Mutsa Murenje – Mnangagwa presidency built on quicksand and remains questionable

By Mutsa Murenje

That is what it is, an opportunistic political dispensation brought about by Constantino Chiwenga’s illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional military takeover of political power in Zimbabwe. This was done for the benefit of Emmerson Mnangagwa who is now the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe. My impression of the new administration has not changed.

Zimbabwe’s then acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa (L) and his wife Auxilia (R) attend the funeral ceremony of Peter Chanetsa at the National Heroes Acre in Harare, on January 7, 2017.
Former governor Peter Chanesta died on January 2, 2017. / AFP / JEKESAI NJIKIZANA (Photo credit should read JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images)

I never mince my words: I am a natural enemy of all rotten politicians and we just happen to have miscreants and scoundrels in charge of Zimbabwean affairs. My position has been consistent from the beginning and it remains unchanged.

I understand the role of democratic governments in enhancing the well-being of their citizens. What we have in Zimbabwe, however, is an illegal administration whose legitimacy remains questionable despite the abuse of the courts to sanitise the coup that brought Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule to an abrupt end.

It has been, and always will be, my position that rational politics requires membership in a particular type of moral community. Drawing inspiration from the great John Bunyan, “I will stay in jail to the end of my days before I make a butchery of my conscience.” I have, therefore, refused to “normalise the abnormal” by endorsing and sanitising illegal seizure of power in Zimbabwe and anywhere else it may happen.

It is quite ludicrous to learn that the Judge President of the High Court of Zimbabwe, Justice George Chiweshe, opportunistically justified illegal seizure of power by the military just when Mnangagwa was being inaugurated.

At the same time, realising that Mnangagwa had not even followed ZANU PF’s constitution for his “reinstatement”, Chiweshe hurriedly declared that Mnangagwa’s expulsion was null and void. What is even more surprising is that Mnangagwa himself never legally challenged his expulsion.

Rather, he escaped into self-imposed exile returning to assume power illegally. Without doubt, we have a captured judiciary and that should worry all of us, particularly those fighting for a free, just and democratic Zimbabwe.

As opponents of oppressive regimes, we shouldn’t be expecting justice from partisan and factional judicial officers like Chiweshe. Besides, during the entire military operation, those opposed to Mnangagwa were harassed by the army and to date, some people’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Should we therefore expect democracy and development from people whose DNA is undemocratic? From all this, I have been worried more by the international community’s deafening silence, including that of Zimbabweans themselves. These aren’t fictitious allegations.

Some people were reportedly killed and who will take responsibility for that? And I just happen to have a few questions to ask: Won’t these thugs rely on the same brutal and ruthless tactics should they lose next year’s elections? Is there even guarantee that we will have free, fair and credible elections? Does the Zimbabwean constitution really support illegal seizures of power by the military? If so, what implications does this have on our struggle for democracy?

These are serious questions that all Zimbabweans of goodwill should be able to answer. Events of the past two weeks require that we really examine ourselves and see if we haven’t been a disservice to our struggle against the excesses of the ZANU PF regime.

Desperate for change after nearly four decades of oppressive and brutal rule by Mugabe and his thugs (Mnangagwa included), ignorant Zimbabweans were used to further entrench dictatorship and normalise the abnormal political culture of entitlement.

As I see it, it has been deliberately exaggerated, to obviate the wrath of the regional and international community, that Zimbabweans replaced Mugabe with Mnangagwa. Nothing can be further from the truth! The truth of the matter is: Chiwenga and his goons imposed Mnangagwa on Zimbabwe. Thus, Mnangagwa’s presidency will not last.

I repeat, Mnangagwa’s presidency will not last. Let me explain why. His presidency is built on a quicksand political foundation. It is standing on dangerous political ground and the only way to make it firm is when Mnangagwa tilts towards more brutal and ruthless tactics just like he did during the early years of our independence when he described Gukurahundi victims as cockroaches that deserved to be exterminated.

I haven’t been impressed by the opposition political parties during this whole drama. If anything, there has been a lot of political opportunism of late and I see Morgan Tsvangirai’s “recovery from his Johannesburg hospital” in the same light. Was his recovery in anticipation of being incorporated in the new administration? What happened to the MDC Alliance?

Wasn’t it the prime time for the alliance to release a statement whether they supported or were opposed to the coup in Zimbabwe? Speaking with one voice would have been the most relevant response instead of leaving this to individual political parties. If the truth were to be told, there have been a few dissenting voices that were ignored even by the media.

No one has been spared, we now have a captured media that has quickly warmed to the dictatorship and illegal coup. There is just no morality in all this. Where are civil society organisations? There is no doubt there is a lot of work to be done. We have a long way to go and we need to study our own character and behaviour, especially our reasons for doing things.

In conclusion, as an Adventist, this is what I have learnt and taken to heart: “In every community where they live Seventh-day Adventists, as children of God, should be recognised as outstanding citizens in their Christian integrity and in working for the common good of all.

While our highest responsibility is to the church and its commission to preach the gospel of the kingdom to all the world, we should support by our service and our means, as far as possible and consistent, all proper efforts for social order and betterment.

Even though we must stand apart from all political and social strife, we should always, quietly and firmly, maintain an uncompromising stand for justice and rights in civic affairs, along with strict adherence to our religious convictions” (Standards for Christian living, p. 173). May God bless Zimbabwe! The struggle continues unabated!

  • Reports of gunfire and house burning @ Chihuri’s residence. Gardner seen jumping over the wall. Still…

  • Haiwawo ana Mutsa Murenje maivepiko for the past 37 years , tibvireyipo nxaaaa!

    • Ndiye mumwe wevanhu vailooter saka zvakashanduka asati apedza project yake

    • Truth hurts sometimes. But it has to be told all the same. Don’t dismiss his argument engage it

    • Boby Mafi truth hurts who? , hapana kudzokera kumashure chero zvisiri pamutemo or not ,,,,,pluz i dnt like zanu pf either ,, m happy Mugabe went Kwazvimba.

    • asi wangauchiendesewa kuchikoro namugabe kumuchemera

  • But that is true.

  • Go hang

  • Huya imubvise neVote yako kaa ko ma elections ariko wani nxt yr

  • Maida kuti Grace atore here??

    • It’s neither here or there. The point is that it wasn’t democratic or legal. Mnangagwa is as illegal as Grace would have been. It’s not about which Zanu PF faction you like but about the laws of the country and respect of its people

    • was it illegal when Mugabe handed over the power to him?.

    • Nhayi , m happy the Mugabez are out .

    • Democratic will come by elections and It wasn’t time yet for elections wait and you will remove him by yr vote nxt year.

    • Those who are saying it was illegal can you now tell us the legal procedure

  • True.Zanu must still fall

    • Which part should we put now? Mdc is confused now

    • Zanu became stronger than ever especially if they will walk the talk now

    • The talk everyone is waiting for are free and fair elections

  • As long as it’s not Grace

  • Ahoi Mutsa

  • You nailed it but you are going to receive a barrage of criticism from the so called intellectuals.It a pity that even the technocrats are playing into Zanu pf factual fights. The presence of army in the streets leaves a lot to be desired.

    • It’s not like the army is an enemy of people, why do opposition treat men in uniform as lepers

    • Their presence is a problem when they attacking civilians but for now I don’t see any problem

  • Politicians within zanu will always go the same way they came in.

  • Gamatox

    Leave us ignorant Zimbabweans to sort out our issues.

  • Ibvaapa mhani iwe hapana zvaurikutaura ngoko

  • Ana mutsa plz sit down

  • Go hang

  • Vanhu wakayenda ku march waifunga kuti by this time zvinhu zvinenge zvachinja. But nyatsotarisisai zvirikutoita worse

  • So wats yo point exactly, u still wanted Robert and Graces iron fist rule or what.

  • Mungo wukura chawaita hapana

  • Hate it or Love it! The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe is His Excellence Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.ukaona uchipikisana nazvo kana kurwadziwa aaaah bva haupore zve.

    • Ndiye wevamwe vanhu vailooter iyeyu akabatikidzwa ne operation achirikuba

    • Kana vakazobviswa nema election but history shall ever say he was once a president of Zimbabwe.ini ndakazvitambira and he is my current president hazvichinje izvo.

    • It depends on who writes the history

    • It depends with sanity with those who accept Coup plotters as leaders.. the very reason why a black persin is almost same level with a monkey.

    • Whoever will write the history,President ED Mnangagwa will be on the list of people who ruled Zim

    • military ruller

    • @ Tsungu i hope you are not one of the black persons

    • Tsungu have self hatred, you wish one day you turn to be a white man, shame

    • Not just shame….but shameful to him

    • There is now sanity on the roads. The economy is gaining ground. Invester confidence is going up meaning foreign direct investment coming our way in the near future. …etc. Meanwhile all you can do is denigrate and call yourself a monkey. Rather you should be thinking long and hard on how you can contribute to the new Zimbabwe. Maybe you are right you are just a Monkey you and not the rest of us. Just you.

    • ED my president you haters must fuck off

    • Brighton T Chitambo a qualified boot licker

    • Only an idiot will praise this moron called ED he was elected by the Army that’s why he is rushing to make the army happy by renaming the barracks That ED he power is the barracks mirai muone pamuchati muite toyi toyi ndoo pamuchaona kuti Army inomamisa ana Mnangagwa imhata wait its coming

    • By seeing one’s comment yu can easily translate type of a person yu are talking to.why rushing to utter vulgars.shaaaame.kutukana kunobatsirei nhai.My apologies to those i share different views sorry am no a type of person who believe in uttering obscenities. Good day my fellows

    • Your faculties need some cheking! Seriously. Ndimi maishandiswa naGrace you can not use your brains. Considering their current state of health Mnangagwa is by far best a better person.

    • We are still going to vote.

    • Rakesh Prince Nazare people are doing toi toi already i learnt one guy in Mutare was forced into a sewer and have shit all over his face after resist to shut his barbershop and a woman was put in a sack and forced to eat the soap that she was selling. Now tell me in this time and age this barbaric behaviour is still happening in Zim. And apa hapana kana chekuti vanhu vaite for survival. So in all honest Munangagwa came to oppress the poor and enrich these old thieves like himself

    • Pawangoti I learnt one guy in mutate ndabva ndaziva kuti muchiri ku era yemakuhwa, hapana zvinozikanwa

    • Kkkkkk yaaaah we need not to believe word of gossip.why it happened to those selected people only.i guess there could be something they did and its not being mentioned here.after all i think there is never going to be a situation where we are going to see anyone leading the nation having everyone’s support,there always should be critics.

    • Ma G40 too much noise chimbomirai makadaro

    • INI ndaifunga kuti people will learn from our mistake yatakaita 2013 after taguta.2008 we voted nycly becz taiga nenzara.

    • All thoz vanongovukura-vukura th anti-ED guyz who wud u hv wanted to b n Mnangagwa’s stead? Othaws the Prince, Nazares, n More Dombazs are jstbt empty tins tht mak loudest gongs by nature, n meaningful contributionsl n progressive attitudes are no-existant to then.

  • Kkkkkkkk that’s democracy others like myself on the contrary know we are going to benefit and enjoy

  • Mnangagwa ndizvo.

  • Singing zvangu
    Honorable ED varatidzei chiEG

  • Nehanda whom do u work for?

  • Facebook freedom fighters zvoperera pano…ukazodiiii payaa 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️hapana kkkk

  • Hanti mugabe akabva saka chakunetsa chii waifunga kut tsvangson angamubvise aaaa iwe kwana iwe

  • You thought that Mdc wil be involved in so called transitional gvt thus why you are so.emotional….Let zanu govern the country,they won 2013 elections you participated without reforms…we are sick and tired with your stupid analysis.

  • Did you ever think Mugabe had any plans make Zimbabwe better? Did you ever hear Mugabe asking his Ministers to bring blue print of their Ministries strategic 100day plan? We need to give this guy a chance. Majority will certainly give him that chance including me. To be honest I personally don’t give a toss if you don’t😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    • ukaona achirikuchemera mugabe imbava ndovaiba vasingabvunziwe pamwe angaachirikutanga kuba

    • Wake up Mr gukurawhindi he just want to win elections next year Zimbabwe is going nowhere under ZANU pf gangster

  • We don’t care about your position. Kuchinja kana kusa chinja kwayo.Keep your statements to yourself.

  • shut the fuck up

  • Where was this guy when Grace was invading the whole of Mazowe valley?

  • We don’t care coup or coup we just want food on the table you wanted Mugabe to rule for how long people suffering dai soja Rosina kupindira

  • Ndezvako izvo Chitima chekugadzirisa Nyika chinongokusiya wakati favava.Moda kuona Vanhu vachitambura.Majaira .Manje we shed the types of you off hamuna basa.

  • Nonsense

  • Its true…..the Government is a Coup government and ED the Coup leader and thus why we have an Airforce Commander stil serving the millitary all other millitary junta but being appointed a minister….

    We are in a Full time Millitary rule.

  • Bitterness won’t take u anywhere comrade……garai pasi! Ukarwadziwa neGarwe unoita hypertension

  • Garrick Mhlawu

  • This insipid reptile, Mutsa Murenje assumes the country answers to his dictatorial Adventist sentiments. We need to restore law and order and answerability in various national spheres, which can’t be done by infantile pseudo-Christian armchair murmurings. Wake up and smell the coffee clueless Mutsa.

    • Restore order from where since zanu pf was incharge and still incharge .

  • Jonso ngaambo parker paside chitima chekugadzirisa nyika chichimbo pfuura.Get away mhani.

  • We don’t need analysis cdes, we want solutions. Zim has a lot of brilliant analysts in any field be it football, religion to politics but very few brave people who can suggest and stand to implement their solutions. Mugabe’s rule was now benefiting him and a few. Those who had been sidelined stood in to defend their positions (risking their lives obviously for their own goodness). Everyone is free to do what Chiwenga did so if anyone is not happy with current set up please give suggestions and execute them for the good of all Zimbabweans. Thank you

  • Naked truth,thieves in cabinet,same pple responsible for the mess we want to clean ryt nw

  • Fact remains, the Army had no business in that sphere…. But 😂😂😂

  • mnangagwa tanguri takunyara kudhara ngwena ko matii panyaya yekusunungurwa kwe mbanje ndapota hangu

  • As long as we are relieved of that nonstop sleeping president and i just wonder what would the status quore be if that ice cream had killed the president and Mr Chiwenga in prison haaaa bvaa taimamirwa mumisoro nana stop it!!!!! And by the way u will be still holding that view of yours and commenting from the terraces

  • Quick sand is an evaporative mind full of fake orgasmic conceptions of your political eulogies, brimmed with hatred sarcasm and vitriolic rants governed by a litany of offal cogitation. You are basing your commentary on nothing and you have no any tenet of any forensic barrage on political gamut. Your silence will excite us.

    • English never loved me.translate pliz

    • Kkkkk Morgan

    • Kkk ndaitadzawo ini 🙌🙌🙌

    • Ini ndazongobata last sentence yakanzi your silence will excite us

    • This guy first opened his Oxford English Dictionary and started searching for fancy,strange,rare words and pieced them one by one together to try and show off to us..I’m.sure he took exactly 9 months trying to come up with that comment.

    • 9 months is impossible cause ED is less than a month in office like what Macnofa clearly stated you are also brimmed with hatred sarcasm and vitriolic rants etc etc basing your commentary on your own assumptions and you have no tenet of any forensic barrage on your comment to his vocabulary talents and person.

    • Haana chaanzwa. Plz rephrase kkkk

    • Kkkkk he is just a jealousy guy on Macnofa Ali Mariam’s English writing skills.

    • Oh my god!..the lunatics.

    • Lunatism is when an incoherent, vapid and fibriotic mindset decide to delude and delete palatable fundi minds by commenting on irrelevant material

  • Attention seeker.,,,sis

  • varoverei maoko mafungiro avo

  • I see. I am thinking of ways and means to contribute to the social, economic and political progression of my country. ED or no ED I am Zimbabwean and will achieve something somehow for my country.

  • hahahaha.history has left you behind thing that I can tell you though is that when people heard about the elephant and dog barking scenario they couldn’t comprehend the very simple issue that was being it lies the existential conflict between realism and idealism….idealists bark.realists act and leave their footprint in history….your ideas about constitutionalism and democracy could not unseat grace of action did.barking is a form of mobilisation used by dogs to attract a communal response from others.which does not work kana 5 iri nzou….E.D and company are men of action.and at this point I’m proud to be zimbabwean.

    • Well put

    • Well said!

    • Ndizvozvo chaizvo. Men of action!!!!

    • At least Mugabe is gone and this is the beginning although I am not a Zanu PF person I am happy with what happened and looking forward to better things to come. Let’s recover all the money which was stolen especially from those with many Mansions.

  • Hanzi ngapuwe nguva maelection achiuya hawo date harirambe kusvika waiting hangu patiently.

  • Its unfortunate that we as Zimbabweans are far off the notion of democracy. We grew up in a tyranny that bred patronage in our minds. Democrtatic principles are of importance as long as l can smell wealth in the next tyranny.
    That the rural folk has no running water, roads , jobs, education is of no use let alone importance.
    N’ombe haifi yakaukura ino kuma

  • So you love dictatorship, don’t go round with cheap statements, Mugabe was your guy,what’s wrong with some people.

  • For to labishi

  • 2013 ndakaudza vanhu kuti you voted for ZANU pf tichatambura ndikanzi you are enemy of the progress.ZANU pf yadzidza.INI hangu handina kudzidza.vanhu vakadzidza ndovauraya nyika magradute becz chavanoda kunzi ari pabasa vanoda mashort cut unsteady yekuti tibvise hurumende yechiwar vet iripo iyi.vava kutopraiser Mnangagwa nekutomupromiser mavotes.we are heading for another disaster mnangagwa akabva achasiya ani.or munhu iye achacontinue nemaplans a mnangagwa kulooter ndokuchaenda mberi.chiwenga and Mnangagwa they did it for personal gain.nt for povo.

  • Yaa he has a lot of challenges to face. It’s dubious if he wl overcome

    • Guys tanga tisisina shamwari hanti u are fully aware, hoping those friends cn come back now hapana nyaya apa, zvoda kuwirirana nevamwe kudyidzana chete we are home n dry


  • #realness.

  • Whether you endorse or not we are in a new era . Ugare nezvako izvozvo . zvekuti chsiva chiyi two weks ago is neither here nor there – prophet of doom shame on you

  • zvemanga manga izvo enda unorara iwe mvana yekwamurenje mbuya vanogara beya panham

  • If ypu thinknour army is quick sand wait and see.

  • Let’s address issues based on facts guys not to attack one another’s person.Its one’s constitutional right to express views without fear of being attacked & we can’t all have same views.

  • Mai vari kuda some lessons n grooming n deportment otherwise vanotisekesa na marujata!!

  • Izwa chizita chacho, mutsa murenje ,jealous ndorinokuurai instead of praying kuti nyika inake u will be talking nonsense ,uriduzvi

    • Vamwe vanhu so, chakabaya chika tyokera chekutambura, chimbosiyai tione wht his capabilities are, eish, kungonzi on yo marks vanhu takarazima macomplains haaa musadaro modei, elections are coming, tikaona by thnpasina chabuda tochivoter zvee,

    • Gnu thngz changed overnyt,ten dayz dzese idzo

  • Mukutaurei maelections atopedyo wani

  • Mutsa Murenje thinks he knows it all. He is one of those people who were draining the country’s resources using Robert Mugabe’s name. No wonder you wanted him to stand for elections next yr. Asshole big time. What you hav to know is that whatever Mnangagwa is going to do is going to be better than someone sleep walking. 93 yr old man vs 75 yrs old plz use your brains, not kungovavata kunge vapotswa netsvimbo.

  • IFA wakadaro da..da..da…ko rako

  • Repeating Tamborenyoka verbatim? That’s interesting. There are phrases which makes you realise parro…

  • The painful thing is what it is now… doubt if you can change that now ….sorry!

  • We dnt knw wht u want, even the Mugabe gvt was called illegitimate gvt, it’s a sign to show dat even the next yr general elections ar suppose to go yo way, Hazvidaro vakuru ngatifarire zviripo

  • Ndezvako izvo

  • If Zimbabwe was occupied they were not going to be able to do what they did. When a place is vacant it needs occupation

  • Your problem is there is someone whom you want not a real change for the better ,why complaining too much so early like this.what we want is a better life weather its brought by John or Dick we don’t mind.

  • We must give Mnangagwa time to fix this situation and the necesary support he deserve some people here criticis just for political gain rather than for the national good i wonder are you realy patriotic zimbos who want to see this country moving forward? Isu wanwe taneta ne this bus stop mode yekuramba takamirira kuti chitima che change yeMdc ichauya rini aah every slightest change must be appreciated guys totangira ipapo so haters must fuck off you will have your chance next year

  • We will vote for the president we want not the one Chiwenga want. We are going to vote

  • Always complaining

  • I think u are out of yor mind .if i may ask who voted for yor president mugabe coz all zimbabweans wer celebrating ad still 2day they ar still celebrating but u ar bleming te now president you ar evil .how many pple died in limpompo river runing frm yor president to south africa if i may ask

  • The political situation in Zim now won’t be any worse than than before. That’s the truth.

  • Kungovukura kwezvimbwanana zvisina kana mazino. Regai vasina meso vagare vasingavoni nekuti chiedza chavepo

  • Very soon these sites will have no followers. Be positive for once. NO president will ever personally feed people from his own pocket. All we yearn for are permisible conditions where we can influence the direction of our lives without being hopeless as it was the case before. Soon you will lose a lot of followers if you want to see black even if its clearly white.

  • That was Democratic and I love it iezvi kamoyo kangu kakutoti pamberi na ED ndiye arikurira iezvi

  • Go to HELL

  • ED is far much better than Grace Marufu led Zimbabwe!

  • Satanic zvawaida zvakakona mamajaira kuba manje hakuna iyoyi kutakura ngwena huida

  • Ungaze wasijwayela. We love our army. Be very careful on your move. What do you want to do.

  • That’s the Head of State my brother.hate or like him .Sister Gire vako na Morgan havana dhiri

  • Pamberi naED

  • Fungwa dzake dzasara dzakatapwa ne Mugabe era,that’s why he can’t see the difference

  • Shut yo beak..

  • acidic truth.

  • We are going to give ED a full mandate next year.usadherere manumbers

  • My fellow Zimbabweans or even you put MDC in power today,don’t think they will change the economy in a year. They will first change their lives first then come comes to you or you will cry again kuti vakadya Kate vaye dai varipo dai zviri nani?

    • Don’t tell people lies munopeperetswa nemhepo. These thugs are looters kubva kare. Its better to have a new thieves than same thief tinosvikepi? I think ironic yawp

    • Not a politician bt since politics affects our living i must as well express my opinion, i still think given a chance this new government will bring us some refreshing change, it’s not good to judge the book by its cover

    • Hauna nyaya iwe better unyarare

  • Mugabe was a dictator,yes also Dambudzo achatitambudza.atori Dambudziko guru futi.the struggle goes on for poor Zimbabweans.

  • Ticha Chakabveyo

    The first and most difficult step was achieved in our struggle for total freedom. Mugabe is gone. In 2018 we shall tackle Mugabeism!!

  • “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

  • The problem with Zimbabwe it has too many Analysts yet no solutions nxaa

    • u can say that again muchembere maZimba haazive zvaanoda,chavanogona kungoshora chete

  • Rwendo

    There is principle, then there is expediency. What we have at present in Zimbabwe is expediency. And people are hoping for the best, based not on the truth of the situation we find ourselves in, or the character of the players involved but on pure emotion. Unfortunately we are a nation that seems happy to say that patched roads (as opposed to tackling head on why they are not properly resurfaced) are at least better than untended potholes…and that dust swept under the carpet is at least better than having it out in the open, where it can cause discomfort.

  • You can dissagree with the writer but deep down your hearts you know the truth, ED was part and parcel of Mugabe I won’t judge him now let him be given that chance it see where he takes the country to, you can argue but he has not yet performed

  • Nehanda is for MDC

  • sake?

  • Yaaa hanzi vamwwe vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa – – – – –

  • U can rave and rant asi hapana chinochinja.Don’t behave lyk u talking anything new.Makabisirwa Mugabe wamanga mashaira styra asi murikungovukura.Don’t u have anything else to say.What’s yo solution, tovadii ivo general vacho.

  • You seem not to understand what the previous one was doing to us ,so if i may ask you who did you have in mind ? Ngatishande nezviripo wena and besides that lets give him a chance its too early for the much awaited results.dont talk too much .if you expect results by now then you are a person who knows jack

  • Rodney15

    Anyone who thinks there would be free and fair elections in Zimbabwe next year is insane.Does anyone really think ED and the army would just give up power which they would have tasted for few months, because people of Zimbabwe have voted them out? They put their lives on line to remove Bob.That would never happen in Zimbabwe.People can go ahead and register to vote, but I bet it is a total waste of time.So amazing that throughout history Zimbabwe has never had a smooth transfer of power from one individual to another.Even in 1980, when RG came to power, it was after fighting against the settlers.When Mzilikazi came to Zimbabwe, he took power through conquest.His son again when he ascended to power, he had to fight in order to become King..ED had to overthrow Mugabe through a coup in order to take power.It seems voting is one of the things that does not work in Zimbabwe.We still have a long way to go, inorder to achieve what the South-Africans have achieved within a short time of their existence as independent country.

  • Getaway

  • Haiwawo tsvaga basa iwe

  • mutsa murenje you sound deranged and coming out of a mine hole filled with sewage.

  • Even if u write 3 000 pages dissing ED, I still love him, that’s my legitimate president

  • Mugabe had over stayed ,even if they had to put you we were going celebrate,

  • muno murenje mvura nezvihuta Moses achatipa todya zvedu. Asi toyeuka canaan tinosvitswa naJoshua. saka tirimunguva ysMoses ngatifarei naye pamwe nekumuteerera takananga hedu kwatirikuenda.

  • Kusada zvakanaka uko kurota hakurambidzwi

  • Satan

  • Kungovukura

  • Some peopl are good at criticising others whilst they contribute nothing themselves

  • Uriduzviiiiiiii

  • Go to hell

  • Kkkie mavakufarisa hindava muchigwadziwa nerusununguru gwatakapuhwa namagamba edu iwe isu tirikutofara imwi muchingovukura

  • Truth be told

    The Coupe was illegal, its very tragic that a Judge stooped so low as to
    declare a “coupe” legal. Yes the coupe was “morally justifiable”but
    that does not make it legal. The same nauseating boot licking that we
    witnessed under Mugabe is clearly being practiced and unfortunately
    encouraged because no one in Gvt is discouraging this shameful
    practice. ED is quite about it , presumably he is enjoying the
    attention.Mugabeism is still alive, it just has a new leader and the same “obedient sons and daughters” . The same tired and spent cabinet speaks volumes. So disappointing!!!

  • solution

    Problem is we like stating the obvious. I do not believe that anyone is under any illusions about what happened in our country….perhaps we need to think and talk more about solutions.

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