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More Mugabe allies arrested

Police chief Augustine Chihuri
Police chief Augustine Chihuri

Unconfirmed reports yesterday suggested that the army had also arrested police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri and Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Paul Chimedza.

Higher Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa, his Agriculture counterpart Paddy Zhanda and Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs minister Webster Shamu were detained for about five hours, before they were released.

Chimedza was reportedly arrested at an army roadblock in Bubi while allegedly trying to flee to South Africa.

While police spokespersons Charity Charamba and Paul Nyathi’s mobile phones were unreachable yesterday, and have been since the army took charge, sources close to the developments said several ministers were frantically looking for ways to skip the country.

“Shamu, Gandawa and Zhanda were stopped at the tollgate near Mount Hampden while driving to Magunje. They were detained on the road for about five hours before they were released after being told that they were not among the ‘criminals’ they were looking for,” a source close to the trio said, adding that “an army general came and apologised to the ministers for the inconvenience and let them go”.

The first batch of Cabinet ministers to be taken into the custody by Defence Forces commander Constantino Chiwenga-led military includes Finance minister Ignatius Chombo and his Higher Education and Local Government counterparts – Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere respectively.

Arrested together with the trio was youth league secretary Kudzanai Chipanga, who has since appeared on national television apologising for disrespecting the military after he issued a statement in support of President Robert Mugabe, who has since been put under house arrest.

In his statement — issued in the wake of an announcement by Chiwenga warning Mugabe to stop purges after unceremoniously sacking former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa from both Zanu PF and government, Chipanga said party youths were ready to put their heads on the block in Mugabe’s defence.

Citing the country’s Constitution Chipanga argued that the military had no business meddling in politics.

But Chiwenga’s statement was followed by a military takeover that was announced by Defence spokesperson major general Sibusiso Moyo as the authorities also said they had Mugabe under house arrest.

While the military is clearly running the show, they have indicated that they did not wish to take over government but just to track down “criminals” around the president. Daily News


    • You are smart cause most the coup supporters failed to reflects this too

    • Saka we should wait for who to ask…while we continue with Mugabe is that what you are saying???
      We abandon a glimmer of hope so we can be guaranteed of free and fair elections…
      Let’s embrace what’s happening guys ..its a start then we see about all those other cropping up issues…

    • Be warned
      Zimbabwe doesn’t
      need only Mugabe
      gone; it needs the
      entire Zanu feeding
      system booted out.

    • Do you honestly think the General would remove bob so that the opposition can win the next election

    • Any other president without the name of Mugabe on the identity card is better guys, we will start from there

    • Nomatter wat comes nxt
      Takungoda munhu ane zita risiri Mugabe
      Zvinhu zvese yangova Mugabe is that wat u want to contitue happening

  • Batai mboko idzo muvharire

  • Imisiyayi kungoti more ministers musingatipe mazita todawo kuziva kuti ndanani vamama? ende vamamirei?

    • just wat I thot b4 I read yr comment thr hv to name them more kuita cei avana Mazita Here

    • its the military kkkk they dont rush something so sencetive

  • Nehanda since morning till now u are reapting same news fucKOFF

  • Ngavasungwe, vodzorera hupfumi hwese hwakabiwa kuState,

  • The general don’t care about our freedom they only want to put their man in power !

    • They are a bunch of thugs.

    • U must also be arrested

    • Thomas Moyana For not supporting this coup which is illegal ? I don’t support Mugabe but coup is not the answer

    • nematambudziko

    • Tototai uri kutaura matoto

    • That change is vry vital
      Zvinozotevera zvinonekwa Mugabe ambobva pachigaro

    • Tototai Mativavarira you’re right let the blind celebrate for more poverty cz this general is also part of the gravy train nothing positive will come out of this. If Mnangagwa gets into power he’s going to protect a few n the piece of cake will be for the elite

  • Izvozvo tozozviona ngatutu yaenda iyo

  • I’m happy the human rights abuser chihuri got arrested this idiot was a real Mugabe bootlekker

  • What about Criminal number 1 Jezebel Grace. She need to be arrested too…

  • Obert Mpofu another criminal from ,,industry,mines,tansport ministries he hearded before

  • chisingaperi chinoshura musoro we gudo chave chinokoro chehupfu

  • Totenda maruva tadya chakata. Reinstating Mnangagwa will not be a real deal. Him n Mujuru are just the same n will lose free n fair elections disimally

    • True dat

    • That’s true dai army yangoti Mugabe step down isu mhomho tozvisarudzira watinoda not kuti vatisarudzire which means they are not doing this for people vakutoitira part yavo yeZANU ndozviripo

    • That’s true dai army yangoti Mugabe step down isu mhomho tozvisarudzira watinoda not kuti vatisarudzire which means they are not doing this for people vakutoitira part yavo yeZANU ndozviripo

    • The army is the 1 which siezed power frm the person we all feared nd failed to dislodge. So its obvious that we as the pple of Zim,we should support whoever they reinstate as we wait for elections.

    • Ndizvo chaizvo Kundi

  • we want to see them on tv if they’re to be tried in court

  • Chero zvezvaita, kusura nekumama kwese kunhuhwa.

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    Aye! beche ra mai na Bambo wa Chatugiwa kana chatugwa wa sungiwa ko waribe kubata uyu kwai anonzi Kabaya njiri na gushugo aka chiyangwa ndiribe kunzwa no zvako peno ka punyuka nhaka.tinogo Zipirwa no kuwona kuti warume wa gamba imMBWENDE dziribe MaPoro mbwede dzamama. Pamberi ne GORE RE KUPA NYIKA KU MAZIBAWE.

  • Silent observer

  • GOD may faith in you had been severely battered. I now know that your, real and loves my generation, Amen

  • If you think the chiwengas of this world are dull then you are lost. Bob has been forced to go and officiate at that graduation as an international public relations stunt. He is under military arrest. His ministers are in custody and those three are his key strategists. His top CIO guys are in custody. Police has been rendered useless. No single roadblock. What other clever coupe do you want? Zbc programming is under the army. Ministers are reporting to the junta. You guys need to go back to school. These guys these guys put up a plan that will keep the world guessing and confused. What will sadc do after seeing Mugabe officiate at a graduation ceremony.

    Meet advocte Jacob Mudenda, speaker of the house of assembly. The man who is going to choose your next president. Well all along it was anticipated that RgM would be stubborn as hell. We knew he would not budge easy. So there was always a plan b and a plan c. Plan a , willfull resignation has been given up to 1530 today. Last night an agreement had been reached at the insistence of Gen C Chiwenga but at the last minute RgM said he wouldnt sign he needed to sleep on it. Plan b is already in motion, it involves the parliament. The scenario being an urgent seating will be called likely tomorrow, a vote of no confidence will be called on the president and his deputy , the two thirds vote has already been secured. After that the speaker of parliament will nominate an interim president for ninety days and parliament will accede to that. Soon after nomination and taking oaths president EDM will then place in motion a transitional authority with MRT , Dabengwa and J Teurai Ropa Mujuru. Fear not Zimbabwe !!! forward

    • So u think u are e only one who has realised that n u are e smartest who tell pple to go back to school. All e pple know abt what you are saying it’s just that hatifumuri hapwa ukuda kungwadza anani we are luvn e show pliz don’t spoil it with your silly analysis

    • You are popularizing what is already known

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  • He exaggerated. He should go in exile. Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 need great reformation

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  • Do not forget Tobaiwa Mudede

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  • This is going to be interesting , sadac and Africa national congress are going to be angry that their man they use to insult european countries is gone ,so I think they will send lots of observer for next elections so that they will be fair elections , since they have got nothing to loose . And to tell the truth chamisa is going to be the zim president come 2018.

  • These Generals are trying to kill a snake starting from the tail. Hit the head sekuru.

  • Off course i hear scepticism around ED taking over in the interim the ? is who else is closest or better of the known ‘Devils’ .lets give ED a chance honestly amongst all the hullabaloo we have have had to try and to have Mugabe relinquish power looks like he masterminded the plan we all riding the wave on despite looking like he had gone down after being fired.#teamLacoste#ZDF#Chiwenga