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Man smokes dagga in taxi

By Runesu Gwidi

A daring Chivi man recently caused a stir after he openly smoked marijuana in a pirate taxi, before he severely assaulted the driver for trying to reprimand him. 

Pirate taxis known as Mushikashika
File picture of pirate taxis known as Mushikashika

Pride Hapazari (27) of Hapazari Village under Headman Utete has since appeared at Masvingo Magistrates Court facing assault and smoking illicit drugs charges.

Hapazari was fined $100 or alternatively 30 days behind bars after he was convicted by magistrate Mr Peter Madiba on his own plea of guilty.

In sentencing him, Mr Madiba said Hapazari deserved a punitive sentence for his “deplorable” behaviour and high level of disrespect, particularly to other passengers.

“Your unruly behaviour attached to drug addiction is deplorable. You deserve a sterner punishment,” he said.

Prosecutor Mr Edmond Mapope told the court that on November 18, Hapazari, who is a known drug addict, boarded a pirate taxi that was being driven by Junior Mapanzure at Mhandamabwe Business Centre in Chivi.

The taxi was going to Masvingo City with several female passengers, some of whom were Mapanzure’s friends. Hapazari then lit his dagga joint and started smoking in the taxi, prompting Mapanzure to reprimand him, but he continued smoking.

Incensed by Mapanzure’s move to reprimand him, a furious Hapazari grabbed the steering wheel, resulting in Mapanzure almost losing control of the vehicle.

The court heard that later on the same day, Hapazari and Mapanzure attended sungura musician Alick Macheso’s show at Caravan Park in the city. After the show, Hapazari asked for transport back to Chivi and Mapanzure obliged.

After a few minutes into the taxi that had other Chivi-bound passengers, Hapazari lit his jointand started smoking.

He grabbed Mapanzure by the collar without warning and started punching him on the mouth. Mapanzure stopped the car as he was bleeding profusely and made a report to police. The Herald