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North Korea warns nuclear war is now INEVITABLE after US stages huge drills involving hundreds of fighter jets

North Korea has warned nuclear war is now inevitable after the United States staged huge drills involving hundreds of advanced warplanes.The chilling prediction comes after two US B-1B nuke capable bombers were confirmed to be among aircraft staging large-scale aerial exercises near the hermit state.

North Korea warns US of 'horrible nuclear strike'
North Korea warns US of ‘horrible nuclear strike’

The huge war games follow three intercontinental ballistic missile tests just days before.

These rocket launches clearly showed the world Kim Jong-un has moved closer towards building a nuclear arsenal that could unleash a nuclear holocaust on the US mainland.

In the latest in a series of sinister statements, the dictator’s spokesman said nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula had become a matter of when, not if.

He said: “We do not wish for a war but shall not hide from it.

“And should the US miscalculate our patience and light the fuse for a nuclear war, we will surely make the US dearly pay the consequences with our mighty nuclear force which we have consistently strengthened.”

The nuclear war threat was carried by the official Korean Central News Agency this morning, hours after the United States flew its B-1B supersonic bombers over South Korea as part of a massive combined aerial war game involving hundreds of warplanes.

The five-day drills that began Monday involve more than 200 aircraft, including six US F-22 and 18 F-35 stealth fighters.

Meanwhile China, North Korea’s neighbour and lone major ally, again urged calm and said war was not the answer.

“We hope all relevant parties can maintain calm and restraint and take steps to alleviate tensions and not provoke each other,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in a statement.

“The outbreak of war is not in any side’s interest. The ones that will suffer the most are ordinary people.”

The warplanes simulated land strikes at a military field near South Korea’s eastern coast.

“Through the drill, the South Korean and US air forces displayed the allies’ strong intent and ability to punish North Korea when threatened by nuclear weapons and missiles,” the South Korean military said in a statement.

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  • The rapture is upon us.

  • “North korea is not syria, we have retaliatory capabilities & the result wil be beyond expectation”. Viva DPRK, viva kim jon un

    • N. Korea does not have the military arsenal to withstand US. It’s just the selfishness of an overzealous despot who does not go to the battlefront, but provokes those who can cut him to his right size. Just by looking at Naval ships, NK is way behind the US. Compare their airpower and you will understand how foolish the NKPR is. USA is not just a super power, it’s a global bulwark. The war is not necessary at all. Unfortunately we have some lunatics who are over-excited by what they think are the best weapons,so they challenge and provoke those who have been in the game for centuries.

    • Am not supporting anyone, but truth be told, we can’t take anything from US as far as their superpower status is concerned.

    • Yes Trump is not so clever but that korean leader is foolish. The people of North Korea should stand up against this fool. North Korea is too small in all respects against the US and its allies.

    • Northkorea i guess its not on its own. im sure valdirmr putin is behind them. listern to his words carefully” there wilbe no war on the korean penisular. China may came &surprise many if anything hapens to kim jon un. But e americans shld stop bulling around the world, tables are now turning upside down.

    • This might be WWIII beginning & just because of the massiveness of the weapons acquired over the years,if t happens for t to start it will be too short and so destructive

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  • Nuclear war is destructive beyond anybodys expectation, this can b a signal of the end of the world

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  • It will be so foolish of North Korea to launch missiles to US, they have great technologies to repel such attacks and threats. And what happens next, Kim Jong un will be history. In other words, this war will never happen, it’s just a war of words

  • Ever wondered why USA is not bothered by not having to bring the war to NK door step? Saving NK of transport logistics. If NK thinks Russia gonna be into it full time, they better reconsider. Russia is into NATO an ally of USA. Maybe China. China is owed trillions by USA its largest trading partner. Pros&Cons being weighed NK gonna lose. Watch.

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    • And this is including their own allies,EU,Commonwealth ,the Arabians and others

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