Zanu PF are hypocrites, says MDC Alliance

Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

This, the Alliance said, was proven by the recent development where the ruling party made nationwide resolutions in support of the expulsion of the then vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and soon after that, they made nationwide resolutions in support of Robert Mugabe’s departure.

“It is for Zanu PF to search its conscience and do the right thing. It is not for me or the MDC Alliance to tell them what the right thing is,” MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube told the Southern News.

“We can only remind them that we are here because in the past indeed up to as recently as yesterday they appear to continue to act hypocritically.

“Why do I say that, Zanu PF Bulawayo province barely after 13 days was hysterical, passing resolutions that Mnangagwa has offended everything the party knows and he must be dismissed.

“All the ten provinces went around and passed that resolution. Mugabe acted pursuant to those resolutions. They have had a Damascene moment and without even changing a single woman or man in their composition they are singing the opposite,” Ncube said.

He said political parties should be custodians of democracy and the people’s will, adding that they must not be used for dictatorial tendencies by individuals.

“Political parties must be able to be deliberative and be able to engage, be able to debate, to analyse and be able to come up with informed conclusions, not to be an instrument available at the behest of whoever wields power to tell them what democracy is. You are not a political party; you are actually a danger to democracy if that is how you act,” said Ncube. DailyNews

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  • Mugwada waaniko unonzi mdc muno mu Zimbabwe

    • Its MDC the first official opposition in zim formed 1999…won election 2000..2008

    • Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mudzimba

    • I gave u the answer even vamugabe ndozvaitaura zvaurikunyora izvi bt whre is he now ..iyezvino makuvuga regalia inemaimages avo kkklk zvakakuomerai munongoteera kwadzaridzwa

    • Bva pakanaka tichaona kunowira duzvi ne mugwada

    • Wrong mdc is not the first opposition in Zim.Delusional mdc supporters.Please let Save you are abusing him

    • If i say first 1 i mean the biggest

    • Gurus let nt hate each other bt lets give pressure to our leaders inorder for them to set a level ground…i mean mitemo yavanoisa does nt favour the masses bt them…eg mongotaura heee ivhu takatora kkkkk ndanani vkatora nt me or u bt THEM kkkkk …kutora means take for free bt go to city council and say yu nid a stand thre wl put yu on the list kkkkkk puttin on the list means no land avail at the moment so e question is whez e land imi muchit mkatora bt at the same tym murikut nt avai at the moment…jus imagine mnhu 1 anoita 13 farms ko vamwe…mayb u hv a relative mugovernment mayb u a benefitin bt ummm zim hv a corrupt goverment i ever seen

    • Tafadzwa Chidodo …kkkkkk wakaipa .. wataura apa

  • Kikikik 😂😂😂 quite humorous but very accurate of them! I am so sure this passes very well of a known tribe in our midst

  • Very true people in Zanu pf behaves like fools they kept Mugabe for 37yrs and Even endorsed him as their presidential candidate.Mnangagwa came they all started singing another song joining the majority’s call for Mugabe to step down.Any good leader cannot be trusted under Zanu pf people

  • Kkkkkk what more can they say when there is nothing to say.

  • Wise addition i watched the vedio of Chinotimba accused Grace mugabe by (iye ndiro hure rekutanga nekupedzisira) tell me what does this come from?..Sme tym ago ndiye ndiye aiti amai Grace…it shows me tht Aripanyanga chero akarasika sei vanongoti ndizvo as lng achiri papower… Really these pple are confused…thre are running a country like a spaza shop……ngavasataura zvenew era tisat taona tangible things..i cant wait fr 2018

  • …. but what good concsience is there when you an alliance also behave in the very manner which you are questioning?? Tsvangirai’s term according to your constitution expired several years ago but the constitution has since been ammended to allow him to remain in power. And recently he has not been feeling too well but you still are pushing him to hold on to power when we have young people like Chamisa and a lot more who are more than capable to fill up that post. Are you not also creating another Mugabe there?

    • Politics need sharp mind……if go deeper u realize the difference btwn mugabe n tsvangirai…do u know the age of mugabe? and many others that are still holding positions bt there are old n their contracts expired karee kareesa eg chihuri to mention jus one where as mdc is tryin to put tsvangirai pafront semnhu ava popular u cant break it bt fix it

    • Thats where you are getting all wrong. Remember Robert used to the darling when he barked “zvido zvevanhu” . Prolonged stay in position of power erodes all the goodness in a human.. My priest always says, ” absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Imagine Tsvangirai wins 2018 elections which he is tipped to do, do you really think he is going to let go that position so easily… we will need another Chiwenga intervention to remove him there..

    • Kareza look to the side of the coin n say pple wre nt crying abt mugabe grippin on power bt the systems he introduced.u put focus on how countin birds in the nest instead of findin the way of catchin them

    • All I am saying is let us not see a spec in someone’s eyes without seeing log in yours .. the opposition must live the word they preach. Democracy is about equal opportunities and equal chances for everyone. I am against the idea of idolising someone to the extent of thinking he alone is good enough for the highest post. If we have Mugabes and Tsvangirais occupying posts for more than 15 years ko isuwo vadiki tozotongawo when?

    • Tsvangirai has been Mdc leader for 20yrs and he is only left with 17 yrs to equal President Mugabe’s record.MDC & former zanu pf same whatsapp group.Rather vote for ED ane 1wk arileader

    • ..but ED vatogarisawo.. dai zvaiita kana vagadzirisa nyika pamwe kwe 5 years vochitambidzawo wechidoko chimuti.. vanenge vaita hero..

    • Pearson Mudzingwa mmmmmm 20 years as party president not as Zim president … no record is being broken here

  • Till the day you come up with something better other than attacking or passing judgement on how Zanu Pf does things… we will just watch you. now we are enjoying the newly found freedom…🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺

  • All politicians are the same maan.

  • TSM Season 7 –

    Whelshman there is no seat for u in New Govt kwahi me Mwana
    wako ari South uri mhondi inoda mikosho nema kambi evana vadiki Tsek

    • bobsled

      There is no need for this. Why don’t you engage him in the conversation he started. Why would he be desperate to be in a government whose life-span is less than a year? You are embarrassing yourself

      • sarah Mahoka

        you misread the tide. munangagwa will win the 2018 election. So this govt will continue

      • TSM Season 7 –

        Comrade I am spot on, hauna nyere here I have chicks waiting to be fucked right now !!

        • bobsled

          Go fuck your mother you brute!!!

          • TSM Season 7 –

            pano hatitukane ndepekutamba chete

            Kk you go fuck lady Gucci kkkkkk une nyere chete iwe

    • Ijaha leNkabazwe

      No need to be vulgar comrade

      • TSM Season 7 –

        who is vular comrade !! I am spot on !! sviro handiregedze in new zimbabwe !!

    • Realist

      You are off topic . The question is how did Bulawayo Province make such a big U turn.That has nothing to do with Welshman himself or children which again you falsely accuse. Its hypocritical why do you refuse to see this. They vanquished ED within 2 weeks he is a star. Mugabe indeed acted according to this. Its clear pal dont just display your disgusting vandetta here its not the platform.
      What seats? ED needs investor confidence and the West will be sceptical of anything without the old Mdc GNU partners. They cannot afford any more detentions without trial beatings and dissapearances

      • TSM Season 7 –

        am off for sviro hapana zvawataura apa shaa !! I am spot on !!

  • Hypocrites is the right word to describe them

  • its very funny to see a grown man to remove all his clothes in the cold night jus to wear a condom

  • Chimbomirai izvo lets support them .

  • MDC Alliance kuita sei where is the all powerful, forceful MDC of 2002 chimbosiyai zvema faction drop the “alliance” tag bury your hatchets toziva kuti u r a unit again , reorganise structures, give us a proper manifesto and re new our hope , otherwise my vote and many others will go “kurikuvukurwa ukoooo” #itaiOrder

  • On point prof

  • The opposition is no longer relevant especially with this new found freedom.

    • Its relevant very relevant.think.outside the box how to enhance to rethink and retool yourselves.

    • so you want us to bring the confused alliance now when they are busy fighting for positions. my problem is not working with all Zimbabweans but remove the opposition tag. lets bring Tsvangirai , Biti and company and work together as Zimbabweans but for them to set parameters is unacceptable .

    • Nicholas Moyo good words

    • opposition is relevant xaa

  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    Good observation Welshman but let us be realistic. All the ZANU-PF are singing for their supper. It was clear up to the few last week that Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe was the king maker. Remember the pensions for all these ZANU-PF chefs was wiped out thanks to Robert Mugabe. They just need the jobs . Mutasa is an example of what can happen if you are taken off the feeding trough. In other countries a former minister who has been in government for over 30 years should not suffer the way Mutasa has. Remember we had that ther Hero , a former deputy minister who was taken to hospital by a donkey cart!!So in reality these people will be in poverty the minister they lose their “jobs” so they will support whoever has the jobs!!

    • razor blade

      inconvenient truths

  • Dont say opposition anymore but lets embrace everybody as Zimbabweans. Relevant are the people yes but not their parties. Agreed.

  • These pple they only think campaigning is denouncing your rival.

  • MDC Alliance – YOU ARE LOSERS. 🤗

  • sarah Mahoka

    ok Welshman. ZAnupf are hypocrites. what are you MDCpeople . you now run to MT for cover? That is neither here nor there give us bread and butter

  • ingoti urikuda chinzvimbo chete apa bt hauna kucheukwa -solidarity march is nt GNU

  • Ko movukureizve

  • Plz mdc imboita macampainng

  • Tibvireipo

  • Not only Zanu Pf. I tell u, half the nation has proven to be hypocritical.

  • Munoti murikushaya muchatoshayisisa chenjera usakanganwe chegore riya akudza zano ndewako the enemy/devil u know is better than the close one you don’t .Lacoste free your people.Progress is a must

  • razor blade

    Well said Welshman Ncube

    • Nelia

      kkkkk wakamuka

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