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ZRP should reform

File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe
File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe

While Zimbabweans across the political divide expect the ZRP as an institution to be efficient, effective and honest, over the years it has been doing exactly the opposite.

Until recently when the military stepped in and suspended its services, the ZRP’s corrupt practices had worsened and the organisation had lost people’s trust.

The police force — once respected, responsible and credible — had become infamous across the country because of its unpopular policing tactics that included its use of spikes on the roads and extortion of motorists.

Over the years, Zimbabweans have complained bitterly at the police brutal handling of peaceful demonstrations by opposition parties and ordinary citizens protesting over their welfare.

ZRP has also been found wanting in previous elections because of lack of professionalism and bias towards Zanu PF as it thwarted or out rightly refused opposition parties permission to hold their own rallies.

On top of ordinary Zimbabweans’ complaints has been the ZRP’s poor reaction to crime.

While they could not timely respond to cases reported by ordinary citizens citing lack of manpower or transport, what angered people were that hundreds of their officers would be on the roads mounting check points at every corner, cars and bikes mounted by the roadsides.

And it had gone out of hand with the ZRP now fully focusing on roadblocks and check points, hence spot fines increasingly became a huge cash cow for the force amid revelations that they were collecting about $59 million annually as they worked with targets.

Apart from raising these millions for the force, corrupt traffic officers openly demanded bribes from motorists with the unfortunate ones losing their jobs after being trapped while on the act.

After persistent reports of graft in the force, in 2014 the ZRP transferred 33 traffic police officers from its Avondale Police Station in Harare to remote stations for alleged corruption.

According to a Zimbabwe Visitor Exit Survey (VES) Report for the year 2015/2016, police harassment was one of the main reasons why tourists would not recommend Zimbabwe to other potential visitors.

The survey polled 38 680 foreign tourists over a 12 months period between 2015 and November 2016, and found that police harassment constituted the highest percentage of the reasons not to recommend the country to potential tourists, at 43,2 percent, followed by harassment by Zimra officers at 14,7 percent.

Last year, a report by corruption watchdog Transparency International showed that an overwhelming majority of Zimbabwe’s businesses perceive the police as one of the country’s most corrupt government agent.

According to a recent report by the International Police Science Association and the Institute for Economics and Peace, ZRP is one of the world’s worst police forces and ranks 102 out of 127 countries surveyed.

It is my hope that the incoming government will not let politicians abuse the ZRP as was with former vice president Phelekezela Mphoko who reportedly ordered the release of detained acting chief executive officer Engineer Moses Juma and non-executive director Davison Norupiri who had been arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) on allegations of defrauding the parastatal of US$1,3 million.

Mphoko also caused a storm after he reportedly stormed into Bulawayo Central Police Station, and expressed anger over the arrest of several Zanu PF activists in connection with the intra-party violence that occurred at the party’s provincial offices at Davis Hall. DailyNews

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  • I believe the matter is not for the guys on the road . Masoja tese tiaziva haaite ma funnies. So ZRP has been involved in corruption for a long time and they lost their integrity.
    Leave the soldiers on the street for a year and tell me the out come

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    • What do they know these soldiers, if so let them go to do Charge Office duties.

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    • Dan ShezZie soilders were doing all this for themselves not you… Soilders are more brutal than the police…. Zimbabweans know wat I mean

    • A year is too much their motive is clear, mission abt to accomplish

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  • Police follow instructions

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  • How can they reform when they were hired via musango it Should be based on academic qualifications.

  • It’s time ZRP got an ex-army guy for Police commissioner just as Prisons.

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  • Police were given targets back at office which meant that their superiors were aware and promoted the exortation of bribe money from puplic. The is need to revamp the top of police services

    I Love My ZRP

  • Chii chakaitwa ne army chinofanirwa kuitwa nemapurisa. Handioni mabasa achifanana aya .

    • People are ignorant, they need orientation as to job description of Soldiers and Police. Who prepared Docket for Chombo to appear in Court

    • Nhai henyu. Vision of these two services are totally differ.

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    • Loice waratidza kuti wakafunda, these people vane problem yekuti vairova mateacher nerekeni so they don’t want to read, they don’t know the constitutional mandate of ZNA and of ZRP. Constitutional mandate of ZNA is to maintain security and peace, then ZRP is to maintain law and Order.

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  • You mean conduct of staging a coup so that they also steal?

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  • Police force was captured by ZANU pf , every rank from General to Jonior constable .
    so they is need to refurbish the whole force
    worse traffic department mhaiweeee these are law criminals, mbavha dziri legal.

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  • Kkkkkk zvakaoma henyu, was travelling today from bulawayo to harare and when we reached a roadblock manned by an inclusive of ZDF and ZRP another passenger asked why is it police are now mixed with ZDF at roadblocks and a young man answered saying, ZDF is policing the ZRP from extorting money from the suufering public. Another police offer head the young man response and he fumed with anger saying who told you that, you are undermining the police authority, guess what passengers ordered the driver to stop and the officer was assaulted and left alongside the road

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  • Lets wait and c, u will soon meet your tormentors, though I am not condoning corruption bt u will see who is more ruthless than the other

  • Pray for peace, we are going though trying times

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  • They knw their job the problem is their bosses why cant they demote boss n make junior officers bosses

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  • ZDF the best force in our roads not these so called ‘ police ‘ who are always after milking the suffering masses.

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  • I think its not good for the soldiers to interact with the public too much. It will compromise and weaken the defense system of the country in the long run. We will cry again.
    Let there be corrective measures to the police. There is no country without police!!
    We only need to know where the money collected on roads is deposited and used.

  • All police officers should be re-education to comply with general public of Zimbabwe they are all monsters

  • These stooges must be disbanded or rebranded

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  • No more acts of misconduct

  • No more daily usd targets

  • up to now I still say thank you yo members of the zdf. the guys are jus worthy to receive my thank you.

  • Army iri right yes, then mukabirwa, mukaita accident or any other offense inoda kupindirwa neState let’s all go and report these cases to the nearest Army Barracks so that the soilders will come and attend the scene and compile all necessary dockets and papers to the relevant Courts.

    Viva our lovely Army