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Disappointing Cabinet – Where Mnangagwa is leading us is where we are coming from

By Moses Chamboko

In his own words, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. We now hold him to his word. He must start listening to the sacred voice of God and move our nation forward.

Moses Chamboko
Moses Chamboko

Simply put, President Mnangagwa appears to have confused Commissariat with Cabinet. He also doesn’t seem to appreciate the real meaning of a “lean cabinet”.

Reducing ministers from 26 to 22 cannot pass as a big step towards a streamlined and efficient government. Yes, he got rid of some useless ministries created by Mugabe to accommodate factional interests such as Psychomotor Activities and merged a few others but, broadly speaking, it is more of the same.

He has appointed six unnecessary deputy ministers and ten unconstitutional provincial ministers whose practical function is that of provincial commissars. They should be full-time employees of the party not government. President Mnangagwa should have shown some respect for the new Constitution by disbanding provincial ministries and installing provincial councils.

Appointing nine non-parliamentarians to his ministry against the provisions of the Constitution which allows for a maximum of five, even though he climbed down later, demonstrates the irony that we had a Minister of Justice who did not fully understand the National Constitution.

We now have a Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans whose assistant is called Deputy Minister for War Veterans. This deputy’s role should simply be fulfilled by a department of the ministry with Victor Matemadanda as the director for that department.

The same applies to the Ministry of Women and Youth Affairs where the deputy is only responsible for Youth Affairs. If anything youth and women affairs should be departments of the Ministry of Social Welfare. Having a full minister responsible for scholarships is irrational — a typical case of jobs for the boys. Surely there must be a junior clerk in the Ministry of Education for this role.

David Parirenyatwa has not done anything notable to improve our health services. Beyond his family name, nothing of substance has ever come out of this minister. Our health delivery system has been in intensive care unit since Parirenyatwa became minister. He has no initiative and he cannot do even basic things like ensuring that patients have food and blankets.

Since he became Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa has been moaning about raising salaries for civil servants, every month. He has acted more like a school bursar than a Minister of Finance. Yes, there were times when his efforts were frustrated by Mugabe but the fact remains that he is not the best person to drive the revival of our economy.

We have Zimbabweans around the world who have successfully held very senior positions in international financial institutions. If the President did not want to select a decent technocrat from within Zimbabwe, he could have looked beyond the borders for the good of our nation.

Appointing a serving general who was spokesperson for the “non-coup” to the critical ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade remains a mystery. I would have given that portfolio to a diplomat such Chris Mutsvangwa or Simon Khaya Moyo as my learned, articulate and analytical homeboy, Alex Magaisa has also suggested.

Deployment of Sibusiso Moyo as the face of Zimbabwe in the international community sends a very poor message both abroad and at home especially so soon after the developments leading to Mugabe’s resignation.

While there is nothing wrong with generals assuming political office after retiring from service, it is the process and immediate leading events that are questionable in our circumstances. Both Solomon Mujuru and Josiah Tungamirai joined active politics after retirement from the military.

We did not see anything wrong with that. Agrippa Mutambara and Ambrose Mutinhiri are other examples. Elsewhere in the region, President Ian Khama is a general. The difference is that the moment he opted for politics, he relinquished his military role and fully subjected himself to democratic processes. He also immediately stood down as Paramount Chief of the Bamangwato.

Generally, Zimbabweans have very little confidence in and respect for Obert Mpofu. If President Mnangagwa had indeed listened to the voice of God, he would never have retained Mpofu, especially in the critical ministry of Home Affairs. If I had my way, I would redeploy Sibusiso Moyo to Home Affairs to cleanse the ZRP once and for all.

As for Perrance Shiri, it appears more like elimination by promotion. However, to give credit where it is due, despite his intellectual shortcomings, Shiri is an affable pragmatist whose performance as the minister responsible for Agriculture might surprise us.

The appointment of Winston Chitando to head Mining and Mining Development seems to be the most reasonable appointment that the President has made.

However, the underrepresentation of women and youth in the new cabinet is reprehensible. It appears ZANU PF only thinks about this critical constituency when it is time for rallies and elections. This neglect is nothing but abuse and lack of respect for women and youth.

Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora had hoped that a new, young, energetic, professional and technocratic Zimbabwean would be appointed to the critical ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Re-appointing Chinamasa is as disappointing as retaining Dokora at Education, arguably the worst Minister of Education we have had since independence – undertaker of the education system. We are not excited to note that Dokora has finally been dropped. Rather, we are surprised that he was even considered in the first place.

Unfortunately, there is never a second chance to make a first impression. President Mnangagwa seems to have blown his first chance big time. Unless he does something radical in the interim, even if it means a quick reshuffle after Congress, progressive Zimbabweans will not take him seriously. He comes across as a “client President” who has no option but to look after his benefactors. This is the difficulty of coming into office through undemocratic means.

Many of us were willing to forgive President Mnangagwa and his cohorts for their past transgressions, real or imagined. We even threw our principles and caution to the wind hoping that our own John Magufuli or Deng Xiaoping had finally been born. We have read about sinners who went on to become saints. We thought this was President Mnangagwa’s moment. He had a real chance to get all Zimbabweans fully behind him in rebuilding the economy.

Some of us fiercely argued in the past three weeks that we should not prejudge Manangagwa. We went on to say that the composition of his Cabinet would reveal his real agenda and intentions. Now that he has retained and recycled some perennial failures and dead wood in his Cabinet, worse still in key ministries, we have every reason to suspect that where we are going is where we are coming from.

Zimbabweans expected an economic Cabinet but President Mnangagwa has given them a Commissariat, at best a “Command Cabinet”, very similar to the ‘war cabinet’ that Mugabe once put together after facing a stiff challenge from the opposition. It was about personal survival and nothing else.

Before his Cabinet was announced, the new President had raised national hopes so high through his inauguration speech as well as through a statement a few days later that he was going to form a lean government that would focus on performance and delivery.

Underperforming civil servants were put on notice in the process. We all thought that, finally, we were getting somewhere. Were we sold a dummy?

The President has missed a perfect opportunity to transform our economy and our politics. While we gave him the benefit of the doubt, it appears the honeymoon is over. It is back to the established ZANU PF way of doing things.

The only good thing that has come out of President Mnangagwa’s error of judgement is that the opposition has been emboldened. It is time to regroup and take the democratic project forward.

While Mugabe is gone, it is now time to focus on remedying the ruinous system he left behind.  The fight is not over yet. 2018 is our opportunity to rid ourselves of the entrenched Mugabeism. We need transformation, not cosmetic change.

Moses Chamboko is an unwavering pro-democracy activist and Secretary General of ZUNDE. He can be contacted at [email protected], [email protected] , @zundezim. Website: zunde.org.

  • Why can’t you people form own, political parties or join others campaign and win and appoint what you feel is the best cabinet, rather than wasting time stock taking Zanu

    • But ED did not form his own political party neither did he campaign to win an election.

    • we have to monitor Mnangagwa bcoz they used the pple’s demonstration as their ticket to unseat Mugabe

    • fair and square elections can only be done after these old thugs are gone

    • The people,s demonstration ? Who? We did it willingly we love him tsangirai akaramba nema ministers ake akati ndiite INI president . tsvangirai imboko.
      He used our people unevanhu Iwe. Munongo hakira vanhu vainzwa kuda ndovakanzi huyai vaisada vakasara kumba hazvina kumanikidzea

    • We didnt love him to serve the interest of his loyalists Herbert Mapetese Jnr..Lets admitt that we were used..and point of correction to Ignatius…ED didnt form his party and voted for..he was imposed..To clear off the debate…let munhu wese speak what he/she thinks becoz we are entitled to our opinions…at the same time…there are some who benefitted from Zanu and others who didnt..

    • We thot tsvangi wanyd to remove bob hapaya chance yauya he ignore achida huVp aah nepaari paya isu hatinei nekuti zanu or wht toda re engagement kunze uko we need friends we hd lost coz vaivengana nabob, dai akarega vadoko vaidiwa avo vakapinda, iye hatichada akuzvirwarira uyo, vanhu we want to repeat same mistake afta all term yakdwo yakapfuura ngaa hipa vamwe, isu even maele tions acho akauya we assess progress kana Ed wacho achigona we vote fo him kuti zviindirird mberi, lets leave hunagativity tibatsire kumutsa nyika iyi nt zvuhupower hungry, he discharged himself kuuya kuitwa vp here haaa ngatiitire mushe apa,

    • About Tsvangirai refusing a “chance” to be part of ED’s gvt, we need to know the conditions under which the invitation was made. For starters George Charamba made it clear that it wasn’t going to be a Government of National Unity, it was going to be an inclusive gvt. There is a big difference between the two!

    • Nigel Kuzvidza . its works both sides as well you some are benefited from the oppositions too. People who chose to remove Mugabe they did it for their reasons , ED never forced you to come out. Without the Demonstration the army was enough to remove Mugabe .

      ED is still doing fine nothing is wrong, wait and see. We know you are always the opposite of the Good.

    • We stork take coz it is our party tingati nyoka yapinda mumba topwanya kana kupisa imba yacho here kana kutiza?

  • Already!! You can not get rid of everyone over a night where is your common sense!

  • Elections are coming this just for 7 months!

  • I still ask one question..out of those zanu pf mps who would you have picked as minister..seriously..pliz give us new news..

    • So this means this party can not lead us so it must be voted out.is it??

    • Correct..

    • However if ED made a wrong move why opposition leaders are corncened when this move will make masses loose confidence in ED and vote him out… the opposition were aiming to be credited for all the achievements which were going to take place in the short term inclusive government…… Now that Mugabe is gone the opposition leaders have nothing more to tell the masses vanga vajairA kuti Mugabe ngaaende

    • Now who will vote them out when opposition leaders are now political commentators of ZANU pf

    • They are always like that, Mugabe this Mugabe that. instead of joining hands and remove us from the hell . they brought us sanctions now they feel useless since America is removing them sanctions without consulting Them (MDC) . imboko idzi

  • Yes he is leading us back back to where zim currency used to buy where zim mines where trading on the stock market where we used to have no inflation when there was still production and development (where we used to buy bread for a dollar) bring back our legacy and honour we are tired of being abused and disrespected by other countries take us the Ngwena but musazotinyudza

    • wishfull thinking or bootlicking.

    • Zvese izvi zvekuti maindustry,economy nezvimwe zvese zvakunaka muri kuzviwanepi kana kuti kungonzwawo vamwe vachitaura kuti zvazonaka kuitira kufadza vanhu sezvaya gara ichingoita zanu zvemanyautsa mkanwa harahwa kurota ichiyamwa

    • Wish foot thinking

  • You expect what was destroyed in 37 years to be rectified in one day. Do you have a monopoly over the best way forward? Let’s give ED a chance.

    • chance for bringing the garbage into the parliament kusvika rinhi tichitungamirwa neharahwa nechembere this is too much Zimbabweans we’re a joke if we expect anything from this regime it’s a continuation of Mugabe era

    • Dude if you believe ED and zanu are going to change then my friend you will believe anything. Buddy you just not paying attention. A night stand with zanu just because they charmed you out of your intellect will leave you with an unwanted pregnancy. Wise up!

    • Anyways…I would rather we don’t judge him yet..lest we throw the baby with bath water.

    • Chimombe..I have the right to respect your point of view and so do you…

    • Ignatius you’re educated ,thank you fpr highlighting that crucial point, change doesn’t come overnight, but already there are some changes,no roadblocks after every 100m

    • Coss Chimombe WISE WORDS

    • ED ngaaenderere mberi , we know kuti hatingashaye zvura mutsime. Pane vanofunga kuti kuita noise kugona vanechipo chenyonganiso. ED is going to revive the economy . he is better than tsvangirai .

    • Hhhh gate away unenge unopenga iwe dai asina mudzingwa naMugabe aiziva kuti vanhu warikutambura iyeye aaah

    • How can we give ED a chance when: petrol has gone up from 1,35 to 1,39; Diesel 1,20 to 1,25. Tomorrow Monday the prices are going to increase from a reliable source. Infacare mukaka wevana from 6,70 to 13. Sadza maOk Houghton Park from 2,50 to 3,90. This has happened within a week. Zanu Pf must just go but its unfortunate we can’t remove them. Its militarised. I can tell you Tsvangirai will solve our problems within weeks.

    • Herbert Mapetese Jnr E.D is better than Tsvangirai are you for real kkkkkkk wandiuraya munozviwanepi paG.N.U we saw it with our eyes wat Tsvangirai is capable of and soon after G.N.U we saw it as well wat Zanu PF is gud at saka gara pasi sit down where are you getting your statistics nhaiwe

    • Colla Madk Collen Tsvangirai is not good at all . all these problems zvakauya naye. N,anga inokuroya youya yokurapa iwe nekusazviva worova makwa. He gave us sanctions and he can remove them.
      Tsvangirai hasisina basa coz white are going to remove the sanctions without him . aitadza sei kuita kuti zviro zvishanduke ariiye muroyi akaroya economy yedu. Iwe gara pasi . unorohwa wonyengetedzwa nesweet , ndokushandiswa manje .

    • Colla Madk Collen Tsvangirai is not good at all . all these problems zvakauya naye. N,anga inokuroya youya yokurapa iwe nekusazviva worova makwa. He gave us sanctions and he can remove them.
      Tsvangirai hasisina basa coz white are going to remove the sanctions without him . aitadza sei kuita kuti zviro zvishanduke ariiye muroyi akaroya economy yedu. Iwe gara pasi . unorohwa wonyengetedzwa nesweet , ndokushandiswa manje .

    • Herbert Mapetese Jnr sanctions muchiba ma 15billion kkkkkk unema funnies sanctions muchitora minda yamusingagone kurima, Gucci Grace spending $4 million every trip yaaita naMatibiri Sanctions muchiponda industry nemapolicies enyu akadhakwa . Baba kwamurikuita ndokushandiswa like condom to believe kuti we’re under Sanctions iyo Zanu ichiba mari vana Chombo vanema10million mudzimba

    • Herbert Mapetese Jnr sanctions muchiba ma 15billion kkkkkk unema funnies sanctions muchitora minda yamusingagone kurima, Gucci Grace spending $4 million every trip yaaita naMatibiri Sanctions muchiponda industry nemapolicies enyu akadhakwa . Baba kwamurikuita ndokushandiswa like condom to believe kuti we’re under Sanctions iyo Zanu ichiba mari vana Chombo vanema10million mudzimba

    • Ipapo pakuti maSanctions haana bass zvototaridza kuti wakadyiswa nefoshoro naChematama. Kana asina basa aiisirwei ngaabve.
      Corruption is also kwamuri ma MDC. Tsvangirai akaba Mari yese ye Party mangova marombe chero rent yeOffice zvayo makatadza, kuita hwekudzingwa sembwa kkkkkkk. Mozivei kunze kwekungoshora huya pama elections. MDC ingorieo ZANU . imba inogara boss ndeezanu ,Akarwara anorapiswa nezanu. Vakadzi tisu tomupa

      ZveMDC ndezvemafanis only fools can follow a loser , munhu anodziwa pese pese. Anongoti ndabirwa . tsvangirai paakaitwa prime minister nyika yakadii kudzoka payaiva . zvakatomukona zvino takuda agare pasi ape mkadzi uya tikupukutei easy easy kusei nekuseri

    • Destroyed by who nxa dzimwewo pfungwa

    • Vanhu vanondishamisa.Kwave kuto kangagwanwa 37 years of abuse at the hands of zanu just because of last month’s events.Yah! Kumwe kumwe pusa wo ha!Muchipota muchishandisa brain dzenyu mhaan!Mugabe haana kubvisirwa imi it was to safeguard the interests of team Lacoste.

    • Imba haisi yeZanu ndeye government. Corruption ndiyonyauraya nyika. Diamonds from Marange hatina kuona mari yawo maybe yakadyiwa nemaSanctions. Mari yakabatwa ina Chombo i think masanctions. Properties dzinaChiwenga dzakabuda paDivorce naJocelyn i think sanctions futi.

    • fuck u gv him a chance of wat

    • We give them chance for 37 good years and they failed what more chances do want us to give him.dai tomboti garwe ranga risina kudzingwa namugabe zvese zvakaitika zviripo here nhasi vakaona kutambura kwevanhu nekuda kwekuti vadzingwa vakaona kuti Mugabe achembera nekuda kwekuti vadzingwa,vakaona zvakare kuti nyika yaparara nekuda kwekuti vadzingwa vakaona zvekare kuipa kwamugabe nekuti vadzingwa.ko pavakamubira mavotes vachiti ahwinha akanga arimukomana here zvinhu zvakanga zvakatinakira here?zvese izvi hamuzvitarise asi munongokudza musoro zvisina basa.vanhu ava vakangwara kudarika imi they a hard of you people.they know kuti Zita rekuti Mugabe ndiro ramusingade vakati kuti tiribvise we must come with a smart plan and ndozvakaitika this was all planed.day Mugabe akaita nemazvo kuti ndakuita step down then I handover to garwe it was no going to draw to much people’s attention that was a big campaign yavakaita zvakutoda vanenjere vane maziso ekuona vanepfungwa dzinoshanda kuti hapana hapana

    • Motor ikafa zvekunoka panoitwa complete overhaul kwete kutenga maplug matsva chete

  • you no go lieee

  • Whats your suggestions from the available pool. @Mthulisi Moyo i support what you are saying

    • My thot is ED did the best he could with lemons ,he made lemonade with some of them..remember he has to choose from serving MPs..hinestly we cant have chinoz,mandipaka,gwanetsa and them as ministers…

    • Kikikikikiki very true, a qoute from the late Dr Myles Munroe “an army of lions led by a sheep cannot defeat an army of sheep led by a lion” so its about the leader

    • Exactly ..if ED has sound policies it will be hard for this crooniea to misbehave..plus they wld have to drive the set objective..lime they did with Zimasset and other crazy zanu stuff.

    • Exactly

    • If we cld not get an inclusive cabinet then i guess avo ndovane49%

  • I thnk new blood with fresh ideas u cant expect gumtree to produce fruits..the idea is to change the tree

    • Are you aware that his choice was limited to present MPs except for 5 he could pick from outside?Look at the names and make a suggestion.Elect better MPs next time.

    • Charles Shanyurai Calvin Majange u are right pple are making noise out of nothing this is not a 5year cabinet but it will serve less than a year..if the opposition believes it was a bad move for ED to reappoint those guys then its a good move on their side if ED failed to convince the masses to vote for him

  • Zimbos let’s be patient enough its not even a month and pple are starting to change goal posts even if you put a completely new cabinet that will take long to get everything to the most required level so its high time we help those who have been given the mandate to bring us back to our 80s and early 90s .Let’s be united and we wl go a miles in a short time to come we have to pull in one direction .Winning is possible

  • Noways.i think we should give President Mnangagwa enough time to settle so that he can organise things.

  • Duzvi remunhu wakadzungaira unofunga kt Mnangagwa angaise vaunoda iwewe kt wageza Gurus here

  • You just wonder kuti vamwe vanhu vanofunga sei chaizvo….Nhumbu inobatwa nezuva rimwe ikagora mwedzi mipfumbamwe kuti iberekwe wani, iwe woda nyika yakaparadzwa kwemakore makumi matatu nemanomwe inake nezuva rimwe! Zvakaoma fani. Vatungamiri endererai mberi nebasa ramakatangamusateerera henyu vanhu vakadai.

  • hazvirevi zvaunotaura ichokwadi how do you know

  • To be honest all Zimbabweans are just happy that our most hated former president Mugabe is gone as for our new president its just the momentum of excitement thats is still prevailing thats making most people to feel or to see like he can do a good job but the reality is to be seen as time go on. To me there are signs already that showing to the fact that we have just replaced a coca cola lid with a fanta one leaving the contains unchanged. If watch zbc you will get the facts of what i m talking about

  • Hazard goal Chelsea win

  • I’m getting really sick and tired of the Jack n Jills,the armchair political critics who just spring up and ready to comment crap and just criticise everything about this issue. To those who are saying Mnangagwa has recycledrecycled recycled dead old wood,why don’t you simply form your own parties and participate in the political affairs in Zim?The old deaf wood will keep ruling over us as long as the new younger generation does not stand up and get involved in politics. Why our politics only has a few under 45yrs politicians like Chamisa,Mliswa,Fadzai,Vimbai Msvaburi etc? Where are all the rest of the new generation? NOWHERE!..This old dead wood got into politics at very young ages to fight against white unfair system and they have had their time. As long as those born in the early 1970 to those born after 1980 show cowardice in participating in our country’s politics, we should not complain if the old malaz keep ruling over us and recycling their old friends in government .

    • the list of the young generation you mentioned it’s not the only they’re plenty but u only know a few and secondly we have every right to criticise Munangagwa’s cabinet bcoz we’re the one’s who marched to remove mugabe and it’s us who made him to be who he is today

    • That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!Mnangagwa was put into office by the military and ZANU structures. We were just used and allowed to demonstrate just to make it look legitimate to the outside world.. Otherwise it was a very very very smart military “coup” that removed old Bob.

    • plus we wanna c our kidz grow….

    • Chikanga Chikanga Munya…these guys will always stick to their old stories that this country will only be ruled by those with war war credentials thats the problem…talking of our generation not standing up..let me try to be clear..things has never been fair..trying to do so led to the abduction of Dzamara and people being charged with “undermining the power of the president”…but if ED let us do demonstrations like in any other countries..then we will stand up and arise as young generation…We will always suffer kana madhara akaramba aripo aya…they arent trusting young generation..

    • Great points you have there Nigel true,i agree on some of your views. You have confidently and openly told the real truth why our generation is not interested in politics >Cowardice.Politics especially African politics is not for the faint hearted and its a game of bravery and sheer guts.So as long as we are afraid to stand and be prepared to die for what we believe in,then our big old madalaz will continue ruling and passing on the baton to each other.

    • Chikanga Chikanga Munya I think wise young people like you should be in politics. You should consider it

    • Definitely! I’m in.

  • Raviro

    Very well thought through and well said. Mr President, relisten to the voice of God and the people and revise your cabinet. We need CHANGE in Zimbabwe which is why the masses of Zimbabwe so hungrily rallied behind you. At the moment we seem to be on a fast train to nowhere with our eyes wide shut. Please Mr President listen, listen, listen and create your own legacy, do not remain in another man’s very DARK shadow.

  • Did Zanu Pf ever say they were doing it to benefit you dimwit?

  • Actually I think the apposition is in more disarray than zanu only that the spotlight is not on them, after all these infighting there is but just one zanu pf, you cannot say the same about mdc, people first, second, thirds or whatever they choose to call themselves,so the authors emboldeness is actually in distraction, this is more so when you start to interrogate the ideologies behind the many mdc splinters save for very narrow populist narratives

  • It took 37yrs for 15million pple to hev their wills expressed by one man fearless Chiwenga bt now u want one man ED to turn th economy in 10 days….haaaaaaaa zvimwe itai muchifungawo dnt just type….
    Donald trump was voted th USA pres ..a country w a viable economy…bt I hev never heard of one piece of fulfilment he has done so far….he promised a lot during hs campaign bt like nw h z stil …

    • Yes you’re right, but who denied us victory in 2008

    • The same man

    • kuramba tichataura zve2008 hapana zvazvobatsira coz its almost a decade now. lets tok abt next year’s election.

    • Same same ED na Trump.. Instead of appointing a cabinet that will deliver , he’s much concerned abt his safety ndosaka achiisa military padhuze and also rewarding them for elevating him. Ku USA Trump is busy concentrating nema threats e north Korea, zvaaka promiser during campaign atokanganwa term ichitopera..

    • You are very wrong. The people of Zimbabwe voted Mugabe out in 2008 and Chiwenga,the JOC stole the results. They are not angels. It was either Chiwenga and Munangagwa die or Mugabe, and a coup was the only way they could live in Zimbabwe.

    • This chiwenga hero thing is a myth. Itai dzamara stood alone no army that’s a hero .chiwenga used the army you don’t need to be brave to do that you just give orders.

  • no change .. Just recycling the same old experienced thugs

    • Hehede kusaziva politics cabinet is chosen from existing members of paliament waida kut paiswe ani arinani asina kuisw😂😂😂
      Tsvangirai akaramba nevake

    • iye akuti tsvangirai akaramba ndiani .. mutsvanga anonyepa uyo .. ska amusi kuziva chiro baa ..

    • Hahaha asi wanzwa kaa kuti vanosarudzwa sey kwete kutaura usina kuziya vanga varipo ndevapi vari nani vezanu vaasina kuisa
      Plus akuudzai tsvangirai akutaura chokwadi hre kut haana mbonyepa ndiani 😄😄😆😆😆😅😅😅😅

  • God means himself.

    Hamunyatsonzwisisa , makamama……taikuudzai kuti Grace arinani mukati bodo nyika haitongwi nemunhu akadaro..

    Chii chirinani kutamba bhora netimhu ena striker asingagoni kana kukava bhora racho kana kuti team ina striker anodzinga goalie na referee ogohwesa zvake varikunze kwegiraundi..?

    Endai kuchikoro munodzidza political psychology pamwe mungavagonha.

    • Ak

      Zimbos don’t want to be analytical. They think by having a new face everything will change.

  • Its very true zvavareva murume Zanu iZanu kuparadza chete ,enough its enough Mugabe haasi ega akauraya inyika ,wrose iye ED akauraya nyika zvese nevanhu aah mhondi iyi

    • As the leader he played a role, other had to loot cause he was at the forefront, lets give ED tym as he is setting examples by embarrassing Chombo

  • I feel like the people of Zim were betrayed buy these guys. The people were used to fight an interna… https://t.co/uN7MjNQJvP

  • limited in options.

  • Muchanyarara henyu kutaura zvisina basa

  • Toda mari muma bank

  • We are too quick to judge. The man needs time to get this economy moving again. That cannot be achieved overnight.

    • You can’t borrow tsuro to pay gudo. Old new cabinet or new old cabinet

  • War

  • Padzoka poita vana vevanhu vakaita looting kuZanu and benefitted so let them speak with their beaks…zvichapera chete

  • Success or failure thereof of any Gvt or institution lies in the overall strategy. “Strategy without execution is hallucination, but execution without strategy is total dissaster”. You may bring all the new blood and every technocrat you have, but without a clearly defined strategy the result will be catastrophic. Policy paradigm shift is what our nation need and ED has actually shown some signs of his intentions. Opening up relations to the international community will bear positive returns to our economy. The scrapping or ammendment of the indeginisation policy to create an investor friendly environment will unlock the much needed foreign capital. The no corruption commitment is a panasea that brings new ethics and culture to our productivity. There are so much more that ED has touched in a very different way from Mugabes style.
    So your claims to me are just desparate from an opposition point of view because you really know that if all these succeed then you will lose your relevance.
    Now turning to opposition; do you have a clear strategy for our economy? Please give us your manifesto with your road map and tactics that will transform our economy.


  • new driver same bus ..same bus..same route

  • My vote goes to ED,I don’t vote for mps most of them mdc or zanupf they are greedy and worse of it promises lies during campaigns. ED have policies every Zimbabwean wanted so stop doubting him it’s too early

  • I think we need to give President E.D. time before judging him…Let’s see wher he wants to take us…He already knows what Zimbabweans and the international community and investors expect of him.37 years of bad policies is too long a time and one week is too short a time to judge our New Zim President. Also note that there is really nothing wrong in appointing soldiers into cabinet…as long as they can deliver. Botswana is a classic example they have former soldiers in their cabinet n their President is a soldier by profession n they the guy delivers!!!

  • If we keep blaming the cabinet we never forward , lets wait and see mybe they will be a good change

  • True indeed. Recycling dead wood, comrades as always. This is for the same Zimbabwe as Mugabes

  • Vanhu munonetsa hamuzivi zvaunoda, Kana mukadzinga headmaster pachikoro mumodzinga nemateacher acho here?Or you let the new headmaster deal with with his stuff and change their ways of doing things. Siyai President vaite zvavarikuita kana zvaramba modzokera muroad sezvamakaitira Mugabe

  • Nechamati maona chavatadza hapana.Makuseni iyawa.

  • Chimbomisai yenyu Cabinet tiwone kwete kungovukura,makadzi huyai nemaCV makayendesa here

  • Anomboita nezveiko muMbudzi yadhura uyo

  • Siyai munhu site zvaakaronga maids kumushandisawo kuti aise MDC . .tendai with the little he has shown …vasiri corrupt ndevapi iyo MDC is stuck with a sick leader akuramba kubva pachigaro …muchato hire Chiwenga kugadzirisa zvinhu …Tarisai quality ya Eliza sa 1st lady square na Grace wobva wongoona kuti hapana hapana isu povho totamba ikurira
    Chimwezve masoja iwaya can be better than most of the politicians saka namatirai varipo ivavo vatye mwari

  • You will be surprised. Zimbabwe is going to be one of the richest country very son in southern Africa. Mark my words. Mark date and time.

  • We set a thief to catch a thief …watch and see

  • Good article!

  • Form your own parties contest in 2018. Mngagwa was not alone to remove Mugabe. So you dont expect him to appoint someone seated at his house, when we have qualified people in our struggle. Let the army rule, if your definition for democracy is to bring back the corrupt police, then to hell with it.

  • Munhu wese ari kuda kungo kwana kwana. Apotsa kupinda is rubbishing the new establishment.

  • Hamuzivi zvamoda soro ….gve hm tym

  • Form yr own party and campaign not kungovukura

  • You have a team and its not performing well.You fire the couch for poor performance, you hire a new couch .will you also fine the players so that the couch will begin with a new team or the couch brings new techniques to make the team perform.

  • Every zimbo is now a classic politician caused by draconian laws used to stiffle economic and social development bearing the york for such a long period with a family requiring all basics and rights : hopfully the new regime will have rescue package to stimulate the industry : inclusiveness could have brought more improvement as investors are nt comfortable with army in key posts : our lst hope is w britain and china bt they want bankable pfrot making on our resources

  • Ngavagare pasi vaChamboko

  • Every zimbo is now a classic politician caused by draconian laws used to stiffle economic and social development bearing the york for such a long period with a family requiring all basics and rights : hopfully the new regime will have rescue package to stimulate the industry : inclusiveness could have brought more improvement as investors are nt comfortable with army in key posts : our lst hope is w britain and china bt they want bankable pfrot making on our resources

  • Blessing Yung Bee ndimdara wako here uyu

  • Hauna nyaya shut up watch and learn

  • Same old cargo in new package

  • This government is the KING LOG AND KING STOCK GOVERNMENT

  • Very stupid in less than a month you expect miracles,u failed to remove Mugabe for 37 yes and you have been silent.

  • Cecil of Mosi-oa-Tunya

    Lets give ED and his cabinet a chance, If he is a good leader, the names that are in his cabinet may not mean a lot. After all they are all Zimbabweans. You would not expect a ZANU PF president to have a cabinet of wholly non aligned members. I am optimistic that he will give the direction that is required to run a successful government. Zimbabwe needs a top man who preaches inclusivity, unity, peace, hard working, love, and all those things that will unleash our energy to take the country forward.

  • Rwendo

    Mnangagwa was put into office by the army. People went into the streets in their thousands to celebrate the prospect of Mugabe’s fall but we did not and do not own this change. A faction within Zanu PF, i.e. Zanu PF owns this change. Chinamasa spoke a painful truth.

    So all these passionate appeals to the new administration are in essence appeals for Zanu PF to change its DNA under Mnangagwa. While such a change falls within the realm of possibility, this seems fanciful.

    How do you truly go after corruption without half your cabinet heading to Chikurubi? How do you truly reform institutions and practices without surrendering your partisan control of state institutions? Will you fire half your (useless) political representatives at the upcoming congress to prevent losing your majority in parliament in a free and fair election? How do you stop the security forces determining who rules the country when they are the ones who put you and your party in power in the first place?

    So are we being sincere in our cries for freedom… or are we in fact quietly resigned to our fate and just praying for a little more of the crumbs than we got under Mugabe?