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Zapu steps up campaign against Zanu PF

Dumiso Dabengwa
Dumiso Dabengwa

Zapu is lead by former Home Affairs minister Dumiso Dabengwa who was tipped to be part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government which many analysts thought was going to be inclusive.

The party’s national spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said the former revolutionary party was never caught up in the euphoria that swept the country following Mugabe’s fall.

 “Zapu was never caught up in the euphoria that followed the deposing of Mugabe some weeks ago.

“We celebrated the first of the steps of dismantling the dictatorship Mugabe led, but we remain alive to the bigger job ahead, that of freeing Zimbabweans from Zanu PF mismanagement of the economy and oppressive tendencies by the party,” Maphosa said.

He said the solution was removing the system altogether as keeping it in place would continue worsening the plight of the long-suffering citizens.

“Zapu has always been consistently calling for the dismantling of the governance system that Zimbabwe inherited from the colonialists in 1980, a system that was designed to suppress, oppress and marginalise certain sections of our greater society,” said Maphosa.

Maphosa added that as subscribers to equality and equity they will continue to advocate for devolution of power to replace the current central governance system.

In the new dispensation, he said they anticipate wholesome electoral reforms to level the playing field.

Mnangagwa, 75, a long-time Mugabe aide, was inaugurated as the second Executive president on November 24, following the resignation of Mugabe ahead of a planned parliamentary impeachment vote on November 21.

The long-serving Mugabe had earlier been placed under house arrest by the military whose intervention led to the detention and fleeing of a cabal of ministers whom it accused of being criminals.

Mnangagwa had been earlier fired from both government and Zanu PF to pave way for Mugabe’s own preferred successor who many suspected was his wife, Grace. DailyNews

  • Cde Dabengwa celebrated on 2008 by saying we stopped MT from going to the state House….what’s changed now

  • Cde Dabengwa celebrated on 2008 by saying we stopped MT from going to the state House….what’s changed now

  • Cde Dabengwa celebrated on 2008 by saying we stopped MT from going to the state House….what’s changed now

  • Kupedza nguvaa uko go back to ZANU xaa

  • Kupedza nguvaa uko go back to ZANU xaa

  • Kupedza nguvaa uko go back to ZANU xaa

  • Point taken

  • Point taken

  • Point taken

  • Psheee keep dreaming dreams are allowed

  • U cant remove Zanu pf yah i know truth hurts but thats the way it iz pamberi negwara remusangano pasi ne anofunga ari ku hope kuti anoibvisa pasi ne mhanduuuuu

    • Who isthe enemy?

    • Many used to say the same with RGM. The same was said to likes of Pinochet, Mussolini, Caeusescu, Shah of Iran, Abacha, Banda, Mobutu, Emperor of Japan, etc. What man puts up, man destroys. Everything is temporary.

    • Replacing ZANU PF with what? Zvirimo zviroto ngazviperere mudzimba

  • Zimbabwe will remain the same because of people who can’t see were is going people are used by zanu pf mbavha iMbavha they will never change

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  • Not this time

  • Correct Mr D…., will surprise the unsurprised, like tumwe tunongoita mitevere

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  • I love ZAPU but hey political environment has changed since it was swallowed so eish pakaipa

  • Join Zanu pf mdala Dabengwa

  • Mr Dabengwa keep quiet and sit down

  • There is no point to keep on calling people names here whilst you don’t register to vote.you don’t cascade your manifesto. Do you think people are on this platform? We are busy encouraging people to register to vote then you cry foul at the end of the day

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  • KKK ZAPU…..Dabengwa toyi toyed with War Veterans …u sank so low that year

  • Mr Dabengwa you are now coming with stories.

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