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It ain’t good enough: Macheso

By Prince Mushawevato

Alick Macheso has dumped his 2017 album release plans because the King of Sungura believes what he has worked on so far is simply not good enough.

Macheso mobbed by fans at a show held in Nyanga – Pictures by Kudakwashe Hunda

Baba Sharo, as Macheso is affectionately known by his legion of fans, was billed to drop his 11th studio album this year in fulfilment of a promise he made through this publication following last year’s release of “Tsoka Dzerwendo”.

He said then fans could expect “album-after-album for the next four years” with March set as provisional launch date for 2017.

Baba Sharo, as Macheso is affectionately known by his legion of fans, was billed to drop his 11th studio album this year in fulfilment of a promise he made through this publication following last year’s release of “Tsoka Dzerwendo”.

Not only has he missed that provisional date, but we will on fact not release anything this year.

“I don’t know how to say this to (my fans). I’m upset because I’m unable to produce the album as promised. I know the pain it will cause to our fans since they were looking forward to the project. I sincerely apologise,” said Macheso.

The sungura maestro says fans should now expect something from him in the first quarter of 2018.

It took Macheso about four years to come up with his last offering after having released “Kwatakabva Mitunhu” in 2012.

But history has proven that Baba Sharo can drop an album a year.

His debut album, “Magariro”, came in 1998, followed by “Vakiridzo” in 1999, “Simbaradzo” in 2000, and “Zvakanaka Zvakadaro” in 2001.

Another purple patch – with two year intervening release periods – came with “Zvido Zvenyu Kunyanya” (2003), “Vapupuri Pupurai” (2005) and “Ndezvashe” (2007).

This year would have been a good one for Macheso to release an album seeing as only Jah Prayzah has released a new album “Kutonga Kwaro” in 2017 among Zimbabwe’s “Big Five” musicians.

Winky D said he would next release an album on his February 1, 2018 birthday. Oliver Mtukudzi is done recording his forthcoming album but will not talk about a release date.

As for dendera crooner Suluman “Sulu” Chimbetu, he is recording new stuff but there is not talk of an album launch yet.

Macheso explained himself thus: “I have recorded and mixed all the songs. Nziyo dziripo kutaura kuno (tracks are there as we speak) but I’m not convinced. If I’m doubting myself, it means it won’t sound good to the listeners’ ear.

“What you produce today has a direct bearing (on) your future. It will either raise or affect your career for years to come.

“I’m a composer, producer and listener of my music. Thus I have seen there are some adjustments needed on the project.

“Fans should not despair though because they will have the product around March next year.”

Macheso’s decision to defer the album release dates comes months after a couple of instrumentals supposedly from the project found their way onto YouTube.

Pundits described the development as a “market testing” strategy by the veteran guitarist/vocalist.

The undisputed sungura king was in 2010 accused of deliberately leaking unrefined versions of “Chimoko Changu” and “Tafadzwa” with the hope of creating hype around the compositions.

The tracks were included on “Zvinoda Kutendwa”, which was released that same year, and “Tafadzwa” was an instant hit.

Macheso said, “I have listened to a couple of tracks that were uploaded on YouTube after getting a tip-off. None of the instrumentals are from my forthcoming album as alleged.

“Of the three or so tracks I listened to, it is only ‘Kudzwai’ that we are working on but if you notice, it is not from the studio but was recorded during one of our live gigs.

“The instrumentals are left-overs from ‘Kwatakabva Mitunhu’. They are on one of my hard-drives that went missing after Last Power was dissolved. Tich (Makahamadze) knows the story. You can get in touch with him for confirmation.” The Sunday Mail

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  • Nxaaa this man takes his fans for granted honestly

  • …..tinoda a perfect and well polished project ….take your tym boss.

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  • Its always like that when it comes to the issue of releasing new stuff.

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  • Why he dump to release his album we were ready for that. We love his music here in Malawi.

  • He is feeling the Heat, msambo wake watisarei zvishoma…..vanhu vakudawo chingwa nebacon kwete chingwa chega..

    • One thing that i know for sure is …Macheso anogwadamisa zvivafanha zvese zvine music inotinyaudza in combies and streets. So there is no need for a hurried and half-baked thing.

  • creativty is a scarce resource inopera as you grow older so in your early make as many albums as u can before you run out fresh ideas ndostage yasvikwa navamacheso the only way foward is to rope in others thats why an album in other countries can have a different producer for each song.

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