Message to SADC and AU, please stay away from Zimbabwe, we got this

By Tinomudaishe Chinyoka

Comrades, unless we are vigilant, we have the danger that the AU and SADC might in fact abort our deliverance. They are already circling. There is a so-called SADC emergency meeting called for Botswana on 16 November 2017. So I have to ask, what has SADC ever done for us? And where was the AU when we toiled and suffered?

Tinomudaishe Chinyoka
Tinomudaishe Chinyoka

I suppose it is inevitable. When something that you have always wanted to see happen does in fact happen, first comes the euphoria, joy unbound. Then the disbelief. Did this really happen? Was that a dream? Then you know it did happen, and you are happy but fear seeps in: who out there might make this go away and return Grace and her husband to power? And then it hits you: SADC, and AU.

And the shenanigans are already underway. Within minutes of Gen Chiwenga becoming a hero to many, Zuma was sending his captured colleagues to Angola and Zimbabwe. Moves underway to sing on the same hymn sheet, to claim that what has happened in Zimbabwe is an unconstitutional change of power and must be stopped. They attempt to suggest that oh, because the army used to support Mugabe so they must be up to no good. They will sing this song all the way to the AU, and to the United Nations. They will claim that the military must stay in the barracks. Blah blah blah.

Stuff and nonsense, all of it.

Yes, they supported Mugabe, they are sworn to do that. But now, they have taken their call from a higher power, to protect the people of Zimbabwe from what Grace was bringing us to. What has SADC ever done for us? What has the AU ever cared about our constitution? When elections were being stolen they said nothing. That too was unconstitutional.

When people are tortured and killed, then said nothing. That too was unconstitutional. When justice was perverted and turned into wormwood, they sent accolades to their ‘old man’. And we suffered, and left the beloved land in droves. Our talent was scattered all over the earth. We run the health system of all of Namibia, with our doctors and pharmacists at every corner.

Show me a South African company of note without a Zimbabwean driving the core and I will call you a liar. Our farmers have made Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi great producers of agricultural products. But we have one thing in common: our love for that beautiful country and detest for Grace and her husband.

One of the greatest minds to come out of our motherland, AGO Mutambara, said this on 15 November 2017, the day of our independence:

When you close all avenues for change in your Party and Country;

When you rig elections persistently;

\When you violate the Constitution with impunity;

When you arrogantly seek to establish a family political dynasty;

When you enrich yourself and your family and impoverish the majority;

When you ruin the economy and destroy the country;

When you forget that since 1976 to date, your wicked Machiavellian power retention strategies were wholly sustained by support of the military;

When you think at 93 (after misruling a nation for 37 years), you are the only answer to political leadership; 

This Is What You Get!! What Is Happening In Zimbabwe Is What You Get. It Is A Case Of The Chickens Coming Home To Roost. 

Yes, what is developing in Zimbabwe is not the best of circumstances and it is not within the Constitution, but can it be any worse than what was obtaining in Zimbabwe as described above? Can anyone or any institution destroy the country more than what Mugabe has already done? What Constitutional order is there to preserve? Werent the shenanigans in 2008 tantamount to a coup? When you rig elections are you not carrying out a coup? So whats new? Are the starving and suffering people of Zimbabwe expected to feel sorry for Mugabe and his dynasty? Certainly NOT. 

What is important now is to answer the question: How do we collectively work together to reconstruct our country from the ashes that Robert Mugabe has bequeathed us. It is time for thorough reflection, national leadership, vision and strategy.

That, dear SADC and AU, is the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. We have toiled and suffered for 37 years, our people murdered in a genocide, starved in man-made famines, killed in clean-up operations and driven into exile, and SADC and AU kept shtum.  Instead, both AU and SADC made the chief progenitor of these problems their Chairman. When a brave Zimbabwean approached Hage Geingob  in the US in 2016 for help, this is what the Namibian President said: “It’s for Zimbabweans to decide, not us. The rest is yours. You must go back and fight. We can’t fight for you we regard it as a Zimbabwean problem

Well, guess what, thanks to our brave men and women in uniform, who have risked all, many of them for a second time, we are doing just that, fighting. So our message to the AU and SADC must be this: remember that talk about African solutions for Africa? Forget that. We want Zimbabwean solutions for Zimbabwe. You had your chance, and you blew it.

The only solutions we want are our own. Mugabe and his wife killed our country. Chiwenga and the military have given us a chance to get it back. Who knows, we might even surprise you, SADC and AU. We have Chiwenga, Mnangagwa, Dabengwa, Mujuru and Tsvangirai. That is as powerful a team as any of you can ever put together so, leave us alone, we got this.

Our message to you at that SADC emergency meeting is this: leave us alone, we got this. Geingob sir, we are doing what you asked. Your people were just recently clamouring for all Zimbabwe doctors and nurses to leave, well, here is your chance. Leave us alone and we will fix our country.  We got this.

Jacob Zuma, sir, we know that this might be a good day for you to bury bad news about your state capture and free education and your little dynasty thing that you are cooking, but please, leave Zimbabwe alone. We really, really do not quite like your permits and the restrictions that go with them, we have a beautiful country just across the river being liberated if you leave us alone. We got this.

Mozambique: if you think the Mugabes are so good, why not take Patrick Zhuwawo and his uncle and keep them there, he is after all the son of a Mozambican? General Khama, you know that not all military men are bad, just look in the mirror. With men like Chiwenga, we got this.

Angola: please! We know you have your own dynasty thing going, and that the daughter of your first president is the richest woman in Africa. We have zero desire to make Grace or Bona compete with her, but you can take them if you like. Oh, wait! Angola, didn’t you like just fire Isabel dos Santos from your national oil company Sonangol on the same day that Chiwenga stood up to our own dynasty? So it is okay for you to retake control and not for us? Is SADC convening to stop you from taking control too? Leave us alone, please. We got this.

After all, what can you do, anyway? Remember, ours is not your garden variety army, and you can’t quite just march in and tell them what to do. This is not Lesotho Defence Forces, this is the most efficient fighting machine in all of SADC. Just ask Matsangaise or the rebels of DRC. We got this, baba.

We are sick and tired of having no country to be proud of, and now we have a chance to fix ours, thanks to our brave men and women in uniform. AU and SADC, we are sick and tired of staying in your countries. You know that time when the mayor of Johannesburg and they SA Minister of Police said Zimbabweans are all criminals? Remember that? Well, this must come as a shock to you, but it really hurt. Really really.

And we want to go back home. Our talented people, those you do not appreciate and call criminals, want to go build Zimbabwe. Thanks to the military. We all want to sing mangwana zuva rikabuda, toyenda kwedu Zimbabwe kunyika yemafaro, yuwi maiwe. (Tomorrow when the sun rises we go home to Zimbabwe, the land of happiness.) But, how can we sing the songs of the Lord in foreign lands, lands where they do not like us but need our skills, and so will prop up the dictator in order that we stay? When we pleaded they said go fix your country. Well, we are doing that, so SADC and Au please, politely, shut up already.

We got his.

Tinomudaishe Chinyoka