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Zanu PF pushes for unity govt

Morgan Tsvangirai vs Emmerson Mnangagwa
Morgan Tsvangirai vs Emmerson Mnangagwa

This comes as the 75-year-old Mnangagwa takes over the reins today when he would be sworn in by the Chief Justice Luke Malaba to pave way for the consummation of a new Cabinet.

The swearing in of Mnangagwa means at law he has dissolved the Cabinet which was recently announced by former president Robert Mugabe and is now at liberty to put his own team he believes would be competent to lead government programmes.

Sources told the Daily News yesterday that Mnangagwa held his first politburo meeting as the new Zanu PF leader on Wednesday, hours after he had returned to the country following 15 days in self-imposed exile.

“…ED got the backing of the politburo on the need to form a government that includes opposition figures. Both him and the party are aware of the need to heal previous rifts, unite the people and resuscitate the economy.

“Part of uniting people is having an inclusive government based on trust and unity. So don’t be surprised in the coming days to hear an announcement of a Cabinet that involves opposition figures,” a senior Zanu PF official told the Daily News yesterday.

While Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was non-committal on the issue, the party’s secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa said Zanu PF had no problems with an inclusive arrangement, adding that Mnangagwa would announce his programme of action today.

Chinamasa said although nothing substantive was discussed in the meeting “except to brief the president on what processes were carried out in his absence”, the need for inclusivity is not debatable.

“Just wait until tomorrow (today) when the new president takes charge and he will define his agenda but I can tell you that we want to engage all stakeholders and come up with a reform agenda that will transform the lives of our people.

“We can only achieve that when we work with everyone regardless of political affiliation because what government will do will affect everyone so there is need for consensus with stakeholders including the opposition on fundamental issues of policy so that we can engage the outside world with one voice,” said Chinamasa who was Finance minister before getting a demotion from Mugabe in his Cabinet reshuffle.

Chinamasa said people had “wrongly” interpreted the statement he made on Sunday at the end of the Zanu PF central committee meeting which resolved to recall Mugabe from government.

“Those who portrayed a picture of us as Zanu PF saying we can do it all alone misquoted me because what I said then was that the processes underway in Zanu PF are an internal issue and I do not envisage how the opposition can help us in that regard not that we don’t need them in national development,” Chinamasa clarified.

If Mnangagwa goes ahead and forms an inclusive government it wouldn’t be a surprise given the past experiences of the short lived but stability inducing arrangement which saw Mugabe ending years of hostilities with MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai in February 2009 to form a Cabinet that included the opposition.

Although short lived, the life of the four-year unity government brought positives changes to the economy and lives of millions of impoverished Zimbabweans whose little savings had been wiped off by hyperinflation.

Two of the biggest achievements of that unity government were the stability brought by the use of the United States dollar as the main currency and the economic growth of 11,9 percent which was a world record.

Mnangagwa who was credited with leading meaningful government re-engagement efforts during his time as the VP, has for long been said to favour working with the opposition, especially Tsvangirai, to rebuild the economy, if her ever became president.

He has previously been said to have a working relationship with the popular MDC leader.

In the early 2000, it was revealed that Tsvangirai had talked with independent mediators on behalf of Mnangagwa, who was the Speaker of Parliament then, and the then commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Vitalis Zvinavashe.

The MDC leader was later to reveal that “they wanted my assurance that if Mugabe retired, the MDC would take part in a transition towards new democratic elections”.

Tsvangirai named retired army colonel Lionel Dyke, a close associate of both men, as a mediator.

In a leaked WikiLeaks cable, a senior MDC official was quoted telling United States embassy staff in Harare that South Africa’s African National Congress had agreed to a Zanu PF plan for Mnangagwa to replace Mugabe, while offering token representation to the opposition.

Recently, Reuters news agency reported that Mnangagwa was envisaging cooperating with Tsvangirai to lead a transitional government for five years with the tacit backing of some of Zimbabwe’s military personnel and Britain.

Quoting sources, the wire service said its sources left open the possibility that the government could be unelected with the aim of avoiding chaos that has followed some previous elections.

This unity government, it said, was to pursue a new relationship with thousands of white farmers who were chased off in violent seizures of land approved by Mugabe.    Daily News

  • but 100 days is very Short time

  • that will work in favor of all Zimbabwean citizens to build there future

  • vega vanoitadza zve.

  • Matanga

  • Opposition inodikanwa for checks and balances

  • Fake

  • Ndookudyiswa kwavakuitwa uku.

  • President Mnangagwa will be a wise man and indeed God will bless him. I like what he said he will be servant of the people not boss. We pray that there be the fear of God in his life and do everything out of love for God is love. Treating all Zimbabweans equally.

  • Really

  • These inclusive government arrangements don’t work ! We did it in 2009 and we are back to square one

  • Uyu munhu uyu ndiye ane yese

  • Wish it be true we need united Zimbabwe nt divided zanu pf vs oppositions

  • That will be good news. Unity is one thing required by our beloved country. Then elections 5yrs to come. Elections nxt yr will be too early and there will be miserable again coz I can’t see him conceding defeat at such an early stage. Pliz #Mr President country first must be the motto. #zanu must be the last thing we are prepared to hear so far. #37yrs is #Robert #Mugabe #Maximum prison was not a joke.

    • I am a Motswana and very much in support to what you have stated and your opinion.

    • Amen my bro # time for the healing process. We have been longing for this for a long time

    • Amen!

    • Exactly my point of view,there will be absolutely no need to rush to elections since it will be a government of National unity,you get Tsvangirai and Mujuru to be deputy and prime minister and the rest give them ministerial positions,rebuild the country together then go to elections after 5 years.

    • The main important thing is stability,Zimbabwe is still too fragile to go to elections next year.

    • Why guys we said unity and reconciliation so is there no Ndebele mentioned on top 3. We are tired of being marginalised. You mean from our Ndebele people no one has brains. If people want to continue this way we are far away from unity and working together. We are all Zimbabweans we deserve someone out there to represent us. We know Morgan might try if he hasn’t forgotten as he always got most votes on matabeleland. #NO MORE MARGINALISED OF NDEBELES IF WE NEED TO MOVE FORWARD

    • Linqiniso u are telling the truth no unity if no Ndebeles included zimbabwe is not for shona people only

    • uDumiso Dabengwa ukhona njee….unless he is not Ndebele……Welshman Ncube might get any ministrial post so stop thinkin that way guys…….thats the last thing we want on our new Zim.Noone is more than the other whether ungumuNdebele nobaMushona…..Whitem,Indian or Coloured…..lets work together guyz……..

    • pasi neunity government zanu inyatsowana mukana wekuumba party

    • pasi neunity government zanu inyatsowana mukana wekuumba party

  • Kwete zviri kutaurwa nana tumbura-mbeva. Ana okrikinzi. Haters of all what is good

  • Unity is gud

  • A unity government is an inhibitor to total freedom from Zanu pf rule. Zanu pf no longer have the mandate to rule owing to the gap of the G40 and its supporters. The idea of unity government is to give them space to breathe and manipulate gvt systems in their favor. The opposition must enter this inclusive gvt with a clear focus, the masses have said it again and again that they want electoral reforms and depoliticization of state institutions that are currently used as government tools of subverting the people ‘s will.

  • 100% true.

  • This story is the most hopeful that I’ve read since Mugabe surrendered power. Visit it if you can!

  • Gud news to my ears!!!unity gvmt is the only way.

  • No problem, as long as we are going for elections next year. We want to make sure ZANU Pf is out of power like yesterday and we have to use the ballot box not the bullet. ED is not invincible, remember he once lost Kwekwe to Blessing Chebundo of MDC. I bet my last cent this is the end of ZANU Pf.

    • U are just dreaming ZANU-PF is more stronger now

    • #Tatenda Manje this ED is going to be the shortest serving President in the history of Zim just as he was the shortest serving VP ever.Now that the Brand MUGABE is gone, havanyama yekugocha……….!!!

    • Mlingwa Tsvangirai is also not invincible especially if he continues to hold on to the leadership of MDC-T without handing over to the younger viable leadership. He is well past his Sale by Date.

    • zanu pf is now rejuvenated, it will win resoundingly in next yr elections. vanhu vanga vasingachadi mugabe, now that aenda they are happy. even opposition yanga yavakukambena ichiti mugabe ngaaende, so that campain strategy wont work anymore

    • #Ranga, ED cannot win a free and fair election. Mugabe carried ZANU Pf on his shoulders, he was a brand, an internationally acclaimed one. Zanu Pf yaparara.!!

    • True Innocent

    • True Innocent

  • GNU ndizvo guys. Ndiyo yakambofaisa zvinhu mind you

  • Waal it sound gud

  • MINISTER OF FINANCE TENDAI BITI & minister of pri& sec David coltat

  • That will be a good move

  • Those who were sidelining him and bad mouthing him knew his capabilities. This man will bring very positive change in Zimbabwe. The truth is you can’t keep a good man down. #Rise Zimbabwe.

    • siyai kupembedza vanhu ndozvamakaita mugabe sakq aizvifananidza najesu.

    • Kennedy kkkkkkkka urima1 chaiwo unotaura kunge man of god chaiye rega uone

    • I’m just being Patriotic guys. We desperately needed change. Next move is to ensure free and fair elections. We can’t achieve all at once but surely this change is commendable.

  • Then we kiss good bye to active opposition

  • Way to go

  • I strongly agree with that idea, I wish reshuffle could be done for most permanent secretaries who are now liabilities to this nation

  • God bless you. Some people haven’t been heard for over 30yrs. Don’t rush into elections. Level the ground, implement reforms before you start fighting each other again in an election.

  • Hanzi na Mugabe ndatadza kuuya nekuti pamba paizosara pasina Munhu

  • I wl be happy to see that…why us zimbabweans divided..we are one pple.one nation..plz mr mnangagwa i urge u to form an inclusive government..in rural areas parents hv bcome enermies to their children n vice vesa cz of political affiliation.i cant wait to see that gud news

  • Unity government will be good . Zimbabwe will gain trust again

  • Am I dreaming 🤤🤤 excellent man

  • Let it be like that n set an even ground for free and fair elections

  • The following individuals cn make a grt contribution to th economy. Morgan Tsvangirai, Biti , Nkosana Moyo, Shingi Munyeza, Mthuli Ncube, Chris Mutsvangwa

  • Way to go

  • That will certainly get him off to a good start, plus its also a huge gesture of goodwill

  • Fine.GNU haina kuipa so long as opposition doesn’t bkom to busy with government programmes and forget party issues.

  • That looks encouraging

  • That wll be sweet news

  • May be things would work for every body

  • We need to fix the country first before elections.

  • Guys thats the only thing we need now.if they unite then no need to vote

  • We just wanted interim government before election early next year

  • nice to hear


  • MaElections ngaambomira vambopiwa time tizoona decision.

  • good move , united we stand.divided we fall

  • Now we are talking! This is the best way to go. The president must accommodate pple from across the political devide into ministerial posts. Under Mugabe’s rule,only ZANU pf members took positions in gvt. Imagine we could end up with Chinotimba being finance minister just because he is from ZANU!

  • Better

  • Yes yes!pamberi neGNU

  • good idea

  • Stand by urself no opposition then we will no who is the better devil between u n Mugabe

    • including opposition members in his cabinet will help differentiate him from mugabe. if he is going to appoint ministers on merit and not on factional or part lines thats a very good attribute which will make him more popular than mugabe. plz not that this is not a GNU being recommended by zanu pf like what most people are thinking

  • pamwe ndatadza kunzwa asi hapana kumbotaurwa zve GNU zvamuri kutaura izvo

  • Tsano ava vakafita kutonga less than a year, elections here we come. Masekerwo aangaitwe naGire

  • Ntumbane Jonsoe

    Lets wait and see, Asika? Hameno, Asazi!

  • Noble move

  • Matanga makuhwa

  • Kkkkkkkka akatanga dai akabva zvakanka zvingadai zvirinane nyika yekubvutirana ma1 chaiwo ndaona paita kuita kwevana vatorera mukuru wavo sweet APA vanenge vachingobvutirana chete hapana zvobuda APA kkkkkk

  • That will be great

  • thts wht we are only asking for…progress and prosperity. …

  • Currently, what matters most is to put our house in order. Elections are secundary. I’m for the idea of government of national unity for a period of 3 to 5 years. Mr Mnangwagwa should be given a considerable time to put back our derailed nation back in track. I strongly believe that, if we incredably work hard, our economy will rise again.

  • Joyce Mujuru can not be part of the coliation government because she doesn’t have a parliamentary seat yet. She is still an ordinary person when it comes to this current unity government.

    We have people like Dumiso Dabengwa. As a shona person I think it’s high time we also reach out to all the provinces not to always give people in Harare high posts all the times.

    Bulawayo needs to be remembered
    Binga where maDoma people lives must also be remembered.

    Joyce Mujuru must be part of the unity government when she contests for the elections and win the parliamentary seats first. Right now she is not party of these negotiations unless she wants to use a back door as ZANU PF always does.

    • and remember a gvt which includes opposition is not necessarly a GNU, the president can appoint those from the opposition as ministers (mps and senators only) and he can also appoint upto five ministers from outside parliament (mujuru can come in here)

  • You rather do that my excellency. ..

  • Kushandisana kwete , its high time Dr Richard do not be fooled

  • i think gnu is better avoid being arrogent listern new ideas from others under the gnu you can achive your targets to revive the econom

  • He will not taste power for only less than a yr then allow free and fair elections which he may risk losing. He would opt fo a longer time in the GNU

  • That’s a wise decision we all support….good move Mr President let it be like that..an inclusive government gonna give us confidence and make a great change

  • We nurse our sick hope and wait … it will be a dream come true.

  • go mr president thts wt we want better lyf for ordinery citizens go

  • That would be an excellent start, lets forget about elections for a while, they will poison an otherwise good environment!!

  • GNU no.Let them do it alone…..pass or fail.We must choose our own Gvt, by the people.

  • Lets go ahead with theelections, boot out these corrupt parasites who having been feeding on our blood for the past 4 decades, lets not give them latitude to take more from us, l sincerely hope the opposition does not fall into the same trap as the late GNU,

  • 10 year GNU guarantee

  • Pple shld agree that Save hs keys for this economy….

  • Mutape Itai Saurombe Leonard Chirenje

  • If His Exellence Ngwena would like to be a favourate of many Zimbabweans, firstly he must change most of Zunu Pf’s political ideologies and show the world the other side of the coin. Firstly I he must pave way for Freedom of Expression and allow public views from all social media platforms. I also urge him to get rid of Zanu Pf’ s empty promises to the majority, which is one of the major factors that led the majority of Zimbabwe to lose trust in Zanu Pf.

  • Vice & Skunk Buster

    To the best of my knowledge a unity government will bring elements of the opposition to the gravy train while obliterating any prospects of reviving their sunken political fortunes.

    If 2018 elections in this British colony of Zimbabwe are to serve their purpose ZANU should go it alone. Tsvangirai has an opportunity to elect between a funeral (political and otherwise) check or the agenda for which MDC was formed. Unfortunately my advice falls to the ground because personal greed and the myopic folly of short-term relevance is uppermost in the top echelons of the comatose opposition which is also ideologically and financially bankrupt.

    Of course no one among the Mnangagwa-Tsvangirai et al dimwits has the redemptive wisdom of considering Dzmbgw UNIFICATION as their brains were busted by Western imperialism doctrine of assimilation . True emancipation is beyond their visceral and foolish existence as colonial serfs and satrapy. Shame!


  • That is too good bt will it happens

  • What a lie

  • ed president tsvangirai 1st vice dhabengwa 2nd vice mujuru prime minister biti finance

  • Lets go for free and fair elections only its next yr gnu never bring investors it brings multi currency.

  • unity government brings uncertainty and lack of accountability. only those who won seats in the parliament not noise makers who are not needed in their respective constituencies, Be careful Mr President.

  • That will be great, there power in unity

  • Good move

  • Yes that’s the right channel to have all other parties inn in sense kut hapana anodhonzera rutivi rwake bt as a united team of Zimbabwe tanzwa nenhamo plz tibatsirei

  • Yes that’s the right channel to have all other parties inn in sense kut hapana anodhonzera rutivi rwake bt as a united team of Zimbabwe tanzwa nenhamo plz tibatsirei

  • Only thieves can oppose such a move especially hardliners who don’t care about the suffering ordinary people. I think about 95% of our population supports the creation of a coalition gvt.

  • Opposition ngairambe munoda kunyengwa kuti muvabatsire kugadzirisa mess yavo.plus mnangwa anobva atogarisa pachigaro.nw he is 75 years old.l think MDC ws formed Mugabe and 75 and we were complaining kuti he is too old.

  • Saxton

    Zimbabwe does not need a government of national unity. The people are already united and there is an elected government in place. Please stop stifling democracy by adjusting the constitution. Even Mugabe was once against the idea of continuously changing the principal law. Only that it favored his position.