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Letter from America: Zimbabwe: The nightmare is over!

By Ken Mufuka

ZIMBABWE’S nightmare is over. A disgusting regime has destroyed itself from within. For myself, I will bask in the sun for a few hours in a self-congratulatory mood.

First Lady Grace Mugabe
First Lady Grace Mugabe

My diagnosis of the events as they unfolded was faultless. I prophesied that while Brother Emmerson Mnangagwa could lose the immediate battle, a bold approach would establish him for a final Armageddon.

While we do not normally say: “I told you so,” I want to remind a “bunch of guys” (American English) who saw it fit to scold me that I said plainly that if Ngwena does not resurface, he is not much of a crocodile. These guys owe me a lot of chickens.

Now listen to me, the lessons of the future, and if you are wise, know that in some circumstances, I am told what to write by those on the inside.

The easy lesson to learn is for Sister Auxillia. Look here, Sister Grace was a Jezebel. That is not much of a role model to go by.

Zimbabweans were accommodated to a situation whereby Mukuru was allowed to rule over them until he died in office.

My bishop friends in Zimbabwe were praying for a safe journey to the next world for Mukuru, and hoping that the archangel Gabriel would find it in his portfolio to call Mukuru sooner rather than later.

We all hoped that anybody would do a better job than a dotting 93 year old who slept half way through the graduation ceremony.

But the entry of Queen Grace, who usurped the powers arrogated to Mukuru made a mockery of everything in government.

It is alright to influence a husband, but wisdom demands that advice must be given in confidence.

Queen Grace was a street fighter, used street language, claimed that she had expelled vice president Joice; gossip was her source of information.

I heard her use the “baddest” word in Shona. She would come on certain opponents so hard that they would suffer from diarrhea. She was not much of a mother, in more ways than one.

This is almost a universal model. Whenever Michelle Obama tried to adjudicate in political affairs, she detracted from her husband’s support among whites whose majority he needed.

However, whenever she devoted her time to working with military wives, comforting them, diverting resources for their needs, she was regarded as an angel. Simple advice.

Shun politics. Do good works. Keep a portrait of Queen Grace as a reminder of what and who never to be.

I was told a sad story, confirmed by three other sources. I had always thought that former vice president Pelekezela Mphoko was a fool.

I now stand ashamed of that diagnosis. According to my sources, Mphoko was a patriot after his own fashion. He asked for a private meeting with Mukuru and poured his heart about Queen Grace.

She was a disgrace to the elders of the party, who had to bite their tongues when she held the platform.

Mphoko was invited to State House where Queen Grace was sitting side by side with Mukuru. “You had something to say,” he was asked to repeat the advice before Queen Grace.

Knowing full well that the Queen would demand his head on a platter the next day, the same way she had already done to Mujuru, Mphoko praised her many graces, with Mukuru nodding his head in agreement.

There are other examples when Mukuru was taken aside by loyal lieutenants, but the arrogant master showed nothing, but contempt.

The Bantu say the one who gives you a warning, is your friend (akubaira zanhi).
So we must leave the foolish woman Queen Jezebel, except as a scolding lesson to our girl children.

Mothers in future must caution their girl children thus: “Do you want to be a DisGrace?” The Financial Gazette

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