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Probe into Tsholotsho accident underway

By Whinsley Masara

The Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa on Friday said investigations into the cause of the accident which killed 21 health workers in Tsholotsho last Saturday were underway.

THE Minister of Health and Child Care Dr David Parirenyatwa (left) share a lighter moment with one of the survivors of the Tsholotsho vehicle accident disaster where 21 people died during his visiting to those at Mpilo hospital recently….Pic By Dennis Mudzamiri….

He visited the hospitalised patients at Mpilo Central Hospital and United Bulawayo Hospitals.A total of 21 members of the Ministry of Health and Child Care’s malaria control team died while 48 were injured when the driver of the truck they were travelling in failed to negotiate a curve resulting in the vehicle overturning and rolling several times.

Minister Parirenyatwa said: “We are told that there were arguments with the driver which is why we have ordered a full enquiry into exactly what happened. We heard he would travel at 20km, at one stage 10km per hour and then suddenly speed up.

“So we need to go into those details and I am glad that the province has instituted this particular inquiry to see exactly what happened so that it teaches us for the future. We are very disheartened by this tragic incident,” he said.

Minister Parirenyatwa said his ministry would look into the systems of deployment of the malaria control team.

He applauded staff at Mpilo Central Hospital for their efficiency and professionalism in attending to the injured people.

He also commended the Matabeleland North Provincial Medical Director Dr Nyasha Masuka and the nursing staff at Mpilo Central Hospital for “the pleasing work” they had done.Minister Parirenyatwa said they had engaged experts from Ingutsheni Hospital in Bulawayo to counsel the survivors as well as some people close to the victims. The Chronicle

  • What investgation, he is diverting attention, all along does it mean he ddnt knw hw those pple were being transported and he is stil minister.

  • vachabvawo rini ko ma ministet ema 37 year rule aya,ngavatevere. sekuru vavo

  • During Mugabe era, these Ministers were so high up there that they wouldn’t visit hospitals.

  • I thought this would be a ministry of transport or home affairs investigation or responsibility. The issue is about road safety .

  • I thought this would be a ministry of transport or home affairs investigation or responsibility. The issue is about road safety .

    • home affairs?

    • Patson Mc Vivian yes road traffic department of Police

    • The issue is about ministry of health transporting people in an overloaded lorry

    • Ellen Chirumba its more than that surely . Who do you think leads those investigations of potential negligence and culpable homicide . Ministry of Health ?

  • What does he want to investigate,he must just resign.A failed brutt …Carrying health workers like maize lot to GMB

  • What is he investigating? Why the truck was overspeeding? Just wasting people’s time nekuita nhema.

  • Next time ngavasafambe ne truck, they were suppose to use a bus not a truck. Kuti pawe ne safety,

  • Probe kuitaseiko, mungavapakire murori

  • Nxaa he has failed health delivery. Ngaateere Dokora

  • Investigating why a dead donkey is not making any progress…… shame!

  • Leta hop the investigation points him out as the main culprit…. I mean wat do u expect wen u carry humans lyk goods on a haulage truck…..

  • Wht investigation ? Isnt’ it clear tht pple were stashed like cargo .

  • The truck was overloaded and the 28 year old driver drunk and deliberately speeding despite being warned by those workers to reduce speed. What’s more to investigate there?, just simply arrest the injured driver and charge him and also quickly fire the Ministry of health officials who gave go ahead to employ a young ,excitable inexperienced driver for such responsibilities. Furthermore why not use at least a bus to transport more than 60 workers over such long distances to their work missions?, ED should just have the Ministry of Health officials who were responsible for the malaria programme fired for poor management and indirectly causing deaths.

  • The road and overload is the major contributors so arrest Mugabe and his wife

  • Vanhu havatakurwe ne lorry full stop.

  • If you get it then what? Bring back the dead? Prevention is always better Mr

  • There’s a rot in the ministry coupled with serious incompetence, ignorance and corruption of the highest order. I for one knows one person who died who was below the age of 18. A whole ministry employing an under age worker. ‘Child labor’. Zimbabwe is a signatory of the UNCRC and shouldn’t be employing ‘children’!

  • uuumh wht investigations they stil want to carry our roads are in a deplorable state

  • Singing”Ndiwe wakauraya hazvina mhosva ndiwe wakauraya”

  • We lost innocent lives here arrest that criminal driver who failed to follow road instructions

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  • Start with Gukurahundi please first things first

  • Fuck to the minister ,