‘I knew my wife was a prostitute’

By Lovemore Meya

A Chitungwiza man, who admitted in court that he knew that his wife was a prostitute, left the gallery spellbound after he vowed to pay a bride price for her.

Anyway Nyarire (24), of St Mary’s said this after being hauled to court on allegations of physical abuse against his wife, Precious Shereni (21).

Shereni allegedly left Nyarire on November 20 with her toddler – sired from a relationship with another man – and went to solicit for sex.

Shereni reportedly did not come back from her sexcapades on the same night.

But when she finally turned up, Nyarire was seething with anger. In a fit of rage, he picked up a stone and hit Shereni on the head after she indicated that it was over between them.

Nyarire, who denied the charges leveled against him, told the court that he still loved his wife. “We have been husband and wife for the past eight months, although I did not pay bride price for her,” said Nyarire.

“When I started staying with her, I knew very well that she was a prostitute. I do not have problems with her going to night clubs to look for men. We had a misunderstanding when she left me looking after her minor child throughout the day and night.”

Trial magistrate Mrs Yeukai Chigodora found Nyarire guilty and sentenced him to eight months in prison, but conditionally set aside four months for five years. The Herald