Promoter fumes over Zodwa Wabantu no-show

By Bongani Ndlovu

A Zimbabwean promoter has accused South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu of fraud after she was paid in full for two shows in the country, but dodged a chaperone who had been sent to pick her up in Durban.

Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu's Birthday Celebration Eyadini
Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu’s Birthday Celebration Eyadini

Zodwa Wabantu was supposed to entertain revellers at Private Lounge in Harare yesterday and Club Connect in Bulawayo tonight.

This is the second time Zodwa Wabantu has failed to turn up for a show after she cancelled three shows in Zimbabwe at the 11th hour last month.In a statement Devine Assignments, promoters of the show, have vowed never to work with Zodwa Wabantu describing her as an unprofessional and deceitful artiste and they are considering taking legal action against her.

“Our patience has worn thin and barring a very spectacular explanation from Zodwa, we won’t be having any further dealings with her. We’d paid her, we are treating this unfortunate incident of bad faith, unprofessionalism and outright deceit as fraud and we’ll be advised by our partners on the way forward.

We deeply regret this turn of events for the fans who were anticipating the show,” read part of the statement.

Devine Assignments said on Tuesday a chaperone was sent to Durban to accompany Zodwa Wabantu to Harare for her show yesterday, but Mzansi’s most sought after entertainer switched off her phones.

“To ensure she turns up, we as an entertainment entity had sent an emissary to Durban to be her chaperone and accompany her to Harare for her tour.

Although she had talked to the chaperone and promised to pick them up from the airport, Zodwa did not turn up and has been running circles around the chaperone and us has now gone incommunicado and all access lines to her are either going unanswered, or are totally off,” read the statement.As such Devine Assignments said they had no option but to cancel both shows.

Efforts to get a comment from Zodwa Wabantu were fruitless as her phone was not reachable.

However, her timeline on Instagram shows that yesterday Zodwa Wabantu was in Durban promoting her single with Cyndo called Bheja at Cafe Vacca Matta.

South African artistes have in the past swindled Zimbabwean promoters and this has led them to be arrested when they re-enter the country for other engagements after affected promoters laid charges against them.

Should Devine Assignments decide to lay charges against Zodwa Wabantu she risks being detained next time she lands in Zimbabwe like her Afrotainment stable mate and countryman NaakMusiQ.

The Call Out hit-maker two years ago was arrested and detained at the Bulawayo Central Police Station before a show at Horizon Night Club (now Club Vista).

He was detained because he had failed to pitch up for a show he was paid in full for at the now defunct Club Forty 40 in 2013.

South African DJ Sbu allegedly faces arrest in Bulawayo after he failed to pitch for booked shows. It is reported that he owes money from as far back as 2009. The Chronicle

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