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Tendai Biti’s wife files for divorce

By Daniel Nemukuyu

Former Finance Minister and Harare lawyer Mr Tendai Biti’s wife of 10 years has filed for divorce at the High Court, citing loss of affection and love for each other.

Tendai Biti and wife Charity Biti (nee Maguwah) (during a budget presentation outside Parliament when Biti was still Finance Minister in the 2009-2013 coalition government
Tendai Biti and wife Charity Biti (nee Maguwah) (during a budget presentation outside Parliament when Biti was still Finance Minister in the 2009-2013 coalition government

Mrs Charity Biti (nee Maguwah), through her lawyers Mawere & Sibanda Commercial Lawyers, issued summons for divorce claiming maintenance for the couple’s only minor child.

The couple had their marriage solemnised in 2007 under Marriage Act (Chapter 5:11). Part of the plaintiff’s declaration reads:

“Plaintiff avers that the marriage between the parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there is no reasonable prospect of restoration of a normal marriage relationship between them in that:

“a) The parties have lost love and affection for each other,

(b) The plaintiff and defendant are no longer compatible,

(c) The plaintiff and defendant have not lived as wife and husband since August 2014.”

Mrs Biti is claiming custody of the 12-year-old son proposing that the politician should be granted limited access to the child. She intends to relocate to the United States next month, together with the child.

“It is in the best interest of the minor child that the defendant exercises reasonable access in the following manner:

“a) For two thirds of each of the US’ summer holidays,

(b) On alternate Christmas and Easter holidays,

(c) At all other times which may be agreed to mutually between the plaintiff and defendant until the child becomes 18-years-old or becomes self-supporting whichever occurs first.”

Mrs Biti wants the politician to pay the child’s school fees, to buy uniforms and to cater for all the boy’s other living expenses, including accommodation, food and clothing.

She wants him to pay the child’s medical insurance and travel expenses whenever he wants to see the child. Mrs Biti is seeking to be awarded an immovable property at Stand Number 14 Coltman Road, Mount Pleasant in Harare measuring 4 048 square metres.

She also wants the court to award her a black Mercedes Benz S350 (ADY 5606) and household property at the family’s Umwinsdale home. Mrs Biti seeks an order to have the couple’s 6 831 square metre plot in Umwinsdale sold for the parties to share the proceeds equally.

In a her declaration, Mrs Biti considered that when she married her husband, he had already acquired other immovable properties, hence she proposed that he be awarded more immovable properties including:

a) Number 2 Poland Way, Glen Lorne, Harare (4 000 square metres),

(b) Number 7 Bernard Avenue, Chisipite (4 114 square metres),

(c) Number 26 Rowland Square, Milton Park (2 762 square metres), (d) Tsoko Lodge, Number 1 Shato Close, Juliasdale and (e) Murehwa homestead and pig farm.

Mrs Biti also proposed that her husband be given a Toyota Land Cruiser (ADI 2870), a white Ford Ranger (ADL 1761), Mercedes Benz E300 (ADA 7481) and a Mercedes Benz E280 (ACY 5148).

She also offered Mr Biti household goods at Tsoko Lodge and some items at the couple’s Umwinsdale home. Mr Biti is yet to respond to the summons. The Herald

  • No,not loss of affection,she already got someone who is problably gifted in bed whom she’s already explored or should i say sampled b4 she filed for divorce

    • Very true

    • Kkkk

    • I agree

    • A woman who doesnt or hasnt cheated on his hubby cannot divorce him.She has found true love elsewere

    • Musanyepe imi. There are some case where you see no difference. And yu wld end up opting for a divorce.

    • Ofcourse you will say that because you are a man and man dont do well with rejection esp patomboita 10 years. I left after 14 years and i had nobody in my life. Unopushwa to the limits kusvika wati eke.

    • Watch this space,within a week she wl be dating??

    • Thats fine still, she is human varume date wani iwe uripo. She is no saint as ling as she us happy and true to herself.

    • Annastacia Teuro,we beg you to think about time wasted.time is money.kana ndichinge ndasakura mhunda wangu kwemakore gumi?munhu wongozopfuma akuti rudo rwapera,papfunge

    • But munhu kana asisade haachade listen to R. Kelly’s when a woman’s fed up and listen kune ya Joe thomas inonzi what if a woman.

    • Hatidi nemhinda yedu,kkkkkkkk

    • Aiwa veduwee its not always the case unogara seiko mumba musina rudo akomana kana mrume akapengeswa panze unozviwona hazvineeder boyfrnd to divorce wega unowona kuti apa zvadhakwa the problem is women vanoda sterek kunzi Mrs they are always willing to put a smile for the world to see meanwhile behind closed doors she cries herself to sleep there comes a time where u get tired of crying and you have enough then you divorce pasina kana boyfriend

    • Kupera kwerudo kunobhowa,kunyanya kuzoona wako ave nemumwe

    • It’s good she divorced than those who cling on just wanting to be seen as a respected Mrs so and so
      It’s true some cases rudo rwacho unoneta kukuchidzira

    • Taps Shabbs Suwanu what if its Biti who has found affection somewhere else 🤔🤔 it takes time for a woman to be fed up and when she is fed up she is 🙆🏽‍♂️👌🏽🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Ofiasi Nyathi is she not allowed to do so 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ check reasons sited she needs love and affection something Biti is giving to a small house somewhere .. she deserves better

  • Idzi hatichadzipindira,rega vaviri vanozivana vapedzerane. NEXT!

  • He spend most of his time chasing political shadows….comments irellevant to any economic turn around of Zim. Egotism is his nature.

  • Manje hamunyare kurambana Makura .

  • Mkadzi haana kuuya kuzodya sadza,anotoda special meat

  • He has many girlfriends!

  • Dr. Beth Biti is the wife with kids period . God has his time to answer . Go well sister . I worked with Beth Biti .
    Very pleasant and very well respected . His first wife is taking up this post .quote (SDI is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Beth Chitekwe-Biti as Deputy Director of the SDI Secretariat. She will join the rest of the team in Cape Town in February 2018. Dr. Chitekwe-Biti is vastly experienced, having run the SDI affiliate in Zimbabwe for over 20 years. We are proud to bring someone with such capacity and knowledge into SDI’s international leadership structures!) unquote

    • muudzei kuti pane arikumudao kuno kana asiyana naBiti

    • muudzei kuti pane arikumudao kuno kana asiyana naBiti

    • muudzei kuti pane arikumudao kuno kana asiyana naBiti

    • Chimhamha chinemari ichi

    • Ndosaka akuramba murume,she wants to b independent

    • Aren’t these different wives?

    • Charity Biti(nee Maguwah) is this the same Dr Beth Chitekwe Biti?

    • No, Charity took Biti from Beth .
      Beth first wife with big kids .instead of dwelling with Charity foolish deeds , she opted to move on and began to read her books , she took her grieving on books , acquired her PhD .

  • Tendai anozviwanza zvepfambi aiwaaa

  • Inyaya dzavo. Ngavapedzerane

  • Inyaya dzavo. Ngavapedzerane

  • Inyaya dzavo. Ngavapedzerane

  • A decade is not worth separating like that bla biti u have been cursed went through the same ordeal ,sometimes Satan manifests in a way we cannot interpret ,u wife has started digging for nuggets lucky she was not greedy for all at least ane Ganda kumeso thank God vari vamwe vatinoziva you should be clean of all those properties ,you should have been washed clean 😜😝

  • A decade is not worth separating like that bla biti u have been cursed went through the same ordeal ,sometimes Satan manifests in a way we cannot interpret ,u wife has started digging for nuggets lucky she was not greedy for all at least ane Ganda kumeso thank God vari vamwe vatinoziva you should be clean of all those properties ,you should have been washed clean 😜😝

  • A decade is not worth separating like that bla biti u have been cursed went through the same ordeal ,sometimes Satan manifests in a way we cannot interpret ,u wife has started digging for nuggets lucky she was not greedy for all at least ane Ganda kumeso thank God vari vamwe vatinoziva you should be clean of all those properties ,you should have been washed clean 😜😝

    • You didnt read the post,she’s demanding everything,i guess she demand his manhood also

    • No she is not demanding everthing, read again sir.

    • Ok,but she’s choosing what she wants a beggar cannot be a chooser

  • Same same naChombo pamastands😏

  • Same same naChombo pamastands😏

  • Same same naChombo pamastands😏

  • Ahh, bad bad. If she thinks it the best way. Good

  • Ahh, bad bad. If she thinks it the best way. Good

  • Ahh, bad bad. If she thinks it the best way. Good

  • schicco

    Inga Biti anoda maBenz uyu

  • Isn’t he too old to be in marriage for just 10yrs.

    • thot so too

    • not his first marriage!

    • Two things,might be his second or third marriage or simply kachembere started thinking about divorce ten years ago ndobva ati ngatichade,swimbuya iso

  • In shona zvinonzi ‘mukadzi wava Biti haachada’ 😅😅😅

  • Heyi ! Kunzima emhlabeni! Kuyasinda kulitshe!

  • Ephuma omunye uyangena phezkomunye phezkomunye omunye phezkomunye ayeye !!

  • 7

  • VaBiti vonyanya politics vachisiya mudzimai ane shungu dze….. ameno kiki

  • Biti wabitirwa nepolitics

  • Judging by her recent pic, it’s more like loss of figure and shape that caused loss of affection from the husband.

    • Iye Biti wacho aneshape ipi? Varume munodhuva kuti vakadzi chete varambe varimushape imi mazitumbu enyu achitsvaira pasi. Shame

  • so sad indeed

  • ane akamunyengedza siya zviende unourayiswa

  • Dotito

    Uuuuuuuuum so haasi Chombo chete who must be Investigated where did Bit got all these properties akamana Dzimba dzese idzo and mamota kutoita paCar Sale pari pamba paBiti akomanaka zvaoma

    • Mhofu

      Hapana chakaoma handiti munhu waLawyer. Endesa vana vako kuchikoro uone zvinoitika…

      • Chokwadi

        Not really. . .

  • Sorry

  • Yep…thats exactly what happens when you spent much of your time uchiita zve politics zvisina basa uchisiya mkadzi ari ega….haana kuvinga sadza baba bhoyi.

    • Hehehehehe

    • Wotadza kutsvaga mari uchiita zvevakadzi. Most of them are ungrateful

    • Kkkkk manje ari kuidya ega…coz atadza kubhalanza equation.shaa kuona mkadzi akusvika pakuti loss of affection and love anenge amboshinga shaa.this lady is good.ari umwe waichengeta kamwana kasiri kake.

  • Visit delivery churches in time sir its demonic

  • Good move my sister ,hazvibatsiri kugara mumarriage usina peace

  • Amai ndokumbirawo garai Pasi mutaurirane please baba devorce is not good dignity wise heyii

    • This kind of mentality is not good kana chamakaroorerana chisisipo mogarirei mese if a man does not love you why stay vana vakazouya kumashure mekuroorana saka when the love that brought two pple together no longer exists there is no reason for people to be together clearly its love and affection that makes a relationship if that dies so has the marriage

  • Ndokusasikwa ku

  • Why muchida zvigaro muskangamwa kumanager dzmba dzenyu

  • Ooh she doesn’t know how cold single life is.. good luck to her

  • Zvatanga achenjere kuita chombo part2

  • Vati kurei wo maivacho vakuda kuzorora kkkk

  • Busy kuvukura musingachengeti imba

  • Wotonzwa Biti na Tboy vachiti vachagutsa ŕuzhinji asi vaķadzi vavo vachifa neźemo. Ñyika yese ungazoiğona here

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Asingade anenge asingade, asingade anenge asingade, singing chimurenga music

  • how sad, but shit happens doesn’t it, life goes on anyway!

  • Good move madam. I support women who don’t have to wait around in an unhappy marriage..If a woman is not happy in a marriage for one reason or the other,she has every right to leave and divorce her husband .Let’s forget about this nonsense reasons of saying “hee what about the kids… heee marriage counseling… blah blah blah” ….Women are very patient by nature and they always tolerate their men’s bad tendencies,cheating,abusive behaviours and choose to keep quite. But when u see a wife going for divorce, just know that she has had enough.If a woman no longer feels respected and loved by her husband, bit by bit she also losses love and affection for her husband and there is no way she should stay around in the marriage..There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman filing for divorce divorce.These days women are enlightened and intelligent, they don’t wait around in a rubbish marriage with a rubbish man,they dump and divorce chop chop and move on to another loving man…and i support that.

    • Well said. Munya wataura chokwadi. Men tend to take women for granted, nt knowing kt 1 of those days kana vatendeuka to the other side honestly they go. Yu wld hv bn stretched to yo limit, and obviously no choice except to leave

    • Well said honey, i left after 14 years and my reasons are exactly👆👆👆👆 i am veey happy on my own.

    • Asingadi haadi anoda ngaade iwe munhu ndiwe unoziva zvaunoda chokwadi chinonobuda mberi unongona kufunga kuti its a good move wozoona kuti ndakatizira kwairikunaira ko tsumo iya inoti shingirira gomera uripo yaitaurirwa ani???

    • Beaven ,gomera hako.life is too short

    • Kuda mari ya Biti chete nekuzo tsvaga ka Ben 10 kekuidya nayo

    • Divorcing a spouse is a most difficult decision. People should make decisions which are good for them and the children. I am not sure how when a woman divorces anonzi anoda mari yemurume or ane boyfriend.What does the law say when you divorce Ben Shereni and what would be your solution in all this?

    • Mo S Wa Naka her conditions and demands fo the dervorce ar ther fo everyone to c

    • But it’s the law this is why varungu vachiroorana out of community of property

    • I would not have said it any better Munya how does one honestly live in a loveless, non affectionate relationship what are you teaching your children they do see mind you hakuna chinonzi kugarira vana those very same women end up being bitter with the world if they stay in such relationships

    • We all hide behind the children but if we really really tell the truth we stay in abusive relationships on our own free will. How come no one ever marries for the sake of their children really especially if it’s second marriage like that of Mr Biti here. Mai Biti here was wearing the shoes and knows how painful they were. I have also come to the conclusion that not everyone should be married. There are people who are best on their own as they are dangerous to the opposite sex be it man or woman.

    • I am not going to waste my time commenting on this . You have said everthing correct

    • Well said

    • Gladys Makwana that’s what happens if coming into another woman’s marriage and destroy , God destroys your marriage too .

    • Mo S Wa Naka wearing what shoes? 😂 hapana apa. If you not feeling then that’s that. Don’t go on about who wearing the shoes. If you always try to justify who wearing the shoes then the whole marriage is a sham. Actually it’s whole approach to a marriage is Zim that needs sorting. Men are actually the victims of the system in Zim. You can’t date for the sake of dating in Zim. Almost every family expects you marry a woman you date over a year especially if you got some form of steady income. The difference with western culture you can date into your entire life if you don’t the need to be tied down. It’s actually a woman’s baby clock that runs out & the need to be a Mrs at some point. Men in Zim tied to believe they need to do right by their family including the in-laws by questioning impotence. Men are usually roped into these conditions with external pressure.

  • Yah ngaambobaye baba vaone kugadzirisa nyik

  • Kkkk wen u think 2017 is abt to end its juss starting

  • Thus what happens when you just have unnecessary nasty trips, not giving your wife attention affection will cease gradually

  • 2017 chipera, wanyanya

  • Hakusi kufirwaba

  • Men are afraid of losing. No wonder why divorce is the last option for them.

    • It all depends mam. Some are dependent on their women 🤔

    • How many men depend on women though? Vashoma

    • Last option kutotyira kuloser pfuma not mukadzi lol

    • Exactly Shammar. That’s why zvichinzi men will never leave their wives for a small house blah blah. They can’t stand to lose their properties not kuti varikutya to lose love

    • Simple,guys let’s start rejecting this property in marriage blah blah!
      You buy your own shit put it in your name,I buy mine do the same,you decide to back off take yours and fuckooff,can’t dictate to me how much I should spend or I should spend,the kids remain in the same school they are not divorcing anybody ,you want to change them no problem they are your responsibility I will avail the same amount of school fees you can top up or else they remain where they were if you can’t afford it,my stuff you can’t claim any ,I won’t claim yours fullstop

    • Mqoe SelalamaCd Dube kikkkkkk uyibeke kahle kikkkk

    • Women argue that they helped their hubby acquire wealth…cooking,cleaning,bearing children..that he wouldn’t have achieved so much if not for their assistance. Starting off with nothing thus the demand for half during divorce. But men havadi kuzvinzwa…lol its complicated shit

  • And he has all that property 😳? Another Chombo in the making !!

  • You want to be a President and yet your family is not happy

  • What are they talking abt? Is that news? Everyday pple are divorcing!!

    • Tauro hako. People are divorcing everyday. There is nothing special about this divorce

    • Yes its news, is a public figure everything he does is under spotlight. Already in the public domain so bcms news.
      Moti news dzekuti Mugabe ainda Malaysia ndo news chete here?

  • Go to gym my lady. No one wants to sleep next to a rubber tube.

  • Kuda kutonga nyika zve
    Politics ma1

  • What a shame. So why do people say till death to us part? Why do we take the oath? Does it have a purpose?

  • Louis baba louis

  • Coz she wants to join ZANU

  • How old is that woman?Looks like his mum.

  • Sam George

  • That’s caused by spiritual attacks, seek deliverance. Your marriage will b restored..what kept u together 4 all those years can b rekindled by the one who made u Wed….

  • Ukaona uri murume uchiseka umwe murume panyaya dzakadayi ndokusafunga kwekupedzisira machewe. Pachimarawi vanoti chawana munzako mava chapita chiri kwaiwe. Politics aside in marriage issues

  • Is this news?

  • Let’s pray for our marriages not to get happy for divorce God hate it

  • Advice to him! Once this is over do not marry a wife half your age, she will ruin you one way or the… https://t.co/xkvJDWdZf1

  • Her demands are quite reasonable. It appears adter reading the article that the two had enough assets in property. She is only asking for one out of many. She isn’t a gold digger. Kudos to you sis for making that move out of a loveless relationship. Not many have the bravery. Go to The States with your boy and may God open up even more opportunities for yourself and your son.

    While we are there, all the best Mr Biti for the future. Live your life wisely, which I believe you have been doing. It seems this fall out happened in 2014. Only being officialised now.

    • he a lawyer anoziva kuti manoitwa maths akatadza kulumA

  • And so??? Who z tendai biti

  • Ngaaende Ku deliverance service kwa prophet Dr Magaya.

  • Mukundi

    Guys lets not be blinded by love. lets enter into marriage after securing our assets through pre-nuptials, setting up trusts, etc. Divorce is real

    • worried_zimbo

      you can say that again, these ladies can strip you to nothing when it comes to assets, they want everything including those they did not work for, they want you to remain like a hombo, so that they laugh at you.

    • Tawanda mushure

      I agree with u 100% these women are gold diggers at best. They are lurches

      • Tsombori

        They can dig where there is a mine. How many lawyers in Zim have properties like Biti. I have a strong feeling that he aquired some of the properties using other means.

    • Chokwadi

      Divorce is real, but love isn’t.

  • guess she is tired of being opposed even when she is right 😇

  • Affection yeyi ko machembera nhai maiBiti? You’ve done it all, now you have to live for the children.

  • God hates divorce. ..

  • Haangatadzi kukuramba biti uribenzi

  • Zvinotambika muhupenyu zvakabvira kare zvekurambana izvi noone is a special case. Kana musina kuwirirana one ngaarove pasi chakaipa kurwa kana kuurayana.

  • Joyce Chiriga

  • .

  • Kurambana haisi mhosva, so long pasina arohwa

  • thats why l told myself l will never wedd cz women are golddiggers.kuda hupfumi uku

  • Kana pasina affection ndokuzopedzisira kupondana good move my gal most of women magwara tinogarira vana but takarambana was .I salute you my sister better be lonely uriwega than uine waunoti husband. Kurambana kunorwadza but I think kana zvaramba beter kusiya

  • Vongai Hlupo i found this really funny …

  • Your wife need deliverance madhimon ndozvanoita namatai divorce kupembedza evil spirits nasatan. Fear God manew relationship hapere pamuchaenda muchaita same thing shiri ine muririro wayo hairege this time of AIDS munoda kurara nevarume vangani at your age

  • If your husband is cheating on you; inbox me so that we can also cheat on him.

  • Kkkkk kkkkk

  • haagari pasi anedzungu Bitirayi

  • Better divorce that end up killing each other people to accept zvavepo and move on and have a happy life

  • Divorce,divorce,divorce kkkkkkk, it happens and that is life but i smell a rotten egg and a rotten rat in this.

  • Tambu


  • Ndochihure chakagwara wawana waunoda woramba kwete kuhurira pamba pemunhu

  • TestCase TestCase

    Saka marriage is all about finance and economics. As I have always suspected.

    • Tawanda mushure

      Mahure these women

    • Chokwadi

      Yes.. .a contract

    • Tawanda mushure

      Look at the quantity and quality of assets she’s demanding only after 10 years of marriage. And she will go and marry her already existing boyfriend and live with him for another five years marriage, she will file for divorce and collect more

  • he is also a human being

  • Chokwadi

    She demands that the man pay all costs related to the child, and still have limited access to the child, how unfair.

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    women can be so nusty

  • Ummm

    Khule Tendai musawanza pono.

    Zvino masiyanei nevanhu vezanu vanedzimba nema stands kwese kwese ruzhinji ruchitambura.

    Ma properties ayo anofanira kubhadhara mutero ne CGT kana akutengeswa , the country lose $10Bn+ p.a nenyaya yekusabhadhara.

    Nevakatora mapurazi mahombe anofanira kubhadhara mutero , $10K per year , ndokuti asenzeswe , as from next year 2019.

    Khule kwirai mukadzi uyo zvakasimba.

  • HRH Perfect Pat waMADMAX

    Arambwa anhuhwa hapana nyaya apa shes not asking for much .

    • Tsombori

      Perfect pat

      • Tsombori

        Perfect pat…this name rings a loud bell.

        • HRH Perfect Pat waMADMAX

          Lol ahh wakuda kuzondifumura pane chaunga ….ndeipi sha