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ZDF needs more funding: Sekeramayi

By Nonsikelelo Moyo

THE Minister of Defence Dr Sydney Sekeramayi has said there is a need to adequately fund the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) to ensure provision of accommodation and health services.

Sydney Sekeramayi, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Constantine Chiwenga
Sydney Sekeramayi, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Constantine Chiwenga

Speaking during the 2018 Parliamentary pre-budget seminar in Victoria Falls, Dr Sekeramayi said inadequate funding from government makes it hard for the Ministry to operate efficiently.

“Lack of funding has historically and will continue to make it difficult for the ministry to meet some of its national obligations.

And notable areas of serious concern are; members of the Zimbabwe Defence forces are facing challenges in accessing health care facilities due to inadequate funding. Most of the members have resorted to making private arrangements with medical societies.

This however, has not been a smooth arrangement for them since some medical facilities refuse to offer services due to late payment by medical aid societies,” said Dr Sekeramayi.

He appealed to Treasury to allocate more funds to the Ministry of Defence.

Dr Sekeramayi said his Ministry was working towards securing suitable accommodation for the defence forces.

“Institutional accommodation has remained a challenge as most ZDF members are staying in rented accommodation contrary to the provisions of their conditions of service. We are, in this regard, doing our best to make sure there are adequate barracks accommodation for the defence forces,” he said.

The Defence Minister said the 2018 budget must cater for equipment, refurbishment and upgrading of existing infrastructure in the ZDF. The Chronicle

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