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ZRP decline council request to remove vendors

The Zimbabwe Republic Police declined the Harare City Council’s request to have illegal vendors evicted from the Central Business District.

Joint patrols by the police and army

Council has expressed concern over the continued illegal activities and had sought help from the ZRP who said they can only intervene to council’s aide if there is a court order.

However, council has said it going through acquiring a court order which they said was “a very long process”.

Concern has been raised as council said a lot of garbage was being generated between Leopold Takawira Road and Julius Nyerere Way.

“The major concern is the issue of push carts which are blocking roads particularly the area between Julius Nyerere Way and Leopold Takawira Road which is generating a lot of garbage.

“There is need for urgent remedial action. Of major concern is the issue of illegal settlements and illegal canteens operating in service lanes,” council said. H Metro

  • Zrp should stay away from council duties

  • told council to enlist military help since the police duties have been overshadowed by the army?

  • Mxxxxxxxm chihuri’s dogs shld fuckOff coz those are not their jobs

  • Magona, vakai ukama nevanhu imi mapurisa.

  • I saw them today though on joint operation around 4:30 .

  • Your report might be misleading unless you are saying the court order was granted today??

  • Hala Porisi

  • Stop peddling lies and false news nehanda. Around 8pm they were raiding vendors today. Police; city council and the army

  • Hatidzori tsvimbo nokuti gudo ravhara kumeso

  • Vendors needs a proper place to sell their goods , that’s the duty of the city father’s . Why is our government quite about this issue?