Chinamasa on civil servants’ bonuses

By Pamela Shumba

Civil servants will know about their bonuses tomorrow, a Cabinet Minister said yesterday. Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Patrick Chinamasa said all will be revealed when he presents the national budget.

Minister Without Finance: Patrick Chinamasa
Minister Without Finance: Patrick Chinamasa

“I can’t speak about bonuses right now. Don’t worry, everyone will know the position when I present the budget,” said Minister Chinamasa.Meanwhile, teachers have welcomed the appointment of new Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Professor Paul Mavima and called for professionalism in the ministry.

Prof Mavima, who was the deputy minister, takes over from Dr Lazarus Dokora, who was dropped a few days after being reappointed by President Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) president Mr Richard Gundane yesterday said the ministry needed an engaging minister who will accommodate the views of teachers, parents and students.

“We welcome our new minister and we hope there will be strengthened collaboration between the ministry and the teachers’ unions. There are a number of pending issues, which include vacation leave for teachers, which still need to be addressed and it’s our hope that Prof Mavima will pay attention to them.

“It’s in the best interest of the new minister to listen carefully to the views of stakeholders with regards to the added curriculum for a better and inclusive education system. We want professionalism to prevail in the education sector. We want a minister who is not arrogant. We want a minister who’s willing to accept other people’s views and be able to work with people and respect them,” said Mr Gundane.

He said there was a lot of disgruntlement among teachers and parents, as there was no room for them to contribute or suggest anything towards the development of the education system.

“The environment was not conducive for open communication. Teachers were being threatened for saying out their views, while others were being told to quit if they didn’t understand some of the policies that were being introduced.

“Parents’ views were being ignored and students were not considered at all. We’re therefore calling on our new minister to create an environment where the views of other people matter,” said Mr Gundane.

He also called on the ministry to desist from commandeering teachers’ unions and organising teachers’ events.

“Events like the World Teachers’ Day should be organised by teachers’ unions not the ministry. As much as we should work together for the development of the education system, we don’t want prefects who will be telling us what to do. We know our duties as unions and we’ll work as expected,” said Mr Gundane.

The dropping of Dr Dokora by President Mnangagwa from Cabinet was celebrated by teachers, unions and parents, who said the former minister had created a lot of confusion in the ministry.

Prof Mavima told journalists after he was sworn in on Monday that while the added curriculum was good, there are a number of operational issues which needed to be tackled.

He said the implementation of the new curriculum, which began this year, would be reviewed with necessary adjustments being made but will not be reversed. The Chronicle

  • They will get it truely. Lot of issues need to be tackled by the minister.

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  • Yes yes minister

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  • Same old song

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  • Haya chingovapayi ka… No nid of budget it’s their bonus… Their end of year reward… Musavashandise mahara ma civil servants aya

  • Hakuna chinhu, he has always condemned bonuses achiti hapana zviripo zvirikuitwa. Bonuses after 5-10years ndini ndadaro chekai musoro wangu akasadaro

  • Tidzikisirewo duty remotor Mdara 96% is too much .

    • Unoona mdara wabvanepi . duty ratova more than 100% ukatenga chi fit 1,4 kumhiri duty 1.6 muno vakomaka

    • It’s More than 100 yes.

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  • “This is a Zanu PF thing”, said Cde Chinamasa pa Zimbabwe Grounds!

  • Honestly speaking i don’t like the guy

  • Its definetly coming

  • Yes ,yes civil servants deserve to be rewarded with their bonuses.But also weed out ghost workers and reward genuine ones.

  • taku

    is this article about Teachers and their ministry or bonuses,very little details and you dwell on teacher issues ,better change the heading

  • Stephen

    Nehanda tipeiwo maserious.

  • Ko vasiri macivil servant muchavaitirei takapedzisira kuwedzerwa mari dzemapay muna 2001 nazvino hatisati tawedzerwa mari musangotarisa chete civil servants munhu wese arikushandira nyika paoneiwo ipapo MP

  • No two way pay them satan

  • Chinamasa is a good minister, especially as a finance minister he can perform better, i personaly believe he can deliver.

  • ZanuPF for you , why would one be appointed to a ministry asina kana degree re accountancy , ZANUPF ma 1 sure . Ko outside tge parameter ye ZANUPF accountants havana kana mukana . System must change sure .

  • M

  • Idofo iro chozikanwa zero kufinance

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