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Zimbabwe now a military State: MDC

By Mugove Tafirenyika

Daily News senior staff writer Mugove Tafirenyika sits down for an interview with MDC national organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe. Find below excerpts of the interview.

Soldiers check a gun as they stand on an armoured vehicle parked in the central district of Harare, Zimbabwe, 16 November 2017, a day after the Zimbabwe National Army took control of the government from President Robert Mugabe on 15 November 2017. Mugabe and his family are believed to be safe at their house. The military denied it staged a coup d’etat. EPA-EFE/AARON UFUMELI

Q: There was talk of an inclusive government prior to the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa following former president Robert Mugabe’s departure. Chris Mutsvangwa, the president’s adviser, told the media that Mnangagwa had “engaged” the MDC about joining an “inclusive” team in this way, but Morgan Tsvangirai barred members of the party from joining the team. The MDC disputes this version. What happened?

A:  As the organising secretary of the party and as far as the party structures and the party presidency, there was no formal approach from either Zanu PF as a political party or Mnangagwa as the Zanu PF aspiring candidate for the 2018 elections.

He went on to become president but we did not see that hand of inviting us. If ever anything had happened, the rightful offices of our political structures was going to inform our machinery so there were never formal talks between the two parties.

The only role we played is probably that they hijacked our programme to impeach Mugabe.

We made four attempts at that with the latest being the James Maridadi motion which they were resisting only to hijack it and present it as a Monica Mutsvangwa motion.

Q: But would you have joined them if they had approached you?

A: One thing that people don’t understand is that when Mugabe was ousted, he was running a government and that government is Zanu PF and pushes its policies.

Now for any MDC member to be in a Zanu PF government pushing Zanu PF policies, he had to get proper clearance from the party so that our policies can also be accommodated and once that happens it would have started negotiations. So it was not about joining a Zanu PF government but about Zimbabwe.

Q: Where was talk of transitional authority coming from?

A: I know because of the euphoria that came with Mugabe’s ouster there is this kind of approach to issues that people took to say we are one, talking about a transitional government .

The idea was to sort out the mess as a collective. Arguments were still coming for and against and there is not one group that will say it won that argument.

Some were always skeptical of that arrangement basing on what happened previously when we had the inclusive government.

We went flat out to sort the economic mess while Zanu PF was busy consolidating power, so that is why it was important for us to talk first to highlight these issues.

Q: But what would have been the basis of a transitional authority and why were you talking about it in the MDC in the first place?

A: It would have made sense if Mugabe had been ousted by the people.

However, the transitional thing was overtaken by events especially when the army took over ZBC, a national broadcaster, which meant that citizens’ rights that go with the ZBC being stationed, were taken away.

For an army general to read main news at an awkward hour raised more questions. So the issue of the transition was parked for a moment.

It only came up again when it became clear that Mugabe was going.

However, at the same time the army was in control, Zanu PF was doing another parallel process.

Zanu PF structures suddenly had the power to sit and start processes to oust Mugabe but it is important to note that the process was also flawed where certain individuals like Mutsvangwa and others who went on to sit in a central committee to make supposedly binding decisions when it is in the public record that they were fired.

The army process and the Zanu PF processes were both illegal. Now we have a coalition government of the army and unscrupulous Zanu PF individuals.

To prove that this whole thing is now a military state, what is the army doing on the roads where an awkward situation has arisen with police officers stopping vehicles and handing over to the army.

The pattern that is emerging is disturbing. What kind of an operation is that? What threat is government facing that warrants the army to go out there and search vehicles?

There has to be a national threat for the army to do that. Now my question to Mnangagwa is, what kind of threat is it that Zimbabweans don’t know?

Whatever insecurity there is, it should be known to the people.

Q: Do you think the international community let the people down by allowing such an “awkward” development, to use your phrase?

A: To Sadc, AU and the international community, we want their comment. What do they call what is happening in Zimbabwe.

There is an element of illegality here.  I know people will try just like I will do, to run away from the word ‘coup’ but what do we call this?

We need a name for such a strange situation that is illegal. Is it an illegal process that produced legal results or an illegal process that produced short-lived results?

I say short-lived because all of sudden people who were euphoric yesterday are now beginning to ask questions.

And they have to be answered by none other than Mnangagwa and his government.

Q: There is talk that the MDC was used by Mnangagwa and that you have gone to sleep. What would be your reaction?

A: Like I said, we are in a military State and in the wake of what is happening, we ought to be cautious lest we expose our people to danger and would not want to do anything that would be tantamount to intimidating our own people as we go into elections in the next seven months or so.

Meanwhile, the network of our structures is being fed with the right information and the response is fantastic. While we realise that we were duped by the Mnangagwa group, our consolation is that with Mugabe out of the equation, it’s part of our job done.

We now need to deal with the institution that he presided over, Zanu PF. The only problem is that Zanu PF finances itself through the State and they use that to destabilise the opposition.

Q: How does Zanu PF do that?

A: In Hwange West, for example, while government registers everyone for fertilisers and brings enough of it for all, it is the local party leadership that is entrusted with distribution that then goes on to remove known MDC supporters from the list and distribute the fertiliser only to their people and steal the rest.

Zanu PF ward officials steal their provincial and national counterparts steal as well from the community.

So when the military says it is targeting criminals around the president, we thought they would also target criminals around the wards and districts if they are genuine.

We thought the army would say, look, we are not Zanu PF, we are a people’s army so we are going to now stand aside as referees but we are not seeing that.

What we are seeing is a situation where the supposed referee is also taking penalties in the game, which explains why we now see even those that read the ‘coup’ statement being appointed to government.

The message is clear that we are in a military State and those who say we have gone back to normalcy are living in a fools’ paradise.

There is a partnership between Zanu PF and the army. The army did not come out to save us but to save Zanu PF.

The army won’t go away anytime soon because it’s their project and they want to see it through.

Q: From the MDC perspective, what is the way forward?

A: The MDC is now a vehicle towards normalising the situation but it can’t do it alone. It has to be a people’s project.

People should understand that the country has been captured by the army and we need to come out of this capture soon.

Our neighbours in Sadc ought to realise that an awkward situation has arisen in their region and they have to take a stand to assist Zimbabwe to extricate itself from the jaws of the army and restore the country to civilian rule.

The AU also should also make a stand.  They should allow the people to choose not to choose the MDC. They should allow them to choose the junta ahead of the MDC in a fair and credible election.

We want a free and fair election supervised by the AU, Sadc and the UN. It is a collective game because the country is in a mess.

Q: There is talk of acrimony in the party involving you Thokozani Khupe and others over the MDC Alliance. What is the situation like at the moment?

A: In any political set up things are never smooth.  Give me any party that you can say it has lived for more than 20 years and all has been well for them, that will be a lie.

Problems are things that we have to live with. What we must celebrate is our ability as parties to solve their problems amicably.

The so-called MDC problems were a creation of Zanu PF and CIO infiltrators who wanted to have the party destabilised to give them a chance to freely deal with their Mugabe.

Concerning the MDC Alliance, no one within the opposition ranks does not want a coalition. We all want it.

We all agree that when the president agreed to a coalition he did his mandate which is good.

However, we cannot just say because the president has agreed then it’s all fine and behave like Zanu PF and their one centre of power principle.

We support the president for agreeing but when it comes to implementation; we must remember we are dealing with people with five senses. Who think we can’t afford to do that.

We have to look at the so-called alliance with a wide open eye because we want to work together.

I don’t believe that if Tendai Biti for example is genuine about his desire to fight Zanu PF, he should set conditions to say we want such seats first.

Are you available to the highest bidder? Does it mean if Zanu PF offers more than the MDC is prepared to give, then you will join them?

Supporting one candidate for the presidency cannot be on condition that you get seats. It’s not genuine. It can’t be for a prize because the biggest prize is removing Zanu PF.

My relationship with the president dates back to the ZCTU. I was part of the structures that made him secretary general of ZCTU and we cemented the relationship when we formed the MDC and since then it has been very cordial.

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    MDC fuck you , useless cowards no brains at all. If Strive Masiiwa campaigns to be president , i assure you 70% of MDC support will go to him. MDc does not have the brains nor the audacity to be leaders. When the coup was in full play your leader Morgan Tsvangirai came out and said i remember very well , the man said this is not a coup on TV,. What the hell this man was smoking i do not know. But this is exactly the same thing which made him run to Botswana after winning the election in 2008 rather than running to the state house. At the crucial moment MDC always seems the falter. This to me means they are not serious.
    Why now are you crying millitary state , when at the time anyone would have cared to listen you endorsed the millitary action saying its not a coup , Stupid Stupid stupid MDC

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  • I suppose like most Zimbabweans I don’t miss ZRP at all. But there needs to be some professional policing in Harare at major intersections when the lights are out. The state of the driving is beyond disgusting discourteous with a flagrant disregard for the rules of the road. It took me well over 2 hours to do a 30 minute trip last week and how there are not more accidents I’ll never know

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  • Abednico…whatever that name means… Surely its short sighted individuals like u who think Mugabe and his G 40 are down. Yes they are down but not yet out. U have been overtaken by events which led to the demise of Mugabe. The threat is still there. Let the Military clean the house. U can’t trust the notorious ZRP and Mugabe”s political strategies. He is old but do not count him out especially with his Master of political shenanigans Moyo on the loose.

  • Does a simple question or concern from a citizen deserve sarcastic and acidic responses? Very sad polarisation

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    • They will never publish things of security to the public

    • Ah, come on. Don’t try to complicate what is not complicated. We know they are looking for weapons. Why not just say so. The searches are so basic anyway.

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  • Who’s this abednico trying to confuse the people why doesn’t he go and ask the army himself

  • I don’t see any problem with the soldiers on the roads!

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  • So what is your problem Mr Bhebhe bcz u are a MDC rega army ashande .

  • Pple are safe with th army on th roads. They must stay till donkeys dvelop horns. Your police is a neusance to th public. If ths z wat is called a military state, thn its th way to go. Go hang pliz

  • In zim I have seen we have too much political analysts that bring no sense!!

  • There is nothing wrong with the soldiers working hand in hand with the police they do so in other countries, above all you never know what those guys who ran away are planning. What if they hire the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Bokoharam etc. The soldiers must continue on the streets and at road blocks until the situation is normal. Remember removing Mugabe wasn’t a normal thing and it needs an abnormal response

  • G40 and their kindred are down but not out mind u they xternalized large sums of money so they can even buy weapons and carry out acts of sabotage or even killings so tha army and all its wings of defence are on high alert to thwart any action perceived to be a threat. Bhebhe my bro dnt jus be opposite for tha sake of it

  • Forward with the Junta.
    Let Zim document its revolution. You heard them in Mozambique, DRC, Somalia, Angola.
    You thought they were doing the right thing. They are well known for their operation. Feel them they have brought home what they have been doing outside.

  • viva gunners muroad kwasara kuVID road test na gunners

  • Register to vote

  • Police have been corrupt .the army is on operation restore legacy n if anyone is not comfortable with the restoration of legacy is a criminal

  • If you have any problem with that just leave Zim. The soldiers have conducted themselves very well , I don’t know what is your problem with them bhe bhe. The generality of Zimbabweans are not complaining , only iwewe tsotsi has been affected by searches from the army. Sometimes Mdc is being destroyed by its mental patients.(MP)

  • Zimbabwe should end this backwardness and embrace democracy

  • People are confused for sure. You don’t know what you really need in life. Yesterday you clapped hands for the gunnaz to Take over. Today you are complaining. If you want freedom, we call back Mugabe momubvisa mega without army kkkkkkkkk

    • tinovatenda nebasa guru ravakaita but kuti tifambe nezvitupa mumabus they are taking us back to Smith’s time

  • Makuda police yenyu. But tell me how many road blocks are there now between Bulawayo and Harare.

  • For the first time 20years i m going to put my vote on ngwena imi hamuna kurongeka vamwe takavavhotera vakaita ma mp emdc but havana chavakaitira comunite basa nderekushora zanu pf nekuti tipiwe ma sanctions .who suffers at the end ?

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  • Thanx Amos you have shade light to the blind in mind

  • I think if it is that they’re performing their duties peacefully. I don’t see any problem…its good for the country to be sure of safe environment as we all know that snippers almost swept some of the lives.

  • MDC wants to be opportunist hyenas who want to create a situation where they will just grab the bone and run away

  • Military much better than police. Leave them like that unless if ur surrounding

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  • Pamberi nemauto

  • The G40 threat is enough to warrant that. Remember some of the senseless and ruthless gang members of G40 are still at large. Do you think they are taking this lying down?


  • I have nothing to say to the MDC. Just call me kana makuda kuti tiite imwe solidarity march to show that we are happy ne army yedu iri mu street ne Police.

  • Dai ato gara arimo muroad pamwe vanhu vanga famba zvakanaka paholiday yechristmas

  • Its a relief from the marauding corrupt Chihuri Zrp. At least we can have a decent Xmas in a long time.

  • I am sure Nobody misses the ZRP on the streets .

  • I am sure Nobody misses the ZRP on the streets .

  • Pasi newe bhebhe

  • And who cares whether Zim?!! We are free of the corrupt police for a change.

  • Muri kuenda kunatrump titambure

  • the opposition has been riding on anachy and dispondents by people to get donations and favours from people now that is being removed by the army they are panicking since they will be nothing else to ride on or to ask donors money for ARMY to stay why is that the opposition is making a lot of noise about the army yet not long ago they were complaining about the police pasi nemi nowonder you always call for sanction so that people suffer and you can write proposal in the name of zim suffering people to get money to buy your houses and car gore rinho hakuna

  • Cde hamuna kwenyu.Do u seriously need the police back so soon.Watadziswei nemasoja.We need them in our roads for as long as it suits them.

  • The military have their own internal intelligence arm,we are coming from a situation where every events were centred on soldiers it’s not easy to pull them off,remember the police brutality

  • From a distance…..we’re watching

  • Takati zvikaramba toisa masodier. Atoripo achazovapo achizovapo muchingovukura mugovukura muchingovukura sodier richingovapo. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuuuuu


  • Kusungura nyika haizi picnic. Makadii kubvisa Mugabe mega??

  • Wats your problem ne army?

  • Some of us it take time to be easily taken I devorced zany for reason and there. I will never go back there zany is dead and buried .only time will tell .Zany is sweety in talking like their former master but .we have seen it all. I thought in Zimbabwe for quite a number of years and I saw his cruel Zany is .and to be forgiven without apologising is out I for one will never support Zany it’s a cruel party period

  • Bhebhe and his MDC whatever are the most irrelevant things to ever exist please God may you find an alien planet for this Thing called opposition MDC I’m out of wordd

  • Bhebhe and his MDC whatever are the most irrelevant things to ever exist please God may you find an alien planet for this Thing called opposition MDC I’m out of wordd

  • Millitary presence is scary n confusing! Vamwe mongoti pamberi nemagunners out f fear…

  • Millitary presence is scary n confusing! Vamwe mongoti pamberi nemagunners out f fear…

  • Thats my boys i feel safe with u guys search all fucken cars they may run but they won’t hide #Unetyei#

  • soldiers are good with this, let them do their job, its so nice travelling right now, wonder why this wasn’t done all along but its a development that should be kept forever

  • In Botswana madoja arimo munzira wani musango taura zvinhu musingabudewo kunze. Muchasariri nyika dzese masoja azere unotosungwa nemasoja kwazo

  • Pliz stop the police for good at the road blocks let the army take over i have been owning two vehicles but i sold them all just becoz of chihuri dogs they were bucking all over my drive so especial plumtree road if you drive foreign number plate it was a crime in Zimbabwe

  • yeeepeee Bad Publicity 😂😂😂😂

  • Kip on saying kutonga kwaro Gamba zvinonaka chete.mwaifara muchituka pamberi nemauto kkkkk hahahah

  • Is it not a matter of “ Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.”

  • Ndozviripo order must prevail. Tine mafungiro akasiyana. Kufadza vanhu vese ka1 hazviite. These sentiments are common.