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Individual fuel imports banned

Kiyapili Sibanda

Government has banned importation of fuel by individuals. In a notice issued by the Zimbabwe Energy regulatory Authority (Zera) yesterday, Government said it has repealed Statutory Instrument (S.I.) 171 of 2015 Control of Goods (Petroleum Products Prices) Amendment Number 5 that allowed members of the public to import up to 2 000 litres of fuel per month for personal use without a Zera licence.

A motorist refuels at a dealer along Nketa Drive in Nketa recently.Despite danger posed to property by keeping drums of fuels inside houses, some people continue doing so.The dealer sells a 5litre for between $6 and $6.50 while it cost almost the same at pump station.

The regulatory authority advised the public that that importation of fuel now has to be done in terms of the Petroleum Act that require only licensed companies.

“Zera hereby notifies the public that Statutory Instrument 171 of 2015 Control Goods (Petroleum Products Prices) (Amendment) (Number 5) that allowed members of the public to import up to 2 000 litres of fuel per month for personal use without a Zera licence has been repealed through Statutory Instrument 122 of 2017.

“After the repeal, importation of all fuel has to done in terms of the provisions of the Petroleum Act that stipulate that only companies licensed in terms of Section 29 are authorised to import fuel,” reads the statement,” said Zera.

There has been concern over the sprouting of illegal fuel dealers in the country who stand accused of short-changing clients as well as exposing the public to risks of fire incidents, injury and death.

Last month, Zera was seeking an amendment to the Petroleum Act to tighten penalties for illegal possession and dealing in petroleum products.

Existing legislation provides for the establishment of the Petroleum Regulatory Authority whose function is to license and regulate operations in the petroleum industry. The Chronicle

  • moda vaitei

  • Not coming for holiday- won’t be forced to by petrol at more than R20 a litre- no ways

    • Please send goodies to keith and kin here

    • Are they using South African rands or US $ in Zimbabwe ?

    • Gara warega hatina basa newe kuno ugouya hako wachitunha zviri nani

    • Asi unodya vanhu Crispen- rombori zita rudzii raunaro?

    • chero ukaramwa kuuya holiday haimiri. mhuri yako ndiyo ingatorwadziwa. unless kana uri father christmass vacho or maybe ndiwe urikuuya nemacalender for 2018

    • Wagara usina mari yekuuya kuholiday, wakuda kuwana chekuhwanda nacho, are u forced to buy? Gara wauya neyako inga yanzi 2000l pamwedzi wani, unoipedza uchiendepi?
      Next time utange wagona spelling yezita rako wozouya panotaura vakuru!

    • At the moment bond is 1:10 ne rand saka fuel is actually cheaper in Zimbabwe than South Africa.

    • Dabson Kanyoka….How much is it per litre in Zim?

    • $1.35 diesel and $1.40 petrol.

    • Madofo kuwanda!!!!

  • Good

  • zvakutotangaka

  • You do know that Mnangagwa owns a majority shareholding in the fuel company formerly knows as BP Shell right? So this move is in his interest.

    • very true


    • Eddie Makosa Exactly. This military government is no better than Mugabe’s regime. That’s why 2018 elections are crucial if people are allowed to vote freely and be heard.

    • Kutonzwa nemi kut ane mashares muZuva .

    • Free and fair election ZANU PF haikundi kana 1 party zvayo

    • guys u all are missing it. Zuva was Kasukuwere’s project assisted by a hidden first family hand. now i guess u know whats the meaning of this. ED is not stupid and i support him to the death.

    • Support him to death. ED anoita zve fuel na Justice Mayor Wadyajena check your facts kwete kurambira munhu.

    • Saka meaning ivo as well ha achaita ka maindividuals wo, mukurasika papi, only hurument owned remain

  • why is it like this guy is trying to worsen the situation

  • Statutory instrument inongo muka yavepo iyi yakuti bhowa ….thus why u couped R.G with your statutory n sections that are dreamt at nyt.

  • These people are clever vakuziva kuti its Dec vakuchinja mutemo

  • Zvatotanga apa ikoko ichidhura ko makabvisirei mugabe kana muchirikuda mitemo yake

  • things are getting harder day by day

  • Takakuudzai kuti mukufarira chinhu chakafanana mazimbabweaxns

  • Back to formality , no more law of the jungle tichapfidza hedu

    • Tati tadini
      Tichaombera nemaziso
      Kutyora muzura nenzeve

    • Being allowed to import fuel for personal use is not law of the jungle

    • It is , when we have adequate stock

  • Ndopaishanda dzidzo yaBob pakadai, haasangochinja mutemo overnight.

    • Dzidzo yei kovo iwe, taidya dzidzo here?

    • Bob takaneta naye. Dzidzo yayisashanda paya.

    • ZvaBob kwete uya akange atotora nyika kuisa muhomwe make. Dambudziko nderekuti zvatinoda isu vanhu zvakawandisa uye chandinoda INI hachisi chinodiwa neumwe ,saka kuva mutungamiri we vanhu zvinoda kushinga orelse ungangomuka uchiramba basa racho.

    • Iyi irestore legacy, pachamboita kakuchinja chinja kwezvinhu wrongly implemented kkk rambai makashinga

    • Kana roja rinoudziwa wani kuti mwedzi unouya mutsvage imba.

  • Kutonga kwaro. Pakaipa. These people don’t care about povo

  • why are you on the negative side most of the time? you want to confuse people.we know who are you….manje basa ririkupera soon..Ndimi munongotadzirwa chete imi muchingogona chete..

  • Cde Chinotimba asked you why zimbabwe hve high fuel prizes thn other countries ,you did’nt reply only thinking of banning indidual fuel imports so that you continue OVER charging us…pliz cut/slash/reduce fuel prize t

  • What are the reasons

  • Instead of banning the importation of fuel the government should have reduced the price of fuel to be at par with RSA and this would own it’s own stopped people from buying outside the borders. Dumb Chinamasa

    • How much is a litre of petrol and diesel respectively in south Africa.

    • South Africa is +-R15 yakakwira musi wa 6

  • Good move Taneta ne Black market..

    • Iwe unonotengerei kublack market kana usingaide

  • Embrace the law

  • Yaaa netumabutcher twepasi pemiti tuya ngatudzurwe. Toda kumutsa CSC futi

  • Nhayi Baba Martha , chinafanira kutanga chiii apa?

  • Jungle laws

  • ZERA must also reveal the fuel prices in Zimbabwe as compared to other regional countries. Our fuel seems to have some diamond particles in it. It’s too expensive.

  • You want to promote Dharwizi

  • Do yu knw why that is happening? They are trying to earn a living like anyone else. They do the vending only to have the bread in their mouth. Leave those people alone, one day yu will regrate like Mugabe and Grace. God have his own way to take down evil people mark my word.

  • Kukundwawo ne DRC inoita petrol $1,10 zim tipeiwo maserious

  • Are these sanctions to people that earn a living by selling fuel and staff. Coz I see no reasons for stopping them. It must be regulated not banned overnight

  • Now you can register a company and apply for a licence. Simple, formalize tsvimbo dzenyu manje.

  • Help me this means I can’t come with my 40 litres in the Jerry Cane/container to supplement my fuel until I reach home

  • Fuel prices are adversely affected by the mandatory blending of ethanol. Ethanol is produced locally from sugar cane. Unfortunately, as the local producer has a monopoly the ethanol is procured at an inflated rate to cover any ‘additional’ costs. A full disclosure of all cost should be made, for obvious reasons never will.

  • Ko murikushairei kucontroller price ye fuel yacho kuti vanhu vasazvinetse nekutakura fuel kubva kune dzimwe nyika shame ndokutokundikana kwegov yedu uko

  • Heavy. Such products should be the prerogative of govt to procure. And tozoona kuti inodhura sei. Fuel costs have pushed up prices of commodities. But govt should be equal to the task…… on the supply side so that we dont wake up with empty tanks at service stations

  • Here in Botswana petrol is P7,69 which is less than 65c last weekend I came to Zim and was refused to cross with 2 Gerry Cans by Zimra.

  • Ndivo vaiti vamugabe mu office ka ava life so

  • Ndiko kutonga kwaro garwe kwacho here uku? Reducing th number of suppliers will automatically reduce th quantities supplid thereby increasing th price.simple economics.