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Sodomy storm for policeman

By Leonard Ncube

A cop stationed in Hwange has been charged with aggravated indecent assault after he allegedly sucked a teenager’s manhood and sodomised him for three years.

Nelson Tuta (33) of number A86 in Madumabisa, Hwange, allegedly had anal sex with the teenager (name withheld to protect him as a victim) at his place of residence and in the bush starting in 2014.

The sexual escapades ended Thursday last week when the teenager reported the abuse to the police.

It is not clear how the complainant ended up reporting the case. Tuta was on Tuesday released on $50 bail by Hwange magistrate-in-charge Mrs Rose Dube.

He was ordered to reside at his given address, not to interfere with witnesses and to report fortnightly at Hwange Police Station until the matter is finalised, as his bail conditions. Tuta will be back in court on 1 December.

Tuta and the complainant are friends and reside in the same area.

Allegations by the State are that the two have been having anal sex since 2014.“The accused visited the complainant at his place of residence on an unknown date in 2014.

While there, he asked the complainant to accompany him to a nearby bush where he forcibly removed the complainant’s pair of shorts and started sucking his manhood,” the court was told.

Tuta allegedly went on to have anal sex with the complainant severally in the same bush and at his place of residence from 2014 until his arrest last week.

The court was told that Tuta once bought the complainant a cellphone.

Mr Onias Nyathi prosecuted while Mr Thulani Nkala of Dube and Company is representing Tuta. The Chronicle

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