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Zodwa Wabantu plans tour of ‘new’ Zimbabwe

As Zimbabweans around the world are celebrating the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe, SA dancer Zodwa Wabantu has expressed willingness to perform in Zimbabwe, after initially refusing to do so as she wanted a letter from the statesman.

Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu

The entertainer who is signed under DJ Tira’s Afrotainment stable said she cancelled her Zimbabwe tour abruptly last month because she wanted a letter from Mugabe assuring her safety while in the country.

Mugabe had earlier criticised Zodwa for not wearing panties while performing and subsequently barred her from performing at the Harare International Carnival. There were also threats to arrest her if she had gone against his word.

“I’m better off in South Africa. I don’t know their motives behind the whole thing or if I’ll get arrested when I arrive in Zimbabwe. I’m waiting for Mugabe to write a letter saying I am allowed (in the country). If they (the people) are so scared of Mugabe, it is the same with me,” Zodwa was quoted saying last month, explaining why she cancelled the trip to Zimbabwe.

She said she was overjoyed at the news of Mugabe’s resignation and immediately contacted her agent in Zimbabwe to plan a new tour in the country.

“I’m happy about the announcement and we’re already planning to go to Zimbabwe. We’re in talks with the promoter there to find dates and are in the process of coming up with something.”

Zodwa is already booked for gigs during the festive season but said she was working to clear her schedule for an entire weekend to perform in Zimbabwe.

She hailed Mugabe’s resignation as the start of “a new independence day” for the country and congratulated its citizens.

“I’ll be coming soon. I love all my fans there and they must celebrate as much as they want and uplift the country,” she added.

Her Zimbabwe promoters, Devine Assignments who run entertainment for clubs Connect, 263 and Private Lounge, said she was more than welcome adding that they were ready to host her.

“She’s more than welcome in Zimbabwe because the last time we wanted to host her, she’s the one who refused to come.

“We’re still willing to host her as we didn’t know why she cancelled the show. Even tomorrow she’s free to come as our customers are waiting for her,” said Devine Assignments director, Biggie Chinoperekwei. — TimesLive/Showbiz Reporter.

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