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Military intervention in Zimbabwe: Is this for us?

By Isaac Mutasa

My fellow Zimbabweans, I do not intend to spoil the hilarious and ecstatic mood engulfing us  following the military intervention in our country. Who would not celebrate  Robert Mugabe`s downfall given the economic meltdown and his attempt to elevate his wife to the position of vice-president? For some of us who have been fighting  not only him but the entire Zanu PF system for decades, we however celebrate with cautious excitement as we are not yet out of the woods.

Isaac Mutasa

Our struggle for democracy in post independent  Zimbabwe is more against a political system than a political agent. The late Josiah Magama Tongogara also used to emphasise that the liberation war was more against racial discrimination and inequality than the white man per se.

When Zimbabwe attained independence we found ourselves in the same euphoria that obtains today, nothing else mattered but celebration of our independence. Lessons from other countries that had won independence much earlier did not matter, it was our time to celebrate.

We cared less as the constitution was amended several times, giving more and more power to Mugabe all the time. We cared less when people were murdered in Matabeleland a few years after independence. We closed our ears and eyes to anything that would disturb our celebratory mood.

The army, war veterans and Emmerson Mnangagwa have been very crucial in keeping Mugabe in power. Together they ensured that opposition supporters were tortured, killed, their houses and properties burnt.

The army generals infamously declared that they would never salute anyone without liberation war credentials in particular reference to Morgan Tsvangirai whose party called for security sector reforms to ensure impartiality of the defence forces. What has Mugabe done wrong that his key allies have abandoned him?

Fundamentally, is it anything wrong he did in his party, in government or both? If it is in his party, then we have a problem Zimbabwe because it means our army is deeply embedded in Zanu Pf politics and therefore the generals will not salute anyone from outside their party. In fact the generals made it clear that they were against the purges going on in ZANU PF.

They even have a preferred candidate to take over the leadership of ZANU PF and by extension to be next president of the republic. Where do our preferred leaders as ordinary citizens fit in this scheme of things? Will this army accept Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendai Biti, Thokozani Khupe etc? Is it even their business to decide who becomes president?

I implore my fellow Zimbabweans to note that what the army is resolving are factional fights in ZANU PF. The army has taken sides, the Lacoste faction to be precise, and they will ensure that Mnangagwa wins any future election even if it means short and long sleeves, if you know what I mean. This is not about democracy and ensuring that you and I can vote whoever we want freely.

This is about people fighting for their own survival, some (you know who) were facing imminent arrest so they had to act fast to grab power. We have not heard the army declare that Zimbabweans should choose parties and leaders of their choice and that as a professional army they will salute whoever is chosen by the people. I challenge anyone to share that pronouncement with the rest of us.

This same army and war veterans will intimidate and brutalise us tomorrow as they have always done if things do not go their Mnangagwa way. That we found common interest with them in Mugabe`s departure must be understood in the context that we want him out for different reasons.

So, while we celebrate the imminent departure of Mugabe it is important to wake up to the reality that the problems we face in our country are bigger than Mugabe. Our problems are systemic and mere removal of Mugabe only to be replaced by his apprentice of five decades exposes our desperation and poverty of imagination. The system remains intact, the same old problem of a partisan army remains, the constitution remains largely unimplemented, voter registration is a mess, the ZANU PF militia aka Border Gezi youths are still very active. What has changed?

Progressive political parties and in particular the MDC-T which has repeatedly been denied victory by the war veterans and army must use this opportunity of global attention on Zimbabwe to intensify the demand for electoral and security sector reforms. Civil society must encourage and promote continued discussion of the actual Zimbabwe we want, a Zimbabwe where people can freely choose their leaders and hold them to account.

My fellow Zimbabweans, as we carry those banners thanking the ZDF, let us remind them that we need more than the departure of Mugabe, that they pronounce here and now that they will not be partisan. This is the time to make those demands.

Finally, progressive political parties must not be dragged into a government of national unity on account of ZANU PF internal problems. They will just be used again in stabilising the economy, be robbed later at elections and the poverty cycle begins all over again. A lasting solution to this crisis is total annihilation of the whole ZANU PF system in a free, fair and credible election in 2018 and no later. That is where all focus should be.

I hope I did not dampen your mood. I am also celebrating anyway but this is only a single step out of a thousand ahead. God bless you and God bless Zimbabwe!

About the author: Isaac Mutasa is a pro-democracy activist and member of the MDC-T based in Sweden writing in his own capacity. He can be contacted on Email: i[email protected]

  • U should even rebase your currency i heard to have a one thousand u need to have a ukwa bag

    • You are very dull and ignorant. Who told you that nonsense? Why don’t you come to Zimbabwe and you see for yourself than ridiculing our country so arrogantly and misinformed.

    • You i just heard this from somewhere

    • Zimbabwe is using US dollar bro

  • Obviously not for us but lets be optimistic and take one day at a time let’s see what’s in store then take it from there

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  • An enemy of my enemy is my friend


  • Whats for us?

  • Too late baba….we waited for your intervention and it wasn’t coming. We opted for military

  • Ngwena must stick to 2term as President

  • You can exclude yourself it’s okay


  • Was nt for us bt wait n see approach

  • Saga reSuger rakapera ne teaspoon

  • Just seeking public attention, where have u been b4

    • Read and understand what he is putting across.ln short he is saying it was good for the army to oust Mgabe but it was done to elevate Mnangagwa and along the process we also benefited but otherwise it was a factional war.The army is involved in Zanu pf affairs wen they must not involve themselves in party politics.ln such a scenario where the army favours Zanu pf it becomes questionable if they will accept an MDC victory.

  • Haaa guys i wont forgive Mugabe unless Zhuwao is fired. Let him be fired from the gvt then i forgive the old man. Vanhu waya hawadi tolerance. Ndiwo waita organise treason yewamwe vanhu with the reason of enriching themselves. Reconciliation after loosing job.

  • Best

    The problem is your part Is bereft of ideas or policies! Africa is replete with examples on the dangers of change for the sake of it! ZANU PF is suddenly very relevant through leadership change(rightly or wrongly) and your party needs counter policies more than just crying to be voted into power.

  • I think so many people are just in to seek relevance and attention. Why cant we give this a chance. Besides elections will come and you will have your democratic right to choose your prefered leader.

    • Tym for experiment is over my bra

    • What experiment?

    • The big problem is that some of you people thrive only in confusion and turmoil. You never want things to normalise because it erodes your livelihoods. This country needs people to be pulling together no matter how much we differ in opinion.

    • mnangagwa sent ZANU youth to burn the man who had beaten him in 2000 parliamentary election and that just the least of his crimes and people want to hail him as a saviour.. if there’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing its emmerson

    • We are tired of those stories bra. If it is true then seek legal redress. 2000 is 17 years ago. Why bringing it today?

  • No to political kingdoms and dynasties. Pasi neG40!

  • For them not for us

  • The truth is that no it was not for us, we were just involved in other pple’s in-house battle. Taking Lucifer’s side against the devil.

  • Everyone who thought of or planned or executed the mission to remove mugabe did that for me.The soldiers did that for all those who have always been calling for the dictator to go. If I can drive along the highways without as many stops that’s victory rewards for me.if I could protest 1 day against him without tear smoke that’s victory for me.if I can sleep with hope that things will turn around that’s victory for me and other like minded citizens. A big yes the military did that for citizens

  • Thats true ,we fought for Mugabe to go not Z pf , with the senario it was impossible to chase away both at the same time

  • Wrong timing …us we are happy and we are very very sure if all pple think and work together we come out if woods smart. …mirai zvekuvukura

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  • Military intervention i think was good because the country was held at ransom by a man proclaiming to be the President, whilst he had become a tourist attraction by sleeping each time he sat down in a meeting. Noone could stand and tell him to step down besides General Chiwenga and his men,so the intervention was timeously and overdue


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  • Ladies and Gentlemen we have now reached the Shut your mouths about who did what wrong stage. What are the solutions now. This relying on individual

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  • Wait and see

  • T Moyo


  • true man let us demand free and fair elections supervised and montored by the international community then investors will come, sanctions will be removed,

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  • This is true.People must not just get too excited but instead think abt whats gonna happen next.

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  • Clear and precise. What would anyone with a brain want to add or subtract? I hope it gets in deep.

  • Military intervention

    Rest In Peace

    Date of a Death 24/11/17

  • For Us By Us

  • The president should change all the draconian laws which hinder investment (FDI). The change can only be meaningful when food is on the table of Zimbos. If Garwe continues with the system which is currently in place, there will be no joy to Zimbos. We would need the Generals again to solve the puzzle for us. The political risk which this country has needs to be removed forthwith.

  • Tell us what was supposed to be done to remove Mugabe from office.

    Taifanira kuita sei chisina kuitwa in the previous elections ?

  • It was for Zimbabweans ,so why Are you so negative it’s the beginning of a new era where you can all exercise your votes and air your views, it’s the beginning of change, so do appreciate and stop being critical, unless if you guys support the removed person . did you ever imagine him being removed by his own party.