Soldiers to be deployed at Beitbridge Border Post “to eradicate criminal activities” says Chinamasa

By Mashudu Netsianda

The Government will soon deploy soldiers to Beitbridge Border Post to help eradicate criminal activities during the festive season cross-border movement.

Armed soldiers stop a vehicle to search on the road leading to President Robert Mugabe’s office in Harare, Zimbabwe Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. Overnight, at least three explosions were heard in the capital, Harare, and military vehicles were seen in the streets. On Monday, the army commander had threatened to “step in” to calm political tensions over the 93-year-old Mugabe’s possible successor. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

During peak periods such as the festive period, criminals usually take advantage of congestion at the country’s busiest inland port of entry to con unsuspecting travellers of their money.

They target mainly tourists and foreigners not familiar with customs and immigration formalities.

Presenting his 2018 National Budget Statement yesterday, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said in light of chaos resulting from congestion at Beitbridge Border Post, the Government has resolved to extend Operation Restore Legacy by deploying members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces to the port of entry.

“In order to eliminate inefficiencies due to congestion arising from activities of unauthorised persons operating at Beitbridge Border Post, and also drawing from the new dispensation, as enunciated by His Excellency, the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Government proposes an extension of Operation Restore Legacy by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, to Beitbridge Border Post, in order to restore order,” said Minister Chinamasa.

He said the criminals operating at the border were tarnishing the image of the country, which impacted negatively on tourist arrivals. He said soldiers will coordinate with other security agencies to deal with crime at Beitbridge Border Post.

“The Zimbabwe Defence Forces command structures will, therefore, with immediate effect, coordinate with other security agencies for removal of touts, vendors and beggars from the customs controlled area.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that only authorised persons enter the customs controlled area, thereby eradicating loitering, it is proposed to demarcate the pathway for pedestrians entering and exiting the customs controlled area, in line with best practice in the region,” he said.

Although only licensed clearing agents should operate within the customs yard, there has been a proliferation of touts who solicit for business from travellers, smugglers and illegal immigrants.

“The situation is worsened by vendors and beggars who also undertake their business within the customs controlled area,” said Minister Chinamasa.

He said the Government was aware of the need to modernise Beitbridge Border Post so that it meets international standards.

“The Government acknowledges the need to ease entry and exit of tourists and travellers, improve trade facilitation and revenue collection efficiency at Beitbridge. In the longer term, this will also require large investment in new infrastructure facilities at the port of entry,” he said.

Minister Chinamasa said the Government has been working with the African Development Bank to improve exit and entry efficiencies using the existing facilities.

“In this regard, the border post expert subsequently engaged, with the assistance of funding from the African Development Bank, has since concluded the final report to this effect,” he said.

The Minister said the Government is currently implementing short term measures to decongest Beitbridge Border Post and quicken the movement of travellers and cargo.

He said congestion has also contributed to delays in the clearance of bona-fide travellers, who experience inconveniences when completing immigration and customs formalities.

“In order to decongest the Beitbridge Border Post, the Government has installed a Closed Circuit Television system which monitors adherence to border procedures by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) and other agencies.

There is connection of mobile scanners to ASYCUDA World Server in order to enable real time entry and timely acquittal of goods and the relocation of passenger buses carrying commercial cargo to a transit shed for purposes of clearance,” he said.

The Government is also working on the implementation of the e-customs initiative for the advance clearance and online payment of relevant charges for tourist motor vehicles and the installation of an electronic system that sequences and notifies the next person to be served.

To enhance efficiency at the country’s ports of entry, the Government is in the process of establishing a National Ports Authority, whose mandate is to maintain infrastructure and manage the administrative affairs of border posts, among others. The Chronicle

  • Can’t wait for that

  • what about police?

  • But nyaya yeku demander mari kuvanhu pa border muvaudze vairege

  • Gud news

  • Is that in the nature of their training?

  • If it looks like a military government, talks like a military government and acts like a military government, IT IS a military government.

    • It’s not a coup though 😂😂😂it’s a mixed government and it’s the first of its kind in the world.

    • Military,police or civil government we don care,,as long as we see results on the ground zvakatonaka,,,rovay basa ED tivabilivise b4 election,,,

    • Aaaaah bamnin mkut kudya sadza here? Kkkkk

    • Wrong priorities already for ED imagine renovating the RGM airport, new parlia

    • What we want is order and peace nomatter zviri kuitwa naani chero ve Salvation Army

    • Law and order must follow us whether I safeguard or fawcett or zna or zps or manurse kana vafundisi ndizvozvo hakuna nyika isina military uzvizive izvozvo ska let them protect us citizens of zim fo they r zimbabwean army tha people’s army kana iwe uchida zvechingochani xhikuitwa paborder fuck off to hell

  • Best move because pakaipa gumaguma APA police apa zimra eish you worked the whole year only what you worked for to be looted at the border

    • But the target is one,this is like a mpala celebrating the arrival of lions in the jungle since the lion will defeat the established predators like the cheetahs,leopards,hyenas,jackals,wild dogs,etc forgetting that the lion doesn’t eat any of the predators or vegetables

  • So these soldiers are taking over everything- kudos- atiutiko

  • Good move, thumbs up to our gvt. Those who hate it are targeted criminals

  • Also Plumtree

  • Hmmm Zim is now under real military rule.
    Hope they have good intentions 2 restore law & order

    • Military rule kudiiko, pazvaiitwa nemapurisa why didn’t you say police rule

    • MILITARY RULE TRUE INDEED. Police yaizove corrupt but the army is performing the duties which are not theirs according to our supreme law of the land. Musapembedza n’anga inobata amai imi

    • The overall purpose of Zimbabwe defence forces is to endure peace and stability . If their operations brings us stability and peace so they are well within their line of duty

    • *ensure

    • Hanzi musapembedza n’anga inobata mai kkkkk ngavabatwe kana varoya kuti ndiwe here kkkk

  • It’s not military rule it’s putting some discipline into the system that had been in chaos due to massive corruption and organised crime

    • Well said.

    • That’s true even in South Africa there soldiers at the border

    • True brother the problem is there are some who benefits from the chaos so they hate order to prevail

  • Now u are talking sick and tired of these magumaguma who dont want to work , arrest them all its new zim now .

  • kunyanya Dhulivadzimu taxi rank nepa Total garage BP vanenge vagona pobviswa mari dzirikubhadhariswa vanhu pabodha R320 chitsotsi ichocho chirikuitwa neZimra

  • Mubvise futi mapurisa muroad bcz hatidi kunama nama mota dzedu nezvi mareflecters ndokuti tiwanewo kufamba zvakanaka holiday ino.

  • Soilders can be corrupt also

  • The danger of this is if these guys taste the delicacy of corruption that is in the border premises i telk you every deployed battalion will be possesed by a rebelliuos spirit ngavagare kumabarracks otherwise once tasted money patoipa ,wait and see mari one simba ,chimbadzo kana mubhaibheri chakanyorwa and they cant stand it .look at mzansi and see the levels for those who know.

    • Don’t worry soldiers have their working system which doesn’t permit them to engage in criminal acts.just have a close look and you will in no time fall in love with their role.

    • Itayi Murire, are you that naive or you just dont have a clue?

    • Itayi Murire go to the roadblocks where there are soldiers and see what they are doing they are robbing people their money

  • Nezvima duty zvese bvisai tiitewo tunhu twedu

  • Ayikho into entsha ngamasotsha e border there are always there mus

  • A good move….a lot of incompetent police and security officers at the border.

  • Our army has nothing to do now,please boko haram come to zim now😁

  • You blocking investors

  • Plenty of check points at one boder and causes some delays

  • Good move, deploy them today

  • In the meantime the police should be seconded to the barracks for reorientation.

  • Hameno tongomira tione kwazvinotisvitsa,

  • Saka gunners atova Peace Officer kabisira nhai

  • soldiers to deployed at schools as teachers come 2018

  • the trust in police is long gone for their corrupt activities unless they humble themselves and start to work properly with people kkk

  • Command Agriculture,Command Mugabe(House arrest),Command Broadcasting,Command Anti-Mugabe protests,Command Road blocks,Command Vendors,Command Touts(Mahwindi),Command Boarders,very soon Command Elections,kusvika zvasvika kuCommand Public toilets mirai muone

  • I think Zimbabwe and S.A soldiers now need a friendly match they all seem like having nothing to do

  • We need soldiers at Ramakgwebana boarder post also, maguma guma anetsa mhani.

  • Soldiers Soldiers Soldiers are these guys implying that Zimbabwe is now a military state arent there…

  • All border post

  • Ko vasina mapassport vanoitwa sei vakuda kuenda kumba ummm ma1 aya.

  • We need duty free pliz

  • Uyo musoja pappicture akatakura pfuti kunge handbag 🤣🤣🤣

  • To restore peace and order

  • Acha deploiwa nemudzimba dzedu nhaka ,New Zimbabwe iyi

  • Zimra hokoyo nemasoja

  • Good move, kubetserana basa

  • by public demand

  • Kana makonewa kutungamira nyika taurai mhani kuti zvadii kune hondo hre

  • Tozojamba sei tisina mapassport

  • Zimbabweans are too gullible,the target is returning residents to in still fear in them as they know we been exposed to democracy more than their sheeple at home,there is nothing for you and me here,the thing is just like an impala celebrating the arrival of the lions in the jungle since the lion will defeat the established predators like leopards,cheetahs,jackals,hyenas ,crocodiles etc, the irony of it being that the impala will remain a food source to the rest,we have lost our country my countrymen we have nothing we were too interested in useless things and neglected our political landscape

    • Amen

    • I differ. Remember the ones in power now a faction. This faction doesn’t trust anyone currently in the system. So to carry out their mission without spanners being thrown, the faction has to have trusted cadres to its side. As things stand its the army. Until everything normalises to the faction satisfaction. Simple.

  • Agara ariko wani masoja acho

  • Good move , only the Chombos of this world will hate this.. They must recruit new cops and let Chihuri and his guys rest in peace.

  • restore order thank you , then return to where you came from

  • Masodya ndombavha last year dec thy had buckets paborder vanhu vachisiya mari nxa

  • the cabinet is also full of crooks and thieves, I think the gvt should also deploy soldiers there kkkkkk

  • At least Chihuri azvinzwawo kuti it had gone too bad with the force

  • Yah tibatsireiwo Pliz mari yedu yange ichiperera paBoarder

  • We are under military rule

  • Soldier only

  • The brutal soldiers again

  • this now has to stop, back to barracks please

  • So the police is no longer able to handle the situation.

  • Masoja agara aripo wani and pabridge paye uine r10 unovasiira uchipinda nebag rembanje

  • angaitei masoja ko handiti munyika hamuna hondo….kutambira mari dzemahara mboko dzevanhu

  • This good

  • Gud move vanhu vafambe zvakanaka mahwindi arura aya

  • Saka no bribes anymoree kkk kana kuti vakuti nesuwo yanguva yedu ,asi kana vasingaite zvebribe zvino kudzwa

  • The Beitbridge border post requires some cleaning indeed. Deep cleaning, as corruption is rife and you wait 4 hours for something that should be done in 10 minutes. Whether the army is the right arm to clean it up is a question for another day!

  • That’s great

  • Nice

  • we have no problem with that but the soldiers don’t have the right to beat defenceless public

  • I have no problem with Soldiers at the border gates, they dress more dignified than the teenage looking police! 😂😂😂😂

  • They should also pay VID a serious visit…
    This business of paying $150 must stop forthwith.

  • Magumaguma mess Manama .

  • yaa thats a good move nesoja tinosvika kure.

  • Chinamasa is the minister of what zviya?

  • Ngazvirambe zvakadaro. I have saved a lot if money since the army came in, mapurisa aitokutonyoresa chete

  • Fakani ama sotsha we need order laphana . Police have failed.

  • Hahahahaha chinamasa so, just go a d observe what soldiers do at Forbes border post…..hausa svika s…

  • Its a good move because police offices are not trusted

  • Kkkk Bothy . Plus they nid abt two hrs chete vanenge vatove musystem

  • B.Bridge and every border post needs cleaning ,our civil servants ,pvt sector all too corrupt.

  • Good thinking , isai masoja tanzwa nembavha

  • Zimbabwe is slowly becoming a military state.

  • They’ll still engage and become part of the corruption..
    Where there’s money even they are not to trust…

  • The soldiers should even cross into SA.

  • Magandanga power,Itai sa izvozvo zviendeke

  • it’s ok there are soldiers everywhere

  • Nice!!!

  • James Bond

    Give those ‘criminals’ jobs and the border will empty overnight! Need I say more?

  • Military state……..

  • Did he not get his son to take out $7,000,000-00 cash thru the Beit Bridge border?

  • mirai titange tapfuura mozounza army later

  • In south africa soldiers demand bribes please. At the border near the bridge werr some soldiers pple were being mugged vakazOrora havo

  • Well done Mr President

  • Henry Ndlovu

    • Leadership built on quick sand, afraid of losing grip on the masses, Jungle law put into full effect.

  • variko wani musoja kkkk kana vari kuda kuiyisa vasita vanzwa rand kutapira yaah

  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    I hope the move will help restore order
    If you want to get angry as you go to Zimbabwe drive through Beitbridge. It seems ZIMRA,immigration and “touts” are in some sort of firm agreement to delay those that refuse to pay touts. You can find two people in the queue for TIP etc and it will take you 2 hours to be cleared in that counter. The ZIMRA officials work so slowly and allows “touts” to jump the queues. Complaining will result in you not being served. My advice to those going to Zim during December, fly if you can!!!Or use the Botswana route!!

  • zim..from police to military

  • Have you asked why the soldiers are being deployed almost everywhere under pretense of curbing corruption yet they don’t have the experience of detecting those corrupt elements. Can you name anyone who has been arrested by these soldiers on allegations of corruption I guess you don’t have even 1 name and I will tell you why? Because the soldiers are also corrupt and soon they will be robbing because they don’t the smart tactics of extorting or convincing people to give them the bribes so don’t celebrate because very soon you will crying

  • Indeed I will say the govt is working

  • But that was sanctions busting not criminal.

  • Ummm

    Everything is funded by someone , ADB , CHINESE LOANS , UNCOMMONWEALTH LOANS IF YOU SUCCEED , ETC , TILL WHEN ?.

    Kana kuvaka paramende , just under $100Mn , munokumbira mari elsewhere, what a shame.


  • From a Police State to a Military State – what some Change


  • Yangova yoyo nema gunners imi gore rink tichadzidza zvakawanda

  • Better mbavha dze Police ngadzibude

  • I am not bothered by the move to deploy army to clean up touts at beightbridge, the idea is noble in some sense. However, what is the motive behind making this announcement on national budget.

  • Good move

  • This year is a good year no more 12 hours waiting at the border

  • And some are even going kun’anga so that they are the ones to be deployed there to do the work.

  • Don’t worry now we a targeting crimminals sorrounding the boarder only, however the boarder is safe and sound

  • Gud idea

  • Anahwowo huori masoja, kuside kwemasoja ndokwataitombojamba boarder nako

  • 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 kuna Mwari kudenga

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