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‘Help us on Gukurahundi’

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa (Picture by NewsDay)
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa (Picture by NewsDay)

Ibhetshu’s secretary-general Mbuso Fuzwayo told the Southern News recently that while they are embracing a new political dispensation under Mnangagwa, who is also perceived to have had an influential role during the Gukurahundi era, they cannot rush to expect a bunch of roses from him.

“What I am not sure about is when Mnangagwa said let bygones be bygones during his maiden speech, what did he mean?,” Fuzwayo said.

“I hope he was not referring to Gukurahundi because unfortunately, it’s something that cannot be wished away. I am sure he was referring to their internal factional fights,” he said.

“While we wish him to be different from Mugabe on the matter, for now we can’t tell because we are not sure that it was Mugabe’s position or a Zanu PF position.”

In expressing his hope to the leadership of Mnangagwa — who has since pledged servant leadership to the people of Zimbabwe, Fuzwayo said: “Mnangagwa said he is now a Christian and what that means to us is that he has repented. So in that regard, if he is a true Christian he should give room to national healing and reconciliation.”

The Ibhetshu activist said it was not for the new president to address the past by himself but he should set up an independent commission that will be mandated to look into the issue.

The former president refused to apologise for the atrocities, preferring to say “it was a moment of madness”.

“The issue of Gukurahundi is not about individuals, therefore we don’t expect Mnangagwa to be the one doing it, but his office must facilitate for a National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to be functional.

While politicians are stakeholders, they should not be key stakeholders of this peace and reconciliation process, we need churches, civic society, traditional leaders and former freedom fighters to be involved in this whole process,” Fuzwayo explained.

Under Mugabe, Ibhetshu clashed with the law enforcers on several occasions as they sought to conduct commemorations of the victims of Gukurahundi.

The latest was last month when hundreds of activists, led by Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa, were blocked by heavily-armed police from visiting Bhalagwe in Kezi where thousands were said to have been thrown in a disused mine. DailyNews

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    Hey nehanda gukurahundi haivake nyika kana mashaya nyaya vharai kaa , dai mukuto share kuti nyika kut… https://t.co/XnJd08adzV

  • Hoping for the impossible… Mnangagwa doing what? How does he do or say anything about Gukurahundi without implicating himself

  • Lani bhetshu lika mthwakazi lokho elikwenzayo kufana lokuya cela usizo esitheni sakho, to me its desparation,

  • What exactly happened pa Gukurahundi

  • Ah

  • mugabefan

    Asking Mnangagwa to help you with Gukurahundi? You must be seriously retarded!

  • Kupedza nyaya yegukurahundi Zanupf must apologize

  • Nyaya iyi yava kunetsa hariviri zuva isina kutaurwa,,

  • Ibhetshu lika Zulu

    Nowt good part of our history , in the last ten years mugabe wasnt that much active in office. Pandakamuwona 2015 aitotadza kana nekufamba.

    Hatingati ndiye ayivadzivirira.

    Those folk must get compensation from Mr Mnangagwa.

  • BUT WHY BLAME UMNANGAGWA ,ITS LIKE BLAMING THE SOLDIERS THEMSELVES!!! The Ndebele know very well ukuthi umathunywa kalampontshi ,the BLAME lies entirely on Mugabe he is the one to appease the spirits and also the Dissidents Ngubani owayebathumile vele,leave H.E Umnangagwa alone he has a lot on his plate and how does bringing the painful past help us.

  • Nothing else they just need compensation


  • fat chance of that!!!

  • Zapu provoked gukurahundi and lost….infact thwarted at its infancy

  • It’s a matter of declaring 20 january as a day for victims remembrance.Those who believe it concerns them can be part of it .

  • Vapeiwo pfuti dzacho vaende kuMashonaland vauraye 20 000 ndokuti ipere.

  • Wat does that help us going toward,,some pipo mst learn to prioritize important thngz,,e president has a lot to worry bwt reyt now,,e economy,jobs,jobs,jobs,,,zvegukurahundi tozotaura taguta!

  • Get away with yr Gukurahundi.

  • Ngaavaudze kt haasiye aitonga by dat time

  • Dissidents were not sent by ZAPU those were state agents inside ZAPU.Nkomo n zipra soldiers were seen as a threat to Mugabe’s government so a plan was made to try and weaken Nkomo unfortunately as the call it moment of madness things got out controlling killing thousands of innocent woman and children. An insane person can never justify the killing of innocent souls.

  • Remember gukurahundi didnt emerge from hell it was after Zipra have started attacking Karanga families in Mwenezi ,Thats when the government came in full force to save lives of innocent civillians.Zipra militia men on discovering that the government has became angry they fled to South africa leaving a bad record at home .Of all the atrocities which have happened in Dzimbabgwe Matebele are the chief culprits only to cry foul afterwards ,you want compensation and justice and we too we want the same on behalf of the Karanga families who perished midnight after there homesteads were set alighty by Zipra cadres

  • tomboguta tanzwa nenhamo izvo tozotaura

  • lets 1st deal with the economy…..

  • Mugabe apologized on Gukurahundi long time ago , modeiko vanhu imwi