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Zimbabwe War Vets say Mugabe will not be allowed to stay in power

The leader of Zimbabwe’s influential war veterans said on Friday that President Robert Mugabe would not be allowed to resist the military and remain in power.

War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa
War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa

Chris Mutsvangwa added that the veterans saluted Zimbabwe’s military for seizing power earlier in the week. 

Mugabe appeared in public on Friday for the first time since the army took charge this week, as the ruling party made plans to force him to step down after more than three decades in power.

The president, who is 93, opened a graduation ceremony at Zimbabwe Open University in Harare. He wore blue and yellow academic robes and a mortar board hat and appeared to fall asleep in his chair as his eyes closed and his head lolled.

Mugabe led the country’s liberation struggle and has dominated its politics since independence in 1980 but the army takeover signals the collapse of his authority even though he says he is still in charge. A senior member of the ZANU-PF ruling party said it wanted him gone.

“If he becomes stubborn, we will arrange for him to be fired on Sunday,” the source said. “When that is done, it’s impeachment on Tuesday.”

In contrast, the military said in a statement on national television it was “engaging” with Mugabe. It referred to him as Commander in Chief and said it would announce an outcome as soon as possible.

Mugabe is revered as an elder statesman and independence leader but he is also viewed by many in Africa as a president who crippled his country by remaining in power too long. He calls himself the grand old man of African politics.

The army appears to want him to go quietly and allow a transition to Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking last week as vice president triggered the takeover.

A goal of the generals is to prevent Mugabe from handing power to his wife, Grace, who appeared on the cusp of power after Mnangagwa was pushed out. Reuters

  • But he is still in power….no one has even touch him……..!!!

  • He’s still the Commander in chief, and the generals salute him, I saw him given red carpet treatment today.

    • If you are serving a notice you still have a job until the last day. Let him serve his notice.

  • This guy is brave

  • Y CNT u shoot him once and for all

  • Kumujaidza uko vachisaluta guva iro. Grace ndiye anga achitonga

  • Kumujaidza uko vachisaluta guva iro. Grace ndiye anga achitonga

  • Thank you ambassador

  • Thank you ambassador

  • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • Anyone know the last sapper in the bible.

  • Amana musanzwira nyoka tsitsi hey

  • Vanhu ve liberation war taneta nemi veduwee. No isu the liberated totiiwo

  • 17yrs ziiii…when they were benefiting ziiiii. I remember huge payouts to war vets. One even hired a private taxi from Harare to Mutare buying beer for people. Now they can smell new money & want to jump ship 👀 can we wait & see proper feedback from the army on talks. I dying to hear official news out of ZDF.

  • Chikiti

    I hope this whole process will get these guys to repent from what they did in 2000

  • Muchinda

    Too much talking, just tell old man to gohome and forget this Coup ever happened spend time at home with family and that wife of yours..(let’s hope and pray that Wh*# Grace hasn’t got a man already in Namibia)

  • outsider

    On deeper reflection, my cynical side tells me that Cde has stage managed this coup. You see he needed a solution to his wife’s insatiable appetite for everything. Like a spoilt only child, her greed kept growing and growing. After houses, farms, planes, trains she still wanted bigger toys to play with; like a country. He tried to explain to her that even in monarchies, the queen does not succeed the king but she couldn’t listen. So he consulted his closest confidante and chola boy Emerson. They hatched this plan. I am convinced because Mnangagwa has been his right hand man for decades and is probably closer to him than even his wife. I also remember Mugabe a couple of years ago publicly not endorsing Grace (about the time Mujuru was dismissed.) He knows that she is not liked. With this move, Grace, whose only asset is a pretty face and nothing behind it, will at least not blame her husband. He will also pacify the war veterans since The Croc is one of them. In the eyes of many, Mnangagwa will now be seen as a liberator. That way Zanu PF will continue with some respectable mandate from the people and Mugabe and his family will be assured of safety. I can also foresee the good general retiring soon. The British and Americans will be happy with any arrangement that gets rid of Mugabe and you will see them rushing back to Zimbabwe. That, is how a frail looking nonagenarian, whom everyone considered senile out foxed a whole world with one move. Umungalato!

    6 minutes ago
    Mdara vadzoserwa simba ravo and the detained personnel to be released tmrw.
    Chiwenga retired and arrested
    Mnangagwa facing treason charges and currently behind bars.
    Mai Grace Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo new state Vice Presidents.
    Shiri, Zimhondi and Mutinhiri now locked up.
    Chombo to retain Secretary for Administration and Finance Ministry posts.
    Mohadi,Chinamasa and Mutsvangwa behind bars now.
    Normal business resuming tomorrow.
    Kasukuwere now the new Army Commander deputised by Chipanga.
    Patrick Zhuwao takes Local Governance Ministry.

    Ukarota hope dzakadai muka ubike doro 😁 😁 😁

  • You helped Mugabe to resist the people’s will now you don’t want him to resist the wishes of nu-elected army generals. What do you see as the role of people in Zimbabwe besides being accessories to power

  • wyswyg

    Is this piece an opinion or fact?

  • He should resign with immediate effect, and let our husbands enjoy their Sex, ie the Soldiers,

  • Joe Mash relax we got this, holla at me will give you the official news