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Zimbabwe crisis: Army says it is ‘targeting criminals’, not Mugabe – VIDEO

Zimbabwe’s military has read out a statement on the country’s national broadcaster, ZBC, saying it has taken action to “target criminals”.

A military officer read out a statement on national TV early on Wednesday

However, it said this was not “a military takeover of government” and President Robert Mugabe was safe.

Heavy gunfire and artillery were heard in northern suburbs of the capital, Harare, early on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe’s envoy to South Africa, Isaac Moyo, earlier dismissed talk of a coup, saying the government was “intact”.

The statement read out by the military came hours after soldiers took over the headquarters of ZBC. A man in military fatigues said the army wanted to deal with people who “were committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country”.

“As soon as we have accomplished our mission, we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.”

The statement said 93-year-old President Mugabe and his family were safe and their security was guaranteed. It is not clear who is leading the military action.

Watch video of army generals on ZTV

The UK Foreign Office advised Britons “currently in Harare to remain safely at home or in their accommodation until the situation becomes clearer”.

The US embassy in Harare tweeted that it would be closed on Wednesday “due to ongoing uncertainty”.

It also advised US citizens in Zimbabwe to “shelter in place” until further notice.

The latest events came hours after Zimbabwe’s ruling party accused the country’s army chief of “treasonable conduct” after he warned of possible military intervention.

General Constantino Chiwenga had challenged President Mugabe after he sacked the vice-president.

Gen Chiwenga said the army was prepared to act to end purges within Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party.

Tensions were raised further on Tuesday when armoured vehicles were seen taking up positions on roads outside Harare, although their purpose was unclear.

Some staff at ZBC were manhandled when soldiers took over their offices in Harare late on Tuesday evening, sources told Reuters.

Workers were told that they “should not worry”, a source added, and that soldiers were only there to protect the site.

The BBC’s Shingai Nyoka, in Harare, said the sounds of heavy gunfire and artillery had been heard in northern suburbs where a number of government officials, including the president, live.

Gunfire was heard near Mr Mugabe’s residence in the suburb of Borrowdale early on Wednesday, a witness told AFP news agency.

Mr Mugabe sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week, amid a row over succession.

Mr Mnangagwa had previously been seen as an heir to the president, but First Lady Grace Mugabe is now the clear front-runner.

The rivalry between Mrs Mugabe and Mr Mnangagwa has split Zanu-PF.

Last month, Mrs Mugabe warned of a possible coup plot, saying allies of Mr Mnangagwa were threatening the lives of those who didn’t support him.

The Zanu-PF party said Gen Chiwenga’s comments were “calculated to disturb national peace… [and] incite insurrection”.

The party said it would never succumb to military threats, and that it “reaffirms the primacy of politics over the gun”.

The leader of Zanu-PF’s youth wing, Kudzai Chipanga, said the general did not have the full support of the entire military.

“It is our country and future at stake and we will not let any individual military man interfere with the leader of the party and legitimately voted president of this country,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

The youth wing is a strong supporter of Grace Mugabe.

Gen Chiwenga’s warning of possible military intervention came on Monday at a news conference at army headquarters where he was surrounded by senior army officers.

He said the “purging” within Zanu-PF was “clearly targeting members of the party with a liberation background”, referring to the country’s struggle for freedom from white minority rule.

“We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in,” he said.

Mr Mnangagwa is one such veteran of the 1970s war which ended white minority rule. BBC News

  • criminals hunts criminals?

  • Obviously someone has been put under house arrest n most likely he and his family have been given hours to leave Zimbabwe.

    • I don’t think he will leave,it seems they intend to get rid of G40 only.

    • Watch the space, technically they announced it to maintain peace and stability in the country that he is safe and well . At no point they allow him to stay in Zimbabwe hakuna zvakadaro

    • Very true

    • Zvamunotaira munozviwana kupi vanhu…

    • The dear leader is under arrest they jist saying he is safe kuti zvisanzi its a coup . They will say he has resigned iye amanikidzwa

  • ooops which criminals m lost

  • But targeting moyo is targeting mugabe and g40.lets wait and see. They are doing it wisely

  • Mugabe is the Asshole they are suppose to Attack

  • mastadon

    Its Official,a Coup has taken place.More News to come.

    • Matakanana

      Coup yechii , by who ? , nxa.

      Masoja anosunga vanhu for crimes ko mapurisa aripi ?

      Varikutamba –

      Kune ma sanctions , kana vachifunga zve military rule , ma $Millions ne dzimba dzirimhiri dzema generals tinofriza in the next 24hrs.

      No fly zone indefinitely – hakuna anobuda.

      • Ushe

        Kuvukura uko! Kupu iri kutoitika imi muchingowomoka.

      • Victor Gugo

        Asi uri mumwe weidya na Grace?? Kuita chemumba!!! Zvapera nhasi.

  • Who is a crimal? Think about poor citizens suck off that old man time is over

  • Chirungu chandirasa apa, ndibatsireiwo vakaenda kuchikoro

  • Mugabe is the leader of all criminals in Zanu pf saka musada kudya poison nokunyara

  • Doesn’t make any sense because he is the father f all criminals and his wife

  • What a cool approach. Bob will be out wtht hussles

  • haaa rovai Mugabe panhongonya mhani,

  • What a joke April fools……..!!!

  • Mugabe is a criminal

  • Which criminals ? Who stole DIAMONDS ? Who let prices of goods hike to shocking levels ?

  • Targeting criminals….who isn’t a criminal in the ruining party

  • Ras

    Chipanga, it’s your time to shine

  • Voisa Mnangagwa kkk that is a joke

  • Vanhu takapusa shuwa or we are just desperate for change.There is absolutely no coup going on in Zim unless if i do not know what a coup is.If a coup ever happened in Zimbabwe it happened in 2008 when Tsvangirai walloped Mugabe

    • He joined hands with Mugabe ega.. started to have nice meals with him,given a state house and property iwe uchingochema ..thats politics my guy you may think someone is fighting for your freedom when theyr actually fighting for their own interest

    • Politics has always been like that

    • The military is smart.

    • Thank you Adrian,in Zim kana munhu achiwana sadza achiguta Hana basa kuti vamwe vanenzara here or vanarowo sadza iroro

  • It doesn’t sound these story

  • Who is the number 1 criminal in Zimbabwe if i may ask?

  • Let’s wait and see which way the cat jumps. We shouldn’t be excited about this situation because it might be a tricky one. You will never know which side the army is taking.
    If you think deep you will understand that the Government security worked under the Crocodile and since that he got fired, then the Mugabe’s are not safe with those people around him, of which he is using the army now to take over from the Government Security and by doing that they making it in strategic way that you can believe that they are in people’s side
    Politics is dirt game and it will take a genious to understand what might be happening

  • If they are targeting criminals then 90% of ZANU pf must go to jail

  • Kurova bob, sorry I mean imbwa wakaviga mupini. Kurova imbwa wakaviga mupini.

  • Mugabe will never be attacked by these people, they have protected him for their political interest, but will they change the political situation for the better, maybe but their biggest challenge is they will never accept opposite defeat which is now imminent

  • Saxton

    Whichever way this goes,it’s not going to end well. Once a country’s military tests power by such takeover, it will be a bad precedence and the future is tainted. Leaders should always be democratically removed.

    • Victor Gugo

      Ko kana asingadi kubva todii?

    • Rwendo

      Very true. They are at least 2 silent consequences. 1. They have established the right to remove by force anyone that they don’t like and put who they want (Nobody wanted Mugabe but what will happen at the next elections, if someone they don’t like wins?). 2. Just as with Mugabe and the liberation war, the winning faction will say we “freed you from Mugabe”, so you are ours to rule indefinitely. Silent but “heavy as lead.”

  • nhaka umwe unozviwetera kkkkkk

  • Zimbabweans hv waited fo this fo a long tym, send the old man to retirement n get a young person to get that beautiful country bek to its glory

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    • Transition to free n fair elections

    • its better for now 2018 mugabe was guaranteed a win but now there is a challenge its better we r tired ah

  • Zimbabweans have your say. Is this a right move by the ‘salvation army’?

    • Kwaaaaaaa salvation army.personally i dnt like violence.aslong as the transition is violent free im ok wth it.but im standing as a zimbabwean saying i am nt supporting either teams.i am an independent candidate

    • Khethiwe Khumalo am sure your conscience is not morally neutral. There is that voice inside you that is saying something. Follow it…am not for violence too. But I would rather Mugabe is ousted out so that Zimbabwe can stand back to its feet again. Not happy to see how Zimbabweans have suffered and resulting into social nuisance not by choice but by political design. Go to Bots, SA, every thief is a potential Zimbabwean.

  • out seems nothing is going to happen, only me general may suffer prosecution.

  • Sungai Gire

  • Bt lumumba akati 48 hrs mugabe wont b president. I tell u pane zvukuitika. Havasibkida kuti nyika iiye confusion yhey hv to do a very diplimatic approach. Lets eait n c. Mnangagwa is cmng bek manje manje so

  • Mugabe have already fled from the state house and theres no need to harass that old magogo unless he tries to resist..removing him in that way is enough embarrassment to such a figure..blood pressure will do everything else left

  • Imbavha dzose hazvibatsire

  • So Mgabe is not a criminal kanti.

    • Not as such but yu have to be diplomatic how yu express yourself

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  • I thought the army, police, zanu PF were all criminals. It was all good when all of them were busy destroying Zim in cahoots. Don’t sympathize with none of these criminals at all. Zimbabwe wants change throughout.

    • Why not?They endorsed electoral fraud in2008

    • You are absolutely correct. Is it going to benefit Zimbabweans or just protecting their sheddy deals?

    • they r tired of zim u can hear it in their comments and exclude botswana he is anti mugabe

    • Sabc my word! It’s our country for get Mbeki

    • SADC let Madagaska do it and did nothing!

  • G40 must be wetting their pants by now. Dr Spin Cables has little knowledge in politics.It’s not a matter of bread & butter.

  • The Chipanga that i know is Hosiahhhhh

  • This all probably is another mugabe strategy to make appear as if there is real conflict and use it to stay in power again.hapana zvavarikuita masoja acho

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    • Face reality my friend.

    • Why would he do that? Doesn’t make sense even by his cony standards

    • i believe army didnt want it to appear as ‘koo’ bt it sounds like. They dont want citizens to panic bt the real thing is mudhara uuuum avhaya

    • I watched the speech by that army general.he said”the president and his family is safe.however we are targeting criminals around him”…and if the president is safe then what use is the army’s intervention.haibetsere zve

    • True whats the use when he is also a criminal it doesnt make any sense

    • Taur zvako n why keeping Mugabe safe n his family safe

    • Im confused If Mugabe z safe

    • So the army only came out because Munangagwa was fired. So it’s all about munangagwa and zanu pf. Nothing to do we ordinary citizens

  • Ko chipanga mambomuonawo here kikkkkkkkkkk

  • You can fool sm people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. The generals have spoken and we have listened. Read between the lines. This is the end of the office of the president.

  • Musasiye Jonathan moyo pliZ

  • Wicknell Chivayo uriko here uko😂😂😂😂🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼pfanami it’s your time ka to defend your leader zvataurwa na youth leader wenyu ndimi ma youth acho who dine with the first family Apo show us pfanami.

  • He is the target since wen army ichipindira pacriminal matters police yozoitei. The president and th presidency are th targets

  • Akula othengisa ama popcorn???**i will take a sit over here & watch as everything unfolds.late comers pliz bring mahewu its hot

  • This doesn’t make any sense ,,,i don’t where the story starts and end

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  • 15 billion

  • I’m not understand when they are saying it has taken action to target criminals (meaning? )

  • The army must protect the people, who have been under siege for nearly four decades from Mugabe .

  • Including ztv!!!!

  • Now its clear even if Tsvangirai aihwina these pple were not goin to bow down b4 him. Ndozvaingoitika futi

  • This time u have showed the world that Zimbabweans are educated the way u doing it is first class big Mr Chiwengwa

  • They r definatly targeting him they just want to break his wings n lv him hopeless n afraid

  • Targeting criminals, mava mapurisa here.

  • Not factional criminals only but urgently resurrect our economy like what ED said …that we can not do without Western support.

  • The only elephant in the room here was the old man,he is venomous.The influence he gave to grace showed inhumanity,dirty and treasonous(criminality)

  • My question is why now after kudzingwa kwamunangagwa?

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  • khumz

    Our beautiful project of dislodging ZANU disturbed by soldiers. ZANU was going they must than Chiwenga and soldiers. With Grace and G40 in power, new Zimbabwe was soon coming because these are very very light weight, next elections ZANU was going to be history. Haykhona mani Chiwenga wakanganisa

  • There nothing to celebrate yet..

  • Mugabe his mistress are the worst Criminals vese ana Chombo ava varikuteedzera mafoot steps amugabe n why are they keeping Mugabe n his family safe instead of throwing them wre they belong kwaZvimba straight

  • But Mugabe is the lord of the ring.

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