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Chiwenga warns ‘infiltrated’ Zanu PF to stop all purgings… or military may step in

By Godfrey Marawanyika and Brian Latham | Bloomberg |

Zimbabwe armed forces commander Constantine Chiwenga called for an end to purges in President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party and said the security services would stop those “bent on hijacking the revolution,” signaling a split with the 93-year-old leader.

General Constantine Chiwenga

Chiwenga, speaking alongside the commanders of the army and air force, was commenting on the upheaval in the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front following Mugabe’s dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, as vice president a week ago and his subsequent expulsion from the ruling party.

Mnangagwa, an ally of Chiwenga, fled the southern African nation on Dec. 8 because of “incessant threats” against him and his family. 

“It is with humility and a heavy heart that we come before you to pronounce the indisputable reality that there is instability in Zanu-PF today and as a result anxiety in the country at large,” Chiwenga, 61, told reporters at the King George IV military barracks in the capital, Harare. 

“We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in,” Chiwenga said in a statement read to reporters at the army headquarters.

“The current purging … targeting members of the party with a liberation background must stop forthwith.”

It is rare for the country’s defence forces to take sides in the affairs of ZANU-PF. When Joice Mujuru, a war veteran and Mugabe’s deputy of 10 years was sacked from the ruling party in 2014, the military remained quiet.

Mnangagwa’s ouster marked a dramatic shift in politics in Zimbabwe, where he had been a pillar of a military and security apparatus that helped Mugabe, 93, emerge as the nation’s leader after independence from the U.K. in 1980. He was Zimbabwe’s first national security minister. 

“This is a new and potentially dangerous twist to the politics of the country,” Eldred Masunungure, a professor of political science at the University of Zimbabwe, said by phone. “It’s the toxic insertion of the military and will sour relations between the military and government.”

Mugabe has broken with most of his comrades who fought in the liberation war against the white-minority regime of Rhodesia, leaving the so-called Generation-40 faction of younger members of the ruling party championed by his wife, Grace Mugabe, 52, in the ascendancy.

Liberation Backgrounds

“The current purging which is clearly targeting members of the party with liberation backgrounds must stop forthwith,” Chiwenga said.

Mnangagwa’s firing came amid growing tensions before elections next year when it may face a seven-party opposition coalition that’s capitalizing on public anger over cash shortages, crumbling infrastructure and a collapse in government services. The economy has halved in size since 2000.

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association condemned Mnangagwa’s dismissal last week and said it was breaking with the ruling party.

“We remain committed to protecting our legacy and those bent on hijacking the revolution will not be allowed to do so,” Chiwenga said.

  • Is he strong than Mugabe or taking order from Mnangagwa

  • That’s a gud speech though

  • Nonsense

  • That’s the military general we want from our country not those who related to the ruling party. Army and police should protect the wealthy of country and people not Zanu pf ….

  • #team Lacoste , thumps up for u C . C . Chiwenga , mboko idzi dzanyanya .

  • Well done Chiwenga.

  • Nice choice of words TM Mlambo

  • Now, this movie is getting to some interesting episodes, really General, you come with brave face from your trip to China, I am not sure in which hym book you are singing from, but you had shown support to your senior RG, and at the same time put some critic to madam boss

  • Colgate yamariiko guyz?

    • Lol, shandisa tsito kusvika Dr Cables vabaya.

  • Joy Chemhere (Lacoste weman’s lig)

  • Why are you people so scared of Robert and Grace? Do they provide the air you breathe? That if anything happens to them you will not be able to breathe? Haven’t they demolished the country enough for people to see ? Now a lot more people are going to die before elections so that you vote for them ….. Zimbabweans please it’s time to open your eyes 👀

    • it’s not like majority of Zimboz vote for Mugabe it’s those millitary men who r all over state institutions who manipulate votes so Mugabe and ruining party remain at the helm

    • Mugabe has never won over Tsvangirai he Chiwenga knows that. They are power addicts now that their friends are burning each other says they will step in, kkkkkkkkk yeah abaiwa panorwadza

    • Ndavambobandana maybe nyika inganaka tikadzokawo kumusha tiri mugango magariro atakaita munyika dzevamwe inhamo yega yega

    • Don’t worry a new Zimbabwe is likely next year.

    • bvaaapo nokut padzingwa ed. rega aende anovukuravo sezvaakati udza paya

    • we are not scared of Mugabe and Grace peopel are scarred of CIOs.they are the ones doing dirty job for mugabe.

    • we are not scared of Mugabe and Grace peopel are scarred of CIOs.they are the ones doing dirty job for mugabe.

    • People are afraid of Grace and Robert Mugabe because they are known to torture and kill people.

    • Well said Lizzie

  • Call a spade a spade.Munotenderera chiiko.Muudzei kuti mdhara uri????

  • MT Sitro mfana iwe

  • Wow. This is the General!

  • Izzy ICee wauya nezvima comenz zvekwa grace pano futi , iweka .

  • But as the army commander shouldn’t he be neutral? Ignore Zanu fights as long as we the civilians are not harmed etc. But chero zvaaita futi zvinongoita, ane pfuti ndiye anotonga

    • he should be neutral but these O-vetz claim to own Zim

    • Chiwenga is right. He is saying these Zanu pf fights are a threat to national peace. The army’s duty is to safeguard peace

    • dd they safeguard we Mugabe kicked joice n other members?

  • Let’s go on

  • He is right

  • Kkk chirungu chakaoma

  • Well said boss, No to Hubby President / Wife Vp

  • Itayi action vaChiwenga, zvekutaura nhando hazvibetseri chinhu izvi. Action action semurume kkkkkk

    • Gaamudonhedze mangwana chaiwo tione kana anemachende Bob wacho

    • 😂😂😂

    • Ana Chiwenga kungogwauta mofira mahara imi y garwe akadzingwa iwe usipo? Kwasara iwe kumhanya garwe wko iyeye asipo. Kuda kuita dzungu nemdara uyu kunemakuva

    • Mugabe wenyu haasi Mwari mhani, ndiye achaurawa makavarairwa.

    • Mugabe wenyu haasi Mwari mhani, ndiye achaurawa makavarairwa.

    • Imi y muchityisidzira vanhu nezvinhu zvakafa kare siyai Chiwenga ambomira mira apa

  • Arikuvukura

  • Batai munhu

  • Does he know the role of the army???? He needs to stop abusing his position

    • vatori ñesimba rekutonga Zimbabwe kusvika vazofunga kuti muite maelections

    • Richard yu don’t know what is the job of army is to deal with people like yu uncle Bob and Grace I stand with Mr Chiwenga it’s good move gaamudonhedze mangwana chaiwo tione kkkk

    • U want him to stop NOW? All along u have been celebrating while he did the same. What’s the difference NOW. Zvazokuipira bcoz gudo razoruma imbwa manje. Pese apa waifara imbwa ichiruma gudo. Nothing has changed apa

    • Richard wake up

  • So whats next zvavari kuramba vachidzingwa

  • Mina Makoti

    Zvekupi?. Maizvibikira sadza? Maifamba ne wardrobe? Maifembera kwaiswera mabhunu? Regai zvekuti liberation, liberation as if ndicho chega. Munhu wese muZimbabwe anoda rugare. Nhau ye Gutsaruzhinji yakagumirepi.

    • Gwindingwirineshumba

      Taura hako iwe. Chiwenga wacho anogotaura as if army ndeye Zanu seiko. Army should not be involved in politics. Dai va Mugabe vakamufaya futi Chiwenga wacho….revolution yaanotaura ndeyei…yekuti tishaye mabasa…nezvipatara. by the way, where I come from all the school were built by Smith regime.

      • Stingray

        For 37 years of Mugabe’s rule the only thing he built is ZANU PF headquarters.The parliament building which he is using was left by the Rhodesia government.all cities did not develope instead they were reduced to the current state .he still wants to carry on.doesnt he know what this country was when Prime minister Ian Douglas Smith handed him and what it is now????????

    • caleb2011

      True. Who is he Chiwenga? Is Chiwenga the commander of the defence forces? No. What sort of a General is he to defy the decision of the commander of the defence forces in public view? It shows that Chiwenga is not a loyal General like his master Emmerson Mnangagwa. I advise Comrade Robert Mugabe to fire him as soon as possible.

      • Teurai

        He is the Commander are you dunderhead to understand Chiwenga anoteererwa nemaSoja kudarika your Disgrace and Sekuru Bob lol. Mudhara vachauya Shumba inoruma

        • caleb2011

          It seems you don’t understand how the military works. You mean Chiwenga has powers more than the person who appointed him? These are the same statement we heard about ED. Where is he now? Hiding.

  • Ukada kuona mai vechidhoma rova mwana wacho kkkkk

  • politics lead the gun or the gun lead politics, we are to see the truth

  • Mnangagwa’s general go to hell we suffered a lot bcz of yo brutality, wherr were u whn the same happened to Joyce?? It will be easier to deal with Grace than ED…I wish Bob chuck u out tmw

  • This is just a political gimmicky by the ruling party they jus want to make the opposition relax n expect the ruling party to dibanf while they are busy campaigning come errection time or is it election time they win controversial or not Au Will only side with revolutionary parties so The Opposition shud pull up their socks n engage into the traveling gear

    • kkkk mfana wami hapana political gimmick apa iri kutotambika ndiyo live iyoyi. ibva wandibata kuseri ndinyatsokuudza pasina vanhu kkkk

    • Kkk Haa Lenny Lenny usadhibhiswe nevanhu Ava 37 years vacho Experimenta nesu so they’ve got so many tricks in their bags

  • He is zhanhu member why he wants to get in politics

  • Game on

  • Carry on my General tell those idiots to leave Statehouse

  • boiling point, good morning freedom just wait and see.

  • tichaonerera gore ratinobata

  • tichaonerera gore ratinobata

  • I see no light in the near future, do you?

  • Zanu pf hijacked, the real part owners are coming back heheheheghe

  • Someone is giving someone a good blow job

  • not the intervension of the army in zanu pf affairs is of great importance to the general population. But if a question is to be asked if they really care about all the people who played a part in the liberation struggle where were they when the first batch of the Mujuru camp were fired from the party . Why didnt they protect them. And another thing the problems which Zimbabweans are facing began more than 5 years ago unlike what the army boss is saying. the second thing is as much as we respect our country’s liberators ,lets not forget that they are a generation which will pass and Zimbabwe will live even when they are all gone. What we need is a leadership which will lead us into the future and build our nation at large not some individual’s empire . So whatever happens let it be for all the people of Zimbabwe not for the chosen few. Zimbabwe must not be a colony again but let it be a productive member of the global village . Above all lead us and protect the nation from poverty and hunger.

    • Well said but these guys hey. I told them kuti I foresee civil war long time ago. Mugabe should have groomed and anointed a leader but.

  • Wait till grace is up on yo ass, yu will realise yu jus barkin nonsense ..


  • What revolution

  • The end is nigh ……


  • chiwenga is a lacoste and is trying to protect himself because ultimately he knows he is going to fall and must fall because its now long time abusing our uniform for politics

  • chiwenga is a lacoste and is trying to protect himself because ultimately he knows he is going to fall and must fall because its now long time abusing our uniform for politics

  • kooo ndakakanisa here kuisa vaChiwenga pahuCDF here …..pedzisa

  • bhurujena

    1st the press statements shud have been in Shona and Ndebele .. This way he would have fully expressed himself. The whole speech is dondo …

    • yowe

      Why? Anyone who listened understood.Those great english orators especially mugabe have fucked the country over.

  • We said it over and over again that this Dr Amai for VP madness was bound to hit a speed bump. Unfortunately, some ignorant people never cared to listen, and kept on churning out misinformation instead of telling the public about what is really going on.

  • I salute the general


  • That is why Robert Mugabe has no respect for the electoral process because of the politicization of the military. The military should stay clear of the ZANU-PF.

    • True that, it’s just a Zanu PF army. And they preech freedom and rights after making threats to people

    • Mike Mushavi you are absolutely correct. It is sad and painful. It should be Zimbabwean Military not ZANU-PF or Grace and Robert Mugabe Army.

  • Chiwenga is going very soon… my prediction

    • Don’t lie. Nothing will happen to Chiwenga. Mugabe is the one is going to die soon. Just wait and see.

    • Don’t lie. Nothing will happen to Chiwenga. Mugabe is the one is going to die soon. Just wait and see.

    • Don’t forget who the Commander In Chief is… that one yr contract is not going to be renewed.

    • Akadzingwa akarambirapo wani kkkk

  • General going circles, how can u praise the husband and talk against his wife?

  • Battlelines drawn

  • Battlelines drawn

  • Mr. Chiwenga you are not a personal maid of Robert and Grace Mugabe. You are the head of the military. Your loyalty should be to the citizens of Zimbabwe not to Grace, Robert or the ZANU-PF.

  • Mr. Chiwenga you are not a personal maid of Robert and Grace Mugabe. You are the head of the military. Your loyalty should be to the citizens of Zimbabwe not to Grace, Robert or the ZANU-PF.

  • Remember there z no short cut chiwenga unodonhedzwa mangwana chaiye

  • Remember there z no short cut chiwenga unodonhedzwa mangwana chaiye

  • you are next young man.musatinyangadza dzingwai makanyarara

  • you are next young man.musatinyangadza dzingwai makanyarara

  • Garai pasi hamutongi mese ini ndisati ndatongawo

  • Act now, don’t just talk. Grace might fire u Mr general mamgwanachaiye munenge matodonhedzwa. Action is needed.

  • Step in to do what

  • I guess most people didn’t listen to the clip well

  • Mugabe ngaadzinge vese aise vapfana apo zveveropa avo zvakapfuura

  • U a late cde General bcoz tomoro u wl b a civilian runing for ur life just lyk ur boss ED.wait untiĺ madam boss Grace catch up with u.u wl ĺearn a smàll lesson which u not fo the rest of ur lyf

  • Is that man the ZANU pf army commander or ZNA commander or am I missing something here

  • chiwenga uyu akutodenha uyu akuda kumutsa varere anyatso wana simba rekurwisa he will liberate zimbabwe from the hands of the 1st family go general go m behind ur back

  • General Constanine Guvheya Chiwenga , the real Comrade. The press conference was very clear and straightforward to those listened attentively. The blood of the galant sons and daughters can not be taken for granted by some shenanigans who are trying to persue their own interest.

  • I love General Chiwenga and also Nyikayaramba

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  • Tanga kusota kasukuwere,Jonathan moyo,kudzai chipanga tozokuudza vamwe vekubata futi.

  • My question is how come all the expelled individuals were not given a chance to defend themselves through the courts does that mean the head of state lessons to heresay I’m gutted that the party which gave us freedom is now doom

    • You don’t defend yourself if you are disloyal. Yu simply get fired. Learn the terms.

  • How came to fair Armey commander

  • Watching from terraces, bt I want it to get to the end.

  • hooo chimbotaurai ,kana makutukirirwa kumainterface hatidi vanozonyarara ,vachingoti heee takazipigwa

  • hooo chimbotaurai ,kana makutukirirwa kumainterface hatidi vanozonyarara ,vachingoti heee takazipigwa

  • How much bond notes did he add on your salary? General do you trust ZANU pf president you will regret in seconds to disaster.

  • The General is fighting for Lacoste remember he is the one who stopped Mdc in 2008, We are all Zimbabwean war background or no we should be allowed to rule if elected by the people,Where were you when Mujuru and team was kicked out? ? Any where good luck in fighting with Gushungo and wife team

  • Pasi naMugabe the Gukurahundist

  • Can the General tell the world what happened to the diamonds in Chiyadzwa.Why did they keep quite when the ex General Mujuru died mysteriously, why they kept quite when Mrs Mujuru and Mutasa were purged.Mahumbwe.

  • Black Jesus
  • The future of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 should be determined by Zimbabweans population – VOTE. Not the army’s way. We call for the world intervention should the army decide for us.

  • President Mugabe will never recover from this! At his age it will be too much to handle!

  • Go straight to your point chingotii Grace and Mugabe not infiltrated zanu Pf bcz Zanu ndiMugabe n PF atove Grace soo

  • Makuda kuurayisa vana, imi pfuti hamuchagoni kana kuridza munodonha nadzo. Dzikangorira vemhiri votopindira tidzikamirei

  • Well articulated Cde Chiwenga. You have the masses’ backing. Zanu PF must be stable as the founding party of our great country, Zimbabwe.

  • captainkangaroo

    Garce wakati, makatumwa kuhondo mani? Kovachiwenga pindurai ka

  • We eagerly awaited his saying that they will never salute a non revolutionary person

  • Mupfanha Chipanga ndiwe uri kurehwa kuti hauna history ye Liberation struggle asi unenge uchingowawata kuti pasi nemadhara ako. Ndiwe uri kuvingwa na Constantino. Can’t wait to see a scenario same same na Mao Tse Tung.

  • actually he should have requested the return of ED to his post

  • By the way Chiwenga reports to who?

  • If you guys let Grace elected it means you have another Mugabe rule for 40yers even more

  • Just wait for Dr Stop It,he will soon know that haana simba.Our future is in our votes as zimbabweans.The military at all cost must be stopped to determine our future.They have no right at all to tell us what to do .This is where I don’t agree with Chiwengwa and war vets. They should bring back mai mujuru back first then at least we can say they are neutral.

  • Yaa

  • You will only realize the importance of your job when you’re fired

  • The storm is brewing, l cant wait for the whole episode to unfold. I’m watching it in HD big screen in my comfort zone. Let me put my 3D glasses 😎

  • Ndiwe une yese Mdhara Chiwenga,pinda zvine power!!!

  • Took action chiwenga fast ….pfut ndiyo inotonga nyika it is bettr 4 u to lead zimbabwe than zanu

  • It is becoming more intrestin daily thou not yet there

  • Ma1

  • Frank Nyamayaro

    Nehanda ndimi nyaku taura izvi futi, no comment http://nehandaradio.com/2012/01/13/chiwenga-ordered-mujuru-assassination/

  • Somebody answer this for me please, “What or who had infiltrated Zanu?”. Its been quite a while there has been mention of infiltration and am baffled as to who or what this refers to. Do we have any new people who joined(i.e. infiltrated) the party recently?? Or is it a matter of sour grapes?

  • James Bond

    This is long overdue. Someone has to call the harlot and her senile and incapacitated goon to order! We want our country back and we don’t care who or how its done as long as that leech and her cantankerous of hangers-on leave town!

  • You all guys are missing one thing there is no Democracy in Zimbabwe finish and cla.

  • You all guys are missing one thing there is no Democracy in Zimbabwe finish and cla.

  • mandinzwa