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Mudede to stay: Minister explains WHY

By Zvamaida Murwira

Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede will continue to hold office despite reaching the retirement age of 65 years, since the Civil Service Commission is empowered to engage such persons if their services are still required, Parliament has heard.

Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede
Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Petronella Kagonye said it was not prudent to discriminate persons on account of age and Government would soon ratify the African Union Protocol on Older Persons calling on State parties to respect their rights to employment.

Minister Kagonye said this in the National Assembly during questions with notice session last week. Harare West MP Ms Jessie Majome (MDC-T) had asked her to inform the House when Mr Mudede was born and why he was not being retired when he was above the retirement age of 65.

“In direct response to the question from my learned colleague, allow me Mr Speaker, to say that Mr Tobaiwa Mudede was appointed as the Registrar in terms of Section 201 (a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read with Statutory Instrument 1 of 2000 (Public Service Regulations) as amended,” said Minister Kagonye.

“In terms of Section 21 (1) of the Public Service Act, the Commission can engage persons on contract or such conditions as may be fixed from time to time. The Commission is empowered by the Public Service Regulations to engage on annually renewable contracts after they reach retirement age.

“Such persons will not contribute again towards a pension as they would have already done so, hence their placement on annually renewable contract.”

Minister Kagonye said the AU was advocating to have the retirement age moved forward due to the rising life expectancy witnessed globally.

“For example, British Government announced the possibility of raising retirement age to 67 or 68 to match the trend,” she said. Article 8 of the African Union Protocol on Older Persons requires us to respect older persons’ Right to Employment.

It provides that: “States Parties shall:

1. Take measures to eliminate discrimination against Older Persons with regard to employment opportunities;

2. Ensure that Older Person enjoy decent working conditions.

“Resolution 106 African Union bears in mind the rapid rate at which the population of older person is increasing throughout the world and that the most rapid increase is taking place in the developing world, with Africa alone projected to have between 204 and 210 million older person by 2050.

“This resolution, therefore, calls upon all African Governments to review policies on Older Persons. My ministry is currently initiating ratification of this new Protocol, which Parliament is expected to debate and endorse.

“It is important for us to consider social trends and keep abreast with global and continental trends. Our laws must remain relevant and devoid of discrimination against age in this particular context, otherwise we perish for want of vision.”

Minister Kagonye implored legislators not to personalise their enquiries, but rather to interrogate policy issues. Her ministry, she said, had proposed amendments to adjust National Social Security Authority retirement age from 60 to 65 and the suggestion was being considered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Herald

  • succuba

    Needed for the rigging no doubt!!

    • ZimMatata

      Ndiyo ZANU PF yacho. There is no ZANU PF government without Mudede, the election rigging strategist. Do you expect a free and fair election with the military Junta???

  • Mara why?

  • F

  • Ncaaaa where’s discrimination when one has reached his retirement age according to our constitution or has reached as age of our contractual agreement,

  • izimbabwe iyi,kuguga othandayo ,kusvika vakarwa hondo vasisina mazino nekuchembera,ataura kuti achembera orohwa kusvika vese vapera kufa ndopamuchazowana rusununguko

  • this is not fair mudzimu inoshaya pekusvikira ngaaende

  • Meaning no age of retirement, u can even crawl to work and make silly decisions. Lovely.

  • chalaw20

    The country badly suffered and Tibaiwa Mudede directly contributed to the mess especially election. We don’t care whatever you say Mudede must go NOW

  • Uuuuuh ZANUPF inechembere gyz

  • If mugabe was disposed because of old age, isnt mudede old enough ot retire with all the wringles as if is the last-born of learned zimbo who can do IT

  • Vanoziva here mabasa avanopihwa vanhu ava

  • Is that discrimintion or it is giving a chance to the young and qualified persons to take it up from where he would have left.

  • Only in Zim

  • Vanoziva kuti ndiye Rigger General wavo who is tried and tested. Saka paanofa panogara pasina munhu here? Its a shame really.

  • That’s totally ridiculous

  • ko mudede wacho zvaatochembera kupfuura vamugabe ummm masoja munerusarura

  • I herd akaita rig makore ake ,he is claiming to be 59

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  • Another breathing fossil in government, Jeez.

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  • WTF? These people are still trying to feeds us the same bullshit Mugabe used to give us. They are just trying to hang on to power longer, the very same excuse they used to remove Mugabe. These people are self-serving. They are not concerned about the people of Zimbabwe. They just want to protect their ill-gotten wealth and add to it.

  • if it happens yu meet this honourable minister can yu ask her about dates of 2017 13th cheque .

  • The youth rules the old die in office like;Oma Bongo and Pope John Paul the second;They work to die;thats why conflict is galo!

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  • If Zimbabwe is fully industrialised. No one will be retired on age based.

  • Our budget policy says whoever has reached 65 years must be retired, public service regulations and the labour act both say the same. Its never a discrimination, its well known that employable age is 18 to 65 years

  • No jobs for young generation unless they create their own employment. That’s not the right way. Inga mombe yekurima inobiswa poiswa dzine Simba wani. If that’s how it’s going to be then nothing for us as a young generation.

  • did you just say this guy will stay in a public office. What’s wrong with Zimbabwe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • rigging machine is going nowhere!

  • Then you are not fit to be a minister. Ndosaka maida kutengwa nemunhu and 94 yrs. I don’t think after 2018 you will be talking urikumusha. Nxaaaa how can be led by these morons

  • ZANU hai tevedzere constitution pachinhu chinovapa disadvantage ba.This shows Mudede is the one who help them to manipulate figures pama elections.

  • I pray this generation of self centered old people passes and a generation or rational, selfless leaders comes in! In Jesus Christ’s name……. Amen.

  • Kana mtemo wenyika uchiti kana munhu ava 60/65 years ngaachisiya basa , chii chinozokonzera kuti vamwe vashandi vazosvika more than 65years vachiri pamabasa?
    Saka mitemo ineSpecific people that it affects?
    Ukaita top government post unoita immune to age restrictions?
    Saka ngavachingoita publish the types of people/jobs dze under 65 ne above 65 panekuswera temeswa nemsoro

  • Ko ugwu ndegwepi?

  • I don’t care what age Mudede is….he is an electoral rigger par excellence. He goes……and he’s made many a life a misery with regards documents. ..he goes. ….end of story

  • So the old shall keep their jobs and as for us new graduates; we shall stick to vending. It’s a shame… https://t.co/nB153FIWSp

  • Get the msg from President ED Munangagwa ,He said every civil servant above 65 should go on retirement paving way for the youngsters. So tell us where you contradicting your self.You are still leaving Rob’s Era.

  • But they are forcing civil servants to retire after 25 years of service

  • Brad

    This is absolute BS. Why keep someone who has reached retirement age in a country with over 90% unemployment? Mudede must go.

    • Gamatox

      It is absolute BS. Life expectancy in Zimbabwe officially stands at 58. The Minister’s utterances are shameful, to say the least.

  • I hve an uncle who is turning 65 in February 2018 andChinamasa wants him retired from government employment leaving Tobaiwa Mudede who is even older still working for the same gov .Some people are above the law hantie. What’s so special about Mudede. Rigging experience or what

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  • Saka vadiki vachazoshandawo rinhi can they give us an answer. That is why there is retirement. Varikutyeyiko ku retire

  • Im quite disappointed for the first time by the new government, how can a person who has reached retirement remain in office. I know that such people can be advisers. Pave way for new blood. New government too many madhara.

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  • Thought you discriminated Robert Mugabe why not Mudede

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  • Why do we have forced retirements by age in other sectors? Teachers retire at 60, Police at 50 etc and those who serve beyond normally have renewable annual contracts, serving at the benevolence of a superior. They don’t last long though. Why Mudede if the law applicable is the same across Gvt departments?

  • Munhu iyeye arikunzi asa retire nani

  • But seriously some people just need to call it quits on their own… shuwa musharukwa akura uyo

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  • U are talking nonsense no sense at all

  • Lol. Mudede knows where all the bodies are buried….i.e. he has all the dirt on all the rigging that went on. Not easy to get rid of.

    • Hanzi global age trends yet we boast that Africa is a young continent with 60% being below age 25. Ndazvitadza izvi. Do MPs even challenge this?

  • He must go! Also Gono, Grace’s boyfriend!

  • Two retirement ages in zim…one that applies to us all and one that does not apply to mudede!

  • Two retirement ages in zim…one that applies to us all and one that does not apply to mudede!

  • Ahhh

  • Ahhh

  • Hon Minister Kagonye ,” if that is a gvt policy to retire workers @ the age of 65 let it be adhered to not to try to cause confusion if not policy inconsistence , one week after being appointed to be minister ,,,, stop it pliz”

  • Hon Minister Kagonye ,” if that is a gvt policy to retire workers @ the age of 65 let it be adhered to not to try to cause confusion if not policy inconsistence , one week after being appointed to be minister ,,,, stop it pliz”

  • He knows how to rig elections so he will only retire after doing the job

  • zanu dnt practice what they preach

  • is tht him in the pic, or some kind of old fish net!

  • Maybe Birth rake riri kuti akaberekwa 1980 if he can rig chinomutadzisa kuita rig his own date of birth chii kana achidiwa kuti arambe ari muoffice.

  • Retirement has age limit giving those still able to work to run their own businesses leaving room for youngsters.

  • Constititution without Constitutionalism Zanu pf remain Zanu pf ……

  • Guranyanga

    Okay so the British have influence on our decisions as a sovereignty nation after all.
    Our Government Minister should be replaced by a British!
    It makes sense after all they run their country better than these gun-totting mutineers!

  • Minister you need mental attention

  • What that the constitution say about this then just follow what it says only.

  • Nguva yako ichakwa uchamhanya Mudhara vura meso unoshandiswa politics ma1

  • Ka Animal farm being played right in our sight.

  • Ka Animal farm being played right in our sight.

  • Perhaps he knows too much & has to be kept under eye

  • Perhaps he knows too much & has to be kept under eye

  • Everyone above the age of 65 yes must retire nomater what

  • Everyone above the age of 65 yes must retire nomater what

  • Specialist in rigging!!! They can’t let this VERY OLD man rest, neither does he want to

  • Tsuro nenungu mumwena mumwe ndookutonga kwaro hapachaka chinja

  • So everyone achatobata tsvimbo achienda kubasa bcz hapana asina mwongo.Ndosaka sekuru Robbie vairambirapo ndozvamunoda mese

  • This new minister is so lost and should be ashamed of herself.so is she contradicting what Chinamasa said during budget presentation?and to what end?

  • What’s so special about Mudede? Is he indispensable. Respect the laws governing the country otherwise everyone who retired was discriminated upon. People should learn to pass the button to the younger generation. Mr Mudede it’s time to retire.

  • Kangonye Missed s issue doesn’t need any explanation, we have so many educated youths who can replace him, if you are serving the interest of the people then retire this sekuru

  • Ngavatipewo mabasa kani vanoda kuti isu we retire at 50 saka toriwanepi basa racho muchida kufirapo

  • Madhara must go home. Retire n create room for these children agh. Ndimiunoswera makakotsira mums office umu

  • Wether he says he is 2 years old he has to be fired for incompetency

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  • Editon L. Mulera

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  • Retirement age is 60..

  • Will fight Mr Ugly

  • Chikiti

    Mr Mudede you where registerer general when I was a kid, now I’m married with kids and you’re still registerer general. What is wrong with just retiring and resting at home, it doesn’t kill

  • inini1545

    Why keep these fossils. Am pretty sure there are more capable individuals who are younger and capable.

  • Hey Joe

    What special skills does that fossil Mudede possess? The retirement age should also be applied to Presidents, their deputies and cabinet ministers. If ED wins 2018 and 2023 elections, he will be 86 years old. Pleaseeeeee.