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Zodwa twin ‘bares all’ at All White party

By Bongani Ndlovu

Zodwa Wabantu’s local impersonator, Trino Bambino, stole the show at the All White party at Umqombothi koBullet on Sunday with her revealing dress that had many men drooling.

Trino Bambina, who won a competition at Club Connect in Bulawayo as she was voted as the best Zodwa Wabantu impersonator, spent the day with Zodwa Wabantu during her visit to the country in July.
Trino Bambina, who won a competition at Club Connect in Bulawayo as she was voted as the best Zodwa Wabantu impersonator, spent the day with Zodwa Wabantu during her visit to the country in July.

Emulating her “sister”, Trino, who sat outside the club, was a showstopper as she pulled a shocker with the dress that turned heads, with some women in utter distaste because she took all the limelight.

The dress was a short white number with vents up to the hips, revealing her thighs. Some speculated that she was not wearing underwear like Zodwa who is notorious for not donning knickers. All this gained her attention.

It was the third instalment of the fiesta and the All White Party lived to its billing attracting hordes of people from all walks of life.

It has become a December calendar event with the numbers that swelled up at the venue ample proof. People started trickling in from as early as 11AM and they were dressed for the occasion of All White in different outfits.

Club 263 host Obama and DJ Nospa put on Madzibaba regalia and were the centre of attraction in the men’s department. A distinct aroma of braaied meat engulfed the area, forcing those who were in the Nkulumane neighbourhood to join in on the festivities.

Those who were in other neighbourhoods could not miss out as people kept posting pictures of themselves enjoying on social media.

The bottle store was undoubtedly the nerve centre of the day. There were two places of pleasure at the venue, outside where there was the braai and inside where various dance groups and singers performed.

Inside, some watched attentively while others followed the football matches between Liverpool FC and Everton FC and the Manchester Derby pitting Manchester United and Manchester City.

Most however, preferred to be outside socialising with friends and peers, dancing, drinking and eating.

As the sun set, the numbers started swelling up immediately filling up the cordoned area outside. Some patrons decided to party inside where the entertainment went unabated as different dance groups took to the stage.

It was here where the nightspot’s host MaTing Ting was celebrating her 30 something birthday with patrons. As with any birthday, there was a cake that was generously shared among patrons and booze flowed during the night.

If one was not conscious of time and only wanted to take pleasure in the party atmosphere they would have realised that it was 5AM and in three hours they have to report to work, as the party ended then. The Chronicle

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