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Acie Lumumba boldly says Kembo Mohadi will be the new Vice President of #Zimbabwe

By Lance Guma

Acie Lumumba says Kembo Mohadi will be the new Vice President. The ‘on and off’ Zanu PF activist made the bold declaration during an interview with Gonyeti on BusTop TV. This is even before newly sworn in president Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced his cabinet.

Acie Lumumba says Kembo Mohadi will be the new Vice President. The Zanu PF activist made the bold declaration during an interview with Gonyeti on BusTop TV.
Acie Lumumba says Kembo Mohadi will be the new Vice President. The Zanu PF activist made the bold declaration during an interview with Gonyeti on BusTop TV.

Comedian Gonyeti was interviewing several politicians at the National Sports Stadium on Friday during the inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa as President.

After interviewing Education Minister Lazarus Dokora, Webster Shamu and being snubbed by Patrick Chinamasa, up next was Lumumba, the garrulous former Zanu PF losing parliamentary candidate for Hatfield. As Lumumba was talking to Gonyeti, Mohadi passed by and warned Lumumba to be serious.

It was then that the young Zanu PF activist said “hanzi na Vice President I must be serious. In fact BusTop TV take my prophecy, let me go deep. A lot of people wonder where I get my prophecies. Let me throw a prophecy. That man you see who just passed by, that is the Vice President of the country.”

In 2016 Malawian preacher, Shepherd #Bushiri, claimed that State Security minister Kembo Mohadi will be promoted and “will wear a crown”.  If Mohadi does indeed become the new Vice President it would be either some major fulfilment of prophecy or just mere coincidence. Nehanda Radio

Watch the video on BusTop TV

  • That Beitbridge thief.

  • What happened to his Viva Zimbabwe party??

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  • Give him a chance. He’s also a bold victim of the previous political machinery . He’s passionate about positive developments in this country so why hate him?

    • The only thing he’s passionate about is to enrich himself and his brothers.

    • Mother fucker is very pompous he must join the league of Wicknells and the Chiyangwas,we don’t need people like him in our new Zimbabwe

    • He never did anythng fo his consitituency. He is useless that guy

    • He was fired from ministry of youth nekuba mari. ..imbavha ikutsvaga mari iyi

    • Aaah victim inoba? He mst b shown the exit door.failure to do that they wl lose elections nd b flushed out

    • He is busy taking Denlynion Conservancy in spite of a High Court Order saying it is illegal!

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    Like really? That guy Kembo knows nothing about the economy

  • Wat else cn u expect 4rm zanupf? Recyled crimnals wt little on offer

  • Mohadi is alleged to have enhanced his chances to be VP through a certain well-known prophet, and was assured to have his wish granted.

    • True Lovegain …. Not sure if it’s coming to pass… Let’s wait and see

    • it will come to pass mind you this is major 1

    • I was listening to the prophecy the day he spoke about it.

    • that’s a lie .I watched it.he WS in a church service js like any other man.he didn’t ask for prayer to become VP.I’m sure he had come for prayers healing towards HS health status.But th Prophet instead said these words “I’m seeing a crown,another big crown ,not the one u have but another crown ,that government position”… then th prophet went off frm him.tht WS Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

    • already he was a state security minister so big crown from there its obvious Vp

    • Major 1 do something

    • why prophet Eubert Angel persecuted because he stands for Gods word ,look what happen to those who fight Man of God

    • sherphard kwana

    • Bushiri hapotse ndakaiona prophecy yacho

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  • Ane jungu taiti junguman kubhora back then

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  • Mohadi once visited Prophet Bushiri and was given that prophecy

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  • Not only a Beitbridge thief, but a Don, who stood accused of murder of a former wife suitor. Murderers. Let’s not give them any chance in the coming polls. We need to flash out the whole system.

    • Mohadi must explain the disappearance of mr Strover Mutonhori back in 1999

    • You have got it right and he brought terrible violence against MDC!

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  • I heard he is Malawian by birth and now he is trying to be a big shot in Zim politics

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  • Bushiri apinda Lance guma

  • Is he the one responsible for making such announcements?Ndangoti ndibvunzewo.

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  • This boy Acie really now pisses me off. No wonder ZANU fired him from party…he is quickly becoming more like a class clown than a political activist.

    • He does my head in, he want to appear like he is Mr Know It All.

    • Too much kupaparika this character….annoying much

    • but 3/4 of all things he has ‘predicted’ have been true, he has insiders feedin him with info. He is doin thingz, the challenge with most Zimbos is tht we dont do anything bt quite to hate/judge/criticize who do something.

    • Achavanetsa. He is friends with ED’s twin boys. We used to wonder kuti info arikuiwanepi all along. Got to know yesterday afarisa akaisa nyaya yake ega pasocial media platform.

    • Kkkk a class clown indeed. He can’t take an oath of secrecy with them

    • Bright On Tar,i just feel Acie should keep some things to himself and not jeopardize the new President.

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    • Masuku you are right ..
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  • If Mr Kembo Mohadi becomes VP could we give “Prophet” Bushiri credit for his prophecy??

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  • Still people continue to dream a lot in Zimbabwe

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  • This will be a sad chapter in the new dawn era considering his battered personal life and looting of farms

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  • People theres know independence here .lets see if electoral reforms are met .wait until zanu always zanu .

  • It’s the truth even though dzungu #Ace
    Paya pa ice cream Mohadi is one of those vakamira na Ngwena

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  • Ass wacho pamuromo nxaaa,wadii kumbonyarara nhaiwe ass yacho nxaaaa

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  • AC anongo wawata bedu weee remember this is the guy who wanted to be an activist he has photo of him with every politician in Zimbabwe… his real name Is William akadzingwa kuzanu nenyaya dzekubha mari ku youth ye Zanu..we dnt want him near ma youth wumbava wuri contagious kaa watch out for such big mouth people. Nezuro he was live arikwa Ophar mutjinguri adzi we are forming a government.. how can you form a government na president asati abapo pachigaro? He said iye atodzokera kubasa.. lets not listen to Lumumba. I think this young man has underlining issues from his childhood.. honestly his behaviour mhhhh ameno

  • Lumumba is not a Zimbabwean Kembo Mohadi either

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  • #Occupy BlueRoof

    Recycling dead wood in people like Mohadi.

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  • Two characters are awol Tafataona Mahoso and Isheunesu Mpepereki, anyone with info advise this forum

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  • Then Bushiri’s prophesy will be true…

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  • He looks weird so expect more of that..


  • No u guys just watch the video, this nigga was just blending with the broadcasting brand thus Bustop TV. He’s just being funny wani, just give the dude a break. Plus he still has a long way to politically mature saka let the youngsters be!! “Asante Sana” – “Handisati Ndasaina”…….NBC……Out!!🚶🏾‍♂️🦍

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  • This boy plays to the gallery..loves attention..he must keep quite

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  • Ko party yake iripi ndoona kunge anoda zvemumaraini last time aimhanya ne kuti Chamisa for president

  • Martingee

    That would be shocking. What new ideas do people like Mohadi come up with after all these years? I hope Mnanagwa (dead wood himself) is smart enough to compile a team of people that is capable of new things.

  • Not so Fed up

    Hmm Acid you now need to learn to keep quiet you talk too much

  • Ummm Acie wakafanana naJonso iwe.

  • neighbour

    we want new blood with new ideas not to recycle dead wood. we are sick and tired of these old man and women who only know how to read speeches written by their secretaries. They just sit in the offices and do nothing being pampered by our tax money.

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Is it so hard to wait for Mnangagwa’s cabinet before making useless predictions. I am gonna be watching like a hawk. More-over we need certain laws completely removed, I mean A LOT OF LAWS!!

  • AAaaa ndi benzi uyu zvichida pane akumupa airtm.