Army barracks officially renamed

By Tendai Rupapa

Army barracks countrywide will officially be renamed today, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa presiding over the main event at King George VI Barracks in Harare, which has since been renamed after the late national hero Cde Josiah Magama Tongogara. 

Emmerson Mnangagwa
Emmerson Mnangagwa seen here with his wife Auxilia (Picture by Aaron Ufumeli/European Pressphoto Agency)

All other army barracks will now bear the names of national heroes. Zimbabwe Defence Forces spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi yesterday confirmed the development. “Tomorrow (today) there will be an official ceremony for the renaming of military barracks throughout the country,” he said.

“The barracks have since been renamed, but this is the official launch and it is going to be conducted by his Excellency, the President Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. The name changing is an ongoing exercise in line with our legacy of the national liberation.

In the renaming process, they are going to adopt names of our liberation luminaries, the likes of the late Cdes Josiah Magama Tongogara, Nikita Mangena and many others. In remembrance of the great work they did, it was agreed that the Barracks be named after them.

“Name changes have been ongoing, some names were changed immediately after independence and we are completing the exercise.” The new names were announced in a recent Government gazette in line with Section 89 of the Defence Act (Chapter:02).

Brady Barracks in Bulawayo is now called Mzilikazi Barracks, while Cranborne cantonment and old Cranborne cantonment are now known as Charles Gumbo and Kaguvi Barracks, respectively.

Karuyana Barracks has changed to Chitekedza Barracks and 3 Brigade has been renamed to Herbert Chitepo Barracks. Chipinga cantonment is now known as William Ndangana Barracks and 4 Brigade Barracks has changed to Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks.

Second Battalion has changed to Masvingo Barracks and Gutu Barracks is now referred to as Chinomukutu Barracks.

Andrew Louw School is now called Sengwe Barracks, while Stamford Dzivarasekwa has been renamed Dzivarasekwa Barracks. Inkomo Camp has changed to Inkomo Barracks and Llewellin Barracks is now called Lookout Masuku Barracks.

The Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru has been renamed Solomon Mujuru Barracks, while the Umtali cantonment is now known as the Charles Dauramanzi Barracks.

Inkomo Camp (Mounted regiment) is now called Amoth Norbert Chingombe Barracks and Battalion Battle School Headquarters and Battalion Battle Training Area are now called the Rekayi Tangwena Barracks. Flyde Air Force Base is now called Jason Ziyapapa Moyo Air Force Base.

Royal Rhodesian Thornhill Air Force Base has been renamed Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base. The ZDF advised motorists that some roads leading to Borrowdale Road will be closed today and motorists should use alternative routes.

The move is meant to allow a smooth procession of the military parade for the commissioning Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks.

In a statement on Monday, ZDF said: “The Zimbabwe Defence Forces wishes to inform members of the public that Borrowdale Road will be closed between intersections Borrowdale Road and Pauling Road turn-off and Borrowdale Road and Churchill Avenue. “Access to Borrowdale Road through Sandringham Drive/Falmouth will also be closed to allow safe conduct of an official military parade at KG VI North Gate.”

ZDF said a 21 Gun Salute would be fired during the ceremony, with the parade will take place from 6am to 11am. Added ZDF: “Inconveniences caused to the public during the road closure period are sincerely regretted.”   The Herald

  • And Mugabe airport?

  • Zvirinani

  • heard University of Zimbabwe is now called Doctor Amai Grace University

  • They should address diseases of the heart not petty issues. Economic recovery and bread and butter issue accommodation and issues affecting the majority of zimbambeans not worry about renaming institutions they never erected


  • Some of these names

  • I think there are more pressing bread and butter issues to occupy you Mr President. Issues to do with the economy and service delivery which need yo urgent attention. Izvi zvoda kuitwa vanhu venyu vaguta.

  • ndozvinotia chikafu here warikusimudzira pakasiirwa nasekuru hapana hapana pa

  • Harare International Airport pliiiiiiz

  • You must rename the airport whilst you at it

  • And lets hope they will rename Zanu Pf

  • Does that help Zimbabwean people

  • Sir Wicknell

    masoja aye avekutongera chitororo manje hanty…………………

  • And how does that help ordinary Zimbabweans. Ipai vanhu mabasa zvemazita later

  • Nyika ino inongogaya zvehondo chete,development chaiyo hapana apa

  • Tirikuda mari kumaBanks

  • Hayibo these pipo marra.. They started by saying we are targeting criminals around the President and boom Chombo was arrested not with his other thieves ana Kasukuwere… Then they named their old ministers who are incompetent . dono if they will deliever . vendors were chased from town .. Oh ok.. Now they are busy renaming the Barracks like seriously. When are they gonna start creating jobs and reviving the economy ?? I think all ths were supposed to wait till jobs are created and economy yaabho .. Jus’s saying hangu.

  • Wasting time cde ngwena. Bread and butter issues cde. Ma ques atobva anyanyoreba kumabanks

  • I think opening an internet café is better than this

  • On the politics of naming…

    Names are important. That is precisely why the people who previously named these barracks did so in the first place. So I have one question regarding the ‘new names’…ndakatarisa mazita ese aya…tainge tisina vakadzi here muhondo? How is the selection process happening? I think this question goes deeper to questions of how and who has been telling the story of our liberation struggle. We need other narratives because as long as the hunter continues to tell the story, he will perpetually remain the hero of that account. We owe it to future generations.

    • …..true…I know of Joyce Mujuru. Or even the wives of the fallen Heroes still it will be better. Isnt so Selina?

    • Very good point, ko Mbuya Nehanda even Sally Mugabe ?

  • Rename the bond notes

  • One fuel attendant confided to me this morning that fuel price is likely to go up from the already painful 1.39 per litre for Petrol….these are the issues to be urgently addressed.

  • Development yakuzouya manje nekuchinja mazita.
    Mnangagwa anogona akomana heeeeeyi.

    Mazita aya ndoanga aita titambure.
    Kungoachinja chete haaaa mabasa hobho,. mari ungazoti imari iyoyo.


  • Wasting money for nonsense

  • Kkkkkkk the plan has long been there, and was raised sometime back when one of the executors was booe…

  • Tikuda mabasa isu hazvitipe sadza izvo

  • Mnangagwa must step down now he is waste of time

    • u can say that Piri …. this the same old story …he shld step down

    • What’s special abt changing names pressing issues are plenty mani kkkk Lina

    • kkkķk m so disappointed…n now we r going into military rule

    • Driver ndiye akachinja but bhazi rimwe chete kkkkkkkk Chawasarir nepakati

  • Renaming won’t help us. It will just put smiles on the remnant of the family members. So what’s being done to those whose relatives perished in the war but whose names has never been mentioned. Cz u can’t tell me war was fought with these 20war veterans only

  • Ko zvasiyanei naMugabe aingo chinja zvinhu zvese mazita vanhu vachishaiwa mabsa uye nekufa nenzara zvine shanduro yei panhaimo iri munyika.

  • Names are very important!

  • Can we rename provinces please except for Midlands, Bulawayo and Harare they are more neutral other names are deceiving do not reflect all tribal that live in that regions

    • And Masvingo

    • Robert Mapiye yes wezhira I agree quite neutral

    • Zvimwe zvinhu zvamunofungawoso imi. KuSA unanaKwaZulu Natal wani uko. If u thnk tribalism u will start seeing it

  • Varume vakuru dzinenge pwere isu tikuti takupai basa kuti mushande now makungorota zvinebasa rei zvimazita does that bring change in one’s life. Inga hapana zvatakaita 4th street was changed to Muzenda but no one use that name be guided by the renewal of your mind Mr President

  • Mazita haana nebasa rese taurai zvekusimudzirwa kwezvipatara, kugadzirwa kwemigwagwa nekusimudzirwa kwema industry tozoona zvemazita pamberi apo.

  • shasha

    Misplaced priorities. Put that money in hospitals to buy drugs

  • Will renaming them bring food to our tables???

  • I find nothing wrong or unusual in the renaming of KG6 to its current name now. World over the renames are done, when and how, we don’t participate in that as many like I are mere civilians doing every day necessities. Harare international was renamed, not many made adverse comments. Now an army Headquarters renamed from King George VI to our own hero is a problem. These are routines in any living democracy and even in less democratic orders. By denouncing, only shows we really have embraced the lack of identity. Pity me and my country men and women.

    • There is nothing wrong in renaming places , but its the priorities some of us are worried about; These people are tired , empty headed and just dont have the will nor capacity to make any meaningful CHANGE.

    • Its the timing n how they r prioritising such petty issues over bread n butter

    • I am no spokesperson for the military. I can tell you with certainty that this event was planned a long while ago and on events calendar of the ZDF. I got my invitation to attend way back in September 2017, and was rescheduled for other reasons. I am legal advisor of an arm of the army (ZDF -BF). Programs in other arms of Gvt must continue irrespective. Surely, country wide Parliamentary consultations on proposed legislation must also wait so are other programs of the Judicial Services Commission outside Harare? Please!

      The army budget for the occasion must be reallocated where? I think the impatience that we all have for ED to deliver in 10 days is disgraceful.

      I still believe there is no mistiming or expenditure getting misdirected on unworthy priorities.

    • You are right bro Tendai À Toto. Kunyika dzatoopembedza ikoko they have named places in honour of their heroes isusu we are brainwashed kufunga kuti edu maHeroes haana basa.

    • Wellington Sithole, I concur. Very unfortunate, pretty unfortunate that our patience and discomfort over more than 25 years suddenly get us into a frenzy of impatience over and within 10 days and discard all reason.

    • The renaming was even long overdue

    • Brain Garusa, I concur.

  • shasha

    Repeal stupidKikikikiki indigenisation

  • kkkkkkk mazita ayas ini zii zvangu kutopedza zuva rese tichipa ma barrack mazita

  • History yemagamba yakanaka chose tinofanira kutotiwo iitwe nationa munument vana vedu vauye kuzoonawo pfuti dzaishandiswa kusunungura nyika yedu . Apa magona President kutumidza zita regamba rakasunungura nyika

  • Pakaoma.

  • wasting precious time and resources ,

  • Wat abt Stadiums why not name it after Grace Mugabe

  • Our Country is slowly but sure becoming a Military state

  • Ziyaphapha not Ziyapapa. Even after renaming im still hungry Mr President.

  • Saka Mugabe ndiye airamba?

  • its just like the same concept yekuchinja harare int airport to rg int airport .

  • Is this naming really necessary now? Or does it have any help lifting our economy?

  • Rename Robert Mugabe road too

  • Uyo munhu akatumwa titevere chete

  • Nothing bad with that.

  • How much sugar will the names bring in the tables really? I am gobsmacked.!!!!!

  • This will not not change Zimbabwe wasting money and time ,He was suppose to change the ministers

  • Kana mapedza mozopfuura nepaCabs first street………..

  • But this is not news worth it wont bring food to the table mxmm this country is being run to the dogs

  • Kubva mundove ndchowira mumufudze muchabudika here mumufudze coz wakatpfumbira.tichatodemba mundove matayive.change of names next kudzingwa kwema vendors vasina enough designated area to sell zvinhu zvavo.mheno mumufudze matiri.

  • Vatanga!

  • mobva matidzoserawo airport yedu pliz muchibva ipapol

  • Bread and butter first ma comrades then renaming after

  • These events shouldn’t be attended by president they are small matters it’s for provincial leaders who should be the guest of honour not President of the country mhani . It shows lack of vision and waste if time.

  • Chikiti

    Misplaced priorities of Mugabeism

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