Outrage over renaming airport after Mugabe

By Tendai Kamhungira

Opposition parties have reacted angrily to the renaming of Harare International Airport by government this week which honoured President Robert Mugabe by naming the airport after him in a process which gobbled $500 000.

The airport officially assumes its new identity — R G Mugabe International Airport — today.
The airport officially assumes its new identity — R G Mugabe International Airport.

Mugabe is not the only leader in the world who has had an airport named after him.

However, opposition and rights groups claim the 93-year-old, accused of running down the once vibrant Zimbabwe economy, does not deserve such an honour.

Government is spending big on deification of long-ruling Mugabe, who has been Zimbabwe’s only president since independence from the British in 1980.

In August, Cabinet approved a proposal by the Higher and Tertiary Education ministry to establish a ‘‘high-tech’’ Robert Mugabe University of Sciences at a cost of $1 billion.

Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party said naming the Harare International Airport after Mugabe was not proper.

“Surely, the gods must really be crazy! The renaming of Harare International Airport to Robert Mugabe International Airport on Thursday, November 9, 2017, marks a new low in both the political and aviation history of Zimbabwe.

“The MDC is a social democratic political party, it is a people’s project and as such, we abhor and condemn any attempt to personalise and privatise national institutions such as the Harare International Airport. The Zanu PF regime, fronted by the nonagenarian, Robert Mugabe, has certainly lost its marbles,” said the party’s spokesperson Obert Gutu.

Transport minister Joram Gumbo, said the renaming of the airport was to honour Mugabe and had been approved by Cabinet.

  “In recognition of your (Mugabe’s) contribution towards the liberation of the people of Zimbabwe, the ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development is now implementing the resolution from the Zanu PF Victoria Falls conference to rename Harare International Airport in your honour.

“In order for the process to be supported by international stakeholders, assurances and comprehensive input from local stakeholders was sought. Cabinet approval for the name change was sought and granted,” Gumbo said.

But the opposition parties questioned government’s decision and blamed Zanu PF officials for lacking courage to resist bootlicking Mugabe.

“Mugabe now has the space to convert any part of Zimbabwe into his name because of the fear that he successfully instilled into the remaining cowards around him. No one inside Zanu PF at the moment has the capacity to criticise or stop Robert Mugabe from doing whatever he wants.

“Mugabe has the capacity of running away with everything. The remaining Zanu PF ministers are all spineless to oppose Mugabe.

“I hope Mugabe knows that everything that he has done shall be revisited and evaluated at some stage. Converting State assets to his name is nonsensical and unacceptable,” said Kurauone Chihwayi, spokesperson of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC.

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mugabe is seeking to assert his hold on Zimbabwe.

“Robert Mugabe has an issue with his name for an unknown reason. He seems to want to assert paternity over everything that is in Zimbabwe,” said Mafume.

Apart from naming the Harare International Airport after Mugabe and unveiling plans to construct the Robert Gabriel Mugabe University, government declared February 21 as Robert Mugabe National Youth Day.

Mugabe’s birthday falls on February 21.

Besides roads being named after the Zanu PF leader, another piece of land at the corner of Robert Mugabe Road and Rekai Tangwena Avenue has also been unofficially named the Robert Mugabe Square. Daily News

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  • Thing is i dont know who to vote for cause oppossition parties in zim are good at showing us wats wrong with our country but ever since they got in office the dont slove them

    • They can solve problems but there are some in power who always hinder progress thats why u can not see the effort they put. Of particular example is the GNU . They made tremendous change but they were immediately blocked when those with jelous saw the good that was happening.

    • l agree with you, we need a revolution and it starts small. l like to current drive for young people to register to vote. If people can unite on small things bit by bit there will be enough feet to cause a scattered revolt

    • Where were u after the GPA talks ??

    • Sad part is we gona watch as the zanu pf appoint second lady grace to be in power

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    • Rique I you are capable of thinking, hearing and seeing, when the opposition joined hands in governing the country they didn’t have the authority to do right nomatter how good their ideas were, they were always crashed by the senior principal who happens to be uncle Bob.,so don’t blame them they tried their best

  • Wasting money on useless things,every citizen must be angry unfortunately some of us have blinkers and suffer from paralysis of analysis. They even attend these stupid ceremonies ,dancing singing,ululating etc praising the DEVIL .

    • Waiziva but why ??? Busy Kuda kudiwa Na bob an old rage zvake nxaa may God show him that he is just a normal guy behind glasses

    • Waiziva but why ??? Busy Kuda kudiwa Na bob an old rage zvake nxaa may God show him that he is just a normal guy behind glasses

    • Waiziva but why ??? Busy Kuda kudiwa Na bob an old rage zvake nxaa may God show him that he is just a normal guy behind glasses

    • Zimbabweans nxaa nothing will ever change in this rotten country, i blame it on the citizens

  • ian smith builted that airport on King Creators land for the King’s sky use know that way

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  • Where is the outrage over colonial names that still exist in our country.

    Chigwedere once wanted to remove colonial names and people refused saying it’s part of our history.

    Well President Mugabe is also part of our history so deal with it

    • You clearly missed the part were everyone is unhappy about our cash strapped government spending half a million dollars on this nonsense.

    • What is 500K in the national scheme if things.

      You can’t run a major hospital for one day with that


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    • Pretoria never really changed names.They exist side by side.

      Even state media at times call it Pretoria

    • Is the government even running any major hospitals successfully at all? We have other problems that could be fixed by 500k. People with ideologies like yours are more dangerous to our country than that old man.

    • Like what?What can you do with 500K?

      In national terms that doesn’t solve anything at all

    • Public health is a headache everywhere. Even in rich Nations like the USA public health is not satisfactory

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