I’ve no sympathy for Mugabe: Khama

President Robert Mugabe seen here with Botswana President Ian Khama
President Robert Mugabe seen here with Botswana President Ian Khama

Mugabe was forced to resign as president after nearly four decades in power, halting impeachment proceedings against him.

One of Africa’s most outspoken figures, Khama — who had unsuccessfully appealed to Mugabe to accept reality and step down to end Zimbabweans’ unprecedented suffering — said:

“I don’t see any reason why I should wish him well. Because if I have any sympathy for him, I would say to myself but didn’t he have any sympathy for his own people? But if he cared nothing for his own people then why should I care for him and I don’t wish him ill either. I just say let’s leave him alone and let him just try and enjoy the rest of his life.”

Botswana, the world’s largest producer of diamonds, shares an 800km frontier with Zimbabwe and has absorbed the full weight of its neighbour’s economic implosion spawned by political violence and hyperinflation since 2000.

Botswana is home to an estimated 100 000 Zimbabweans  — a fraction of the three million believed to be in South Africa — although this is still enough to strain public services in a nation of 2,3 million people.

Khama has also said Botswana’s jails hold “significant numbers” of Zimbabweans.

Khama said the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa “should embrace democracy in all its forms, Zimbabwe has got the potential of being an economic powerhouse.”

“The people are so innovative and hardworking. I’m sure investors will be tripping over themselves to come back into that country,” he said. Daily News

  • Same here ma man

  • His excellence president Khama is a true African brother who tells it like its is..

    • He don’t mince his words direct to the point

    • We need people like Mr Khama in Africa

    • But he always speak against Mugabe why? Mugabe resigned and now he’s at home never say anything. Why he’s still talking shit about Mugabe?

    • Mugabe once made fun of his supposed gay sexuality

    • He never liked Mugabe .we don’t mind him sorry for the people of Botswana who does not know anything about voting .Like him he was just taken and put into office .people like him they always hate people for no reason. can we say Botswana is a Democratic country

    • Sies akatovenga mugabe nevana vake magumba kumba anodirwa diesel almost evryday kunokutura mazimba bt todzoka chete

  • Hmmmmmm no one can do that even the really devil cant

  • Xxxxxx

  • who is you khama dont talking of zimbabwe becose not botswana you shutting up is more better. stupit go keeping goats in deset there

    • but y cant u hear his side then oppos

    • ko madii kunyora shona mukoma

    • kkkkkk go back to ECD b1

    • AND HE NEEDS TO GO GET A WIFE TOO…oww i forgot bhe is gay

    • AND HE NEEDS TO GO GET A WIFE TOO…oww i forgot he is gay

    • Kkkkk kunyora hako nechaunoziva zvakaipei nhai homeboy? Ini handisi hangu kukutorerai pasi but ndangotiwo hangu ndikubatsirei kuti shorai nechishona kuti tinzwisise.

  • Are you God khama

  • Let mugabe rest please. He has his negatives .he is not bigger than Zimbabwe, but Zimbabwe is big because of him.

  • I couldn’t bloody well have said it better myself!

  • i dont expect such words from a statesman

  • Hanzi na Mugabe ndatadza kuuya nekuti pamba paizosara pasina Munhu

  • Anopenga ndeimwe puppet nyika izere nema China

  • Am not a fan of Bob but Khama you jus have gone off rail

  • Another pretender behind he’s pushing for he’s pushing for his brother to take over from him. Is Botswana a monarch ?

    • Which brother? He is the only son & had 2 sisters. Never wanted to be President. Was content with being airforce fighter pilot. Probably u never heard, ZAPU & ANC as well as RF knows, Khama used to have unscheduled flights into Rhodesia & raid unsuspecting Rhodesians, bombing them. Around Mat South & North around Hwange. That’s how he is. Rendering help the way he sees fit.

    • Let’s wait and see

  • Tel him as is

  • Sympathy for what,Bob fought his battle and resigned this is Zimbabwe not a desert

  • President Ian Khama is just not the type of African leaders we have known for decades! Very principled and forthright! Only if we could have 3 or more presidents like him in SADC! I respect President Khama and I was so happy to see him at the National Stadium.

    • Ibvapo iwe. We are not gays. He is just a barbarian man in Africa. He must leave Mugabe alone.

    • Leave mugabe kuikowo [email protected]😂😂😂😂ibvapo

    • Wakambogara bots kwacho hr? Hes also regarded a dictator at home

    • He has got his permanent steady girl friend though not married so it means that he is not gay

    • vanoziveiko ava ,ngavazive zvekugwenga nehungochani hwavo

    • Musanyepe khama i gay akafumurwa nemukwasha wake akaba laptop yakhama akasenda lyf history ya khama on social media akatiza so family yake irikuurayiwa na khama hanz kusvika wadzoka tipedzerane akatourayirwa baba vake muchinda iyeye na khama ngaasiye sekuru vazvizororere ationesa nhamo nana ndini ndamubata kuno vachiramba kutipa ma permits kuno

  • That makes it two of us

  • Plz stop talking about mugabe

  • Good one Khama

  • Idiot Khama leave Mugabe alone let him rest in peace coz he is old madala!!!

    • You need him to rest in peace? You are not serious, how many Zimbabweans died of starvation, lack of medication and political violence. Do you still remember murambatsvina?

  • I respect President Khama.

  • Who is Ian khama? unmarried president ever since.

  • I support Ian Khama 100%. He doesn’t deserve it, he is a very cruel man

  • Khama y are u so vocal . ??? Unorwadziwa nei y cant u leave the old man he is no longer in power . Kwenyu motuka vakuru here

  • Straight talk it hurts so many. That’s his opinion ka

  • Fuck yu khama, leave zim nd Bob to us.

  • He is a class of his own. If all African presidents were like him, USA and European citizens would be coming down to this continent as economic refugees.

  • He hates Mugabe with a passion bcoz Mugabe hated GAYS

  • I dont kike Mugabe but i wish him well

  • There is a difference between sympathy n stupidity,im sure by judgement day Zimbos will sympathise with the devil. You are too kind for nothing.

  • Saxton

    I was wondering if ZANU PF supporters are going to print regalia with Emason’s face.

    • Dr Mbombalo

      Me too.It would be a tragedy if they continue this demi gods culture.

  • The only person who cn tel the truth

  • well said Khama..

  • He is offside

  • Khama we are not evil like you in Zimbabwe we forgive

  • Well said President Khama; l couldn’t have said it better.👏👏

  • Kane moyo wakaoma ako

  • So what

  • His Excellency President Seretse lan Khama thank yu so much for doing such grt

  • So Zimbabweans on judgement day you will beg for a lighter sentence for Satan because its judgement day,,,,have you ever considered how Zimbabweans suffered of this man,some were killed,some were raped,some maimed inini was forced to drink sewage in Sakubva by his hooligans ,some lost their breadwinners of his brutal rule,,,,chinamato munozichiwanza of course he is old but some of the things he gained through brutalism should be repossesd,think of yourself being from your home of 50years because someone want to invest in elephants from our revenue,,,ASANTE SANA maZimbabwe,,,,

  • The final bad Khama for Mugabe.

  • President Khama is the type of leader we need in SA!

  • Stupid Khama small mind

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