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Illegal to offer extra lessons for a fee: Govt

By Abigail Mawonde 

Government has once again warned teachers that it is illegal to offer extra lessons to pupils for a fee. 

Professor Paul Mavhima, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education
Professor Paul Mavhima, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education

In an interview on the sidelines of a tour of Glen View 2 Primary School in Harare yesterday, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima said extra lessons were creating problems in the civil service.

“The Zimbabwean civil service has to be rationalised. There has to be equality within it. The issue of extra lessons had two problems.

The first one was to unequalise the civil service. Imagine if you went to social welfare and you were asked to pay extra for receiving the service that the social welfare officer is supposed to grant you. Would that be okay?

“Extra lessons also had a problem where one cannot have rational civil service with extra lessons. What if teachers then do not teach during the normal time waiting for parents to pay something in order to receive a service that you were supposed to receive from Government anyway?

‘’So the issue of extra lessons had serious problems. It would affect the motivation of the teacher to teach during normal working hours and it disequalised the civil service,” he said. Minister Mavima said Government will not allow teachers to be paid for extra lessons.

“So we are not going back to a situation where teachers are paid for extra lessons. But we are not saying no to extra lessons per se. What we are saying no to is the payment.

‘’Motivated teachers will request to have space created for them so that they can better teach their students and achieve effectiveness. So it is not necessarily the extra lessons but the payment of extra lessons that removed all rationality in the whole process,” he said.

Minister Mavima said his Ministry was going ahead with the implementation of the new education curriculum.

“We are going to continue with implementation of the new curriculum. In fact this school (Glen View 2) exemplifies this new curriculum – in terms of teaching self-reliance, in terms of teaching heritage, we have seen what is here in terms of the cultural village, ICTs (Information Communication Technologies) among others,” he said.

“So, we are going ahead but let me add a quick cover to say we have gone through one year of implementation of that new curriculum, obviously there are teething problems to it and it is now time for us to review and see how implementation has gone and we will definitely work on some areas.”

Added Minister Mavima: “There have been recommendations already especially around issues of tasks, issues of scheduling, issues of making sure that the syllabi that are being offered are age appropriate.

So we are going to look at those issues but those are implementation issues.

They do not impact on the overall objective of the curriculum and so we will be going ahead with implementation of its overall objective.

“Remember we are saying we want critical thinking, problem solving, we want more of the STEAM – Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics.

We cannot go back on that. To go back on that is actually to take us back to the 20th century.

We are in the 21st century and our curriculum here in Zimbabwe has to live up to the demands of the 21st century.” The Herald

  • Cool. Ooh this govt is the right one I see reasons now

  • Ipapo ndopakagona dokora chete

  • no must be legal some country offer free education

  • watanga hutsinye mari yavo I shoma

  • Vapeiwo mari vanhu ava, I don’t think they would stil want to paid for extra lessons had they been fairly remunerated.

    • tts nt a reason ,ko mapurisa wakadii kt ngapihwe marii bt hant vakanz hazvis pamutemo jst lyk teachers,cz teachers nw put mst of their tme to xtra lesson wen pupils who paid xool fees ar nt properly attended

    • Panopiwa maticha mari nemapurisawo vanopiwa, in fact all civil servants.

    • Jo

    • Tendai bhadharawo extra lesson kuti usachemecheme. Vanopopota mostly vanenge vasingadi kubhadharira mwana extra lesson apa kichikoro zvikwereti ane hobho asi masausage nemapie nezvinanzvi zvose zvatsuro achidya everyday

  • Inini vangu kumaextra lessons ndonoendesa handiregi

  • Coz venyu varimuma special schools

  • Just Saying

    When we went to school 20 years ago, teachers offered extra lessons for free because they were well paid. Government created this situation by underpaying teachers. Now in typical fashion, their solution is BANNING. Teachers’s remuneration and conditions of service also need to improve for this ban and the quality of teaching in schools is to improve.


  • Who would want to teach for free having spent their own money going to college.It should be also a crime for zesa to charge us for electricity :

  • Handei tione

  • Good move coz they end up leaving their entitled jobs opening their own private xools

  • mari yavonofunga kuti ishoma, ngavambosiya basa racho tione, isu totoridawo basa racho.

    • Are you a qualified teacher

    • no but I was formerly employed for 5 years ànd left for SA during the corruption erra.

  • You have to pay them enough in time and give them allowances

  • But if my child needs extra help in his school work and I’m willing to pay someone to assist what’s wrong?

  • We voluntary pay those teachers for the betterment of our childrens education.Pay them a decent salary and supply resources at schools,they can always do it for free,not now.

  • If your child is producing poor results at school you need the teachers extra hand. You can see it as rubbish but most school are producing good results through this holiday lessens

  • Nonsense

  • Ndezvenyu izvo. Toendesa vedu.

  • build more schools, equip them, reduce teacher pupil ratio, improve teachers’ working conditions and see what happens.

  • Go to hell Mavhima its their gift and calling to teach so it has to pay them the bible says “A man’s gift makes room for him before kings”. Doctors are opening their surgeries so whats wrong with this

  • Don’t worry Mr minister it’s our money so don’t stop us to pay them.mind yu yur children varikuChina saka kwamuri zvitori bhoo.dai mataura kuti mahead ezvikoro ngavape vana maresults kunyangwe anechikwereti.

  • Haaaa anadokora vakawanda vakomana that fey chung and that coltart wre fa fa much better than this type of theory ministers hey bafowethu its their incentives mhan

  • The problem is that some teachers have the habit of not giving maximum effort in executing their role during school days with the view of covering up their lagging workload or syllabus during holidays through extra lessons they prescribe at a fee. That habit is not good at all, its illegal and outrageous. I’m not against those who conduct remedial lessons at their homes its ok no stress.

  • Legalise it

  • Nxaaaa stupid njere neruzivo ndezvangu kana anee achizvida ngaabhadhare, ini ndaibhadhara fees ku university woda ndingodzidzisa vanhu mahara

  • Nhaymi vana vemaminister vanodzidzepi uye varikubhadhara marii?vabvunzeyi ipapo ticha wekuxul ikoko anotambira mariyi.haasi maticha ese akuitida extra lesson bt mototaura zvamunoda pamusoro paticha arikutambura.kuchikoro hakuna zvakakwana zvekushandisa.mauraya education minister.one day chete muchademba

  • Why don’t you go back and check for the reasons why extra lessons are being offered and at a fee? The Gvt should focus on real issues concerning this decaying education systems. Improve teachers salaries, resources etc, then will start from there.

  • Nothing bad about extra lessons if my child is a slow leaner it’s necessary and benefits the child.Imagine a teacher with pupil ratio of 1 as to 40 pupils with mixed ability , its very impossible for the teacher to move with all children in every concept being taught there is a possibility of moving forward with fast learners.Hence l believe extra learners are necessary if the parent and the teacher agree.

  • Ngavaitisire kudzimba dzavo,plus ane class yafoira ngaabuditswe basa ,variko vazhinji vari kuda shoma iyoyo,mwana kana asingabhadhare maextra lessons haatombodzidziswe,$3 a week it’s a lot kana usingakande,

  • ndoro

    Can the Minister advise us as parents on what we should do when we are asked to pay for these extra lessons? This payment was banned before but it continued because the ministry seems to turn a blind eye to it. They just talk against the idea but no action in terms of what will be done to those who continue doing it. Mr Mavima should do more on that area so that those found doing that will be punished. My suggestion is to have a hotline to report such cases to the policy. We know those schools with headmasters who encourage such practices saying the curriculum is too long to be finished during normal working hours.

  • Where are you getting stupid ministers

  • Noted. But is it illegal for parents and their kids to look for extra lessons for their kids? Most parents would rather not take ‘offers’ from teachers, but will seek services to help kids prepare for exams.

  • Kungodawo kubuda panews

  • Whether you volunteer or whatever its illegal. Pple why can’t we use our common medulla oblongata ,its illegal kurooresa mwana ari under 16 whether parents agree or whatever ,The law of the land says so

  • Handiti ma teacher haaitewo roadblock

  • You give teachers peanuts so how do you want them to survive….It all comes back to you but its unfortunate that the children will suffer at the expense of someone’s ignorance

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Please pay the teachers well.In Finland, they understand that teachers are the custodians of the next generation and they are among the highest paid citizens.And its difficult to get into a teachers’ college.They only take the best.

  • If i feel kuti im not getting what i want at gvmnt hosp i go private. Its freedom of choice

  • If i feel kuti im not getting what i want at gvmnt hosp i go private. Its freedom of choice

  • Saka hapana chicha chinja vehama

  • Saka hapana chicha chinja vehama

  • Go get that PhD from Grace Mugabe first and come back to talk!

  • Go get that PhD from Grace Mugabe first and come back to talk!

  • Ncedie Mlovu

  • Ncedie Mlovu

  • Itai order minister imari iri kushanda zvandinoona .ko imi yamuri kuba mukuishandira

  • What is wrong ,the fee or the extra lesson

  • Why shld they not be paid extra money when they r working extra hours….chero mumaIndustry mune overtym wani.besides fo one to conduct extra lessons it’s not compulsory so who loses if they reject to do those extra lessons.Minister musatsvake papinda nenyoka iyo iri mumba-improve working standards fo yo workers not kuda kudiwa nepovho muchitsikirira vamwe!!

  • Anoreporter ndiyani? Pane peungademander extra lesson usingabhadhari here?

  • Musadaro. With this new curriculum.masubjects awanda motaura pfocho iyoyi. Imi fungai mhani. Zvigaro zvamunazvo hatisikuwedzera basa

  • but the more we give them💰💰they smile😛put extra effort to teach yo child remember these tchers have things to do in their spare time isu tovapa vana vedu vapedza toti thanks aaaah kana ndimiwo

  • manje mateacher anongorega kuitisa malesson acho vana vofoira

  • Prof hazvibude zvamurikuita, the kid is mine and the money is mine, so i do what i want. Extra lessons are here to stay wether you like it or not. Period

  • Yes, you are the minister, but the child is mine.

  • Kn ndichiona kt mwana wangu anoda extra hand zvakaipei taurai zvokuwedzera maTeacherz good money hazvimanikidzirwe izvi kuda kwemubereki wemwana