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Change name, then we talk – Mujuru

Former Vice President Joice Mujuru who is now president of National People’s Party (NPP)
Former Vice President Joice Mujuru who is now president of National People’s Party (NPP)

Mujuru, who also leads the opposition National People’s Party (NPP), argues that the name MDC Alliance is derived from Tsvangirai’s MDC, which almost represents his party’s interests and is exclusionary.

This comes as opposition political parties are on record claiming that a grand coalition is the only way to win against long-ruling President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF in 2018’s election.

Though the opposition parties remain positive that they will eventually find one another, three distinct groups have so far emerged in the run-up to next year’s elections.

As it stands, Mujuru was over the weekend chosen to lead PRA, while on the other hand, MDC’s Tsvangirai is leading the MDC Alliance and Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) leader Elton Mangoma is leading the Coalition for Democrats (Code).

Asked about the new development, Mujuru’s spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro, said his principal’s nomination to lead the PRA does not mean that they are not going to be working with other like-minded political parties, but emphasised the need for neutrality, even in names.

“What is clear from yesterday’s (Saturday) launch is a testament of what a coalition should be. This is a coalition with one goal, one logo and a neutral name.

“This, however, does not become an exclusion not to work with others. That does not stop us from engaging with others,” Nyandoro said.

Queried how they were going to coalesce in light of three different coalitions with distinct leaders having emerged, he said when the time comes, they will select a leader through a consensus and democratic means.

“If you see some of the aspirations set as a matter of public record, Mujuru has been selected through consensus.

“Where consensus fails, parties’ representatives will be involved. In our view, it won’t be a problem, there will be a selection of the members through party organs.

“We want this to have legitimacy. The selection of Mujuru or Tsvangirai to the leadership position is agreed through a consensus. But in the absence of that consensus, let’s show the people we are democratic. The ultimate goal is to fight the dynasty,” he said.

PRA members are on record against the use of the name MDC Alliance as the name of the coalition.

They argue that the name of the coalition must be neutral and not refer to any party which is a player in the coalition, amid indications by MDC, which is the biggest opposition party in Zimbabwe that the name will not be changed.

This has resulted in the mooted grand coalition suffering major setbacks with clearly less than 12 months to go to the next elections. The coalition has been wobbling, with no distinct conclusion having been made, creating chances that it might not come to fruition in time.

While some of the misunderstandings are emanating from a party level, the squabbling is also being escalated to inter-party with differences around the allocation of seats and the name of the alliance taking centre stage.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said they were also willing to work with other democratic forces willing to end a “Mugabe dynasty”.

“We are on record and willing to work with all patriotic Zimbabweans, who want to see the death of the Mugabe dynasty, who have reduced everything to a fiefdom.

“We are willing to work with everyone in the big tent. We don’t look at the people’s race, ethnicity or colour. As long as one is a patriotic Zimbabwean willing to work hard on our shuttered economy, we are willing to work with them.

“This is what we have always been saying, we don’t discuss in public. In the domain of company law there is something called measures and acquisition.

“You only hear on the day of acquisition that such and such a company has acquired something. This is exactly what happens in politics,” Gutu said. Daily News

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    • If it’s valid then she can stay with her party. She is ZANU PF at heart skips better she forms an alliance with ZANU PF

    • If it’s valid then she can stay with her party. She is ZANU PF at heart skips better she forms an alliance with ZANU PF

    • No she doesn’t want an alliance with Zanu-pf. She simply wants a coalition
      under a changed name. She is not joining MDC get that right but they’re forming a coalition and a coalition should be with a new name.

    • Mdc is the main actor in this game. How many voters is she bringing, propably 100. Mdc is the name people know. Reality is she nids mdc to survive. So she must humble herself and chill

    • Main actor for which game? MDC has failed to take power from Zanu-pf for the past 18 years and saying she needs MDC to survive yet MDC failed to make Zimbabweans to survive hameno kuti ukuti. Mdc needs other political parties for iyo MDC to survive. Otherwise votes are in serious splits. Don’t forget that Nkosana has already taken Matebeleland which is a big loss for MDC. Mujuru has taken Bindura, part of Harare etc etc. Ana Dr Manyika, Mutare ndeyake etc etc. What is left for Mdc?

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    • Nothing to think again .any normal human bring zim won’t vote for zanu period no argument about that Rakesh Prince Nazare

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    • I’m so sorry Rakesh it’s u need to think again every Zanu pf members get away

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  • Mujuru will be soon plunged into political oblivion just as Mnangagwa. for the past 40years, they used to chant slogans (pasi ne MDC) down with MDC and now its difficult to say Pamberi ne MDC and they insist on saying we should change that name. thats stupidity

  • Amai Mujuru is now hallucinating and in a zombie drugged mental state. The MDC is without doubt the most popular strongest opposition party in Zimbabwe with the largest number of supporters and the only party to beat that number was the good great Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU which was the ONLY party loved by both Shona and Ndebele people and other minority tribes in Zimbabwe .. and lets be honest Tsvangirai and his MDC have managed to woo and charm the people of Zimbabwe from all tribes and from all backgrounds rich,poor,educated,less educated etc all over Zimbabwe and beyond its borders ..I’m one guy who is not AFRAID to point out the fair honest truth about Zimbabwe politics and will always say out my mind and thoughts in a logical honest fair manner whether analysing the opposition or Zanupf .For now i really admire and respect the clean smart Amai Mujuru but i also believe that she must swallow that stupid silly bossy pride she has and work intelligently with the MDC .Her long years in ZANU and government is a good factor needed by the opposition and also her experience in government can come very handy when the opposition gets into power and I feel its too late for the MDC to change its name just like that as doing so will only confuse the voting masses .For Mai Mujuru,The best is to sit down and engage with MDC and maintain the MDC name because yes she could be right about name changing but let’s be fair and open here …did Zanupf change its name when it swallowed the great Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU?

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  • Gudo Musha

    why not follow the Botswana opposition parties system.they have their parties but when they go for election they use UDC(umbrella for democratic change). But that UDC consists of BMD, BCP,BNF. Otherwise the Zim opposition alliance will never see light of day. Power hungry individuals