Moyo, Kasukuwere bank accounts frozen

By Tendai Mugabe 

Government has frozen bank accounts of former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and his former Local Government, Public Works and National Housing counterpart Mr Saviour Kasukuwere, pending investigations in their business activities.

Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo
Saviour Kasukuwere seen here with Jonathan Moyo

The two were identified as members of the G40 cabal that had surrounded former President, Cde Robert Mugabe, taking advantage of his advanced age to engage in criminal activities.

The pair skipped the country’s borders when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched Operation Restore Legacy and their whereabouts are still unknown.

Home Affairs and Culture Minister Dr Obert Mpofu confirmed the freezing of the bank accounts last night, but referred further questions to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

“Yes, the Reserve Bank has put adverts regarding to that and you can contact them for more details,” he said.

In an advertisement to all financial institutions, the RBZ said: “You are directed to identify and immediately freeze all accounts in the name of the above named individuals and any accounts in which the said individuals are directors or have a known beneficial interest.

“You are further directed to submit, in writing, a written to the Unit, by no later than the 8th of December, 2017, listing and giving particulars (including balances) of all the accounts that you would have identified and frozen in terms of this directive. Where you have not identified any relevant account, you shall nevertheless submit nil return.

“The effect of the freeze is that, (except any inflows into the account, which shall be processed normally and immediately notified to the Unit) no other transaction shall be processed from a frozen account, until further the Unit directs otherwise.”

Efforts to get a comment from RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya were fruitless last night as his mobile phone went unanswered. The Herald

  • Vakuzotora Mari yavo yaka freezer kkkk

  • mari yacho changova chando chega sakazveee musadaro

  • They deserve it , busturd looters only thinking of their pockets . Cowards go to and they dont deserve coming back in the country ibvai magara kwamuri ikoko

  • Yes that was a good move thank you

  • Iriko here mari yacho kana kuti vakaisa kuma bank ekunze kwenyika

  • nonsense

  • Mkuseenza

  • Lkkkkkkkkl vakutambiswa sinjonjo chemutengure

  • Freeze twitter account as well

  • They deserve it. Unfortunately even those who are freezing others’ accounts are not clean themselves

    • Let the dog eat dog corruption will be low by the end

  • Ndizvozvo asi totarisira vakawanda kuitirwa izvozvo.. vana Chatunga Bona Gucci Grace Mpofu the list is endless

  • Interpol batai sorobhangu

  • Good good ngavamboonawo kuti zvinorwadza kurarama uchikwereta mavheji iwewe une degree

  • I wonder if they kept money in the bank here in Zimbabwe

  • Good move but lets u forget that more people should join the bandwagon

  • it was long,long overdue so they must be dealt with decisively and pay for it ..if you are to sweep the house,the chief aim is to make it clean so clean all rooms starting with yours

  • Saka munoti ndiyo chete ma boora ndandi Aya vane ma foreign accounts

  • Good

  • Are they alive or dead also

  • Ngaitorwe yose

  • good job Zim

  • Ndavadye yavakaisa ikoko

  • Real robbeers ma thugs

  • Correct we are happy can u go on and freeze that one of grace also please we need money back those people must use kombis as all of us and feel life like all of us not to leave like kings and queens ivo vasina kumbobvira vashanda nadha

  • Yah vagonekwa mari dzekuba dziya dzakungotorwawo sematorero avakadziita

  • Its a good example to others. Looters. They gave Mugabe wrong advice. Especiall that Mosken Zhuwawo.

  • These guys have already moved their stolen loot into other accounts.

  • Vachaona nhamo havasati

  • Are they the only ones?let everyone of them face judgement

  • We want justice .everyone must be investigated .even the new cabinet .why the 2?its unfair .wrong camp

  • Every big wig past & present must be investigated

  • Justice or injustice ? I don’t know. 2 criminals in Zimbabwe. Vamwe vese vari clean. I think zvinhu zvakunaka

  • I jus want to look at the people who did that, are they also clean cz we cn say good move yet some have been protected here yet they were part of the evil regime

  • All mansions build after year 2000 must be investigated From Chiyangwa Obert Mpofu Wicknell all these

  • For all their wrongs and sins it is surely unconstitutional to simply close an individual’s account without the legal due process being tested. The president of a country cannot jus wake up one day and simply pronounce the freezing of a citizen’s account unless we have really become the proverbial Banana republic. Let charges be put across these individuals , court processes be exhausted and then let the judges make the decisions.

    • Mara do u know their treason crime kutora ten million to kill magerals using masnippers yet we are staved of cash in banks and they are threatening to fight back u shld nt allow any activities to go on their threat affects the conomy the rule of law is in force to protect the soverignity of state

    • Is the sniper case confirmed or just a hear say

  • Aaa ana kasuku vakatoitaatransfers kare maconmen aya vatori 4 steps ahead of you garwe

  • Just because they were a threat to His Excellence, I don’t think He s clean too

  • Vaibirei lets them freeeeeee vamame

  • Let them suffer more even Mwari vanoziva

  • It’s dog eats dogs right now but to me it’s personal interest here why only those two mugabe have soo many assets around the world and his wife they should look at them first

  • Let the money build infrastructure in our country for the next generation

  • Jonathan moyo’s de facto account

  • Itayi BaMiguel Chikumene

  • Ava 2 vakatiza yes accounts frozen yes, chimbo and chipanga arrested yes. But they are not the group that the army wanted to get rid of. Not just 4 pipo. Can we pliz have more arrests and different names coming up. Tatoneta nanamusorobhangu natyson.

  • Gwaumbu

    Varume vachatamba nhamo ava! Mirai muone!

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