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Eight farmers perish in accident

By Samuel Kadungure 

Eight Nyanga farmers perished in a road accident on their way from collecting agricultural inputs last Friday. The accident happened barely 100 metres from the collection point at Kute Business Centre.

File picture of traffic police loading a metal coffin
File picture of traffic police loading a metal coffin

A 28-months-old baby, Rosemary Ropafadzo died on the spot, the driver, Samuel Aaron Mandikuwadza, who died on admission at Nyanga District Hospital.

Six others, whose conditions were critical died at Mutare Provincial Hospital. They were all from Ward 14, under Chief Saunyama’s area.

They were aboard a Toyo-Ace truck, belonging to the late Mandikuwadza. The farmers had collected seed maize and fertiliser under the Presidential Inputs Scheme at Kute Business Centre (Dodzo). The accident occurred at the 60km peg along the Nyanga-Ruwangwe Road.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa, confirmed the accident. He revealed the names of five deceased person from the eight — Rosemary Ropafadzo (28 months), of Nyamukupe Village, Aaron Samuel Mandikuwadza (56), of Hamunakwadi Village, Aquiline Mafuwo (62), of Samvenge Village, Annatoria Maritinya and Joyce Mumhanyi — all under Chief Saunyama’s area.

Insp Kakohwa could not release the names of the three others who died on Monday at Mutare Provincial Hospital as their next of kin had not been notified.

The eight succumbed to head, chest and neck injuries. Seven others survived with minor to moderate injuries.

“The truck was travelling towards Ruwangwe and was involved in an accident at the 60km peg when Mandikuwadza lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road to the left, overturned once and landed on its left side.

“A 28-months-old baby Rosemary died on the spot, and Mandikuwadza died on admission at Nyanga District Hospital. The other victims were later transferred to Mutare Provincial Hospital for further treatment and later died,” Insp Kakohwa.

Nyanga Rural District Council chairperson, Councillor Moses Gutu, said the tragedy had plunged the district into mourning. Cllr Gutu said most of the victims were breadwinners.

“All the deceased were from Ward 14 and you can imagine the extent of the pain. These people were farmers who met their fate while trying to fend for their families.

Their families have lost breadwinners, and it is unfortunate,” said Cllr Gutu.

“We buried the first five in their respective villages on Sunday, and sadly on Monday we received sad news from Cllr Mutsiwawo (Ward 14) that three other victims had died at Mutare Provincial Hospital. This exacerbated our pain.

“We do not know if the accident was caused by a defect on the vehicle or was just a design by God. I visited the scene and the accident happened on a straight and clear stretch that is less than 100m from the collection point (Kute Business Centre).

You would not expect such an impact just after take-off,” said Cllr Gutu.

He thanked Nyanga South legislator, Cde Supa Mandiwanzira, for assisting the bereaved families. The Herald

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  • passengers must also know that the have rights. As passengers ; it is our responsibility to refuse to aboard an overloaded ;speeding and unroadworthy vehicle. We also can report negligence driving to relevant authorities. But most of the time passengers are catalysts for bad driving.
    May the deceased rest in peace and condolences to the grieved

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