First Lady makes surprise hospital visit

First Lady  Auxillia Mnangagwa on Wednesday paid a surprise visit to Harare Central Hospital to get an appreciation of problems plaguing the health institution as well as to acquaint herself with its operations.

First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa
First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa

During her unannounced visit,  Mnangagwa was apprised of the challenges facing the hospital during informal interactions with unsuspecting patients and members of staff, most of whom did not recognise her.

She expressed optimism that the 2018 National Budget to be announced today will address some of the budgetary constraints affecting good service delivery.

“You are doing great work caring for our patients despite the shortage of resources. I am sure you are aware of the prevailing economic situation in the country.

I hope that some of the critical problems facing the institution will be addressed in the forthcoming national budget when resources are allocated,” she said.

“The purpose of my visit is to have an appreciation of the hospital’s operations. I am happy. I was impressed by the cordial patient-staff relationship and cleanliness in the hospital,” she added.

The central hospital, also known as Gomo, is the busiest hospital in Zimbabwe, offering services to over 1 200 in-patients and 900 out-patients/casualties daily.

The hospital has 22 wards in the general hospital, a large maternity hospital, a psychiatric unit, as well as a tropical diseases unit.

Apart from being the country’s First Lady, Amai Mnangagwa is also the National Assembly Member for Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency.

Throughout her tour of the hospital’s units, she consistently preached the message of hope and hard work.

She also urged mothers to take good care of their children as they were the future leaders.The First Lady visited the out-patients, paediatric, maternity and nursery units.

She concluded her tour at the transport section, where she was briefed about the serious perennial transport shortage for both patients and staff. “We only have two old ambulances which are not well-equipped to cater for our inter-hospital transfers.

The situation is bad. The other ambulances are down,” said the hospital’s chief executive, Ms Peggy Zvavamwe.“We also used to transport our staff home, but now we can only take them to the city because of our depleted fleet”. The Chronicle

  • Hope makaendawo nemabanana, makagona though u should hev visited these patients kare kare.

  • F

  • She went with them,vakamarakidza people will complain futi kuti why showing muchipa😀

  • Amanye amabizo bakithi! Was she an Auxiliary once? I like her though!

  • How about government sets up a special commission that looks into the problems facing all the hospitals in the country and coming up with solutions?

    • Its a good move even if you emoloy a farm manager at your farm but you still need to go and see for yourself


  • Yaah ku health kuri kuda kugadziriswa zvakaoma Simba amai .hakuna chiri kufamba vanhu havana mishonga

  • yaaa ndokugona visit ministry surprise them muone zvari kuita mukavaudza kuti tkuuya munovharwa

  • Vusumuzi Masuku, lest you ddnt know; the name that is pronounced as “Akusiriya” is actually written and pronounced as “Auxillia” not as “Auxillary” as you are mischieviously doing

  • Our Dr Gire would have never done something like that. Thank you First Lady for at least trying to see the world from the perspective of the poor!👏🏽

  • Good gesture first lady. Good start. We need a task force to monitor health delivery institutions. Staff at these institutions lack close monitoring and supervision hence poor service experienced. More drugs and equipment so that they perform without limitations. Health budget allocation is insufficient and we don’t mind to see you flying with a begging bowl. We expect better from you mother unlike your predecessor who was greedy, disrepectful and egoistic.

  • Was this on behalf of her husband?🤤

  • Mai vasapinda mubasa rababa kkk. Zvozotinetsa

  • Surprise visit haina kuipa makagona chaizvo, asika chiitaiwoka kuti varwere vawane mishonga yakakwana muzvipatara uye kubhadhara manurse and doctors kuti vaite basa ravo zvakasununguka

  • James Dada

    Looks like now we have a first lady who knows her purpose!! Keep it up Mai Mnangagwa

  • Surprise visit with the State Broadcaster filming it as it happened. Tell me its not a publicity stunt.🤷‍♂️

  • Ndezve campaign chete izvi.she is the Mp kwachurumhanzu constituency bt not even one day rakasvika paclinic.ukasvika kuhospital yaikoko unonzwa handichataure.musada kuti bats kumeso as if you begins at home.

  • This lady is amazing

  • gud example of a first lady nt that DR Grace she was busy shouting pple

  • These women!! As who?? First Lady?? Is she a gvt employee?? It’s not even in her constituency!!

  • I think was good to familiarize with the situation and pass it to the President

  • Protocol at times does not yield results because some ministers are there for money than serving people

  • But even if its a campaign it shows another positive contribution. And we expect to c more from her. In Zim they say we are educated but some of our decisions if not most of them are poor. We get carried away to the deepest sea with simple things that happens for a short time. I wonder what type of education do we have that produces foolish conclusions.

  • She haad seen how they destroyed Zimbabwe

  • Haa vekenyenye momz ava kuchirumanzu zvinhu zviri in order here nekuti first lady vekunigeria akazviita imi mukati rega tiite who are u tryin to fool…shame..we can see right thrue u..publicity stunt iyi..Shame on u

    • dzimwe road dze kwa chirumhanzu dzato nema tankhole chaiwo

  • She is likable. She is a real mother

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