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MP wants mbanje legalised

By Nonsikelelo Moyo

A Parliamentarian has urged Government to legalise the production of mbanje for export purposes to fund the health sector.

Prosper Mutseyami
Prosper Mutseyami

The call comes at a time when government has said it is considering an application that has been made by a Canadian international company to produce cannabis for medical purposes, a move that will see the country legalising the production and use of marijuana in selected areas.

Speaking during the 2018 Parliamentary pre-budget seminar, Musikavanhu legislator Prosper Mutseyami (MDC-T) said some countries are generating money through the sale of mbanje.

“We are failing as a country to provide adequate health services for our people. But why can’t we legalise the sale of mbanje for export?” asked Mr Mutseyami.

He said some countries’ economies are doing well because of the money generated from selling the drug.

“We have countries like Uruguay and United States of America who have legalised selling weed. They’re making millions of dollars through that and their health sectors are blossoming. I therefore recommend the ministry to revisit the 1957 policy on mbanje as it can contribute to the fiscus,” said the MP.

In an interview, the Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa, said recreational use of mbanje has side effects especially on youths.“We are very cautious and aware of the uses of mbanje. It falls into three phases that is recreational, industrial and medical.

“If taken for recreational purposes, the harm to our people mainly the youths will be irreparable because if taken, it makes one to have high appetite and it always causes psychotic illnesses — what we call madness, rowdy behaviour among other effects,” said the Minister.

“We need to be very careful about letting it loose but on the medical side, l will consider a serious criticism like what other countries have done.” The Chronicle

  • What exactly is wrong with mbanje?

  • It will increase revenue and tourism, why are we so late in this game ? Spain is in the game, Holland… https://t.co/d1BdhmYHPZ

  • I agree with that Mp it must be legalised………!!!


  • A good move

  • i agree with yu mr mp

  • I suport that,it wil generate a lot of foreign currency.

  • Yoweee maMp makuda zvakawanda vamwe vati Legalize abortion zvinhu chichasara chii kunzi Legalise

  • Herbs are there for the service of man.

  • let me guess,when it gets legalised only the elite will be licenced to do so

    • Be one of the elite dont be scared to put your name forward.
      You are Zimbabwean so by right you must grow it if they refuse then challenge it in the courts usatyire kure.

    • If Ian Douglas Smith once legalized growing of mbanje in Binga what would bar us from doing it? Do you know that most of our sangomas use mbanje in their healing and spiritual communion

  • Vsnhu vakaramba madhongi at least they can agree on canabis farming and consumption
    Mapurisa anoshaya basa rekusunga ana jazzman kkk

  • Then before you talk of exporting you advocate for legalizing it for use by the Zim general public. Otherwise don’t blame those countries producing heroin n cocaine for export. Which countries do you expect to give green light to your exports. This is what people think when they’ve ran completely out of ideas how to revive the country’s economy. CRAP

  • Good move Peter Tosh said it before

  • What nature gives for free no man or woman has the right to make it forbidden for others…Mbanje is just a herb plant and it should be legal.

  • Zvitori nani kana zvichipa forex pane kurambidza yet ikungowanikwa every corner of the cities
    Mapurisa anotoziva vanhu vanoitengesa and vanotoendako vachipiwa mari
    So better to legalise for the benefit of the country and the unemployed

  • MP ngaaitwe president uyo. Although not for export only totodzidawo

  • ndakatoitanga kuno kubinga ahhhh kutyei ma licence anonoka kukawira pa muzanzi apo

  • @ least makutaura zvine msoro manje mari Munyikaaaaa

  • legalize marijuana down here in sweet Jamaica ,,,, singing (Tosh’s song )

  • Under the rulling part ,,they will never legalise it plus ,,there is side effects of smoking mbanje ,crime rate will increase

    • mkoma widzo, weed has no side effects unless u mixit wth some other nacotics ,tick,nyaope ,coc etc,todzokazve paku konzeresa apa,doro riri mberi,but vakari legaliza,why bcoz thy want u to lose everything kusvika pakurasa hunhu ,kwavari unenge wava easy to manipulate,mbanje hauvharike,coz dzinovhura brain u dnt lose ur balance ,feels like u v got an extra brain

    • Mkoma widzo doro harina maside effects here

    • Dats a lie. so you think these high profile people don’t smoke mbanje,you lost mkoma

    • Doro riri bttr wena mbanje worse

    • There is almost zero crime in Holland were prostitution and mbanje are all legalised.

    • Patson Mc Vivian 100% Facts!

    • mbanje maonero angu chavanoirambidzira inyaya ye tax coz it grows everywhere ,its a natural plant,unogona kuzvirimira wega wotosvuta wozvinyararira and they benefit nothing out of it,doro ukabika chipoto vanouya vochiteura vokubhadharisa

    • Matongerwo amuri kuitwa ndoane ma side effects

    • #kkkkkkkklequas

  • Thats the problem with Zim , legislature is full of addicts .we need sorber minds to articulate real issues …not intsangu damnit!

  • Then w wll read tht all the gained money hz bn stolen by some minister who will b arrested…pay bail n thts end of the case as usual

  • ask yourself why by now not legalised and here comes you to plead with the government to discuss a dinky matter….think like a think tank bro

  • Ko iyi ndeip iyi manje

  • That’s a good move otherwise the economy wil be better

  • haaa ma1 man ava vagaya kurova mbanje nyoro mustreet wena,

  • Kkkkkana voda kuisa mbeu pasi vanondibata panhamba idzi 0732503074 ndine 30kg dzembeu yechamba. asi nyika yachoboka kusvika pakuda kutengese dhobhu ma MP mwedzi wapera vaimbochema nesalary shoma saka vafunga kutengesa muziiiiii

  • I think dread Patrick Zhuwawo and Prof Jonso Msoro Bhangu support this for they are the biggest smokers of this herb shit!

  • Dziri kutomukanganisawo mbanje dzacho

  • hope he was not under the influence of such

  • Kkkkkkk

  • Marijuana is a respected drug as it induces focus,concentration to detail and proper reasoning. Legalise it for the good if of the nation.i read much about on transit confiscation from other counties destined for Europe which is an official inflow of forex to the country.

  • His face says it all,he even looo drunk

  • if you say,he needs deliverance..murikureva kuti panepzvakanyorwa kuti mbanje haidiwi zvachose here? mbanje kunedzimwe nyika dzinotenderwa,mbanje is used in other countries to treat some Medical conditions such as Asthma…its more safer to use than tobacco which causes lung disese and even coronary diseses….inongorimwa yotengeswa under close supervision kunyika dzinoishandisa..haishayi musika kunanaJamaica uko.

    • iwe mbanje haasi maruva enyevhi ekuti ungamabika ukaadya,,ukafema mweya wembanje unochinja kuita chikara muka inotyisa

  • Kupererwa uku mbanje vanhoziziva here huuyai kwedhu tinozirarisa mudhanga rembudzi kkkkkkk

  • I didn’t read the story completely but I guess the MP got a nod from Mandiitawepi Chimene the chief mbanje smoker despite the proposal coming from an opposition MP.

  • Good idea but ngavasapinza vana jah man mumunda wembanje

  • I agree with the fella that’s brilliant idea marijuana production makes an economic sense to me .

  • Shel

    Probably he wants to be the Minister of Mbanje eish

  • UncleT

    There is potential for great economic benefits in legalising production and export of mbanje to countries that have equally accepted mbanje for medicinal benefits. I Just hope that this discussion will not be handled by people who are already high on the drug coz they won’t see the benefits.
    If we had a system like the Americans – Hon Mutsewani would find himself sitting on a lot of funding to lobby for this.

  • Kubva tofa hedu nekudhakwa Briton

  • legalisation fi the ganja herb

  • Ziso raMP vacho rinenge rembanje

  • Big up Ras

  • Nyimo

    Face yacho ndeyema shizha iyi. Not suprising coming from him.

    • eish

      kkkkkk kkkkkk

  • Akatorohwa nadzo uyu…. schizophrenics in Zimbabwe …manje should never ever be legalized

  • even Peter Tosh said we must legalize it

  • Chikiti

    It will definitely fall into the wrong hands before reaching its destination

  • International herb

  • Zvekupenga izvo, umwe akadzirowa akati happy new year 2010 and happy xmas 2013 kkkk

  • Ummm

    Mabhoyi mazowana ma business visas manje….ndozvenyu.