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Mugabe is a lesson to those in power

At the height of his power, former president Robert Mugabe was elevated to deity status, his opponents were wantonly thrown into prison under the country’s nefarious laws such as Criminal Codification, and in Zanu PF he would fire his subordinates at the snap of a finger.

Zimbabwe's military muscles into first post-Mugabe cabinetIndeed absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But that all came to an end last week and now Zimbabwe has a new dispensation, a timely reminder to all and sundry that all things, great or small, ugly or beautiful, right or wrong will come to an end.

His family, from his wife to his obscenely rich sons, who have never worked in their lives, were also just as powerful and flaunted their ill-gotten wealth with little regard to the suffering masses, but as things stand, the net is closing in on them and soon they might be made to account for every penny they might have externalised.

The lesson inherent in the fall of Mugabe is that those in power now should not abuse it because when the tide of time and people stand up and demand answers they too would be made to account for their deeds or misdeeds.

Mugabe is a lesson to those in power and those who seek power that the laws of the country will always remain supreme, for even though the former president enjoyed immunity during his time in office now he faces trial for acts he might have committed or omitted during his 37-year reign.

From the Gukurahundi atrocities of the 1980s where an estimated 20 000 people lost their lives, to the 2008 election violence in which the MDC claims scores of its supporters were murdered by State agents, Mugabe is now pressed to provide answers, unless the system that ousted him chooses to let bygones be bygones.

Of course, he might be lucky as his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa calls him father but his wife Grace and their sons might not be so lucky and might end up in prison.

As one legislator once said those in power now should start renovating the country’s prisons for who would have ever imagined the once high-flying Ignatius Chombo behind bars as is the case now.

Those in power should always be guided by the law and exercise their power within the precincts of law otherwise when things change, they too might be in Chombo’s shoes. Daily News

  • Army yakati toda kubvisa mbavha surrounding Mugabe, then comes E.D surrounding himself with criminals.

    makudo mamwechete hapana musiyano.

  • Aita zvese izvozvo ndigarwe. Achamama chete.

  • One of the most evil dictators Mugabe Satan

  • Harare International Airport tkuida pliz!

  • That was cruel

  • Tichachema kusvika pakusuwa Mugabe, hatisati tatanga.

  • Stage managed. Open up yo eyes Zimbos.

  • Saka chombo nachipanga ndidzo mbavha chete here uye ndivo vakabatsira Grace kudzinga Munangagwa na chiwenga here vanhu vezanu matsotsi tsoro yavo imwe chete ndarangarira Tongogara

    • Ndonyaya inondirwadza iyoyo kuti apa varikurambibwa bailout ko ivo avana mhoswa here?

  • Muchati Bhuu

    Chombo ngaabatwe

  • Mugabe is right tichavafunga zvedu

  • Zanu pf toooooo clever

  • Amai ava vanga vakutoiita Nyika yavo sure

  • Chawatama to hell ,,,hapana anga asingadi mugabe ,,,,asi pakupedzisira akakundikana ,,,so kana iwe nemhuri yako muchizovafunga,,,,,,usati tichazovafunga ,,nani

  • Elevating him to deity status was nonsense

  • these fools never learn anything, if anything, they try to surpass tht idiocy threefold!

  • kkkkkkk.and today. ..wow …kkkk

  • Kudzwanyirira

    Was this rubbish written for Mr Mnangagwa or someone similar ?

    Mugabe has not been running the country for over 10 years , they used him whenever they wanted to further their own agendas , both camps.

    Vakazokuduburana vega asi vese are criminals.

    Zvakafanana nekugadzirirwa mapepa in a foreign country , lets bare in mind ma zimba do not qualify kunzi ma asylees and cases must be regional under UN rules , kana zvanaka vakagadzira vokukuduburai yes its possible manje manje zvichaitika makanzwirwa tsitsi.

    No one is safe. Zvamunoitira vamwe ndozvamuchaitirwawo.

    Vana , havana chitadzo. Va Mr Mnangwagwa vana have been scroungers for donkey years asi hapana anozvitaura…..NXA.

  • Mugabe wasnt doing the firing. It was Grace who fired and appointed every one of her stupid lieutenants!! Mugabe raaratoo “condom” zvaro raingoshandiswa hapana zvaraiziva zvaiitika!!!

  • Sick n cheap…

    If President Mugabe was the issue in his government , he is gone , Mr Mnangagwa must tell us what happened to Dzamara since his hands are squeaky clean.

  • I’m not opposed to the idea of giving our State President powers,but my question is to which level Mugabe did as he pleased during his time, let not such a situation repeat itself again by limiting the President’s powers immediately he takes oath of office

  • Bottom line power is not for ever

  • Mugabe was allowed to do it if there were men in Zimbabwe it shouldn’t have taken 37 years to solve it. Grace s tail was getting longer and longer because she was not being challenged.

  • Chikiti

    Now almost every all thieves in cabinet vowed to make a change, this is scary, we’ll have to wait and see their performance