All set for Harare-B/Bridge dualisation

By Walter Mswazie

Austrian construction giant, Geiger International, the contractor engaged by Government for the Harare-Beitbridge Highway, has completed surveying the road, paving way for the commencement of the multi-million dollar project.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo exchange Beitbridge Road construction documents with Geiger International
Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo exchange Beitbridge Road construction documents with Geiger International

Geiger International has since started shipping machinery and equipment into the country ahead of the anticipated start of the project.

The company will set its base in Masvingo.

In an interview recently, Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo said Government had since secured all the funds required for the project.

He said the project had been delayed by the registration processes of a company that was supposed to inject funds into Geiger International.

“The project is now going on smoothly because we have signed some important agreements with the contractor,” said Dr Gumbo.

“We had to address some modalities with the State Procurement Board and that has since been done. The financier of the project could not register their company with Geiger International to be able to send money into the country, but that has been addressed.”

Dr Gumbo said the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development had its own problems, which also contributed to the delay, but that had since been sorted out.

“As I am speaking, the company has moved all the money for Beitbridge-Harare dualisation project into the country and I can safely say the money is secure,” he said.

“The company engineers have done the surveys of the road and where they will put their machinery. The company’s base will be in Masvingo.”

Dr Gumbo said the project would cost $1,7 billion and not the $2 billion reported in the media.

“The Beitbridge-Harare Highway dualisation will cost $998 million, which has come in the form of a loan payable for a period of 20 years through tollgates money,” he said.

“The Harare ring road will cost $300 million and will be done by a Chinese company, while the Harare-Chirundu Road will cost $665 million.”

Dr Gumbo said the amount did not include $8 million secured from Japan. The Herald

  • taking it too long

  • Ummm u are confusing us guys just tell us that the road is finished then we forget

  • Why go all the way to Austria when we have good road construction companies in neighbouring South Africa where the majority of Zimbabwean civil engineers are working. So where is the African for Africa solutions?

    • They already compared the quotations bro the Austria one was cheaper

    • The loan was sourced from Japan….why sourcing money all the way from Japan if South Africa is tht gd. Plus South Africa are xenophobic.

    • And whites are racists.

    • Its a chinese co

    • Racism is better than xenophobia.

    • Moreover the Austrian company is bringing its new machines but will sub contract Zimbabwean companies,60% of the work to be done by Zimbo companies

    • These local construction companies enjoy the money and use cheap material staff sometimes you need a good contact with a great reference otherwise it will take 10more yrs for them to do it

    • Prices differs you fool.

    • Kkkkk good, philizi

    • Tell me bro, when are we going to learn and fed ourselves rather than beg beg beg. Do t we have the equipment , manpower and skills .

    • Worried about where the company comes from whilst the big issue is the construction of our highway? ?? People will always find fault even where there is none. ..Those civil engeneers in SA are free to apply jobs to that Australian company they are not restricted to working in SA only.

    • Basa roda kuchiitwa muchiri kungo complainer chete zvimwe zvinhu nyararai plizz

    • thats good news they will create jobs now all the vendors must go and market themselves to the company

  • It’s taking too long so mean the ground breaking ceremony was done before surveying

  • I think i began hearing about dualisation of that road some 12years down the line by now think its complete

  • I think its a bit late for dualisation.we need the road trippled.

  • Amen

  • Pliz kick them out if they don’t know what they a doin

  • Group 5 pliz

    • yes this company knows it’s job very well,i mean look @ Harare -Bulawayo highway, you will not believe it 😊😊😊😊

    • Shuwa coz this Australians are taking us fo a ride one day they will be saying equipment stuck in Zambia better kick them out

    • Locals can do better

    • you’re definitely right ,it’s highly probable that these Australians can come up with khak stories one day,unlike the local G5,moreover,if the tender was awarded to the locals,it would mean employment for the local natives as well

    • Austrians not Australians

    • OK dankie fo DA correction

    • Locals don’t have enough equipment to carry on tht project. A lot of tenders have been awarded to locals but they failed. For instance the Gwanda Solar project wch was awarded to IntaTrk

    • Ba tanatswa there is a section off hre to mapinga road that is being done as we type by local company

  • Our government is really failing on budget. Why can’t they just hire Murrey & Roberts here in SA to do the job? M & R has more than 10 thousands Zim employees but you still closing them out just like that!

    • well said check how good is the n1 we also need it at zim

    • There ae several construction companies in the world my brother. Choice depends on several factors. Mybe the loan was facilitated by that Australia company.

    • These two bridges, Injaka Bridge & Grayston Pedestrian Walk and Cycle Bridge were done by M&R but they clopsed soon after.

    • People here need employment. 10 thou zims employed there in SA let em stay there.

    • Critics always have something to say

    • Well said Edgar. Plus costs comparisons were done. I don’t think they would just pick a company from nowhere. Those SA companies ae too small for such a big project. They will end up subcontracting everything to Zimbabwean companies owned by thugs like Chivhayo nd nothing will be delivered at the end.

    • Murray and roberts is too small for wat? Imwii. Anyway, personally I don’t think that Australian company is that bad consider kuti ikoko kune magud roads. Mabasa achatongobuda apa. Andange ndisingade maChina

    • We are a lot man we want come back home

    • There is also Group Five and Steffanuti &Stocks, they can do that project.

    • Do you’ve more details on the contract between Zim and Australia, guys we know makadzidza but chimboitayi easy. Chii chinoita kuti munhu ayende kunotenga kwaOk achisiya food lovers.

    • hahaha,Tendai Kembo wandispaka

    • Group 5 road yakaita mapot holes before completion.

    • Who said they did consult with them first.

    • Guys I guess vakutaura zvehighway, not mabridges, M&Roberts haisi based kumahighways, uyo akuti N1, have to check statistics who is doing that road, remember in S.A vakuita maroads ndovakutora cash pamatallgates plus that N1 ine muconstructions akawandisa akuishanda, it’s not done nesame co.

    • I remember vakambo vumirana kuti after Group 5 ikapedza Harare Bilawayo road construction then they will start Harare Beitb ameno kuti vakazo rasisana sei

    • You talk like a man akakurira kisina magetsi ,with a wizard’s mentality

    • Clara Satiwe Muzaya true

    • Geiger is the one constructing world class roads at the moment.

    • Oh Allah,Please Forgive meakapinda vane direction hapazobiki ka nhy hama yangu ukuraska papi kkkk

    • BaTanatswa Ndafa mapotsa ipapo.its not small asi ini ndofara kana vanyimwa kudai kos im sure there is a reason..ipai kana china

    • Hakuna mungezi anoita zvekiya kiya saka siyai basa rishandwe dai muri vamwe machitotanga kudrafter maCV

    • I am happy the Chinese are not in. I remember their shoddy work for the Chivi Chachacha road.What they managed to so well was to sire lots of children with local women and to reduce dog population .

    • We don’t want South Africans. They ae xenophobic, China better.

    • I’m looking at your comments and you are all talking like drama Queen’s nothing makes sense,why don’t leave this to people who are in charge and do your gardening nokushaya inyoka emizini yabantu

    • Oh please M&R is not the only company that does that !

    • Don’t forget Sanral

  • not china chemadzimai

  • Well,just give them a chance to show us what they have in store but i think Group 5 would have done the job very well, i mean just look how beautiful is Harare-Bulawayo highway

    • Mybe G5 was too expensive. In 2012 G5 was awarded a tender to do the Kuwadzana Road for 10m nd they never set a foot in Zim. Instead they subcontracted a Zim company for 2m nd after 3days portholes were back.

    • Cheap material I guess

  • What about bulawayo to beitbridge ?

  • After that go and construct in other towns and districts let every,corner of the country benefit

  • They must ask from South Africa who constructed their roads

  • The good part of it is job creation to Zim citizens

  • Zimbabwe used to have its own great civil engineering construction companies till the RGM misadministration destroyed everything in sight….. what roads do.we think we have been driving on since independence. …if they hadn’t been so well constructed wed have a highway network of dirt roads. …of course they were never properly maintained

  • The project is already behind schedule, we have lost countless lives on that road, it is a death trap.

  • Then give local companies sections of that road to maintain

  • Finally

  • Nehanda saka vanotanga riini

  • Sweet news indeed. MaChina apa aisadiwa

  • bt takambonzwa kuti yakatangwa kugadzirwa kare wani

  • Wat a move?? I lyc it

  • Kungotaura chete.Totenda zvaitika

  • Austrian kupiko , this is a Chinese company, 3 years down the line , this road will need resurfacing..

  • I think this is an April 2017 publication

  • Thats development.

  • Todawo ma freeway,pliz

  • I hope we are paying them not some weird deal like them putting toll gates which they collect money and send back to Austria until Jesus returns

  • Vakaita 4ways zvitori nani.

  • Have never heard of pricing before surveying

  • Better

  • Surveying is done way before tendering. These are just lies

  • The first step of a new zimbabwe and a mark of a prosperous move , for bussiness to be active we need a perfect road even wider that it is to link producer and consumer ,great move that is

  • We thank for all these developments we know pane kwatakuenda

  • $1,7billion sounds way too much for that road.

    • THEY SAY DUALISATION…..WHY NOT MAKE IT LIKE…3 rows of traffic on each side…that’s development. We need infrastructures that will last for life

    • Saka moda mariii

  • Since zvakabvirirwa zvichinzi All set All set, zvinosetwa kanganiko road yacho ichingopedza vanhu nhyami??

  • Is that bulawayo – harare the only main major route of the nation ? if it z not so wy not beitbridge – chiredzi -mutare -harare then masvingo – beitbridge all routes needs yor renovations dont talk of 1 route in zimbabwe we need real change not just whofling and bucking mannn

  • This project was commenced in January 2017 if remember correctly, they said all is set for beitbridge/ Chirundu dualisation. Hey I failed to understand

  • Yeahhh zvaakumeka senzi manje …

  • People our government does not have the funds for such projects and obviously they will employ local workers

  • Austria ne China zvakafanana here imi? Austria is not an Asian country….look you at your world map closely you will see the difference.

  • Was this company handpicked or this project was tendered and Gieger happened to win the tender,,educate me there

  • That’s false. No surveying has ever taken place along that road. That minister keeps on selling fake news to the masses.

  • its the old chorus that zanu has been singing for sometime now. next week dont be surprised when they say all set for Matebeland -Zambezi water project taneta nazvo izvi zve propaganda izvi.

  • We tired of lies. Dualisation of that road is long overdue. Tenders have bn given to companies from long back bt nothing is being done. Nxaaa

  • If u don’t have news please tell us folk stories,dangote deal is where now?

  • Renovates all routes pliz we want to enjoy our country earl

  • Better

  • @list ed got zim @heart look at the development .wotonzwa rimwe richingowawata if u don’t love zim like him and some who do baya kumzansi mikuku yenyu hombo

    04Dec 2017…tatokangamwa hedu! Chinese are the contracrors

  • Kwete maChina anojairira vanhu…

  • Finally

  • Y promoting aliens yet muno muine ma construction companies & many civil enginners

  • They must also do Bulawayo Beitbridge

  • Ppl south africa has failed us lts see the othrs

  • Harare/Beitbridge😂😂😂😂,damn some things never change and there is no traffic between Bulawayo/Beitbridge……i give up on ZANU, they say the proof is in the pudding.

  • These must think people are dunderheads. Just this week the country representative of this company failed to appear before a parliamentary portfolio committee to explain the delays in implementing the project. Two days later the minister of transport is interviewed explaining that all is well and they are ready to start. This is the clearest indication that they are trying to use their political connections the circumvent scrutiny. Journalists Gumbo is either being used or he has a similarly corrupt relationship with the company as he did with the Zimbabwe airways corrupt project.

  • Kubva riini zvichingonzi all set?

  • Fake news maybe after 2019….these guys lie four much……..kkkkk

  • Taneta nema stories, road ngaingogadzirwa chete.

  • We have been waiting for long time to see it happening and now is the time its taking place really welldone. Sekuru ngwena zvayitwa

  • Isu van wezhira tongoda kuona road yakanaka inofambika yavapo

  • Ko Group Five yakonewa here? They did a very good job on the Byo-Gweru highway

  • No I think they finally get it Austrians are not the same as Chinese that know how to do things their way varungu ndochaivo maakuda zve Murray & Robert’s kuti maakupenga here give our lovely President time to do things his way plz

  • Wow!!!

  • What happened to Gulliver????

  • With the figures mentioned by the minister you said $998 million for B/B to Harare meaning it will cost US $1 663 333.33 per kilometre??! How is this possible

  • Inga Mugabe did the official opening of the project sometime this year,maybe April or March and it was carried out pa Chaka or golden spiderweb,and not even a stone was put on the ground,Vanhu vakasiya vaudzwa kuti mabasa hobho and nothing has come their way as yet.This is all hoax and politics

  • Hayas vanhu chese chaitwa chakashata ahhh ndakunzwisisa why Mugabe akatsindira vanhu all these years because ukaterrera munhu you don’t progress there is always wrong in everything done right

    • Clap clap clap clap

    • Just being real as hard as it is but noone ever appreciates it’s getting boring only 20 days you want everything as smooth as England

  • Nehanda kuzonyepawo mhani

  • Nehanda kuzonyepawo mhani

  • Nehanda kuzonyepawo mhani

  • Geiger Int…that’s the 1 we want. M&R closed shop here when we needed them the most. probably put stringent financial demands & no subcontracting. Further one never know. The British might have mingled. Chinese…No. They abandoned the NSS before installation of seats. They cheat. Some people built us the Kariba dam & we have little complaints about it for so many years now. Let’s see what the Austrians do. Remember some of their folks wrote those books you read to be civil water engineers now. If they did hold back some knowledge, well we gonna witness their workmanship. Go on Geiger.

  • Look at chinamasa’s 😂😂he’s ready to loot that money🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳

  • Naro naro basa vamwe vanhu vanyare

  • Makore mangani muchitaura

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