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Deploying soldiers on vendors is barbaric

4 December 2017

The decision by the current administration to deploy soldiers on vendors and commuters is a bad development which must not only be condemned but must stop forthwith.

Soldiers check a gun as they stand on an armoured vehicle parked in the central district of Harare, Zimbabwe, 16 November 2017, a day after the Zimbabwe National Army took control of the government from President Robert Mugabe on 15 November 2017. Mugabe and his family are believed to be safe at their house. The military denied it staged a coup d’etat. EPA-EFE/AARON UFUMELI

The past few weeks have been peaceful with no cat and mouse games being played in town owing to the suspension of high police presence.

The people of Zimbabwe who marched on the 18th of November 2017, wished to have the absence of a police state as a permanent feature of our society, this is what opening a new chapter entails.

In his speech at the Gathering of the Daily Maverick in South Africa delivered on the 23rd of November 2017, President Biti said “I hope ZANUPF does not misinterpret what happened on the historic march.”

In less than a fortnight the new administration has misinterpreted the dislike of a police state for a desire for a military state.

They have misinterpreted the dislike for police brutality as a desire for military brutality.
We stated then as we do now that after the resignation of Mugabe those who took over had two choices.

The first choice is to maintain the status quo with those coming in just doing so for the purposes of filling the big shoes that have been left by President Mugabe.

The deployment of soldiers on the vendors coupled with the appointment of questionable characters back in cabinet is a sign of the new administration’s choice.

The choice to maintain coercion, corruption and capture.

That the status quo must continue with the same livers of power that have dominated our society for the past 37 years.

The second option is to use the opportunity of the coup to lay a foundation of an irrevocable path to sustainability, of a stable, just, inclusive and democratic Zimbabwe in which all are free to pursue happiness. For the majority of Zimbabweans including vendors who marched against President Mugabe, this is the option they marched for.

Zimbabweans who flanked the soldiers and their tanks during the march were expressing their search for a new contract with those in power and with power itself.

Sadly the deployment of soldiers against the vendors today is a betrayal of that narrative.

Power in democratic societies is based on persuasion as an instrument to rally the citizen behind you.

The past 37 years have been dominated by tear gas, guns and baton sticks as instruments of persuasion. Sadly those who took over from President Mugabe today displayed that they are unwilling to change.

Reality is that they even want to make it even scarier replacing crowd management responsibility from the police to the soldiers.

It is a reproduction of the old order with different names, characters and form. The new administration has thrown away a window of opportunity too early into their tenure.

They have thrown away a window of opportunity to restart, rethink and reconfigure, they have betrayed the goodwill expressed by Zimbabweans who felt that they deserve a chance.

When the vendors marched against Mugabe they were giving an opportunity to whoever would succeed him the opportunity to create jobs and create a better working environment for small businesses to operate.

It is a fundamental issue, vendors are not in the streets by choice anyone who has the people at heart must address the foundation not the symptoms.

Everyone is agreed to the idea that the current vending arrangement is an eyesore but there are ways to reorganise.

The government is full of people who are on foreign trips lessons could be learnt from other places as well.

By the way President Mnangagwa there is a little town called Rosaria in Argentina with ten times the number of vendors than those in Harare you can send one of yours to get lessons from there, the PDP did so in March of 2017.The individual we sent is available to advise the government on how to organise vending in town, he will do this for free.

If you do not change from the use of force, Zimbabweans will have no choice but to regroup, pick up the pieces and continue with the fight.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible
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  • Reason ?

  • ndozvamakada zvekutongwa nemasoja ashatei nhasi,pamberi nemasoja

  • Iya zvave barrbaric nhasi paiitwa march hanty ma vendor ndoaive pamberi, so ngazvirambe zvakadaro masoja muroad!!

  • Patakati pamberi nemasoja taiiti pamberi ne mhata nxaa! ptuuu!

  • Soldiers to remain at the barracks please

  • Vendors on streets spread diseases it’s not clean environment are there no markets that they can occupy orderly

    • Vendors are human beings the people are struggling without jobs

    • Vendors must move out of the city, vanhu manga majaira pesepese musika muchihwanda naGrace Mugabe.sure here nhai pakati pechitsuwa mumungwangwa munhu anoisa chiwaya achigocha chibage. Mikoto yava kuora neweti , hazvichaita Harare yaora.

    • Vendors are human beings, but munhu haufanire kuitira tsvina mupoto yauno bikira

    • vanhu veZanu vanga vajaira kuno collecta mari paeach and every vendor mutonaz manje vamama.most vendors vanotibhadhariswa kuti vatengesere tonaz nevanhu veZanu ndiyo secret behind vending muharare CBD

    • Maspace barons manyila pogona

    • Street vendors obstructing pavements and spreading cholera. Please move them to their designated places where there is proper toilets with running water.

  • There’s nothing barbaric about that

  • Soldiers are just there to help the police……… And to Knock some sense to those who Need such😂😂😂

  • All this is because we had a passion of removing Mugabe and we turned a blind eye on our future .we are stuck with another regime this time from the barracks. I’m very disappointed fear must never be used as law we are heading for doom

    • People are still happy kuti Mugabe is gone but we are not seeing the fact that now we are under some sort of military rule

    • North Korea.

    • We were always under tge military guys. Mugabe was also deploying the military! The difference that a 94 yr old was removed. We are not blind at all but after 4 decades after Mugabe, wehave every right to celebrate.

    • Town ngaiite order guys… i support the clean up move. Ma soldiers akabvisa mugabe can do a stellar job too

    • What is wrong nokuti mu town muite order guys haaa zvimwe zvinogodawo common sense guys lets have order mu CBD period

    • Kana maita order zvodii izvo zvinhu zvisati zvanaka ngavati gadzirire economy apa pane kumhanya kuno shungurudza vasina mabasa mavendor marovha ka

    • The issue is vanhu they dont have jobs chivendor chinotonyadzisa but kurarama nekuda kuraramisa mhuri

    • Mdara you can not bring order by deploying soldiers who use force.this has to do with policy changes to boost investor confidence and alsp by reviving our industries.vending is actually a livelihood for others mdara.

      Pasi nedeployment yemasoja!munyika muno hamuna hondo mdara

    • @ liberty. Law and order should prevail in order to boast investor’s confidence. Cleaning the CBD does not mean eliminating vendors. CBD is prohibited for vending other than designated areas Period. The Military is restoring order in a system which was ran down by a clueless dictator. The Military is the last solution…they take orders seriously than the police. Most criminals take advantage of vending to accomplish their criminal activities.

  • They are there to wipe out o sphatheleni, imali e bank, never heard of Bank of Mpostori anywhere in the world

  • Tge government should instead deploy jobs on vendors

  • Clean our cities.

  • u cant even walk in town….. ngavaende vanhu ava

  • Is there anything wrong by cleaning up our city.vakaramba vazere mumastreets iwo mavendors hokoyo netyphoid mvura yaakunaya tinopera tese

    • Vapei mabasa

    • Ma vendor ngavaende kuma designated places period…u wl feel the pain if u own a shop in town..imagine anouya kuzotengesa same product neyako padoor reshop yako at half price coz haana maexpenses. Kugocherwa chibage madoor pako kudzingirwa macustomers…City of Harare n ZIMRA wont spare u… i think soja ndizvo vabude chop chop…ivo ndovakoshei kuregererwa vachisafisa vamwe…. most of these vakabva kumamisha..

    • Iwe,wakambo tadziswa kusvika kwauri kuenda nema vendor here? Situation yauri can change overnight.Vaimbova foromani wenyika vakaenda wani.Ko iwe zvako? Uchazoti joiner mu street one day.Ma salad,yellow bone nevamwe vakatodarika iwe tinavo pamushika shika wekuedza kuraramisa mhuri.

    • Yetyphoid yauri kutaura iyi tingadai takapera kare kkkkkkk tsvaga chimwe chikonzero kkkkkk

    • Typhoid its for real gore riya hama dzedu dzakapera necholera navaende kunotengesera kwavari kuiswa kune matoilets town yese kunhuwa weti.no no no

    • How will people survive shuwa

    • yes it’s wrong. where are the designated places dzauri kutaura ?The problem that need to be solved is unemployment.

    • Ivo ma vendor varikutoziva kwaari madesignated points.

    • Mabasa haauyi overnight be pertient nyika yakauraiwa for 37 yrs

    • Nhai Mabel akati vakabva kumamisha ndiwo mavendor ndiani, iwe wakabvepi

  • Asante sana gudnite

  • Zimbabwe is under military rule. The army’s motives were sinister from day one of the so called Oper… https://t.co/ZYOWwjwUSe

  • ah whas the use of deploying the army in the streets now.uuummm Mugabe was better,realy .i wish if he could be there i think he could not even one day tolerate such nonsense like this.

    • Kkkkkk l like dis statement “Mugabe was better” Haunawo kuenda kumarch here?

    • no handina kumboenda kundomacha coz i totally disagreed nezvakaitwa nemasoja.zvakandibhowa zvikuru

    • Sorry shaz but vendor razara pese pese kunge nhunzi, vane ma selling point avo not pese pese #operation_restore_legacy #Sunshine_City

    • Vendors are killing our economy they don’t pay taxes haiwawo ngavaende especially ma money changer nxaa

    • ndopanzwisisa ipapo bt ko masoja ndobasa rawo hre iroro.what legacy are they trying to restore now out of bulling the vendors.remember what ever chaitika muZimbabwe it will be published world wide.zvinoonekwa zvese world wide.zvinozoita senge Zimbabwe is a country of violence where soldiers are pepetrating the citizens.zvimwe ngava tange vafunga before taking any action.remember kut masunctions anokonzerwa nei,these are some of the factors the European powers consider kut Zimbabwe inogona kuchengetedza zvizvarwa zvayo here.

    • But our police is not effective

    • Panyaya yema sanctions bro ita research usanyepera vanhu pano nezvauri kuda kutaura ipapa

    • Mugabe better??, yaaa zvakakuomera wangu, asi uri vendor here?

    • Better kt huori hurambe huripo?

    • If Mugabe chastened you with a whipp I Will chasten you with scorpions. That’s ED for you

    • Vendor ngaribude mutown furustopu vakasadzingwa nemasoja anovagona ndiani ivo vakadzika midzi Izvozvi industry yacho ikavhurwa havabvume kuenda vajaira zvetuprofit twavanowana everyday

  • Kkkkkkk the country is under military

  • Nehanda radio hauna nyaya tsek

  • Operation stability and restore order no money should circulate on the street Mali ayiye eBank

  • *#keep our city clean*

  • Shut up ts good. Idiot wemunhu

  • Masoja atori boe pane porice.havarovi zvedzungu

  • Vendors always cry when kicked out but they never ask for better alternative ways of selling their cabbages they seem to enjoy this cat and mouse game

  • Hakuna hako mabasa asi hazvinawo hutano kutenga chikafu chinotanyangwa nemunhu wese honai zvazvinenge zvakaita kana mvura yaakunaya dai vasingawaridze panotsikwa nevanhu zvaivanane

  • moda kunyepera kunge munomada sterek mavendor tonaz.imi matsotsi ajaira zvemahara murimi munovabhadharisa mitero everyday nekuti mozviita mayouth eZanu..mayouth eZanu arikuto rwadziwawo havo coz havacha collecta mari dzema vendor tonaz thats the bigest secret behind vending muCBD..

  • They now think Zimbabwe is a war zone

  • First create employment then voenda kumabasa . Maipembera muchituka munhu mukuru His Excellence Pres Cde R.G Mugabe . Next ndiwe unenge uchi haraswa nemasomeki . Naka

    • Jobs can only be created if we start being producers not just consumers who rely on SA infact close borders there will be no borders

  • Takakura vanhu vachitengesa kumbare nekumupedza nhamo ngavaende ikoko. Town yese kunhuwa rubbish kana

  • I’m sorry but some order has to be restored this issue of every corner becoming and vending stall and combi drivers risking the lives of people has to stop. All this of soppy journalism is the rubbish that should stop “forthwith”. We want our sunshine city back thank you very much.

    • Solution 1st Mu Fide and then maintain order because thats the only source of income people do have now and which was caused by the former leader. Then if you get into power n barely a month you repeating the same mistake that was there b4 you wl lose people’s confidence in you

    • Euten Mhangwa Simau I think people need to be patient. Everyone has their own solution but the let man do what can. Having a vending stall everywhere is not a solution regardless if it’s a livelihood. Neither is bad driving.

    • I know bro bt with the current situation it’s jus like causing anarchy wen at the same time you think you’re rebuilding. You chase those people and you dont have a solution, what wl they survive on n remember most have families to look after. Do you expect to have their support?… Its a good idea to clean up the city bt give them a place for to continue for their survival n you wl be a darling to them

    • Euten Mhangwa Simau sometimes the right thing is not always best for everyone. Vendors have been called to register and be allocated places where they can sell their wares. It’s not about support or soliciting votes, it’s about doing the right thing. There is no way your can attract business where people are selling at every square inch of the CBD.

    • Euten Mhangwa Simau i think u are commenting from a relaxed position bcoz u dnt understand the mayhem the commuters have caused. If only u had a relative who ws ran over by a kombi in twn u wldnt b mentioning anything abt livelihood. Lets not be one sided. Vending and mushika shika is not a lasting solution so it should go. Lets have pragmatic solutions and which do not tolerate ultimatums such as first do this. I believe there are designated areas fo tt, tts a solution on its own. I don’t condone the police role in that mayhem too

    • I think such pieces of journalism lacks a critical edge. It is very shallow and only seeks to create a mentality of oppression rather consider the reason why a clean up is needed. Very soon we will reporting cholera and typhoid and blame the very people who are trying to maintain order. Let the CBD be the CBD and market place be a market place.

    • How can they said they dont want vendors while ther is jobs in Zimbabwe stupid cows

    • chivendor Chinoda kune vanhu kwete kusina vanhu, it’s only kut vanhu vacho vazowandisa mutown bcoz hakuna mabasa, that is their only way and hope of getting money

    • All they should do is create jobs mavendor munovashaya hapana anoda kuswera achitsva nezuva mustreet,i think on this one vamhanya

    • U are trying to implement the Right solution at the wrong time

    • Operation restore order ndizvo

    • Chasing vendors it’s a wrong “MOVE”,…..1stly pple are vending coz they is no jobs.Vending is their only source of income.Some are paying rent,xool fees,food,electricity nd water…all these expenses are being catered thru vending income.So if u chase them,how on earth are they going to survive.ED must create employment 1st nd after that u can chase the vendors.I feel sorry for the poor vendors.God hv mercy.

    • Boss msadaro,…do u know the profit margins??do u know the courage needed??do u know some kid somewhere has to be in xool?

    • Munopenga mose muri kuti the street shuld be cleared . vanhu vofa nenzara mastreet akachena . give them food and jobs then mozovadzinga. The solution is to create jobs for them .

    • This is the same issue as murambatsvina.hautange nekute.nga mombe iwe usina kuvaka danga radzo.dzinozorara papi

    • Mabodza Zoro Everest. Vendors are banned in the CBD. They can vend elsewhere. What guarantee do u have that all those vendor are qualified for any formal jobs if employment is created as u suggest? Those old women mostly vending.

    • And giving them food?????? Isn’t they sell food stuff.?

    • why they cant create jobs first

    • Kanti wena you dont have brains ne?What do you do when there is no water coming in you well?Do you sit there and die of thirst or you find an alternative water supply?Now listern if jobs are nomore then people must find alternative ways to survive.

    • Give us jobs and options

  • da millitarisation of da nation is a wrong move n i repeat very wrong… watch da space, zvikuitwa namasoja muma townz is not fair i jave witnesed wat they dd an hour ago, i have a feeling we were betrayed, apa takafarira ngozi tichiti mudzimu

  • Kkkkk imwe nhamo inouya sehumambo kumwe kutambura kunouya serugare

  • Tirikutotadz kufamba zvakanaka nekutya kutsika zvavanotengesa ngavarove pasi mavendor

  • The city centre real estate is worth billions and its lying idle cause tenants are fleeing from the madness in town.

  • Zvatanga zva 2005
    Kuputsira vanhu dzimba musina kuvavakira
    Modzinga ma vendors kusina basa

  • vachadawo here kuvhoterwa vanhu ava

  • Operation rebuilt Zimbabwe.next week they will be deployed pama ATM ese so that we get our cash anytime we want

  • Restore Legacy!!! Sunshine City

  • Guta ngarichene korera yanga yapararira

  • Why is it only in Harare where vendors have this die hard attitude? Soldiers are there to restore order where Chihuri’s boys failed due to corruption. Let what was for Mugabe go down with him. Its known that some vendors masquerade as selling air time but actually they are foreigners currency dealers…who always take an opportunity to dictate the money rates to their advantage…simply ‘ they are day light robbers’. The sprawling of vending stalls at former Zupco bus shades surely is uncalled for. All because of an incompetence local government. Even in the transport sector..mshikashika. How can VID and police allow a PSV vehicle operate intercity without dual tyres on the drive axle? Simply corruption. Vendor’s desperation for money is a catalyst for crimes..a health hazard..risk being ran over on islands by moving traffic..deprive those operating formally in the CBD maximum bussiness..known for vulgar language thereby scaring away visitors or other citizens..are the reason why most shops are closing business in the CBD opting on the outskirts …….the list is endless.

    • Music wazvichauya kwako ndipo pauchaona kuti mazino

    • U make a lot of sense but in a country with over 90% unemployment this is exactly what u find so they should priorities investment which leads to job creation,anobva ega mavendor aya pakaita mabasa

    • Let the military do their jobs,freedom has its price so is security and order and restoration of legacy has its casuals,its a war against disorder ,those are casualities of war.

    • chihuri boys never failed vendors bt were ordered by dr cables to leave vendors alone maida vaite sei

    • Tary Masara Chikumbirike..What could u have expected from a political inept of Grace? It was a political gimmick..but that decision was reversed later because of some security reasons.

  • Sakunatsa

  • They are openning and cleaning up space for real big business.

  • It doesn’t mean we will have to do whatsoever we want,

  • Tsvina yavanosiya vapedza kutengesa yakanyanya sure ngavabaye, ukatsika domas rake raenda muka road kadiki diki ka vanosiya unenge watoita kunge watsika kamwana kacheche. Ini hangu am supporting ma soja ne poris zvavarikuita

  • Zanu PF chiororo

  • Hey you Nehanda Radio don’t say one thing and do another thus hypercriticism ndiani asati a

  • The greatest betrayal

  • Good move iyoyo misika kumbare mutwn munoda order zvazonyanya

  • Ndiani chero mapofu ESE asati aona umbavha hwemupurisa tarisa woga uone mbavha yaugere NATO kuleft kana kuright kwako zvibhakera zvake zvinovhikwa NeZisoRePoVho

  • Restore legacy. Murambatsvina. All have same rhythm

  • Mapurisa siyai chi Broke Soon After Pay inga tiri Vanhu vamwe wani

  • Regai someki riite basa. Hanty u said police and kanzuru haitigone. Therefore tambai nema gunnaz ayo. Mukahwina match yacho MUNDISEKE

  • Guys nyika zvinhu zvakaoma hazvo mabasa hakuna ndosaka vanhu vakutengesera pose pose but on the other hand we are exposing ourselves to communicable diseases like cholera typhoid so i think panoda kuitwa engage ma vendors ne responsible authority kuti vaonesane the pros and cons

    • Homeboy hazvisi muharare chete maguta ese arikuitwa izvi ko vanodirei kurapa mhopo iwe unedziso rinembonje

    • Exactly thats what im saying the people and the responsible authority shld sit down voonesana zviripo pa ground kana paine way foward yateverwa iyoyo

  • with time Mugabe could be stopped but this regime is barbaric and will never give up power change is never gonna come its just in our wildest dreams

  • Its barbaric but they should do something especially to kombi drivers. Those guys drive like they are already in hell.

  • This is inhuman!if u don’t want vendors on the streets, give them jobs .indava kutreater other people like gabbage

  • Theyre targetting only vendors that are scattered in every streets in Harare,but those who are selling on allowed disignated areas are safe……..

  • Hey no one enjoys to sit on the pavements and walk around vending at the mercy of scorching heat and each time having to scurry from the rude downpour of rain,with a pending uncertainty of whether sales for the day will obtain or not.absolutely none wants that,but because ,people have no choice they simply opt for that. Honestly speaking munhu unotodawo kutambira mari yako yakakwana month end, were u will be having benefits like vacation or sick leave,unlike if u are a vendor ,when yu fall ill everything halts.hence president mnangagwa should give these people jobs and they will naturally vacate the streets

  • As painful as it is I actually think it’s a good thing ..you can’t attract business in a town like that !

  • Ma vendor ngavaende kuma designated places period…u wl feel the pain if u own a shop in town..imagine anouya kuzotengesa same product neyako padoor reshop yako at half price coz haana maexpenses. Kugocherwa chibage madoor pako kudzingirwa macustomers…City of Harare n ZIMRA wont spare u… i think soja ndizvo vabude chop chop…ivo ndovakoshei kuregererwa vachisafisa vamwe…. most of these vakabva kumamisha..

  • I think Chiwenga and crew are losing the plot now, and there’s no order.
    Where on earth do you see an army chasing away vendors??.. Are we becoming a country called Burma???? Where the army took over everything, I mean everything…

  • Order please

  • Hameno zvawo ma vhenda ini ndiri mu ndebele

  • Maiti zvinoenda nepi

  • Our country needs hard choices and this is one of them we need order first as solutions on unemployment are being worked on. Life will be tough in these early months to reverse the chaos on our cities landscape, this is unfortunately the only way for now.

  • Haaaaa vakasika kubvisa vanhu vasati vagadzira mabasa acho. Vanopei mhuri dzawo? Ndohondo manje iyi yamatanga. Yes we need ths sunshine city. Bt hw abt your people? We can’t change every thing nw. Put poor people first in front of rich people.

  • Vendors are more than employed people so if u remove them vachararama nei makuda kuwanza mbavha manje tangai macreator employement muchaona vachisiya vega vava pamabasa

  • Those vendors helped kut ED apinde pachigaro ovadzinga vasat vawana mabasa Zim don b stupid mhani mondigumbura

  • Handiti ndoo masoja enyu amakadada nawo muchibvisa mdara vaya vekunetsa mukati ma gunners ndizvo muchitorwa mafotos mese.

  • You beat them today 2018 you need votes from the same people .find a diplomatic way of solving this issue

    • You talked sense….we need order thats true but sometines the way these soldiers react to civilians is kind of inhuman…they demonstrate power where its not necessary…especially beating people…nxaa

  • GO To designated vending points. We want a clean city. Rambirapo uone. Stop supporting money changers guys. Let the changers go back to their places. We are tired of them.

  • Ipayi vanhu mabasa zvopera izvo

  • That’s a good move we are in support with our soldiers!!!

  • Here police are corrupt what what. Now give them chance to restore chance. Go away from the streets. Regai masoja ashande

  • I went through the comments and I felt I should give my analysis…..1.what caused the pipo to do vending? 2.guys do u know how much energy​ it takes to sell one sweet at a time and what profit do they make? 3. I was raised by my mom who used to sell flitters at xool and I know the amount of courage and energy to do these near zero profit vending. On a separate note, shld we be worried about a clean town vanhu vasina Basa?Moda vaite sei? Varare? Mhuri dzavo dzodii…..Dear president we need the jobs now, do investment friendly policies so tht all this mockery to our mothers stop.

    • All respect to this touching story. Very touching. Your comment is spot-on jobs first and improved economy and see wether people will continue vending.

    • Jasper, thanx for telling these pple the truth, though it reminds us of our past wc was not so gud

  • I noticed that vese vane mabasa ndivo varikuti mavendors ngaaende and vasina are saying vendors should remain in streets….in as much as we need order in town…lets create employment..as the first step of creating order..

  • I wonder what kind of people who support anyone who sales his goods at half price on the veranda of someone’s shop.

    • Shop inotengesa maUniform woona vendor rakuwaridzawo pamusiwo but for the y

    • vapei basa first ,vakaramba vachienda kunovendor mozovaendesera masoja,.basa first

    • Iyoyo inorwadza, snatching someone’s customers

  • Munongovukura nezvemavendor tsvee kutiudza kuti mari yazara kumabank.nxaaaaa
    Ko kumbotiwo takuvhura macompany muindustry zvinei
    Ndozvatongoda kunzwa kwete zvevendor ramunotengera futi.imimi mukasatenga rinobva rega
    Ko manurse namateacher akupinda basa riini pane kuswerotinyaudza

  • Ngaaite zvekuti macompany avhure vanhu vawane mabasa zvechivendor zvinopera zvega Izvo,sewage ika blocker haungakupe mvura yakajenga unotodhokonya pakatsindira pacho pakangovhurika chete yatova auto kuenda yega

  • Masoja rovai vanhu nyika ichene.Ini ndakatomira vending ini.

  • tsvina yanyanya dai vachibvisawo marara avo ,ndaimbofunga kuti masikati hamutsvairwe but iii hunhu hwemutown .

  • I am not a vendor and I am at work like a few people…but this issue of chasing people and exercising power on civilians by soldiers doesnt sound me right..Ofcoz we need order to be restored but I agree with one’s statement that..the first step of making order is to create employment first…There is this attitude with soldiers…harassing civilians…

  • Masoja anenge akutodawo kuti department reZRP rivharwe handichavaoni mushe

  • we sympathise with the vendors but order has to prevail

  • They also deploy soldiers on voters in 2002 &2008 lest u forget

  • Order has to be restored nomatter what

  • Barbaric how,de city must be cleaned!!!

  • Handiti takati sadc garako usapinde muno ere

  • Guys do u knw hw they do it madrivers emakombi anzwa nekukwaturwa mbama nw everyone is in fear of them they want the city to b clean yes but not nekurova vanhu kwacho kwavari kunzi vaende havakwane guyz n therz poor facilities

  • Ngavabve ap haiwawo kkuita basa rekutishungurudza hautombo fambe nevana uchingotukwa hee mamira mberi kwe office

    • Shaa, vanhu vanenge vane stress paye, life is tough out there. A lot of them vanenge vakatotsva nema drugs zvavo ipopaye, it’s not by choice, but anenge achida kuzama kujaira nhamo

  • Asi kubvisa mavendor mutown kuno improver economy here their priorities are not right

  • They should be @ their designated areas not everywhere


  • It seems Zimbabwe is now military ruled country. Why soldiers it’s now a new tactic for power gaining

  • Very bad in deed ..they should first Sort the economy

  • Soilders came to clean up what police couldnt so please let them do their jobs and you know how those guys are,you stand on their way you become the victim,let them do clean up,we cannot tolerate vendors all over the city,guys do your job.

  • To tell the truth they should creat jobs first or else what they are doing is absolutely bullshit

  • This is operation restore legacy,every part of the country needs to be restored,its a clean up guys before these guys go back to barracks let them restore order

  • I don’t have a problem with cleaning up the city, bt we must remember that people are not trash. Think about their life after taking away their livelihood. The government must stop focusing on symptoms and deal with the problem. If the problem is solved the towns would be clean again.

  • Ngavabude .imagine you are paying rent, Tax and someone comes on front of your shop start selling same things that you are selling with less money .Ngavabude

    • Antu akena mavhenda aya aribe nzeru tuu

  • Create jobs first bulshit

  • this is irresponsible or reckless journalism. lt must stop. vendors should go to designated places. we want a xlean city please

  • We want a peaceful Zimbabwe zvekutongana nedemo zvabvepi

  • Soldiers go ahead

  • Hapana anofarira kuva vendor achiwana kaprofit kasina basa. Vese varikuisa macoments asina msoro ndivo varikuenda kumabasa saka havaono kurwadza kwazvo. Hapana asingadi kuva papayroll asi mabasa acho hakuna. Mwari ngaatibatsire tibatikanewo nehupenyu hwevamwe kwete kuti kana iwe uchishanda zvako zvifaya wofarira kutambura kwevamwe.

  • Operation clean up Hararevis now dirty because of vendors all over, soldiers do your work unoshaya pokutofambira nemawandiro avo ma vendor, ngavatengesera kumaraini kwavo kwavanogara havashaiyi ma customer ikoko

  • Industry first boys munoti vakatanga kudzinga mavendor anorarama nei

  • Give people jobs they will chase themselves frm vending

  • Lets have order in our country please even if it means a bit of force ..sometimes thats the language people understand. Harare is now an extremely dirty place because of unhygienic tendencies by a lot of people.plus its good to have people moving freely in town without disturbances from some vendors at supermarket doorsteps.Is it a coincidence that all unhygienic water borne diseases always start in Harare?Cholera, Typhoid etc? Why?

  • There is nothing wrong there,Vendors were given place to do their business same as commuter kombies,its only that they are rude to follow orders

    Noone stopped them from doing business but haungazotengeserewo pa parliament

  • Good economy chase away the vendors kwete zvekudira masoja izvo

  • These solders kana vakurova,unonzwa tsitsi vanorova ava musatombo yita naro,shuwa humble ursellf zvekuswera muchida kurwisana navo kunge mapurisa apa musazviedze ,u might endup in hospital,so tererai zvavanoda

  • The situation has moved to another level

  • Shameful indeed, besides Chombo we haven’t heard of any other corrupt leader arrested, cash barons we… https://t.co/TuBX1jBtft

  • Can anyone tell us. Where is Grace

  • Mmmm just ask us the very people who drive up and down these streets of Hre, zvinhu hazvichaite izvi pakuda order

  • Hanzi neumwe freedom doesn’t mean lawlessness. ..abide by the National law

  • Hanzi neumwe freedom doesn’t mean lawlessness. ..abide by the National law

  • Mavendors should leave the city center.Lets make Harare the sunshine city again

  • Create jobs first, munofunga kuda kwawo here kutengesa mu street. Makurasika manje ED

  • But then again, if left to council nd zrp, the lawlessness continues! Dont justify crime coz there r no jobs!!

  • I don’t see anything wrong. 1st street was slowly turning into mbare musika.

  • Hakuna anoramba kubva vamugabe vakaenda wani masoja azara muma streets naipapo zvozochinja nei usadherere masoja wangu ndivo varikutonga hapana anotinyonyo nyoooo.murimu container matimadii motamba necomandooo.regatiende zvedu isu muchingo vukura.

  • ma vendor ngaaende

  • Zim is not a military state unless if l a wrong , its the duty of Police and city council police to maintain order, if all those people had meaninful jobs they would not be on the streets vending, its Mnangagwa and his team that caused all those problems for 37 years..you cant blame people who are trying to make ends meet, Thank God those people are not stealing but trying to earn an earnest living

    • Mmm Police hanzi ngaimbomira regai timboona masoja vachiitawo

  • vatori right coz we need a clean up .

  • Police and municipal cops shld deal with vendors not soldiers

  • The army is not doing the chasing they are working with ZRP and council they are there to show seriousness

  • Mr president don’t be so cunning. Y use an Army (reputable) against suffering mothers and a mob of unemployed people. These ur police duties. Stop militarising everything. Soon there will be enermity between the army, police and masses. Who would neutralise then…..cry……cry……cry

  • Give vendors jobs to remove them from streets. They’re keeping their families from the little they get from that. You’re just creating hunger in homes.You cleaning the streets and they will go home but take food in their families too.Personally that’s not relevant meanwhile. Zimbabwe has mass issues to attend for the economy to pick up than chasing a suffering vendor from streets.

  • Masoja anodei pamavendor even police yacho council ngaitange yabvisa zvitsina zvose zvavaipavanhu mafleemarkets first hamuna Hondo muno

  • Wr are we going if e crocodile is sending soldiers in street….we are finished….mugabe never dd th… https://t.co/Ku9TXLuLF2

  • Order is needed Harare looks like growth point let em go to designated areas we need order,we cnt even walk well and free on pavements GO BOYS MAKE ZIMBABWE CLEAN.

  • I think it was announced that police and soldiers are now working together.

  • If they don’t obey police, military should intervene, its all about order. After all military has a m… https://t.co/cLh8mpCB4v


  • Why gvnt Hate vendors…real criminals are gvn 90days to return millions while vendors are gvn 24hrs.… https://t.co/SX6IOv3us3

  • Vendors shouldnt be a priority at the moment instead ed should concentrate on getting investors and jobs for the people then we can talk vending ,as it is vending is 95 % of the popularity of Zimbabwe then it will mean no votes for zanu pf as most of the voters a vendors.

  • there is only one reason that forced pple to engage into vending and if the government recitfy that problem pple wil stop vending…create employment and see if we are going to remain in streets.

  • Wait till you have no job morarama ne vending dokuti mundzvisise kuti hupenyu wakaoma akusi kuda kwavo.mind you half of the vendors have degrees and cant find jobs .mukadzingisa ma vendor nemasoja musazo chema mbabva dzawandisa futi

  • Thats the only force that vendors are scared of

  • kana pasina vanotengesa or vemakombi vanocomplainer pliz leave soldiers , how many pipo complained about police when they throwing spikes to tax and pipo lost their lives or corruption or beat pipo 4 no reason all those complains u don’t take them serious ,, so leave soldiers if no1 complained about them

  • Chokwadi

    Very sad, no one wants to be there, there are no other options.

  • Kufarira n’anga inobata mai

  • Nyika ngaichene..harare i guta guru,,pamberi nekurichenesa….

  • I see no other means to keep our cities clean and uncongested. Surely no vendor has been ordered to s… https://t.co/IIBqWdJfN4

  • What’s the sense of being clean when you are hungry? Vendors and touts are not the biggest problems that the country is facing. People must register to vote and stop being bullied by Zanu PF

  • Clean the City ,Vendors are scattered

  • Where are the opposition parties.They must wake up,our votes await them.

  • Create jobs first…soon pple will luz respect for the soldiers and corruption will start labo sebethatha i bribe.

  • Kkkkkkk

  • The first thing they must do is improve the Economy.Vendors will disappear one by one

  • order in town plz

  • Ko kumboti ,Government has sent soldiers on a building spree to build market places for vendors and farmers .Since i was born mbare musika is the only place to buy veggies and the only place legal to sell veggies for poor black people. Why cant the government do that instead of giving land and after harvesting not enough markets for selling their perishable goods

  • ngavaende

    Ngavabude mavendor. pamberi ne military

  • Dr

    Now that the PDP, is a party which advocates for dirtiness in the streets, clogging of drainage systems by the filthy vendors, cholera outbreaks due to uncontrolled food trading, they have proved to be a fly by night political party which deserves zero membership. If you think the public supports vendors or you think vendors are the majority, go on and register them in your filth party. Vendors are a menace to public order, fiscus and decent business practice, they must go once and for all. You cant have people farting and urinating everywhere in the name of poverty. Hygiene whether poor or rich is of utmost importance to human survival. To hell with these vendors.

  • Foolish Vendors

    Dont cry vendors Zimbabweans brought this on themselves, only Mugabe could have taken the army back to the barracks , SADC warned the coup Generals that they would not succeed unless the people back them , Mutsvangwa organised his solidarity march , and ALL of you vendors went shouting Mugabe must go , Now that he is gone and the army in now incharge you are crying. Idiots, suffer , you do not know what you want

  • Mambinga

    Vendors off the streets please. Say whatever you want to say – who wants filthy roads etc. Enough is enough.

  • Ummm

    Mr Mnangagwa must offer them alternative income sources to vending in Harare-

    eg – $5K-$10K grants each to start new small businesses..

    + Small plots.

    Hayizi mari yakawanda , you can afford it , kunze kana musiri imi munofanira kuva pazvigaro.

    • God of War

      Are you of sound mind? Where will the government get $5k to $10k to give away to people who will probably squander it and not pay back.

  • pitso

    asikubika sadza mutown ne makombi achingotena paadira its ok.peeople lets admit we have lived negative so much until we can see whats right,i dont know if there is a dirtiest capital city in southern africa than harare, kushaya basa handiko kunoisa kuti vanhu vagochere chibage mustreet vachisiya tsvina

  • pitso


  • Ticha

    Vendors out ! Commuters out ! We are tiered of lawlessness in the city !
    PDP trying to get political mileage out of it is sickening!

  • Brad

    No to vendors in our city centre. PDP’s propaganda will not work on this one. Can you imagine munhu anobika sadza nekugocha chibage on an island that was never designated for that?! And you have a political party that seriously wants our votes supporting that madness? Its time we go back to basics and live like normal human beings for once. Harare has become so dirty and that madness should stop.