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Dear Robert Mugabe, to the World you may be a Dictator, But you will always be my Hero – Jean Gasho

By Jean Gasho | JustJean |

Yesterday I sat with my 13-year-old daughter Nakai after she came back from school telling me that the whole school, even the teachers were talking about Mugabe. We talked a lot about Zimbabwe, and what type of a president you were. I told her my thoughts, and she looked at me and said, ‘Write about it mum. Write about what you have told me about Mugabe on your blog.’

Jean Gasho
Jean Gasho

Well today I took my daughter’s advice, she was born on 18 April 2004, Zimbabwe’s Independence Day, and we always celebrated her as an Independence baby. So maybe that is why she is behind this letter.

Today there is only one side of the story being told about you. Well, every story has two sides, and I don’t think its fair for the world to only tell about one side of you, my former President.

If I will be the only person in this world who celebrates you today, then let me be. If there is anything I learnt when I was growing up in Zimbabwe, I learnt never to follow crowds, so I always sat alone and thought, especially those moments when everyone was caught up in some frenzy. I grew up in a very abusive culture and environment, but in that abusive culture, was a beautiful Zimbabwe that made me intelligent and gave me vital tools that would help build my future.

Today I am the woman I am, because of that beautiful Zimbabwe that I know you, Robert Mugabe created. Writing saved my life. Writing changed my destiny. If I wasn’t a writer, I would not be the Jean I am today.

People often ask me, how did you learn to write so eloquently? How do you write so beautifully? The best honest answer I can ever give is; because I was educated in Zimbabwe, which had one of the best education systems in the entire African continent. My writing is far from perfect, but when people read what I write, they are able to feel my emotion.

There is a shona saying which goes, kusatenda huroyi, meaning to be ungrateful is witchcraft. I remember going to school with students from Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and other African countries. They all came to Zimbabwe to get the best education Africa could offer. Today Zimbabwe is still credited as the most educated country in Africa, and all I know is that credit belongs only to you, Robert Mugabe.

Some Zimbabweans give credit to Ian Smith for Zimbabwe’s best education system, but I know it was you, Robert Mugabe who made education a basic human right for every black Zimbabwean child, not Ian Smith.

So forgive me for shedding a little tear for you my former President. Forgive me for feeling very emotional today. Maybe for the rest of Zimbabwe, what you did wasn’t much, but to me it was, because it saved my life. You gave me the greatest gift that money can never buy. When you said you wanted education to be a basic human right for every child in Zimbabwe, maybe that was just for me. The rest of Zimbabwe may forget today, but I won’t.

I’m literally crying, because the only time I ever felt alive in Zimbabwe, among all the pain I was going through, was when I entered a Shona, English, French or Art lesson. These were the only subjects that brought life out of me because there were the only subjects that allowed me to freely express myself. I was taught by the best language teachers, I was also taught by the best art teachers.

If there is one positive thing I took from Zimbabwe, it was my education.

When I came to the UK 18 years ago, I remember English people asking me spellings at work. I remember one white woman asking me to write her resignation letter when she was quitting her job because she had seen how well I wrote my reports.

But most importantly, I didn’t know that one day I would use the skills I was taught in school to write my way out of abuse. I didn’t know that one day I will remember what my English teacher Mr Sharp taught me about creative writing. He taught me how to use the skill of expression in writing.

4 years ago, I was in a women refugee, homeless and forsaken. I had reached a dead end, but I remember saying to myself, ‘I will write myself out of all this; if there is one thing left in me, its the power to write’. And I did, and here I am today.

So when I am talking about matters of the heart, there is no way I can celebrate today and not thank you. There is no way I can join the world to call you a tyrant.

It wasn’t just the best education that you gave me, I was born after Zimbabwe Independence. You fought hard to liberate Zimbabwe from oppression. You were jailed and tortured for Zimbabwe to be free, the rest of Zimbabwe may forget, but I won’t. You are the only African leader, who was ever brave enough to stand up to white supremacy and rule. Maybe to the world, or to the West, you are that tyrant, because you tried to give land back to black Zimbabweans.

I don’t know any tyranny or dictatorship, or evil that is worse than what Zimbabwe was in the hands of minority white rule. I don’t know any more evil than black people being treated worse than dogs in their own country. The world may forget, but I wont.

I remember as a little girl, my mum always used to say, ‘If there is one thing our President has done for Zimbabwe, he has given women their rights.’ There was a time when if women lost their husbands, they lost their houses and furniture too, but you, Mr Mugabe changed that. As a women rights activist, the rest of Zimbabwe may forget, but I won’t.

The millions of Zimbabweans scattered across the world today blatantly lied that their lives were at risk to get asylum status in whatever counties they reside in today, but as soon as they got that asylum, they would sneak back to Zimbabwe because their lives where never a danger in the first place.

I can never underestimate the suffering and plight of Zimbabwean people, but I don’t believe you are solely responsible for the way Zimbabwe is today, not forgetting the sanctions placed on Zimbabwe that triggered the economic meltdown.

Also as you grew older and vulnerable, people around you used you for their own gain. I know there was a time you had the people of Zimbabwe in your heart, especially when you were married to your virtuous wife Amai Sally Mugabe. You did more for Zimbabwe than any African leader has ever done. Yes, I have said it. I believe a lot of people around you contributed hugely to destroying Zimbabwe, and today they have made you a scapegoat whilst they want to emerge as heroes.

I fear what Zimbabwe will become if Emmerson Mnangagwa is to become the President. They don’t call him The Crocodile for no reason. He made an innocent man, Godfrey Majonga, paralyzed. It was that chilling horror story I grew up hearing.

Mnangagwa made Majonga jump several stories out of a window for sleeping with a woman who was not even his wife. If that is not the definition of evil I don’t know what is. He was also responsible for rigging the 2008 elections. He is the man behind the Gukurahundi massacre. If you were ever the evil that the world is calling you today, then Emmerson Mnangagwa should be the face of it.

How Zimbabweans can call Mnangagwa a hero and liberator today whilst calling you a dictator is beyond me. I can’t even get my head around how last weekend every Zimbabwean became ZanuPF overnight, yet all these years ZanuPF was supposed to be the most evil party on the face of the earth. If there is one thing I can’t stand, its hypocrisy.

I think its a good thing that you have resigned, I wish you had done it years ago. What a sad way to go Mr President. You deserved honor for everything you did for Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa, but the overstaying you did has robbed you of that honor. I hope for the sake of integrity, Zimbabwe and Africa will honor your legacy as a true liberator. The man who made Zimbabwe the most educated African country.

I am yet to see a perfect leader. I don’t know if Zimbabwe will ever get one. Of course, everyone is happy for the change, it was long overdue, but I don’t think Zimbabwe’s problems will go anytime soon. Something tells me, maybe not now, but Zimbabwe will miss you greatly, in years to come.

God has blessed you with long life and good health. I pray you enjoy the rest of your retirement.

As Black British Entertainment Awards take off, one day I will stand in front of the whole world and honor you. Yes, if no one will, I will tell of what made me the resilient woman I am today, it was the education that you, Robert Mugabe gave me.

So forgive me for not dancing with the world in calling you a tyrant.

To me you were not a tyrant. To me you were not a dictator. Just because the whole world is calling you that, it doesn’t mean that is what has to define you, but the truth. To me, you are simply the man who taught my hands to war. You gave me my pen, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I choose to celebrate the good you brought out in me, which is what defines my future.

So long live my former President. Let a New Zimbabwe Arise.

Daughter of the soil, who now belongs to Ghana.

Jean Gasho

PS; You remain the most educated leader Africa has ever had, the world may forget, but I won’t. And for what it’s worth, I suffered the most horrendous abuse and cruelty which almost took my life, not in your hands, but in the hands of church going Zimbabweans who today are calling you evil.

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  • The confused Jean Gasho.

    • I think it’s Jean Gushungo

    • It’s you who is confused. Totally deranged. Get the facts straight. Maybe you won’t gets the facts because you belong to a certain group that feel need to control another race. Forgive yourself.

    • You and Gasho live in a utopian empire where Emperor Bob and Empress consort reign riding unicorns on the streets paved with diamonds. If potholes and flooded hospitals are the beauties you envy then I’ll recommend a psycho evaluation Anthony Mulford Kudya Makosa

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    • Uri kungotaura hako but she is saying the truth.

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    • You’ve got a problem. It’s not wrong to appreciate someone even though they messed up in their life. Sit down, you’ve done things yourself

    • Wow I thought I was crazy only to realize that I’m one of the best people in this world.

    • Please stop this bullshit now!! appreciate where he tried but he is no hero please. Dont fuck up heroism!! Because Muammar Gaddafi did good sometime in his life doesnt make him a hero dammit!! He is not Nkomo, He is not Nyerere, He is not Edgar Tekere and definitely he is not Nelson Mandela or Haille Sellasie or Marcus Garvey. He so long removed his name from that legacy by his acts of tyranny so if i were you just say he is Mugabe a tarnished soul.

    • Anthony Mulford Kudya Makosa What truth here!! My friend re evaluate your sense of truth. Did u talk of Gukurahundi when u were talking of the truth here!! What kind of person massacres lots of God’s souls because they dont want resistance!! Come on man, u can do better than this

  • Stop spoiling our long awaited freedom. Keep your independence and leave us to keep our freedom

    • Iwe mukanya mudaro regai munhu ataure zvaanoda Freedom munayo yes but vanhu takasiyana imi ityai mwari

    • Kana ndatya Mwari zvoita seyi?

    • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

  • Nesto

    A vacuous, yet nauseating article. Who paid you? I feel sorry for the trees that don’t sleep day and night making oxygen to waste on people like u Jean and your 93 year old uncle.

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  • I agree with you that the whole story must be told so that we don’t distort history. I also share your centiments that despite the shortcomings President Mugabe did a lot for this country. However I could not finish your article coz it looks like you are willing to ignore what others did and attribute everything to President Mugabe and you seem also to be taking one side. I don’t know maybe you are one of the few who benefited immensely from both his good and bad governance. Otherwise thank you for luminating the side of Robert that is being overshadowed.

    • Thank you my brother. I feel the same

    • Wat does Mugabe did to Zimbabwe.

    • nothing he failed to build 1 public toilet instead of free those of Salisbury are now paying toilets an educated president 7+ degrees Shame

    • Are u shitting me right now?? this is a man who personalised the liberationn struggle as his own invention and no one cares to care about the real man behind its initiation Joshua M N Nkomo!!

    • I cannot believe this do these people suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

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  • the negatives far outweigh the positives so sit down please….

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  • Jean Gushungo

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  • you thrive in controvesy

  • Even though today we label him as a dictator they are positive things we should be grateful of no one is perfect

    • Just give me one thing positive mugabe did for the nation? Only one

    • Even Mabuto , Hitler , Stalin , banda smith hv their +ve and -ve

    • Name two he did wright eish

    • The good things were outweighed by the wrongs. The man never tolerated descent or divergent views in his political life…. shameful for a leader

    • What good is one right in the middle of a thousand wrongs

    • Mugabe is werse my brother i will never forgive him anorwadza.

    • Mugabe is werse my brother i will never forgive him anorwadza.

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  • Thank you for my sister. You bring years to my eyes the way you expressed these sentiments.

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  • Can’t blame or stand to criticize your views about Bob coz he might happen to be your uncle or step father

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  • Mugabe did nothing absolutely nothing only looting and big mouth the land grab it was the ex combates who talked about it. No industry. People reduced to vendors if you think he was so brilliant thinker check on a book by fay Chung .all those protocols followed in zim before 1990 it was in Smiths plans

    • typically black kkkk jus be thankful.although we dnt want bob but he dd many gud things tu Zim bynemporing the black we the onlyafricans who own their means of production although we failed tu manage our bzness look inSA blacks own wht? exept taxis

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    • Sounds good but a nation like Zimbabwe with all the riches in it he could do much better than what you see that dude was pathetic greedy to the point buying dogs timberland shoes. Did you ever visited in rural areas not far from Harare the way people they live you will understand him he was blood thirsty a lot of people died of unnecessary death caused of selfines. That shit man could have done a lot for us

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    I have never understood this..blame Mnangangwa for Gukurahundi( he was on the ground) absolve the Commander in chief??..” Nkomo is the father of dissidents,his dissident party and its followers must be crushed..”..how do you say such a man is innocent…this is very unbalanced..he did some good things but he is definitely not Angel Gabriel.

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  • Haiwawo we all wanted bob to leave power and trust us fela..now that he is gone we appreciate him love him or hate he is our hero..for me thank you bob for letting go that’s all

  • Donovan Dube

    Your stupid hero presided over the death of 20 000 people, choose your heroes wjsely otherwise history will judge you harshly

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  • Last time I checked you said all sorts of bad things about Zimbabwe and the bad treatment you received in that country. So please stop flip flopping like a coin. You were hounded by Mugabe and now he is hero.

  • If Mgabe is your hero as yu pronounce it then wy did yu run away from Zim 18 years ago.Wher yu not running away from the tyrant’s rule?Good education was Smith’s policy and Mgabe simply maintained it which is good but he started to destroy it years later.War destroyed Mgabe most was selfishness.He spent most of his time securing his power forgetting his mandate to the voters.He forgot people

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  • Jean you said, you had nothing to with Zinbabwe. So whats your problem again. No flip floppers

  • I agree with you, we honor the former president.

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  • Yes! I agree with a large portion of your representation of RG. Having said that, I should also say your version has a shortcoming similar to a shortcoming inherent in the ‘Mugabe-was-a-tyrant’ discourse…oversimplification. Sure…RG did amazing things for the country at different points of our history (deserves celebrating) but listening to horrific narratives by some people in Zimbabwe will also give you a textured, nuanced and richer understanding of the man (not narratives of those who ‘told lies’ to get asylum). ‘Single stories’ are dangerous as author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie eloquently warns us in her TedTalk…’The Danger of a Single of a Story.’ In my opinion, having contradictory/seemingly contradictory traits in one person is absolutely fine…it is evidence of our humanity. It is important for authors/people telling the story of RG to realise that they might actually not know everything there is to know about this man and that it is possible that other people might have pieces to tbe puzzle. This is an invitation to everyone to bring their pieces to help in constructing the mosaic.

  • Yes! I agree with a large portion of your representation of RG. Having said that, I should also say your version has a shortcoming similar to a shortcoming inherent in the ‘Mugabe-was-a-tyrant’ discourse…oversimplification. Sure…RG did amazing things for the country at different points of our history (deserves celebrating) but listening to horrific narratives by some people in Zimbabwe will also give you a textured, nuanced and richer understanding of the man (not narratives of those who ‘told lies’ to get asylum). ‘Single stories’ are dangerous as author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie eloquently warns us in her TedTalk…’The Danger of a Single of a Story.’ In my opinion, having contradictory/seemingly contradictory traits in one person is absolutely fine…it is evidence of our humanity. It is important for authors/people telling the story of RG to realise that they might actually not know everything there is to know about this man and that it is possible that other people might have pieces to tbe puzzle. This is an invitation to everyone to bring their pieces to help in constructing the mosaic.

  • Yes! I agree with a large portion of your representation of RG. Having said that, I should also say your version has a shortcoming similar to a shortcoming inherent in the ‘Mugabe-was-a-tyrant’ discourse…oversimplification. Sure…RG did amazing things for the country at different points of our history (deserves celebrating) but listening to horrific narratives by some people in Zimbabwe will also give you a textured, nuanced and richer understanding of the man (not narratives of those who ‘told lies’ to get asylum). ‘Single stories’ are dangerous as author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie eloquently warns us in her TedTalk…’The Danger of a Single of a Story.’ In my opinion, having contradictory/seemingly contradictory traits in one person is absolutely fine…it is evidence of our humanity. It is important for authors/people telling the story of RG to realise that they might actually not know everything there is to know about this man and that it is possible that other people might have pieces to tbe puzzle. This is an invitation to everyone to bring their pieces to help in constructing the mosaic.

  • Nehanda Radio, please spare us!

  • Madzi

    You claim to write well and yet you can’t tell the difference between “refugee” and “refuge”. How ironic! As they say, among the blind ……….

    • cineaste


  • Hero worshipers we’re not moved by your little speeches, perhaps if you lost one or two loved ones to his regime we might have something to discuss, otherwise stupid comments like yours are best kept to yourself. Forgetfulness and inconsideration to others woes that’s what you portray.

  • tsuro

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  • Jean Gasho,

    All you can say is you received great education. So let’s talk about it

    You can’t talk about the fundamental issues that support education so I find your blog and your education entirely flawed.
    And here is why:
    Zimbabweans as a whole expected from a leader of the people to provide the people with the basics. Electricity, Clean water, jobs, security, functioning health service. Oh how could I forget.??? EDUCATION!! You have mentioned this over and over in your blog 🙄 we got it already!! Jeesh lol

    SO I feel I need to reducate you…

    For a time Mugabe was adamant about providing the best for his people, but what you fail to realise is That this man lost his way he grew old and tired. HE DELAGATED. which allowed him to become a puppet! and we suffered for it. He stood at rally’s and lied to us He and his govt robbed the people. the ministers built mansions HAVE you seen his Chinese palace in borrowdale ? His vastly expensive trips overseas staying in lush hotels? His many houses across the country! Why do you need to build such luxury while the people starve? What kind of leader is that?, “okay but I got a great education”😂 You wrote briefly about Sally, just that she was virtuous. hmmm and…..what did she do? Tell us? but you conveniently left Grace out of your blog,(hmmm I wonder why??🤔) The Ministers (including education) built mansions bought lavish cars, jetted to America etc..whilst teachers weren’t being paid and kids wandered the streets all day as there were no lessons. Theres that wonderful education again! 😑 You talk about returning the land to the people but most went to the ministers again who had been given farms that to this day lie barren and uncultivated.have you driven from one town to the next? Farms now grow only weeds and grass. But none of this farmers had “education” in farming!

    Without these things the education is useless to us if we do not have the tools to implement and build a future for our children.

    One of the most damming pieces of your lack of education and general lack of African history is that :

    “You state in your blog that “Mugabe was the only African leader brave enough to stand up to white supremacy”

    So what about Nelson Mandela?

    Or did he not make a blip on your mugabe loving radar?

    You state a fact here! Which clearly is not true! Tsk…tsk… And you call yourself a writer…

    Maybe we need to recheck this education you received in Zimbabwe? Where did you go to school again? Was it private? Homeschooling? Self-taught?? 🤔

    This part: Our lives weren’t in danger in zimbabwe’. Did you not see people flock to the borders swimming the crocodile infested Limpopo river to get to south Africa only to be met with xenophobia? People risked actually physical danger because Mugabe and Co destroyed our economy.

    You speak for yourself and how you feel but you don’t have all the facts.

    But I don’t think you are really seeing the full picture. And you arent doing your research before writing hence why you are “so good at “creative writing” you are creating your own narrative.
    And I feel sorry that you are blind to the reality of now. You are living in the past.
    You want to shed a tear, by all means shed your tear for the poor education you received.

    Wake up and smell the coffeeeeee!!!

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  • Paul Sibanda

    Dear Jean Gasho, l respect you for standing for what you believe will impress your daughter. But my daughter knows of Sibusiso in Filabusi who’s 8 months pregnant tummy was sliced open by the young soldier sent by your hero, a crying child’s head was smashed against the hall just to install fear of your hero in Filabusi, in Murehwa Tinashe escaped a torture camp and spent a night hiding in a swamp behind two rotting copses of fellow Zimbabweans who died because they didn’t vote for your hero in 2008, please don’t forget to tell your daughter.

  • Bravo and we’ll said. Don’t let any idiots influence your love and perception of the ones you call Heroes. Viva Bob. We all make mistakes and are all sinners hence no one is perfect so Bob is also human . For me he has more pluses than minuses

  • I thought when you said you were denouncing your Zimbabwean citizenship and everything about Zimbabwe and its people because all Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans brought to you was nothing but pain, you were also not going to follow any events and developments in the country. Didn’t you say you found love and acceptance in Ghana! Stick to your words amai

  • Well said Jean.

  • Sipho Mpofu wat did he do mgane?

  • How much Sister?

  • Zibeche

  • Men who have been forever in chains learn to love the chains…Mugabe was a ruthless heartless dictator period

  • I have always said it you are retarde Jean how can someone who massacred innocent civilians be a hero somebody who sent all his countrymen out of the country because of selfishness i have never anything good from you every time you open your mouth you are in the same boat with disgrace

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  • Mugabe ainge nani apa marinzwa garwe renyu iri

  • Mugabe ainge nani apa marinzwa garwe renyu iri

  • Mugabe ainge nani apa marinzwa garwe renyu iri

  • Calling Mugabe a hero it’s a wrong heroes don’t behave like him everything was about him

  • Calling Mugabe a hero it’s a wrong heroes don’t behave like him everything was about him

  • Calling Mugabe a hero it’s a wrong heroes don’t behave like him everything was about him

  • Jean GOSHO

  • Dr.Chatunga

    She honey trapped a pastor and cried rape. Says it all. Head Full of sperm#.

  • You are holding on a sinking boat sister fooool

  • You are holding on a sinking boat sister fooool

  • blacks a always like tt not thankful ask Munangagwa he will say Bob was great bcz we the only african country who own evrythng in our country we mismanaged resources nw we thnk Bib ddnt du us gud tts being stupid n unthnkful chataakuda kushandisa zvinhu nenzira kwayo tibudirire cz ground hs been layed fo us black pple look SA chaiyo kuty vatema vanei kunze kwamaTaxi chii chimwe chavanoti chavo isu tinerombo Mwari vakatida ivhu redu tikariseenzesa hatinei nevasingatide Smith during UDI hw dd he manage tu turn things around varungu vaye vanotoziva kuty zim is rich vachauya kuzotamba nesu tikangogona kushandisa manatural resources

  • Nick Box

    The moment one overstays their welcome, whether it is a visit to a friend, leading an organization or any such responsibility bestowed upon them; an ordeal like the one Mugabe went through is unavoidable. History is replete with examples of people who went down that way, from hero to zero but those who are entrusted with power never learn. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia had a beautiful, overdressed but politically stupid wife; she crafted his downfall through her undisciplined utterances…….do you see any parallel years later in our own backyard? Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • jonga

    powerful i concur with you

  • That’s rubbish..kana usina zvekunyora rega..usatinyaudza

  • Jean Fadzai Gasho you are a mr Sharp student as well????

  • Observer79

    Who’s here just for the comments?

  • Why is she overseas if she thinks Mugabe was holy moly I can only appreciate a person in Zim writing that not someone that left Zim because of Mugabe’s ruling . Let me not waste my data talking to u lady


  • Timothy

    Why does she wrap off all her face in a piece of cloth she is dishonest and a cheat..what is she hiding…when she comes back to Zimbabwe she wants no one to recognise her face so that she can continue her escapades…what is doing in Ghana? Now back home we are gonna enjoy and we will see you trolling back…kkk

  • Rwendo

    1. Zimbabwe’s education system is now worse than it was in 1980. Try the UZ for starters; in 1980 it would have been impossible to be donated a PhD overnight. Then visit a few rural schools today.
    2. Mugabe dis-empowered the nation making us passive and fearful in our own country, dependent on foreign aid and forcing millions into becoming economic refugees (much more than Smith ever managed).
    3. Hopefully when you get over the emotional issues that seem to hang over your postings like a dark cloud, you will learn that, as with Mugabe, there is a difference between education and wisdom; and between being cunning and being wise.
    4. Corruption has become part of our national culture, after 1980. They say a fish rots from the head down. That, in part, is why the nation celebrated but let me stop there.

  • Muyeradatya

    Why are you hero worshiping from UK. Did you not run away from him?

  • Sobhuza

    What a complete waste. I shall not say more.

  • Psychopathic behaviour traits you showing being attached feeling love for your tormentor who abused you physically who repeatedly raped your constitutional rights
    The land thing was his last political assurance by using the war vets now he had nothing tried to play his wife card unfortunately the wife a mental unstable drama queen as you too are becoming stop brainwashing a 13 year old let her awaken on her on.

  • Pomerayi Mutete

    Zimbabwe had the best education system…………………..then wht happened? Under whose administration?

  • Dee

    hure ibva apo baba vake varipi

  • Timothy

    She must be controlling this newspaper she got my comment deleted…she is up to no good, what a dishonest woman…the way she closes up her face says it all…i am afraid of such women…i will want results of her psyche diagnosis from the psychiatrist…as a Psychologist i pick a lot right away!

  • Muramabtsvina

    To hell with your education that you can’t use in your country. If you didn’t run away from this tyranny you would understand why millions took to the streets, Bitch!!!


    We have a mammoth task of mentally cleansing this psychiatric ailment afflicting our children as evidenced by this trash posting

  • Futsege Wena 😂😂😂😂😂😂mxxxm hero my ass

  • cineaste

    Enda naMugabe wacho kkkkk zvapera…just read headline and went straight to comments…why bother reading this attention seeker’s tripe.

  • john

    What happened to you are not guilty until proven guilty in a court of law. Your allegations against ED are circumstantial and are based on innuendos and hearsay. You rightfully pointed out that you grew up and heard stories about ED ,and from the rumor mill you are then able to come up with judgement of saying that the man is evil. Worse you say he was responsible for rigging the 2008 elections….Where are you basing the facts of your article from.
    What happened to responsible journalism where you report findings based on evidence that is irrefutable rather than rumor mill. Is it not the same ED who filed a lawsuit against the same accusations that Moyo was battling to contain saying that its not fair for ED to file a suit. Majonga was interviewed and he never mentioned ED to be responsible for anything. Bottom line be responsible on how you handle your facts then you might double your followers.

  • Chibaba

    Thank God I read the comments before I read this rubbish

  • There goes the bootlicking b*tch again?

  • Tts gud #yo hero

  • Chibaba chenyuchi

    Does this lil lady know how we slept hungry for more than two days , waking up to que for $10 from the banks, chasing a truck with loads of upfu, going to work by foot , failing to pay school fees, having propeties attached by the sherief, , and she has the guts to say that , i wish i could call you stupid , but i have ran out of words to describe you, anyway who does not have education , we have degrees , but no jobs , and u brag that u are a writer , what ca u contrubute to the country as a writer , nxaaaaa, jus stay in ghana and lets us build our new counrty , GO HANG

  • Hate or like , for he his mistakes Robert Mugabe is a true pan African hero

  • Anti Zanu PF

    Grudgingly agree.
    Hypocrisy is evident.
    Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are as guilty as Bob.
    How can we surely claim to being freed from ZANU PF, ZDF WarVets, Bob, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga by ZANU PF , WarVets, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga

  • Hey guys is there anyone who can make a film about the Zimbabwe situation for the past 14days,it will be the highest grossing film ever produced!

  • this man did absolutely nothing for the masses of Zimbabwe unless u were part of his close allies who took the nation back to knees whilst gathering wealth for themselves at the expense of the suffering Zimbabweans

  • haiwawo tsek

  • chirasha chikanda

    When you were writing your praise and worship poem did you pose and think of Itai Dzamara’s children or remember S. REX. N. MUJURU hes you have your hero but he had a horrific flip side thi is just but a few reminders

  • LoveAfrica Zimba

    Well done Jean. You are a true product of OPPRESSION. Now you are a worshiper of the very instruments that have got you living, NOT in the precious Zimbabwe that your precious Mugabe created. Why are you not bringing up your thirteen year old daughter in that same Zimbabwe, why are you, cap in hand, here in the UK? In fact I wonder what lie YOU concocted in order to remain here. I bet you have a British passport OR you on the pathway to getting one, if not you are illegal, just waiting for that chance. In any case, WHY are you not in that PRECIOUS Zimbabwe????? That’s my question?

  • Vamwe vanhu vanoshamisa. Ruzhinji rwakabata mhuno vachiti pasurwa mumwe anenge achiti iperfume. To hell

  • LoveAfrica Zimba

    If you had watched while your sister/daughter/mother’s tummy was cut open and a baby removed while she screamed and died,
    If you had watched while your brother/father/husband was told to dig a grave and then told to get in, lie down and be buried alive,
    If you had then been told to bury brother/father/husband and then stand on the grave and chant songs to your hero, Mugabe
    If you had been 10 years old, dragged out of your house in the dead of night, then the soldiers held you back, then forced your mother, father, aunt, uncle, older brother, older sister and baby sister into a hut, shut the door, set it on fire, forced you to watch and listen while they screamed and cried till they died a horrific death, and then the soldiers slapped you when you cried in shock horror,
    ……YES JEAN if only you had been one of these people, …..I am certain the world would be a better place, because we wouldn’t have to sit here and read nonsense straight out your arse about one of the worst monsters this century has seen.

  • Our madiba of Zimbabwe

  • Brad

    Take a gasho and go hang yourself Jean. Its people like you who pretend to know the level of suffering this man caused on the ordinary defenceless citizens who annoy me most. Do you even know how it feels to sleep in the open in winter after your home has been razed to the ground? Do you know what it feels to sleep on an empty stomach and see your children go naked whilst this megalomaniac dined on caviar and spent more flying hours than most experienced pilots? Do you know the feeling of being educated and unemployed in a country that has so much potential yet being run down by one family. Obviously you never lost a relative to the goons sent by this man. Until you understand the REAL suffering people went through since 2000 please sit down and shut up or better still write your nauseating little letter direct to him.

  • Momo Gborkowkollie Douwee

    Thanks Jean Gasho! You’re a fine Professional Writer & I have learned so much from your open earnest gratitude to His Excellency Robert Mugabe. Keep up with your passion and let no one or nothing discourage you. I’m proud of you. Ambassadorial greetings from LIBERIA.