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PICTURES – UZ students go on strike… demand cancellation of Grace #Mugabe PhD

Students at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), the country’s biggest tertiary institution, have refused to take their examinations, amid protests.

The students are calling for President Robert Mugabe to resign as well as the revocation of a controversial doctorate degree in Sociology awarded to the First Lady, Grace Mugabe by the institution in September 2014. Its alleged it took her only three months to get the PhD.

They are also calling for the Vice Chancellor, Professor Levy Nyagura, who is widely seen a Mugabe ally and has been helping to suppress student dissent to go.

The student demonstrations on Monday, follow a huge mass protest in central Harare and rally in the high density suburb, Highfields’ Zimbabwe Grounds on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

Pressure is mounting for President Mugabe to step down after a meeting of his party on Sunday recalled him as its leader, although it is unclear if the developments will lead to a truly democratic transition, which many Zimbabweans have been yearning for.

Meanwhile, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Troika Organ on Politics, Defence and Security will meet on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, in Luanda, the Angolan capital to discuss the Zimbabwean situation.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) ahead of the SADC Summit has called for civilian authority, human rights respect, constitutionalism and democratic elections.

  • Viva Mugabe vasingamude pamhata pavo vakadsidaiswa naHis Eccelence kuti vave zvavari now ther are more education takin digrees so them thinks president must remove.. Stupid fools trying making america happy with rejime change. Gushunbgo will remaining our president for our life and why want remove with coup not removing with democrase elections. Gushungo since 1980 giving schools free education and food Docter Amai Grace also giving blangets dress and shoes to sufaring children’s with parents killed with aids. Why remove Dr Amai Grace only woman with sufaring people in heart. Why stupit zimbwens not see coup by america is rejime change agenda. Manje isu hatikusiyei cde Gushungo viva economy impowerme

  • Victor Mguni

  • If it’s true that she received the PhD in 3 months then ummmm panenyaya

  • its so Unfair Phd in three months isu tichifa nebhuku, for several years to reach that excellence!

  • James Dada

    Chabvondoka pa Harare. People have been oppressed for two long and are beginning to express themselves.Please go Mr President, the earlier the better!!!! Vana vataura vakuru vakataura ne Saturday saka hapana chekumirira apa.

  • Don’t write your exams, put up another semester and pay more money. Educated fools, why not concentrating on your school work first your parents are struggling to pay your fees. Whether Mugabe is there or not your exams are to be taken.

    • True my broda ndohupenzi husina basa zve ihoho

    • They write their xmz, finish uni with their degrees then what.. Go sell some in the streets. They r preparing their future.

    • Am now ashamed to associate myself with the UZ.. Apa vaita xvisina musoro. . .If it is found that Grace’s PhD is fake, it will only help to discredit the institution and their qualifications

  • Kkkkkk Grace kkkk

  • Ndohupenzi hunoitwa nemunhu mubereki kutambura nefees iwe bhiz kuti handinyori nekuda kwemudhara asingakupe kana cent rechikoro tinyorerei mozoita zvisina basa leta

  • matofo ngavarege

  • Kkkkkk

  • Good well done.

  • Ummm

    Nothing is special about a PhD , anyone can be given a doctorate in recognition of something special they did. Ms Mugabe deserve it for her work in looking after 40000 orphans.

    Another university in Southern Africa will award her an Honorary degree in the new future.

    Zve poritikis siyanayi nazvo , instead demand better facilities and research funding , $100Mn will be on the way.

    • John dollar

      If its honorary let be honorary,its not politics but its about standards,juss check the position UZ is on the list of universities and Africa as large

    • s

      eish, shame

    • Nelia

      The problem we have in Zimbabwe is people who dont understand the operation of the whole system. This guys (ummm) dont even know how related in the ill-gotten degree at the nation at large. If UZ is considered lowering its standards by awarding fake degrees to the elite, it means the whole Zimbabwean education system is understated and viewed as corrupt since UZ is a leading instititution. Imagine waht will happen to those that will acquire degrees after DISGRACE

  • When we were growing up we knew students as the voice of the voiceless, but Zim students are of late well known for fighting to be closer than whoever is in power. They fight in Zanu factions. They should have long done this stunt! They could have done a lot to get to the bottom of Dr Grace and many other PhD holders. It’s not only one person you focus on to rectify a national problem! By the way, don’t forget to ask how did the General got his dodgy one “UZ students are refusing to sit for exams. Exams cancelled. Demanding for the Resignation of Nyagura and his team. Want clarity on why and how Grace obtained her PhD.”

  • Big up #UZ students good job 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅