Zanu pf to easily reform their way out of power? It should be a joke.

  • This bullshit they just want us to saffer and how can we vote for them without clear vision . Right we want to build our economy but they are keep on opposing the New President . They didn’t even city parliment but busy talking of fairler . we must build our nation as Zimbabwean . It’s now time to stand up as human

    • Dnt forget dt ndiko kwamur kuda kut USD ribve unless uchir kuda bond

    • Americans never shows us their support and I can surprise to see someone going there. We can suffer as much as they want but not desperate to sell our country.

    • U need the US to build that economy

    • ooh so you have a president. Have you voted him to power? will you vote for him? Don’t be fooled, ED is their president imposed on you.

    • Don’t forget MDC is opposition so you have to understand what it means to be an opponent

    • Don’t forget MDC is opposition so you have to understand what it means to be an opponent

    • Iwe ndiwe usina vision dzikama

    • Who is the new President…. Did anyone vote fo him….let’s open our eyes nd support wat is rite..

  • Very true.The coup had absolutely nothing to do with ordinary Zimbabweans

  • Power hungry

  • This MDC is full of shit so they wanted power to be given to them so they want Zimbabweans to suffer because power was shifted feom one fuction to another. I wonder if they are doing this for the interest of Zimbabweans or for their own benefit

  • Ange amwa mapiritsi here

  • This translates to nothing short of withholding food from one’s own child because you are afraid the child will thank and appreciate the person who bought it and not you.

  • If he thinks America is going to give them more money to campaign then he has lost it, America has never said they do not recognize President Mnangagwa & Mugabe’s removal was legitimate & constitutional. Trump is busy with Kim. Tsvangirai can foresee himself defeated. Ex President Mugabe said those who chose me are the ones who will remove me & that’s exactly what happened, Tsvangirai will remain the President of the opposition not the ruling party forever. I see a landslide victory in favour of Zanu pf.

  • let them drink ARVS vakanyarara

  • Digging their own grave now.

    Why doesn’t he say

    It was a bit unorthodox but it got the job done.

    Election are close save Hes energy for then

  • Brilliant presentation 👍🏾.

  • konyaya yamaSanctions iri kutaurwa iripapi apa

    • The question and answer segment yamusirikuda kuona check the whole proceedings not just the speech.he wants zidera to remain until aftr MDC wins elections

  • Batshele!!

  • MDC nxaaa

  • Why does MDC always get it wrong when it matters most?

  • dzoka kumba Biti maintenance yako yakaku mirira

  • People are just commenting without reading the speech made by Biti. Nothing wrong with the speech.

    • Kudzai Baloyi hausi kuona kuti those comments are being made by planted agents vakazara pa social media yese 😜😜😜

    • That’s a sign yekuti these guys are not genuine workers of the nation. They are disguising.

  • Calling a neighbour to sleep with your wife so that you’ll accuse her of commiting adultery and get a chance to chase her away. That agenda won’t make you be a gentleman enough, calling for retainment of sanctions in Zimbabwe does not affect the lives of Morgan Tsvangirai or the President himself but the impact goes direct to the long suffering citizens. Some people need political maturity.

  • Mazimbabwe kujaira kushandiswa pataurwa nyaya yemasactions ndepapi.kubvotomoka musina kuverenga

  • The MDC should ut their house in order, reforms should start within the party, surely Morgan cant be the life President of the party

  • maybe ndatadza kuverenga i didnt see parehwa nezvema sucntions tiri kuzviwanepi. wht i know haunzwi kurwadza kwerufu kana usati wafirwa

    • Aiwa wati vanonyora sezvazviri here

    • Biti advocated for Sanctions in the question and answer segment.This is not the whole meeting notes.You have to follow the whole proceedings to get where everybody is coming from.

  • So why they telling Americans not Zimbabweans even their president attended ED being given the key’s.

  • Alwayz opposing,,nyika yese yakafara wani,,hatina kumacha tese here,,ZANU,ZAPU, MDC,NPP,PDP nevamwewo,,Mugabe wacho aenda zvashata fut hanz t waz not constitutional,,, Nxa bullshit wakadii kuzvitaura pazvaiitika,,mazimbo aikumamisa biti,,ucharamba uchingovukura,hazvihwinise election zvaukuita izvo

  • They fly all the way to USA to sellout our country , while purporting to represent Ordinary Zimbabweans. For doing this , it is going to be a very long time before you can ever taste Ruling this country. We WON’T VOTE FOR THE MDC

    • Ita kuti i won’t vote usazvisa muruzhinji

    • I was referring to other like minded people , not you in particular. Sorry if i mentioned your name.

    • Inini ndovhotera mdct ndoine [email protected] heart

    • freedom of choice is good

    • Tendai Chiwashira ,ma Politicians akafanana, check out Biti ‘s property list in the Divorce file.

    • Biti is a successful lawyer shamwari. Those people charge over 300 bucks an hour.

    • Moyo well said my brother. I am of the same view as you. By the way who sponsored this trip? Maybe these guys just wanted an opportunity to shop and tour America. If they can’t understand that the average Zimbabwean of average intellect for now is interested in seeing the battered economy being sorted which is what ED, the new HERO in town, is doing while on the ground at home then I doubt their political ability. The masses are now beginning to identify with Ngwena. He is slowly earning our respect and Vote, of course, whilst the learned lawyers are wining and dining with the Americans

    • Iwe vhotera Zanu pf yako don’t include everyone in the way you think

    • Kkkk handina kumboti ukusanganisira neni ini ndabvunza bhoo ndipindure bhoo uye maonero akasiya n vanhu vakaviswa mabhora esimba kubva kare nekuda kwenyu vana minded people

  • I don’t see anywhere in the speech where Biti is calling for sanctions against Zimbabwe or retention of such; all I could decipher from this speech is the calling for USA’s help in the upliftment of the livelihood of all Zimbababweans.
    Could the media please desist from this attitude of distorting facts – Biti never called for sanctions against our honourable leader, our saviour, His Excellency President ED Mnangagwa nor his administration
    God bless Zimbabwe!

    • That’s sheer propaganda news from apologetics

    • Your right Biti didnt call for sanctions in his speech but his utterances will make America harden its stance on Zim and they will extend the sanctions further…..open your eyes

    • @Mike allow me to point out that’s mere speculation on your part. America do not have a heart to hurt Zimbabwe, and we have nothing to be afraid of as long as our policies are above board.

    • Kkkk Savior

    • True

    • Their trip was mired in secrecy that’s there is speculation. They will find it difficult to clear the air and convince people back home

    • Zimbabweans are not foolish anymore. Everyone now knows the effects of sanctions. In the circumstances, not even their wives, girlfriends and children will ever place their lives in the hands of such hypocrites!

    • America imposed sanctions because it claimed that there was no respect for rule of law in Zimbabwe… and would only lift those sanctions if rule of law was respected… Now.. Biti goes to America and tells them that wat happened in Zimbabwe is illegitimate and illegal… and then tells us that this has nothing to do with sanctions???.. What does this guy take us for? Kkkkkk

    • So why making noise in the US about reforms in Zimbabwe they have hardly shared any of their views with the new leadership in Zim but rather opted to rush to their godfather shaaame

    • These cowards were worried sick that sanctions could be lifted on Zim to the relief of Zimbabweans after these positive latest developments. They know they can’t win elections without sanctions on Zim as their weapon no wonder why they worship the Superpowers to keep pressing our country, at least we now know them

    • That statement is not good Biti and his guys think the are too smart and take us for shit no we are Zimbabwe we are standing with this new government for now .If yu think we care about MDC yu are very wrong we care about our lives as Zimbabweans he must make up his mind brother’s and sister’s let us move our country forward and leave this MDC thing .Ndatenda

    • Ssssssh, noise. Quiet everyone!

  • Biti ,Chamisa n Mdct ngavasajairira vanhu,they should respect the pipo n remove that thinking of entitlement yekt ndivo vanofanira kutonga

    • Kujairira vanhu vapiko itai isusu mazanu pf coz isu tikutofara coz we need free & fair election not zvemupini mgotsi zvamajaira

  • We mustnt give trust on these guys of their PHDs but trust me leaders are chosen from God and they use wisdom from him.

  • Pasi ne MDC….

  • Ndizvo zvazvinoita kana musina kurongeka mu party, makapinda mu gnu takazongonzwa makuti gvment haina mari hee chino chino

  • Some people have opposition phobia even the opposition sparks constructional ideas it does not ring in their mind.These were same people who were celebrating when Gire was lambasting people on social gatherings.Their mind is to destruct not construction.

  • Power is not given, it is earned from the masses, masses give legitimacy to their chosen leader. A really leader is anointed by the people through free and fair elections

  • I dont see were he called for sanctions

  • People read the speech before commenting

  • The four Stooges

    • Why would u call them stooges

    • I believe they are working for the achievement or someone’s interests, l guess the donor community ,ostensibly , to advance democracy but in reality to fill up their pockets. If they were genuinely working for the Zim population they would consider the suffering we went through since 2000 up until now. Instead of lobbying for a maintained policy (Zidera) until after 2018 elections, they should be lobbying for funding, uplifting of sanctions, and F D Investment to get industries going so thier bothers and sister could get jobs and not that the US maintain the status quo so their brothers and sisters continue suffering.

    • Well, I hold no brief for Biti but, dear bro, if u read through Biti’s speech u would hv noted that nowhere in that speech did Biti call for sanctions or retention of such against Zimbabwe. I don’t see anywhere there’s mention of ZIDERA or any such policy. Instead I see Biti calling for help for the upliftment of the livelihoods of the Zimbabwean people, which should be observed by our administration, period. You people have a tendency of distorting facts – Biti’s speech does not contain what your narrative above is trying to purport

    • Historically, the US government has shown a strong interest in promoting respect for the rule of law, good governance and human rights in Africa. The Trump administration has yet to demonstrate leadership on human rights issues in Africa so it is more important than ever that Congress promotes human rights as a core pillar of US foreign policy. To that end, Congress should support the people of Zimbabwe by calling on the Mnangagwa government to set and implement a clear roadmap for democratic elections.

      Specifically, Human Rights Watch urges Congress to:

      1. Maintain existing US policy toward Zimbabwe until the military removes itself from politics and the 2018 elections are legitimately assessed to be peaceful, transparent, free and fair and that power is smoothly transmitted to the newly elected government.

      That’s part of the article and l don’t think my interpretation is wrong if otherwise, correct me, given that US policy towards Zimbabwe is Zidera and Sanctions.

  • This is a true state of affairs in Zimbabwe. No lies there. Thank you MDC Alliance.

  • LetMDC Alliance go to USA , isn’t Chiwenga was in China to solicit for support for the coup to succeed. The look east policy has done more harm in terms of looting diamonds than GIVING dividends.

  • Zimbabweeans wil not vote these mdc s

  • Vanozivana mapolititians iyaya dai mamira kutukana henyu vana vezimbabwe

  • Biti’s wife of 10 yrs files for divorce while he is in america.

  • They want money this guys only. Free tickets from heaven ngavasatenderwe kudzora munyika ngavagare kuamerica.

  • Biti imbwa ine muswe wewaya

  • Viva MDC, till we have legitimate elections, free and fair Elections, Why Military every where, they must go back to the Barracks, Military thinks beating people is the only solution people to listen forcefully

  • ZIMBABWE must get rid of this DISEASE called ZANU PF for good, lets register vote, we want Legitimate free and Fair Elections. Viva Viva MDC, till we have legitimate elections, free and fair Elections, viva Opposition

  • Rambai muchidzorera ZANU PF vapfanha muchamama mati madii zvenyu…takaita sei maZimba tisingadzidze!!!

  • Oko

    Are these guys who do really have the heart of ordinary people at heart when are they going to talk to SADC and AU after going abroad when it should have started with the useless african organisations

  • Why did your leader Morgan attend ED’s swearing in the first place if he knew that it was illegitimate.

  • Who will vote for these buffoons.

  • Ko zve divorce yake zvapinda papi

  • Breaking news …From Washington DC, US
    I am so delighted to be on this hugely beneficial trip. We are on this vital global advocacy and diplomatic engagement program to give Zimbabweans a fighting chance in the crucial and landmark 2018 general elections.
    This trip is about you and me and the future of our children and generations to come.
    Our successful meetings are high level with the State Department, Congress, Global Business figures and US Civil Society.
    I’m with Mr Tendai Biti after Prof Welshman Ncube failed to make the trip since he had to deal with a sudden family tragedy.
    This trip is the best platform for Zimbabwe‘ s restoration and reintegration efforts.
    Judging from our engagements thus far, Zimbabwe has phenomenal goodwill and an exceptional opportunity to rebound as an economic giant.
    As a people, we cannot afford to squander this merited goodwill through partisan and petty party political sandpit arguments, which have no material benefit to our people.
    This trip comes as a continuation of diplomatic outreaches already under way focusing on SADC and the AU.
    Our overall persuasion and perspective is to state and restate our case for credible, free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, elections whose results are not contested
    I saw and read a false message that this trip was about sanctions. Far from it, the trip has all to do with out take on free and fair elections in Zimbabwe and our post-election reconstruction plan.
    As a matter of record, we are not here purporting to be representing government or the ruling party, we are representing all genuine peace-loving, freedom-craving and progressive Zimbabweans.
    The objectives of the trip are as follows;
    1. A push for a successful transition to a democratic order through Campaign restore legitimacy and democracy -stating a case for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe
    2. Advocacy for political and electoral reforms conducive for free and fair elections.
    -A credible voters roll
    -an independent audit of the BVR
    -a forensic audit of the ballot and all voting materials
    -having all parties to collectively agree on the ballot printing company and such procurement
    -mandatory diaspora vote in line with the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the SADC guidelines
    -mandatory international observation
    -A fully independent ZEC including professional and non partisan ZEC secretariat.
    -media freedom and equal access to the public media
    – a stop and cessation of all forms of political violence and harassment
    3. Advocacy for the need for international underwriting of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.
    4. Advocacy for Constitutionalism and adherence to, and respect for, the rule of law.
    5. Advocacy for Economic and Social reforms, stabilisation and international re-engagement to give Zimbabwean people hope and a better life.
    Yestrday my colleague and PDP President, Mr Biti, and Civil society leaders testified before the US congress, giving their perspectives.
    Being a serving and sitting legislator in Zimbabwe, I did not testify before the legislative committee.
    We used our meetings to underscore the need and importance of the removal of all obstacles to Zimbabwe‘s full Integration back into the family of nations.
    I must hasten to emphasize that our primary and principal goal is to have happiness and peace in Zimbabwe anchored through free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.
    It is our stated wish to have a country where everyone has a fair shot in life to thrive.
    We are patriotic and never shy of understanding that national interest comes first before party political gains.
    Zimbabwe is our only country and home and we love it and believe in it.
    This global campaign has taken us to SADC and the wider African continent.
    We have already had teams emphasizing on the roadmap to free and fair elections in next seven months.
    Apart from directly engaging our colleagues in the ruing party Zanu PF, we will spread our footprints to Europe and the whole world until legitimacy and democracy are restored in our motherland.
    Campaign restore legitimacy and Democracy is a peaceful, all inclusive citizen campaign for freedom and prosperity for a New Zimbabwe.
    On the home front, our party organs, cadres and all party leaders are taking the real change message across all provinces, districts and wards in the whole country where the election will be decided.
    We are encouraging every Zimbabwean to register to vote and make a difference wherever you are in order for national prosperity and total happiness to prevail.
    We have an alternative narrative and alternative policies based on alternative politics.
    We have a fresh narrative. We need a new revolution to defend our liberation struggle, it is a legacy we should all cherish and its restoration is an immediate issue that should be done through a free and fair election.
    The nation needs new policies and new politics. We have credible policies.
    We are rolling out those powerful policies in a few weeks to come. We are cranking up our campaign machinery.
    The people shall govern. Citizens must govern.
    God bless you, God bless Zimbabwe!!
    Advocate Nelson Chamisa, Mp
    MDCT Vice President.

    • want the Chamisa guy to be president of MDC then we will think of changing, same thing that happened to former president for holding on for so long,. if he really cares for Zimbabwean progression give baton to this young blood

    • You were ill-advised Guys- you need to apologize to your supporters. Very few people will have time to read your long speech but they will be quick to understand the sanctions mantra!

    • My question is why should this be an MDC issue alone ,yet they are some opposition parties in Zim

  • Really Tendai?

  • Inzwai madofo stop making noise wat did biti said read and understand regai tikunyorerei neshona nekuti chirungu chinokunetsai mazidofo evanhu. Verengai zvataurwa nabiti haana kumboti ma sanctions adzoswe.Murizvidzo zvevanhu chirungu ichi.

    • Wataura zvine sense but kungoti madofo haapere mu Zim weeeena and this Zanu old trick of misinforming people vanhu vakungotaura zvavasingazive it’s pathetic

  • The MDC should forget about ruling with the it gimmicks the US can baby sit you(MDC) however your politics of sabotage will only alienate youfrom the masses, Further your major task since 1999 was to remove RG and u failed, that ED is in power let us for once be clear ” we want development and your utterances to the US senate committee are counter development and can not be encourage and neither can they be tolerated “

  • Rwendo

    If Mnangagwa and his team intend to reform Zanu PF and to do right by the people of Zimbabwe, they have nothing to fear from opposition leaders briefing concerned nations, do they?

    I have not heard of international sanctions put in place against any nation’s political leadership for respecting the human rights of its citizens, for dealing with corruption, for conducting free and fair elections or for respecting their own constitution. These countries have Embassies in Harare after all.

    • kuchadziya

      you are right but chi zedera chakaipa. Unoita wet nacho

      • Rwendo

        So the sooner they do right by us the better for all concerned, not so?…

  • Well done thats independence not what we celebrated

  • I think Zimbabweans are not the most educated people in the continent but the most foolish people in the continent. I did not hear a single word or sentence where Tendai Biti was calling for sanctions. Were we listening and watching the same video??

    • I agree with u, I have tried to watch many times and I did not hear anyone call for sanctions.

    • Very stupid indeed .easly manupulated neZanu.and most of then vechidiki Mugabe mbune akataura wega kuti $15b yakabiwa hapana kana akasimudza musoro.

    • It is that which was discussed behind closed doors that is worrisome

    • what are they doing there? discussing Zim’s future with the white man? Trump stole an election in america but wakamboona Clinton achiuya kuno for discussions??

    • What happened to tolerant of divergent views? Why are you insulting us Zimbabweans. Is that how you in the MDC will treat us when you get voted into power which I doubt.

    • Iwe ivo vanobodei ikoko mu sanate ye America varikurova imbwa vakaviga mupinyi vana Biti vacho ,Mugabes removal has left them smacked so they went to thier bosses to restrategise on hw to tackle a Mugabeless Zanu Pf , behind closed doors they ur asking for more sunctions just think of USA building a 200million embassy in a country that is crippled lyk ours that should ring bells in pples ears something is cooking ,the biggest embassy in Africa kkkkk hey madoda

  • Fight who? The new president? There’s no madness which is greater than that. The new president has covered most of the problems being faced by Zimbabweans and what are you going to bring back home to give to suffering Zimbabweans. Due to this Tankers should stay for ever.

  • Well said, asante sana

  • eish

    Seems like this was a joy trip and meant to raise the profile of MDC and the so-called Human Rights Activists organisation, only time will tell what comes out of this whole hair splitting trip.

  • This is pure sabotage to the generality of Zimbabweans who are suffering, do these guys really feel for the people or they are just after their selfish agendas. Scaring the scared investors why, reforms is not an overnight thing, its a process.

  • All what these people are fighting for is for you and i to have the rights we see the likes of South Africa and even the americans enjoy in their homeland. If ED and fellows are not prepared to grant Zimbabweans their full rights what hope can they bring to us. Guys lets open our eyes. this is our opportunity to get the freedom we fought for during Chimurenga. If we allow these people to fell warm rulling our country with a sword we will remain stuck in the Mugabe mentality be a dictatorship and army land.

  • Can’t we map the way forward for our country without involving the Americans

  • MDC yakadzungaira chaiko muchatonga ikoko kuna Trump not Zim kangamwai zvenyu

  • MDC

    Team Lacoste hezvoko bwaaaaaaaa

  • Honestly u wonder whether some people even listened or are just commenting..Do you really think if they had said everything is rosey then Zimbabwe was going to be given the cash. Try borrowing money from a bank.If Biti and the crew had feigned ignorance of the Zimbabwean challenges I think that would have been a sure way of making sure Zim gets nothing. That being said if we are as good as some think we don’t need money from America we can do it on our own….and that is what landed us in these problems initially thinking we can operate as an island

    • I think it’s high time we smelt the coffee, so do you suggest they were seeking donor fund for your good

  • want the Chamisa guy to be president of MDC then
    we will think of changing, same thing that
    happened to former president for holding on for so
    long,. if he really cares for Zimbabwean
    progression give baton to this young blood

    • Chamisa? He should have let Biti and the American Dhehwa something go alone to the Americans to extend Zimbabweans suffering by not advocating for Aid and investment. He dug his own grave. He was clever enough to remain in MdcT but now just soiled his hands with the likes of. ….

  • Biti pamhata pako…. so long as bob akabva…. imi u had given up manga matomirira kuti afe….. STOP IT!!!! stop yo silly Shenanigans….

  • ladies and gentlemen let us be honest with each other
    whoever fears the devil is not a true Christian because without the devil there is no faith.whoever fears the opposition is not a true ruling party because the opposition is there to correct your ways.whatever the opposition is doing must make zany pf purge it’s self not blaming the opposition. let the ruling implement those good suggestions from mdc

  • Good MDC Alliance lets fight these remaining thugs till the end.Genocide haiendi isina kuripwa neZanu Pf more pressure guys keep it up.Chete to the general public kana wadyaira abuse it will become normal,wait and see true democracy kwete zimarch ramakaita muchishandiswa neLacoste riya.

  • Top notch presentation and very straightforward pointing on areas which need address before the elections.

  • Imagine what political mileage these guys would have gained if they had gone to America and with calls for Aid, Foreign direct investment, lobbying NGOs to resume aiding with groceries in the rural areas. ….imagine.! They claim to be doing what they did for the generality of us but we all know the truth. They want the world to sabotage Ngwenas efforts at restoring the Zimbabwe Economy because they are aware that Ngwena is on point and will gain Zimbos respect and Vote. Politics of sabotage. Shame. In the first place they never had support. They were relying on protest vote against Bob, Sympathy vote in other words. Advice – Engage the electorate not Trump, sell your ideas, give people a reason to take you seriously. I am very bitter and disappointed in these guys they want to prolong our children’s suffering by further isolating Zimbabwe and hurting the economy while their families live in luxury and attend private schools.

  • When Mnangagwa and Chiwenga visit China and get thumps up to orchestrate a coup, it is considered normal. When MDC alliance goes to America & Europe, the motor mouths in Zanu pf cry fowl.

  • And why was Morgan Tsvangirai present at the inauguration of an illegitimate president- THINK

  • TB is spot on. We should entrench a culture of constitutionalism in our politics

  • So America is our referee ,or let me say judge ,why was he telling them ,

  • MDC’s full of shit

  • We as zimbos tunokasika kunyengerwa ,there is a lot of human rights abuse and missing money that went around and we can not simply sweep it under the rug.Biti is right,an enquiry and an investigation are paramount .

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  • Mazimba mukurashika papi… 2008 ZANU yakadii paya

  • Pasi navo