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Resignation specials! – Hookers slash prices, Regular clients get free service

By Gibson Mhaka

Prostitutes in Bulawayo joined thousands of residents who took to the streets on Wednesday night celebrating the resignation of President Robert Mugabe after 37 years in office by outrageously slashing prices of their sexual services.

File picture of a prostitute
File picture of a prostitute

The services which were offered at first come first serve basis also saw regular clients getting the services for free.

A check by B-Metro at most of the city night spots, the story was the same, a short-time sex session was going for $2 from the usual $5 and $10 per night for home service which usually costs between $20 and $25.

A visit to some of the downtown lodges also revealed long queues of men waiting to have sex with a limited number of prostitutes.

Meanwhile, concerns and fears were also raised that in the euphoria some threw caution to the wind by allegedly not using condoms.

Prostitutes who spoke to B-Metro in separate interviews said they were overwhelmed with demand.

“We are excited that President Mugabe has finally resigned and as part of our celebrations to his departure we have decided to join the rest of the country by slashing our prices to $2 from $5 for a short-time and $10 from $20 for a night.

“Just imagine since Sunday after his address to the nation where a majority expected that he was going to resign business has been low and we were worried that if the situation had continued we were going to suffer,” said a prostitute who identified herself as Lisa adding that she was failing to meet demand.

Another sex worker who only wanted to be identified as Sharon echoed Lisa’s sentiments saying the absence of police patrols was also a blessing as they were using sanitary lanes and cars as love nests especially to those clients who want sex on short-time basis.

“For those who want short-time instead of going to the lodge we use their cars or sanitary lanes because these days there is no risk of arrest as police are not patrolling,” she said while being whisked away by a seemingly sexually charged client.

This reporter also witnessed some randy couples having sex in cars.

B-Metro also spoke to several men who benefited from the sex “baccossi” saying they found the service affordable.

“Today is our Independence Day and I had never seen anything like what I witnessed today. Just imagine I enjoyed free sex from two prostitutes I usually meet at my favourite drink places. They told me it’s part of their celebrations to the departure of President Mugabe.

“We just wish the promotion continues for a much longer period,” said the man who chose to remain anonymous.
These days, prostitutes have devised different methods to meet up with their diverse business demands, especially with the prevailing cash shortages in the country.

Most ladies of the night are now demanding that clients pay for services through mobile platforms to avoid being duped with most now moving around with at least two mobile phones to facilitate transactions. B-Metro

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  • A check by B-Metro at most of the city night spots, the story was the same, a short-time sex session was going for $2 from the usual $5 and $10 per night for home service which usually costs between $20 and $25.

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    okay even as you celebrate please remember to use protection. furthermore get enough money to start a cleaner business please